Who We Really Are Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


My name is Chris Evanston. I’m thirty-seven, married, and work in middle management in a large office building downtown. I’m about five-nine with average looks and sort of dishwater-blonde hair; my hobbies are working out and cycling. My wife, Teri, works as a beautician and owns her salon; she has a son, Justin, who recently turned eighteen. I’ll admit that my story is a little unusual, but it was almost inevitable.

My relationship with Teri wasn’t going well. We’d only had sex a couple of times while we were engaged, and while it was exciting, it was also awkward. I expected it to improve with practice, but it went the other way. After three years of marriage both of us pretty much lost interest in even trying– it always ended in frustration. Her previous marriage had left her with some issues that I wasn’t able to help her work past; I was horny, but had to take care of it myself…

Justin was in his last year of high school when this part of my story begins. The three of us had always gotten on well together since before Teri and I married. I’d never picked up that he was gay, though physically he is a bit feminine– small (maybe five-six) and slender with shoulder-length brown hair. A lot of the guys his age look much like that, so I’d payed no attention.

Then, one Friday afternoon when I was off work and helping with household chores, I found half a dozen gay porn mags in his closet. (I’d only seen ‘straight’ porn before that…) Most of the photos were of young guys like him, skinny with long hair and sometimes tattoos, but some were my age and older; a few were bodybuilders. I saw some amazingly big cocks and some very attractive bodies in every conceivable combination of couples, threesomes, and more…

To my surprise, I got an immediate hard-on, even though I’d never felt sexually attracted to a guy before… Well, sorry– that’s not exactly true… I mean, I’ve never looked at another guy and thought about having sex with him. However, there was this one time: Several years ago, I got into a threesome when I walked in on my girlfriend and a neighbor.

At one point when I was fucking her and she was sucking him, he pulled out of her mouth, grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. He didn’t have to push very hard– it had opened instantly– and as the hot, pulsing shaft slid through my lips and over my tongue, I had an instantaneous and overpowering orgasm– nothing before it had even come close to the sexual explosion in my cock, mouth, head and body that night.

I’d never been able to forget about what it felt like, either– the warm, pulsing head of a living cock sliding through my lips and over my tongue, filling my mouth with forbidden excitement… I didn’t want to be bisexual, though; my life was complicated enough as it was.

The guy turned out to be a real jerk, and we never hooked up again, but I daydreamed a lot about it after that… and now these photos were right in front of me. Damn… Memories of sucking him went through my mind again and again with increasing power as I turned the pages, my pulse pounding. Memories became longings… My cock was so hard it ached.

Caught up in these intertwining fantasies, I guess I didn’t notice how much time was passing… I was leaning up against the wall by the head of Justin’s bed, holding a magazine in one hand and rubbing my cock through my jeans with the other, when, suddenly, he was standing in the doorway, staring at me with a look of shock on his face.

“Uhhh… Chris,” was all he said. Reflexively, I tossed the mag on the bed as if he hadn’t really caught me reading it… He glanced at the obvious lump in my jeans, then looked back up at me, smiling. I just stood there, frozen and speechless, blushing furiously.

“Don’t worry– I won’t tell anyone if you won’t,” he said. There were a few seconds of silence, and then he continued.

“Er, um… Chris– maybe you and I could… um, you know… do some of the things you were just lookin’ at… uh, if you want to, that is… uh… You know… Mom won’t be home for a couple of hours yet…”

I could hardly believe I’d heard him right! Justin looked in my eyes for several seconds, making my heart pound. No words were spoken as he walked over to me, unzipped his fly, and pulled out his nearly hard cock. He took my wrist and put my hand on it; I gasped at the contact.

The touch was electric, and my fingers closed on the shaft, feeling it grow and harden, automatically beginning to stroke it, my own cock pulsing and throbbing even more. He unzipped my jeans and pulled that out, too, each of us now stroking the other’s, breathing harder with every passing second.

“What do you want me to do, now, Chris?” Justin asked in close-to-a-whisper.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t say it. The words just wouldn’t come, blocked by marsbahis güvenilirmi a lifetime of taboos and inhibitions; only a moan escaped. I pulled him closer to my side with one arm and stroked his long, hard cock with the other as he stroked mine. The thoughts tangled in my conflicted brain, ‘I don’t care if it’s wrong… I want this so bad… I never imagined ever wanting anything so much.’ I heard myself moaning again…

“You don’t mind, do you, Chris?” he said, breaking my mental logjam instantly as he dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his hot mouth. I gasped, staring in fascinated disbelief as his lips slid over my cock and his tongue slid around under it; together, they began to suck, further and further in… It was only for a minute, though, and then he let me go again and stood up, licking his lips as he smiled at me.

“Now you,” he said with gentle pressure on my shoulders. This was the moment I’d both anticipated and feared… for years. ‘It’s really gonna happen.’ I thought. Heart pounding, I let him push me to my knees, holding onto his denim-covered hips, the scent of his sex filling my nostrils as I pressed my face against the bottom of his warm hard cock. He grasped the base of it with one hand as he pulled my head back with the other, putting the large purple head on my lips, then pulling my head forward again.

I immediately opened my mouth and sucked it in, nearly passing out from the rush of lust and excitement as the warm, silken shaft slid over lips and tongue. A long, low moan escaped as I began to suck and stroke, replacing his hand on its base with mine. He held my head gently with both hands.

Moans of ecstasy and ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ ran through my brain alternately, both thoughts finally canceling each other out as raw lust took over… In the end, nothing existed but the pulsing cock in my mouth.

“I’m gonna come, Chris… okay?” he asked softly, trembling; I tried to nod, going ‘mm-hmm’ and sucking harder to say ‘yes’. My pulse raced, every part of me focused on that delicious hard-on as his grip tightened on my head and he began to use my mouth, pulling it back and forth on his cock; it throbbed on my tongue, then suddenly pumped my mouth full of so much salty-sweet, sticky syrup that I choked, struggling to swallow it.

I was so turned on that I didn’t even think of stopping, though; I kept on moaning and whimpering, swallowing and sucking, sucking and swallowing. When he finally pulled out, his come was running out both sides of my mouth and down my neck. He helped me get to my feet, then wiped it off me with his fingers, licking and sucking on each one of them lasciviously as I watched, smiling and looking at me the whole time.

“I’m a nasty boy, Chris,” he said, “and I think you’re a dirty man.”

I smiled back. Bingo.

Justin dropped to his knees again, undoing my jeans and letting them fall; a long, low moan came out of him as he put one hand on my naked cheek and guided my cock through his full lips to the back of his throat with the other. He worked on the head and the top of the shaft feverishly with his lips and tongue, stroking the base with his hand as I slid my fingers through his long hair.

My orgasm erupted almost immediately, and his eyes closed as he concentrated on sucking and swallowing; he licked and sucked with slow, intense movements, moaning and whimpering until I released him and he stood up again.

He pulled my face down to his and kissed me, my come still in his mouth as he shoved his tongue into mine. It was the sexiest kiss I’d ever gotten, and I sucked on his lips and tongue wildly, panting, still unable to believe what was happening…

We undressed each other with trembling hands and climbed onto his bed, both of us breathing hard. Lying next to each other, our hands stroked and explored.

“Now what?” he asked.

I hadn’t had near enough of his fascinating cock, and without a word I got onto my knees between his and sucked it into my mouth again, moaning as I ran my hands along his slender, practically hairless body, overcome by lust. He held my head gently with both hands.

“Ohhhh… that’s sooo gooood… suck my cock, Chris… suck it…” I looked up into Justin’s eyes to see him smiling at me; I kept on sucking, moaning… “Would you… uhh… like to turn around so we can sixty-nine?” he added.

Quickly rearranging ourselves without words, we got into position almost automatically on our sides and pressed our bodies together. My hands cupped his ass-cheeks as his warm shaft slid over my tongue to my throat again, and I began to suck… and suck…

We squirmed against each other, sucking, tasting, caressing, feeling, and kneading all the flesh we could reach. Rushes of sensation from every point of contact nearly overwhelmed me: I sucked on his cock and ran my hands all over his firm, smooth body, the fronts of our torsos sliding marsbahis yeni giriş together deliciously, his hot mouth sucking my pulsing cock… Aware of nothing else, I was flying and floating, sucking and feeling… Justin was at least as captivated, moaning and whimpering with every move we made.

We soon fell into a rhythm, cocks gently fucking faces as hands pumped, slowly milking them into sucking mouths… The other hand caressed… first one cheek and then the other… until things began to simmer and bubble to a boil…

We came at the same time, sucking and swallowing everything, writhing, squealing bodies held tightly together as we moaned and mewled out our mutual ecstasy.

“I’ve never felt anything like that!” I said as we leaned against the headboard again.

“Me either,” Justin said.

“What?” I was shocked. “You’ve never…?” I’d imagined him having sex with several other schoolmates at least, by now; and he seemed to know just what to do, too…

“Nope… never. I was afraid to let anyone know… afraid they’d call me names… and think I was a sicko or somethin’. I’ve only looked at pictures and jerked off.”

I told Justin then about the threesome I’d been in, and how the memory had driven me nearly crazy with cock-lust for years.

“Yeah, I know how that feels,” Justin said, looking down. “I think about it a lot, too… about doing everything… everything in those mags…” He looked at me silently for a moment. “You can fuck me if you want to, Chris…”

I know I looked shocked when he said that– I certainly was. I’d barely gotten past sucking a real cock, and now he was asking me to fuck him… I’d played around with a long candle in my own ass when I was about fourteen, but that was as far as it had gone; I’d never imagined ass-fucking another guy… until now. I was speechless again.

“I want you to,” Justin continued, still holding my gaze. “I’ve done it to myself a lot, and… and… it feels so good, Chris… So… do you want to try it? You want to fuck me? Here… reach your hand out… feel me again…”

Justin had gotten up on his knees with his ass-cheeks practically in my face; he grabbed my hand and put it on one of them.

“I could tell you liked my ass when you kept feeling it just now,” he said. “Run your hand over it again… yeah, Chris… like that… now squeeze it… ohhhhhhh… mmmmm… yeahhhhhhh…” I was instantly hard, and he saw it… “Okay, wow… now… let me get ready.”

He got off the bed and pulled a box out from underneath it, then climbed back up holding a dong. He had to tell me what it was called– it was the first I’d ever seen; he’d gotten a tub of lube out, too…

Lying on his side, he started working it into his anus; it seemed to take about a minute before he opened up and the shaft started going in. He gasped and stopped for a moment then, jiggling the dong some, but after that things went more quickly. He moaned softly, working it in a bit at a time…

Before half of it had disappeared, Justin was squirming, moaning louder; the sound turned into a deep, primal groan when he rolled onto his back and the rest of the long shaft disappeared between his cheeks. He held onto the other end and began to move the rubber dong in and out slowly, looking in my eyes as he fucked himself, gasping and moaning.

“Watch me fuck myself, Chris… ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh… I luhhhhv fucking myself like this for you… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’ve dreamed of fucking myself like this for you… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I neeed you to fuck me like this… I need it, I need it… ohhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhh…

“Look in my eyes, now, Chris… I need a long hard cock to fuck me… I want you to do that… I want your cock ‘way far up inside me… just like this one… now, Chris,” he said, pulling the dong out, rolling over and getting up on his knees. “Now, Chris… fuck me…”

I slathered my cock with lube as quickly as I could, then got on my knees behind Justin’s upturned ass, trembling with excitement. I was stroking his cheeks and thighs with one hand while guiding my rock-hard cock to his open hole with the other. He looked back at me and spread his knees even farther apart, arching his back; he was trembling, too, and panting, the round smooth globes of his ass practically glowing as he moved them in small, slow circles…

“All the way, Chris,” he said into the crumpled sheet.

I put the head of my cock just inside his pink open hole, then held his waist with both hands as I thrust forward. He pushed back at the same time, and my cock buried itself in four slow strokes, sliding through his hot, silky-slick channel, his tight sphincter riding down the length of it and squeezing the base as my body pressed against his cool, firm asscheeks. He squirmed, groaning.

“Ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhunghhhhhhhh… you have no idea… ohhhhhhhhhhhh… how much I’ve marsbahis giriş needed this… ohhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh… how much I’ve dreamed of this… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I’ve needed this, Chris… ohhhhhunghhhhhh… all my life… ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, Chris… ohhhhhhhhhhh… fuck meeeeeeee…”

With my hands on his hipbones, I pulled him back tight while I flexed my cock inside him. He whimpered and moaned, writhing on it, reaching back to grab my ass and pull me even deeper into him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, daddy… fuck me… call me names, daddy– they’re all true… Ohhhhhhunghhhhhhhh… I need your cock, daddy… I’m your cock-slut, daddy… I’m your pussy-boy… ohhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, daddy, fuck me deep… fuck me deep and slow… just fuck my ass, daddy… ohhhhhh… fuck meeeeeeee… I need your cock, daddy… I neeeed it… ohhhhhhhunghhhhhh…”

I’d never heard anyone talk like that, and it made me incredibly hard; only the two previous orgasms kept me from blowing my load instantly… My cock felt like a large greased piston, driving heavily and slowly, pulling Justin’s slim hips back and forth on it, sliding halfway out of him again… His body was the sexiest thing that I could ever have imagined fucking as I watched him writhing, gasping, clutching at the sheets with his hands, arching his back and undulating his round white ass on my impaling pole.

“Oh, daddy– fuck meeeeee… ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhh… oh, daddy, oh daddy– ohhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhh… I’ll do anything for you… ohhhhhhhhh…”

“I’m going to come in your ass, now, Justin,” I said, bending forward and whispering in his ear as he slowly twisted… “Do you want me to come in your ass, Justin? Tell me…”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… Come in my ass, daddy– please, come in my ass… fuck me, fuck meeeeeee… ohhhhhhhhhhh… shoot your come ‘way up in my ass, daddy…”

I grabbed Justin’s waist with both hands and pulled him back as tight as I could, trying to hold still as my cock pumped again and again deep inside him. He squeezed the base of it with his anal muscle, rolling his hips as he pushed back, groaning, gasping and whimpering.

That time I didn’t stay hard afterwards, and I slipped out soon after coming. We lay back on the bed like before, catching our breath; Justin had the only hard-on now.

“Thank you for that, Chris,” he said. “Thank you… You were sooo deep… That was absolutely amazing… ‘way beyond doin’ it myself… ‘way better than I even imagined… Oh, uh… wow… I meant, uh…”

“Do you mean you’ve fantasized about me?” I asked gently, an easy guess by then.

Justin nodded, blushing. “Yeah… since before you married Mom, Chris. It started the first time I met you… I knew then that I wanted you to do what you just did to me… just like you just did it… Ohhhh, I can hardly believe this is happening! I’ve wanted you so bad for so long… but I thought I was sick and weird for wanting it…”

“We can be sick and weird together, Justin,” I said. “I’m so glad I found somebody like you, somebody who needs what I need…”

He turned toward me, hugging me close, pressing his face into the pillow under my head. I hugged him in return, my arm around his neck and shoulder, stroking his cock with the other hand.

He took his face out of the pillow and looked in my eyes. “Chris, I want you to feel what I was feeling just now… Will you let me fuck you?”

“Any way you want to,” I responded, holding his gaze. “Just tell me what to do, Justin…”

“Oh, wow! Well… oh, my god… uh, Chris… um… Lie on your side and use the dong to stretch yourself out first– like I did, you know… It’s easier if you start it yourself like that– ’cause you can tell firsthand how it’s feeling…”

When I got onto my side, Justin lay behind me, pressing up against my back as I pushed the lubed head of the dong against my resistant hole. I could hear him breathing softly, close to my ear, and I could feel him trembling. Then the rubber cockhead finally stretched me open, and I gasped from the sudden stinging as it popped in.

“Aghhh!! That really…”

“Just jiggle it,” he whispered. “It’ll stop…”

I did, and he was right– the stinging faded. I pushed again, then started a slow fucking motion, driving the shaft slightly deeper each time. The intensity of the rushes of pleasure inside me went up exponentially with every thrust, at each new depth; soon I was getting lost in the sliding shaft…

At about the halfway point, though, I felt something inside holding it back, and I stopped…

“Get on your back and lift your hips a little,” Justin said. “Yeah, like that… now, work it in slowly the rest of the way…”

The problem disappeared as soon as I’d changed positions, and in three more strokes the dong was deep in my ass, all the way except for the end between my fingers. I began to move the long rubber shaft very slowly, in small increments, sensations flashing from thousands of nerve-endings everywhere inside, flooding my brain with brand-new ecstasies… Soon there was nothing in my consciousness but this large, slippery cock moving back and forth, so far up inside my ass…

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