Why are so many guys fascinated….

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…by the girl-girl friendships their wives and girlfriends have? In my view too much thought is spent on what goes on behind doors when girl friends have evenings of teen girl bonding passed off as ‘doing our hair’ which slide into a ‘girls night out’.

More than a few girls perfectly straight and otherwise heterosexual, take a healthy interest in the contents of friend’s bra or pants as any guy. But most girls are as staunchly feminine as guys are masculine.

There are times of high emotion or just pure joie de vivre when girls are more inclined to let the moment be captured by hugs, kisses and cuddles. Women of all ages are as likely to blur the distinction between gay and straight and it would be foolish to presume that because girls kiss and cuddle they are lesbians or even bi-sexual. Gay girl and straight girl can be a recipe for disaster just as much as straight to straight and gay to gay.

Then there are girls who have a job that permits serious intimacy be it bikini line waxing, when guys imagine it is a friggers heaven with hot pussied clients being teased, tweaked, pulled and stretched by the beautician. The truth, in these cases is very different it is the client that does the manipulating and stretching of their intimate parts, whilst the beautician gets on with her work although some clients may well get sexually arousal in the act of displaying themselves to the female worker. Certainly self depilation can lead to one or more orgasms provided by the buzzing input of Ladyshave and spreading and stretching of the Labia Majora.

Perhaps mid-wives where being wrist deep in a client is not unknown nor is handling of milk-heavy breasts and the manipulation of erect dripping nipples of new mothers whilst teaching of the skill of “latching on” the new-born. It has to be said that some Mother’s trigger themselves to “let down” for the relief of their lactate heavy bosom.

An act, so I have learned, that has it’s own pleasure and the women concerned have been comfortable with the matter of fact approach to the problem even to public display over a wash basin of a Ladies Powder room whilst in conversation with their friends.

It is against this back ground that this tale is formed. I’m not a gay girl nor comfortable with the repressive social implications of the straight heterosexual woman. I am as complex as any other woman equally as emotional probably as caring as any other girl. Society needs to look at its limited number of sexual groupings and girl to girl intimacy needs to be redrawn without the fetishistic label that ‘Lesbian’ attracts in too many minds.

I had started get into a more active and healthy life style at a nudist club my boyfriend and I had joined. A tip off from an article in a naturist magazine suggested that a ‘national activities’ weekend was to be held in ‘The Midlands’. The basic price was full board accommodation and full coaching by county level sports people that had been organise by the enterprising management committee at a ‘Sun-club’to further Naturist health and interest.

After much thought and a few phone calls My man and I managed to get booked onto the weekend away. The chance to try other sports appealed although we had by this time become more wedded to living a naturist lifestyle and any period in a sports hall or similar was not exactly a thrilling thought in the height of summer. I was surprised my old school sports kit fitted it having last seen service when I was 15, although from the view point of my mid-20s it showed off more leg and thigh than I recalled or expected.

There being a BIG difference between running around an all girls school’s sports field in little more than a wide pleated belt flashing your knickers, than doing the same in front of a mixed class of strangers on the activity week. With my sports kit came back the memory of being gently pushed into being the reliable lookout, posted on gate duty whilst my more glamourous student friends were sunbathing and swimming topless or naked in the school pool.

My man had to choose new kit and settled on the typical entry range of Adidas sportswear. As many naturists wear track-suits on their trips to and from the ‘Textile’ world the Trackie saw outings to our naturist club a good few times before it got to the activities centre so it was not in its first flush of newness by the time we trooped out for our first day’s experiences, better matching my own kit.

The journey up the M1 on a Friday to the accommodation was uneventful and by 3 o’clock we had arrived at the large Georgian pile built by some magnate or other to celebrate his subjugation of the working class. Now it was a slightly run down but serviceable set of public spaces and bedrooms for 80 or so guests. The only downside being the minor matter of dress, this accommodation was what is known in naturist circles as a textile hotel and public nudity was frowned on as a polite notice in our rooms reminded those of us there purely for the accommodation offered.

A pleasant older lady showed us to our rooms, 30 years ago two mixed singles in a twin or double room was beyond the pale with our Parentals. So my boyfriend and I had rooms on the same floor but on opposite sides of the building 120 feet of creaking floor away. My room had the views to the front and side of the house. His had its view blocked by the biggest copper beech ever, which made the room dark or in estate agent euphemistic speak North-Facing.

Whilst he went off to find his own room and unpack. I heard a knock at my door and opening it was greeted by a strikingly pretty flame haired girl who introduced herself as Ellen. She gave me almost her entire life story in a few minutes and we stood at the door chatting when Himself arrived and quietened the conversation. Ellen politely introduced herself and then slipped back into her own room.

Pretty girl

Lovely smile

You sounded as though you were enjoying her company

Did I?

Yes, for someone who is a retiring mouse you seemed the fighting Tiger verbally I could hear you across the landing.


So what’s your room like?

Mine? I have to go outside to change my mind.

Take a look at mine then, it sounds like you are a poor relation in the accommodation stakes.

I pushed the door wider and he brushed past. To describe the room: a huge wardrobe partially blocked the doorway but once past that, the room had views to the front and side. Facilities were the luxury of a wash basin and a single bed plus two easy chairs and a large chest of draws. The sun streamed through the front windows and the room was on the hot side of comfortably warm.

Nice…I can see we will find this…a useful space.

But it does get hot, and I have the window open and it is still quite stuffy in here.

Ideal! We can retreat and live as nudists in here…

I stood at the window admiring the view and, when looking down, I spied a lawn with a selection of what I was to discover later were the staff, lounging on the manicured grass chatting and larking about in shorts and T shirts. I turned back into the room and busied myself unpacking and stashing clothes. Whilst he sat in one of the chairs as we chatted.

Ellen says Tea is at four and Dinner at six so we have not long to freshen up before we meet the rest of the guests here. And Ellen reminded that nudity is not permitted here.

You’d better go and put on a fresh shirt that one looks like you slept in it!

As he left I noted Ellen standing in her doorway.

I smiled a greeting which she returned.

I beckoned her over and invited her into my room, she settled in one of the chairs and we continued on with out interrupted conversation. All the time she looked at me in a quizzical, curious way not creepy but intense wondering what and who lay under the clothes, something I was not beyond wondering myself occasionally.

We heard the Tea Gong sound and together wandered from my room and along the hallway. Ellen took my arm as we walked along the lengthy passage, something only He, Mother and latterly Aunty would do. Tea, it would appear, was served in the ‘ballroom’ and the majority were intent on their cream scones and fruit cake. I served Ellen a few small savouries and she carried our tea and found a table away from the general hubbub of the other guests.

He eventually arrived, in the same creased and travel worn shirt, MEN! He made a grab at a couple of sausage rolls and a doughnut . On arrival at the table he settled himself on a free chair next to mine. The chat between Ellen and I quietened but He started to talk about the activities we had opted for the conversation got easier. Tea eaten Ellen excused herself and disappeared.

Lovely girl

Yes she is

You’ve made a bit of a hit with her.

I don’t know…she seems friendly and knows a bit about this place, you aren’t jealous are you?

No, not seen you as animated with anyone other than Rosie.

She’s easy to chat with, works as a beautician for Boots so travels to stores and does demonstrations so is more of a live wire than shrinking violet

Ah no wonder she looks so doll-like, not a hair out of place.

She makes me feel a bit scruffy and dowdy.

Ah!…but she may not blossom with her clothes off…

Shhh…people will hear…Did you change that shirt?


Thought not…you are worse than a c***d sometimes. You’d better go and change.

We went up to His room and he slipped out of the crumpled shirt and then his trousers, pants and footwear. He lay on the bed watching me. Like most guys his idea of unpacking was to flip the latch on his case and take out the sponge bag. In the end I emptied his case of clothes putting them into the draws and wardrobe. Duty done I sat on the only chair with him laid on the bed next to me.

The room was warm and I was getting uncomfortably hot with putting his clothes away and the temptation of his naked body played on my mind. I unbuttoned my dress and slipped it off. Fishing in the wardrobe produced a hanger onto which the dress was placed. I’m not usually one to linger at undressing but catching sight of myself in the full length mirror on the back of the room’s door brought back to me the sexy pleasure of His present of my undies the Parisian manufactured shelf bra ‘presenting’ my breasts and their semi-erect nipples to my view. A familiar feeling of lower body warmth made itself known. I lay beside Him on the narrow bed and handled his cock.

I withdrew my hand, to push down and then slip out of my knickers before fishing between my thighs to rub his cock between my moist labia finally pushing him into my vagina. Rocked my hips back and forth to get him properly moist, then letting it slid deep inside me, it is a delicious feeling that first coupling and deep penetration. It always made me feel unified with him. I slide my legs beside his, finally laying with my head rested on His shoulder. He kneaded my buttocks which I love almost as much as breast massage and made soft thrusting movements to keep his penis erect.

Do love you.

I know.

Do love this too

I know.

Feels so comfortable. Makes us special.

Our mumbled conversation dwindled and the effect of the journey and warmth of the room soon had us both asleep.

In my dreams I heard movements and was suddenly awake. I checked my watch was slipping back into my stuff as he surfaced.

Dinner in five minutes. Did you sleep well?

He growled sleep heavy sounds as I brushed my hair and made sure I looked presentable. Meanwhile he pulled his clothes back on, it never surprises me how quickly he can go from nude to dressed. I reached for the door handle and together we wandered off down the hallway as the dinner gong sounded.

By the time we reached the dining room most of the other guests were standing by a chair. I spotted Ellen who mouthed a hello and smiled.

Over there…near Ellen..there are two spaces.

The buzz of conversation died away as the entire guest role got down to the act of consuming soup or fruit juice. The buzz of conversation returned between the courses and we learned about the route people had taken to get to the hotel, who had been to the hotel before and a myriad of other small talk questions and answers were exchanged .

Ellen enquired what sports activities everyone had all signed up for. The stilted conversation of strangers was a bit staid and strained but more fun was promised in the coming days at the end of the meal those of us on the week-end were advised to meet in reception at eight thirty. A mini-coach took us to the sun-club to have a briefing session on the way the week would unfold. This would be followed by a short social and then transport back to the accommodation.

Whilst the host was a nudist venue ‘socials’ were dressed affairs and is not unknown in the UK naturist world. We had a grand time and much fun was had with silly party games which helped to break the ice and helped us get to know each other. The return to the accommodation was a slightly more animated event as a few had made liberal with the club’s limited bar facilities.

As a trio we walked up the long hall to our rooms and said good night. He followed me into my room as Ellen slipped quietly into hers. With the door shut I slipped out of my dress the warm air of the room caressing my body. I moved toward the window and looked out at the quiet garden and moonlit countryside beyond.

That was a nice evening.

A nice range of people around us including a good few older people amongst the house guests.

Don’t suppose they will be joining in with the activities.

You noticed some are quite a bit older than us too.

The group of those in their 30s you mean?

Yes strange how they feel they are young people…I dare say we might think like that in a few years.


He walked over and unclipped my bra I cupped and rubbed my breasts in relief.

Oh that feels better…that’s a nice bra…but…and I like them a lot…they are comfortable to wear; but sometimes it is nicer to take it off to feel and massage my boobs. At least tomorrow I can wear a sports bra and be less formally dressed.

I got into bed and gestured him to leave. He leant in and kissed me before going off to his own room. It felt a little strange but not unusual to be sleeping in a single bed, I normally sprawled across the full width of a double bed at home. I drifted off to sleep, my mind slowly filled with Ellen and the corporate regime of activities.

Breakfast was a simple cereals and toast affair and about nine thirty we set off for the sun-club. No Mini-coach for us today budget holidays have their shortcomings; so I talked himself into taking Ellen with us. She seemed to have latched herself onto us and was accompanied by another girl, Lizzie so with all our gear we filled the tiny micro-van he had bought as replacement for the old London Taxi.

We managed to get to the host club without getting lost and finding that the off site Sports hall was for the basket ball and Net Ball coaching, wasted no time in getting undressed. It was quite a motley set of nudist bodies that trooped from the changing rooms. Some with flawless tans and more than a few with ‘textile patches’ of pale skin. Ellen had no tan which seemed strange given her day job. But as a redhead all she ever got was pink skin, very different to my olive skin which showed any exposure to the sun as a golden glow.

In deference to our relaxed naked days Ellen’s perfectly made up face was now less to the fore but eyeliner false eyelashes and lipstick provided a little colour to the pale skin. Her body was similar to mine, with its small firm demi-orange sized breasts, hers tipped with pale pink aureole and red teats mine being darker and more pronounced. Ellen had a flat stomach and her pussy showed a powder puff of strawberry blonde pubic hair.

Once naked we formed into our activity groups and went off to the sports areas which were spread about the club grounds. I will admit it felt a bit incongruous being taught by two clothed instructors whilst all the participants were naked barring their sports shoes. Certainly made for an interesting time for those having tennis tuition as where do you put the second ball if the first ball is in? Although it was less of an issue as that session was being held on the ‘mini-ten’ court which is half the size of a standard court. And the other players acted as line judges and ball marshals.

My man had opted for field archery, whilst I was trying pétanque and Ellen was busy with badminton. The clear blue sky and warm weather had many slapping on a high factor sunscreen for protection, when we broke for a light lunch. I plastered Ellen’s back and shoulders with a high protection cream. Which He said it was sensual to watch as Ellen’s cat with the cream face, was wreathed in a large smile was and was in His book “the mind picture of the day”.

In the afternoon we moved round one sport and I did catch sight of Ellen bow in hand and muscles straining as she drew a line on the target 50 yards distant. Just after four o’clock the instructors called a halt and we were left to our own entertainments some played on with their pétanque and Mini-ten whilst I went for a swim. All too soon we were in the showered and dressing for the journey back.

The evening meal was set for seven so being fresh from the shower we chose to quickly change and go down to the bar and do some people watching over a cider and white wine spritzer. We made up stories about the other guests as they came and went, the tiny husband and very fat wife looking like the caricature couple from a seaside post card amused us greatly.

After the evening meal I asked Him to help put after-sun on me. So we slipped away from the bar and went up to my room and spent a quiet evening naked together with a little erotic stimulation, both of us could feel the effect of stretching and flexing muscles that had seen little such activity since school. It was as much as he could do to get decent for the short walk to His room, which made me smile.

The next activities were remote from the club so we made our way out to a small lake to try our hands at Kayaking. Which looks fairly easy but in reality gives the lower body a major work out as you need to jam yourself into the boat for some manoeuvres fortunately we were on a lake so shooting rapids and sudden turns were not required. We did however have to practice a capsize and eject which was something I could not bring myself to do.

We all climbed stiffly out of our boats at lunchtime and spent a lot of that hour standing up and drying out as a few of the spray decks and some of the kayaks had small leaks so had taken on some water. The afternoon was quite busy with us getting used to travelling at speed across the lake and learning how to do fast turns and stops.

By four o’clock we were well in need of the break that the end of the day gave. The four of us returned to the accommodation and I sent himself off to his own room telling him not to disturb Ellen and I as we had decided to have some ‘pamper time’. Whilst we’d seen each other naked it was interesting to be intimately close to Ellen as I applied the after-sun to her back and shoulders. She lay on a large bath-sheet and I was comfortable kneeling beside her working the white cream into her pale skin.

She rolled over her nipples sharp and erect. I applied the after sun to her shoulders and slowly worked lower eventually massaging her breasts and I will admit I teased her nipples slightly more than I needed. She smiled and sighed softly as my massaging hands moved down across her board flat stomach. As I got to her waist Ellen wriggled and spread her legs a little more so my hands could caress and massage her thighs and lower stomach.

By now I was feeling that tingling tell tale that pussy was now awake and Ellen opened her eyes.

You have a nice touch…I’m enjoying this.

I hoped you’d like it…I’ve not touched another girl for so long… You have nice boobs…and lovely flat tummy….mine’s always been a little rounded there.

She giggled and took hold of my sticky oiled hand drawing it to her bringing us closer. I looked into her eyes and we moved closer. Her eyes locked on mine and her hand guiding mine to her breasts.

Please massage them again…as much as you want.

They…are…very pretty

I stammered the words out as my hands cupped their soft slightly oiled skin. I added more after-sun and worked it into the pale skin and the blood red nipples.

That’s…delicious…I love it…keep going

She pulled me closer and planted a kiss on my lips. OH God! Yes…oh, yes! my mind raced over the time with Rosie, the naked fellow students at the school pool and the ‘butterfly kisses’ mother placed on my naked juvenile body when she’d bathed me. I kissed her back my pussy tingling with expectation.

You kiss well too…I love kissing.

I abandoned the massage with aftersun and settled onto the narrow bed beside my pale skinned friend as we kissed and stroked each other’s bodies. Her toned muscular build very different from the softened maternal bodies of my mother and Aunt. More akin to Natalie’s youthful and blossoming teenage woman.

Ellen rolled over and sat upon my hips, our pussies mingling their heat of desire. I felt her finger touch my puss lips. I watched as the questing hand slipped up to her lips and into her mouth. She closed her eyes and a look of bliss filled her face as she sucked at her digits.

A call from the terrace disturbed our pleasure.

Goody! Goody! It’s nearly Dinner time I’m off for a shower.

Ellen slipped off of me. I stood up and she kissed me. She pulled her tracksuit back on and with a flicked wave was gone. I rolled off the bed and felt sticky from both after-sun and my own arousal. The full length mirror also revealed my puss fur matted by Ellen’s own excitement I stood at the wash basin to enjoy a strip wash finishing by lathering pussy her Henna tinted curls showing dark against the white bubbles. I teased my clitoris for a while it sent strong waves of desire crashing onto my beach of confused interest in Ellen.

The evening meal was a fancy dress event there were the usual cross dressing guys and girls. I wore the hareem girl costume I had bought for an event at our own club. Himself was staid and self conscious as a US fighter pilot in dress uniform; together we were supposed to be Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman from I dream of Genie. Although I will admit that an A-cup bosom needs a good deal of ‘extra’ enhancement to provide competition to the memorable bust-line of Barbara’s proportion.

Ellen arrived and effectively stole the evening dressed as a dominatrix in a shiny PVC under bust corset complimented by fishnet body suit all over a ‘dancer’s’ flesh coloured leotard and stiletto ankle-boots. Her red-hair enhanced by glitter coupled to heavy face make up, with its cat like eyeliner, matched the leotard’s ‘skin tone’ perfectly. She looked very much the exotic creature she was portraying.

After the meal He went to bar and picked up a couple of bottles of wine and a three glasses and we went up to my room to chat and drink, well away from the Bingo that the older guests thought of as the ultimate evening entertainment. I opened the wine and filled the glasses. We chatted about the day and the next morning’s activities which would see us back at the sun club.

I stood at the window watching the sunset when I was aware of Ellen’s perfume. She leaned in to me and passed a comment about the beauty of the glowing sky.

Then quietly whispered in my ear.

Can we sleep together tonight?


She kissed me lightly. I decided that I needed an early night so half pushed and half shooed Himself from the room.

I closed the door and Ellen pounced on me and I fell eagerly on Ellen’s tender lips.
Forcing my tongue into her mouth and roughly squeezing her soft buttocks as my tongue forced itself into her mouth. I broke away breathless and quivering with excitement.


Oh god have I done wrong?

No it was just so intense and almost unexpected…you can kiss like a boy.

I’m sorry…but I so want you.

We kissed again more measured and gentle with each other our hands exploring each others naked skin our nipples taut with need and desire. We settled onto my inadequate bed lying on our sides and kissed, gently stroking each other’s bodies, tracing the line of each others breasts. Eventually I traced the line of Ellen’s labia her pubes wet with her excitement I pushed a finger deep inside her vagina. We kissed softly and lingered with the separation of tongues and lips. Oh the joy of the kisses the soft sucking of lips the tender probing of tongues and all the time our hearts racing and pussies twitching.

Our passion rising as things got to point where our need for each other moved into auto pilot I felt Ellen slip several fingers deep into my pussy and the intensity of the kissing and gasping was getting me worried that we might get disturbed. Ellen was playing my pussy as expertly as any lover I had known. I was loosing control of my body to this young woman who took my desire and needs to a new level each gasp or moan drove her interest in feeding my need to greater and greater heights.

Suddenly everything closed in on me and with a rush and my clutching hands pulling at the bedding and Ellen’s hair, an intense orgasm tore through me. Ellen poured more kisses and rapid fingering to get her a second orgasm before I gasped ‘no more please I’m done.’

Ellen cuddled me close into her, rocking gently as my tears of release flowed, this quiet almost shy girl had seduced my body and reduced me to tears of joy. It had been a long time since my orgasm had been so powerful it reduced me to tears the pent up emotions and the tenderness of the seduction had worked their magic. I lay trembling and shaking in the arms of this sensual woman. She kissed me softly and tenderly around my face kissing away my tears and holding me as my mother did to comfort me.

We lay together in the warm afterglow of our passion kissing occasionally and enjoying the sensual delight of our shared nudity Ellen pushed the duvet off the bed and pulled the sheet over us both followed by the bed-spread we snuggled into each other and slipped gently off to sleep…

Girl-girl friendships in all their forms are special be they sexual or just fleeting greeting kisses, which mean more than can be written in mere words. I have looked at my relationships with all my girl friends, not all have been intimate but I value all of them very highly and none of my male friends will ever understand them or why they are what they are to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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