Whoring My X Girlfriend Ch. 06

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This is the last episode of Mercedes demise. I hope you all have read the previous chapters; otherwise you may be a little confused. We left off with Mercedes asking me to point out Hammer. She wanted to do him and leave.


As I looked around the patio area, I spotted him drinking a beer and talking with two huge burly bikers named Hog and Tank. Of course these are their biker names just like Hammer. Mine is Inker because of my tats. So I just smiled and pointed to him. She looked confused at who I meant.

“Which one is he Geno?” Taking a big breath she continued, “I hope he’s not one of these huge guys. They look mean and probably wouldn’t be nice to me. I don’t think I would enjoy having sex with either of them.”

Laughing I replied, “No M, he’s the one in the middle drinking a beer. Sam is standing in front of him.”

With a sensual grin, she told me that he was cute. I guess for turning 50 he was still in good shape. He was a tall guy with graying long hair and beard. He was wearing a black vest and black leather pants. Seeing Mercedes, he nudged Sam and I could tell that he was asking if that was her. Sam said something back and he grinned in approval.

As I walked Mercedes over to the group standing around Hammer, I bellowed, “Hi guys. This is Mercedes and is here to entertain Hammer and anyone else who wants to watch.”

Most of them made some sly comments about her, asking what type of entertainment she was going to perform for Hammer. As I was about to explain, Hammer took Mercedes in his arms and gave her a big bear hug. She melted against his body. Afterwards, he sat down and had her sit on his lap. Ignoring Mercedes for a few minutes, he continued chatting with the dudes. It didn’t matter because, other guys kept her occupied telling her how beautiful she was.

While Hammer finished the joke he was telling, his hand was around her waist. She was sitting with her hands in her lap, legs tightly together and dangling in between his legs just while listening to all of the chatter. After he blurted the punch line, everyone laughed at the ending. Once he finished guzzling his beer, he put the empty bottle on the bench and began paying attention to Mercedes.

“You’re a light filly aren’t you?” Without answering Mercedes just nodded yes. “And you are very attractive. Being a red head I bet you’re wild in the sack too.”

He placed his hand on her upper leg trying to spread them apart. “I love how smooth your leg is. Are you completely shaved under there?”

He tried to pull up her skirt to get a peek, but Mercedes stopped him. Giggling she said, “You’re just going to have to wait to find out!”

He gave out a big bellowing laugh and continued rubbing her legs. He told her how much he was going to enjoy his present.

Sam suddenly interrupted the flirting and said, “Bro, her cunt is smooth like a new born babe.” Laughing he continued, “And she loves a hard cock buried in it and is very amiable when being fucked. She’ll be whatever you want her to be.”

Hammer laughed about Sam comment and asked, “Is that true Mercedes. You love a big cock in your cunt?”

Mercedes had a big grin across her face when she answered, “Oh Yes! I love big throbbing cocks in me. So when am I going feel yours?”

Most of the guys gathered around to listen to their flirtatious exchanges. They kept verbally teasing for some time with Sam and others interjecting some more nasty comments. The group mostly focused on trying to get her undressed, so everyone could view her sexy body. She eventually pulled up her top giving everyone a nice view of her firm tits. The crowd went wild with more obscenities as Hammer enjoyed squeezing them and yanking on her nipples. Everyone wanted to see more.

Giggling she whimpered, “Oh god that feel so good! I hope all of you like what you are seeing. I love showing off and I’m getting really hot too.”

After a few more minutes of playing with her nips, Hammer stood her up and said, “Okay gorgeous! The show is over. It’s time to take you for my private viewing.”

The guys bellowed not to go and wanted to see more of Mercedes. They began chanting, “Fuck her here! Fuck her here! Fuck her here!”

“Where do you think I can go to fuck this lovely creature in private?” Hammer quickly verbalized.

Sam answered, “Oh we have a nice spot all ready for you two. Let me show you.”

When Mercedes tried to stand, she seemed wobbly and suddenly fell back into me. I asked if she was okay. Unsteady she answered, “I’m on fire. It’s like an intense furnace that suddenly came on and just started blasting all over me. I feel so hot and my pussy is burning up. I don’t know what is happening to me. I need to sit down for a minute. I don’t feel too good.”

I had her sit on an empty bench. Placing my hand under her skirt, it felt like her cunt had a very high fever. But as I rubbed it, she told me it was soothing her heat. When I stopped, I took my hand and felt her forehead and it was Çankaya Escort cold. Only her pussy was a blaze. She told me not to stop playing with her pussy because it seemed to quench the fire that was radiating in between her legs. She pushed my hand harder on her sizzling cunt. Hammer saw what I was doing and asked if he could take my place.

Mercedes just smiled and said, “Oh Yes Hammer. I want you so bad. But I don’t know why this is happening. It must have been one drink too many. I’m feeling better now. Hurry and take me somewhere where I can be very naughty. I’m so freaking horny for you darling.” She kissed him and he pulled her up.

Still a little unsteady, she held Hammers arm tightly and slowly walked following Sam. When Sam returned, he opened his lap top and we watched them entering the love nest. Then he hit the record button. Hammer was now behind her with his hands on her ass. She was swaying to the music from upstairs. They stopped in the middle of the room and Sam zoom the camera in. Hammer kissed her neck and said something to her. We could hardly hear what they were saying from the loud music blasting. Mercedes turned around and they passionately kissed. Then she raised her arms up and Hammer pulled off her top. He stood looking at her firm tits, as Mercedes began pinching her own nipples and rubbing them.

The music stopped just in time for us to hear her say, “You like my breast handsome? Want to continue playing with them? I love a strong man taking me.”

Then music began playing as he lowered his head and began sucking on them. His hand immediately went under her skirt and began playing with her pussy. We could tell she was enjoying it by the way she leaned back and pushed his head harder on her tits. After some time, Mercedes knelt down and undid Hammer’s pants. His large cock popped out. She began sucking on it. Then she stood up holding his cock in her hand. She pushed him back on the couch. Taking off her skirt, she sat down facing him. With her hand she guided his throbbing rod into her hot pulsating pud of wetness.

The music stopped playing just in time to hear her say, “Oh Hammer, you feel so good in me. It’s so soothing being in my pussy extinguishing my fire. Oh Hammer I love you in me. Oh yes fuck me Hammer! Fuck me hard! Yes! Ah yes! That’s how I want it! Don’t stop! Ah! Ah!”

Mercedes began speedily grinding her hot wet cunt on his cock. Eventually Hammer took her off him and laid her on her back. He took one leg over the back of the couch and the other he had over his shoulder. Then he drove his hard cock back into her. Mercedes had her eyes closed and was moaning in pure ecstasy, enjoying the ravishing. Many minutes passed until he pulled out and spewed a load of cum on her belly. Then he whacked her pussy mound with his cock.

We heard him say, “I love the Horny Mercedes tattooed on you. It makes fucking you so much better. I hoped you liked it and want more? You’re cunt is still so hot for sex. Sam was right when he said you like being fucked.”

She sat up, took her fingers and scooped up some of his goo, then licked it off her fingers. She said something but we didn’t hear what she said. Instead Hammer, sat on the couch and she moved to kneel over him. Taking his cock in her mouth, she began sucking his softening rod. She slurped and slurped for a long time then suddenly stopped. His cock was now rock hard again.

Smiling we heard her say, “Oh Hammer, I’m burning up again. I need you to fuck me real bad. I’m so hot for you in me.”

She went to sit on him but he forced her to turn around to face the camera. Unknowingly, he placed her perfectly for us to see his throbbing rod in her pussy. We watched her taking Hammers big extremity and sitting down on it, gobbling it all up in her.

Her mouth was open, head titled back, as she said, “Oh god! You feel so good fucking me. It quenches the heat in me and feels so enormous inside my hot pussy. Yes fuck me Hammer. Oh yes that’s it! Don’t stop!”

He grabbed her hips and pushed her down all the way on his cock. She ground her pussy over him and he pumped up into her. After some time he pushed her off and turned her on all fours. Then he pushed back into her wet cunt and began non-stop pounding of her wanting hot hole. We could barely hear him telling what a great fuck she was, as he kept speedily ramming her cunt. We thought he was going to die, when he stopped pumping her and gasped for air. Sam said something about hoping we weren’t killing him. Then she looked back and said something making him start ravishing her all over again. Finally after a long time, he pulled out, moved to her mouth and Mercedes opened wide for cum drenching. She licked it up like the good little whore she was becoming.

When he finished squirting his goo, he sat on the couch in exhaustion. Mercedes came over, sat next to him and continued to rub his cock, but it didn’t respond. They both slowly got dressed. Keçiören Escort Hand and hand they walked back up to the birthday party with content smiles on their faces. Unexpectedly, everyone began cheering when they appeared.

Hammer gave her back to me and thanked me for the best fuck he’s had in a long time. I turned to Mercedes and asked if she wanted to go. She smiled and said yes. She was tired too and needed something to drink. I handed her my beer and she quickly guzzled it. I saw something in her hair and laughed. It was Hammers cum splattered in it. I didn’t say anything to her because I wanted everyone to notice it.

As we were making the rounds saying our good byes, I could see the whispers from them. Just as we were walking out of the patio area Mercedes stopped and sensually asked, “Geno can we stay? I’m becoming so hot for sex again and I don’t know why. But when I was this way earlier, Hammer’s cock in me satisfied this exotic feeling. I loved the sex so much more than ever before. Is it okay with you if you found someone else for me to have sex with? Please! I really need to fuck again. Please!”

That was completely out of the blue. Here I was ready to abandon my plan of having her get fucked by lots of guys and now she suddenly wants it! I wondered why of the sudden change of heart? But I wasn’t going turn down her request.

I just smiled and said, “Sure M! We’ stay as long as you want to.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek thanking me. I told her to wait there and I went to find another fuck for her. I asked Tank, one of the huge biker dudes that lusted for her earlier, if he still wanted a turn with Mercedes. Five minutes later and after he gave me two bills, I brought him over to her. Mercedes was sitting on a bench talking with Sam. He told me later it was about her constant desire for sex. Her legs were tightly together and she was fidgeting, like she was in desperate need for something.

When she saw me with him, she took his hand and said, “I’m so hot Tank. I’m glad it’s you who wants me. I can’t wait to feel your cock buried deep inside me.” They quickly left for the storage room and we went to Sam computer.

Again I wondered why she changed her mind, especially about Tank. Earlier she thought he was a big mean brut and didn’t want to have anything to do with him. As we started the recording again, it wasn’t long until she had his cock buried deep inside her hot cunt. We could tell by her expression, that she was happy being used by Tank. We could hear her telling him how good he felt inside her and not to stop. For many minutes we heard her yelling the same verbiage that she said to Hammer. It took all of ten minutes for Tank to finally explode his cum on her tits. When they came back up, there was no cheering this time. He just kissed her lips and thanked me for allowing him to fuck my newly created whore.

Again we were about to leave, but the heat between her legs came on quicker this time, making her desire for a fuck again. She tugged my arm and asked if she had to go because she wanted more sex. This time it was Hog who took her. After 20 minutes of hearing her squeal with pure ecstasy, He left a satisfied customer.

She didn’t come back up with him this time and just laid there with her legs spread wide open screaming, “I’m so hot that I’m burning up. God I want another cock in me so bad. Oh god what’s happening to me? I’ve never been this horny before. Someone please help me.”

I quickly ran down to get her. She was sitting naked on the couch, with her fingers ramming inside her cunt. Her expression was of pure lust and agony all at the same time. She had cum still splattered on her face and tits.

Looking up at me she said, “Geno, I don’t why but I’m really so freaking horny. I want to feel a huge cock fucking me so bad. Please help me!”

I put my hand on her wet cum drenched pussy and it felt like a hot furnace. She was scorching. When I felt her inner hole, it was even hotter. She told me my fingers help sooth her heat, but a cock in her would feel so much better. She told me that she already had over a dozen orgasms and with just three guys. She asked if she could stay until the need for a hard cock subsided. She began begging me to get someone to fuck her again.

With my fingers pumping her like a cock, I asked if she ever felt like this before and she answered, “Oh no Geno. I’ve never been so hot for sex like tonight. I don’t know why I’m like this. I guess maybe it’s because I abstained so long from it. I just don’t know. But it feels so good being used by guys. Please can I stay? Please! Please!”

Happily, I agreed. I told her just to stay down in the basement and I would send guys down to her as long as she wanted it. I would come by after ever guy and see if she wanted to stay or go. She smiled and told me to hurry and send someone down because she was in agony to feel another cock buried in her.

By Etimesgut Escort this time I already had a few guys waiting. It only took a few minutes to send down her next visitor a big 6’8″ burly black biker named Punisher. He was waiting up stairs and was buggy me to have a turn with Mercedes. I figured if she fucked this guy with his big 14″ extremity, then she would fuck anyone. I wanted a video to show Tyler with a black rod buried in her as proof of her being a whore.

When he saw a nude Mercedes with her legs spread wide apart and her fingers speedily rubbing her cunt, he unzipped his pants and walked over to her. She said something about wanting to feel his cock buried in her pussy as soon as possible. Quickly he pulled his pants off and out popped his huge extremity, which stood partial erect in front of her. Leaning forward and with both hands, she reached for his cock and began sucking on it. As soon as she got him rock hard, she told him to sit next to her. Then she moved over and straddled him. Slowly she guided his long thick rod into her fiery wanting hole.

As she sat down on him she said, “God, You feel so good in me, I hope you haven’t been waiting too long to fuck me? I really needed someone as big as you to make me cum. Oh god, you feel so good in me! Fuck me with that big black thing. Oh yes!” Is what she cried over and over again!

He laughed as he took her hips and pushed her all the way down on his throbbing rod. She yelped in pleasure when his cock completely disappeared inside her cunt. We couldn’t see her expression because Sam zoomed in on his cock speedily going in and out of her hot box. Whenever the music stopped, we could hear her moaning in pleasurable sighs. Then the music started to play again and all we could do was watch him ravish Mercedes cunt. He eventually pulled out, turned her on all fours and pushed his black rod back into her pulsating stretched hole. She looked back with her mouth wide open moaning and we could tell she was enjoying the fucking. It was a site to see, as he leaned over her with his big stomach flapping against her tight ass. His hugeness covered her body, as he drove in and out of her cunt. After maybe 20 minutes, he pulled out and exploded his sperm on her ass. She seemed satisfied and said something to him. He gave her a hug and kiss, got dressed and left.

I went back down to see if she finally had enough, but to my surprise, she was rubbing her pussy and said, “I thought you were sending guys down. I’m so hot for a cock buried in me. I hope you have some other guys ready for me. Please Geno, I really need another guy. Please! “

All I could do was smile and tell her I would send them down one at a time. I left perplexed about how horny Mercedes was. I’ve never seen her in this state before, but happy she was. So I sent down another guy and had someone waiting to go in when he was finished.

The desire I had of seeing her getting fucked by lots of guys was coming to fruition, but strangely I become somewhat remorseful. I was starting to feel sorry for her for being a just piece of hot meat to be used by all these bikers. Here was my sweet innocent Mercedes being a paid whore for whoever wanted to fuck her. I thought I would be happy about seeing her disgraced like a cheap whore, but instead I was realizing what a fool I’ve been. Suddenly, Sam said something that woke me up from my rueful thinking.

We continued watching as one after another went down and fucked her. Some took ten minutes, while others were ramming her hot cunt for 30 minutes. It was obvious as we watched her actions that she was immensely enjoying herself. It was like watching a girl in constant heat, wanting to have a cock buried in her cunt as fast as she could get the guy hard. It was fun watching her in such a state of sexual bliss, like seeing a porno film.

Suddenly, the bar lights began flashing off and on. It meant last round and the bar would be closing in fifteen minutes. Luckily, I didn’t have anyone else waiting to fuck Mercedes. The guy doing her was the thirteenth and she’s been at it for almost 4 hours. It took another 5 minutes for him to finally spew his load over her pussy.

As soon as he left, Sam went in and filmed a final scene by scanning her cum drenched body and interviewing her. The pungent aroma of sperm filled the room, so we kept of door open. He played with the remote while looking at his lap, zooming in on parts of her body. As he asked her questions about doing this willing, he had her stand and bend over so he could zoom in on her cum drenched abused cunt. She didn’t know what was happening and probably didn’t even realize she was being filmed.

“Oh yes, I had a great time. I hope the guys did too,” she answered. As questions continued she replied, “Yes! I wanted all of them to fuck me. Yes I did enjoy it and I just love the feeling of guys unloading themselves on me.” She took her fingers and scooped some goo off her breast and licked them clean. “You mean like this,” she continued. “I love the taste too.”

Then he stopped filming and thanked Mercedes for her time. When Sam removed the camera from the shelves, I had her looking the other way. I didn’t want her to know that she just made a porno film. Sam said he would make more than one with all of the footage he had. I haven’t seen any of it yet.

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