Why They Call it Fallin’

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I was in quite the bad mood lately. A failed marriage, a nasty divorce, and my boyfriend just left me wondering what the hell happened. I’d just gotten out of the Navy a few months ago, attempting to live up the civilian life, but finding it not all I thought it was cracked up to be. I missed the wild and crazy parties, the travel, the guaranteed paycheck, but most of all the sex. I wasn’t a “Navy Whore”, I usually kept a guy around at least 3-6 months before kicking him (or him leaving me) out of my bed. It was just easy to get sex in the Navy, everyone was always looking, unless you were married. When I was married, I wasn’t out prowling, even when my husband was overseas on deployment and I knew he was nailing the whores over in Israel. It wasn’t until shortly after my divorce, ( I don’t even think it was cold in the ground yet.) I was out at Cheers in Newport News, VA, drinking a beer at the bar and watching the National Finals Rodeo on the big screen when I met Stran.

Stran was my usual type, tall, dark hair, hazel eyes, muscular, farmboy type. His Wrangler’s fit just right in all the right places, his smile pretty much killed me right there. He bought me another beer that night, sat and talked to me till the bar closed and offered to follow me home. Something clicked that night, and when he followed me up to my door, I bluntly asked him if he would fuck me. Stran’s eyes got huge as he grinned, “Yes ma’am, I will.” At that point in time, I was only looking to get fucked, I never thought I would fall in love with him.

He was a Machinist’s Mate 1st class on the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-73) stationed out in Norfolk. We dated for 4 weeks after that night, and then he moved in with me. He touched my body, my heart, my soul in ways no one else ever had.

Six months later, I was finishing up my time on the USS Stanley Dace (DDG-606) as a Corpsman, 9-11 happened. I g cal call at work from Stran, calling me from the house saying his ship was deploying for the coast of Afghanistan. He was home packing a sea bag to go, and didn’t know when he would be back. He knew I only had three more weeks in Norfolk, and told me to go ahead and put his stuff in storage out there, move back home and he would come get me when he got back. It was a lonely three weeks, no email, no phone calls, no letters, I didn’t know anything of where Stran was or what he was doing. But that’s the Navy for you, hurry up and wait. I moved home, weeks stretched into months, and no word from Stran.

My Dad was a Senior Chief up at Great Lakes Naval Hospital. We had a really close relationship since Mom died. He’d been over in Japan while I was in Norfolk, so I didn’t get to talk to him except through email or chat online. He knew I was in love with Stran, he knew Stran was gone on deployment, but Dad also knew that deployments usually don’t last anymore than six months, and it had been nearly nine by the time I got home and things settled down.

Dad called me up one rainy October day and asked me to come up to Great Lakes. I was kind of seeing this SEAL that he had hooked me up with back in May. Mike was a good looking guy ( aren’t all SEALs?), he was a thinner, more muscular version of Stran and he ran the drill hall up on Recruit Training Command, so you know he worshipped his body. I figured he wanted to get together with Mike and I, even though Dad saw Mike everyday.

I didn’t really have anything better to do, so I hopped in my car and drove the three hours up to Great Lakes. I didn’t know what Dad wanted, other than he asked me to come up and bring clothes. I hated it when he did that, it always made me nervous.

It poured the whole way up there, which didn’t help my mood any. I started thinking about my marriage to Chris and how it failed, Stran, him leaving with no explanation and Mike only calling when he wasn’t busy. Needless to say by the time I came on base and pulled in Dad’s drive, I was pretty pissed.

I walked in the door and smelled dinner cooking, so I figured Dad was just bored and wanted me to stay the weekend. “Hi Dad, how’s it going?” He looked up from the stove and smiled. “I’m doing alright, you look beat. Was the rain bad coming up?” “It was horrible Dad. I think I’m going to go upstairs, take a sh and and catch a nap if I have time?” Dad nodded, “Yeah I’ll come wake you up when it’s ready. Be a little while yet.” With that I went upstairs with my bag, and headed for the shower.

I toed off my boots on the bathroom floor, unbuttoning my skin tight Wranglers. There was no other way to wear them, even after gaining a good 15 pounds after leaving Norfolk, I still looked good. I never had problems getting a guy to want me, the jeans were just a small part of a bigger package. Green eyes, Dark brown hair,24 years old, 38D’s, 5’6″, 145-ish, always with a nice dark tan. It had been about a month since I last seen Mike, he was TDY to San Diego, and I was hurting pretty bad for a piece of ass. I figured once I got done eating dinner with Dad, I’d hop over to one Beylikdüzü Escort of the clubs on base, see what I could get for the weekend. A officer? A Petty Officer? Or even a kid straight out of boot waiting to go to school? Hell, at this point in time it didn’t matter. I stripped down, turned the water on in the shower, letting the hot water sting my skin.

I hurried up in the shower, I wanted that nap too much. I stepped out of the shower, the cool air outside make my nipples go hard in less than a heartbeat. I shivered as I walked over to my bed, making sure the door was shut and locked before I laid down on the bed. Dad had this thing for silk sheets, he bought two complete sets for his bed and mine while he was in Yokuska. The mulberry red silk caressed my body as I slid between the sheets, the feeling sinful on my skin, making me instantly go weak in the knees and my pussy throb with pleasure. I brush my fingers across my nipples, tingling starts in my clit, I’ve always been one to not be able to keep my hands off my pussy. My fingers sensually slither down my stomach, my fingers rubbing slow circles on my clit. I gasp, it’s been awhile since I’ve resorted to this.

My palm glides over my clit as I dip fingers into my warm, wet pussy. I reach up inside me towards my pubic bone, finding that infamous G-spot, making that “come here” motion. I can feel my legs start to twitch a bit, my ass rubs against the smooth silk sheets, this is too good. My head starts to swim as my fingers move faster, my inner thighs tremble as I am gasping for air.

I feel my body start to slowly shiver, the shivers merge into convulsions as the sheets caress my body. My body trembles in the aftermath as my hands fall to my sides. Oh yes, silk sheets are sinful, very sinful. I curl up in the sheets and close my eyes.

I wake up with a start as I hear Dad knocking on the door. “Arwen, aru awu awake in there? Dinner is almost ready.” God, I hate my name, Mom named me after some elf chick in a book she loved as a teen. Most everyone else just calls me Jaden. Yeah I know, that’s just as bad, but I like it. It makes guys give me a second thought most times. I untangle myself from the sheets and grumble as I pull clean clothes out of my bag. Before I dress, I spray some Tommy Girl on my skin. Can’t be going down to dinner smelling like sex. I pull the tight mulberry tee-shirt over my head, completely forgetting a bra, and underwear as I wriggle into a pair of tight blue Wranglers. My bare feet silent on the stairs, and I hear my Dad talking to someone.

I don’t think anything of it, he’s probably on the phone to someone at work, they call for him a lot on the weekends. As I come down the stairs I notice the lights in the dining room are out and there is candlelight flickering on the walls. I get about six feet from the dining room and that’s when I smell a familiar smell, but one I haven’t smelled in a long time. I stop dead in my tracks. My mind screams for me to run the opposite direction, but my heart can’t believe it. I hear a door shut, and I get the sinking feeling that Dad’s left me here with the person in the dining room. I turn into the dining room and see him standing there in dress blues, holding a dozen red roses in his arm. Stran smiles at me, and I turn tail and run.

I nearly slip and fall on the hardwood as I run, I throw open the front door, running out into the front yard. My feet slip on the wet grass as the rain pours down, I fall to the ground in a heap of crying, screaming, pissed off female. Hot tears are hidden with the rain falling on my face, “Fuck you Stran! You left me here with a broken heart you asshole!” I lie face down in the yard as the rain pours down, sobs wracking my body. I know he followed me, I can feel his hands pulling me up off the grass. “Jaden, Baby, come on get up, come inside out of the rain. Please baby, it’s cold.” My clothes are soaked, my nipples hard, tight and painful from the cold. His fingers brush over my nipples as he helps me up, it felt like I’d been struck by lightning.

Stran’s dress blues are soaked through, stained with grass, I look at him as I get up. “Why the hell are you here? How the hell did you get here? Why the hell did you leave me?” He looks at me with a pleading look on his face, I know he wants to go inside out of the rain, but I want answers. “Jaden, your Dad tracked me down out in Norfolk and asked me to come here. He flew me out here, picked me up and brought me here. I had to come see you and explain myself. Please let’s go inside, I’m not liking this rain much.” “Damn you Stran Kendahl. I should have never let you follow me home that night.” I storm off into the house, nearly slamming the door in his face, served him right if it smacked him in the face.

I head up the stairs, going straight for the shower in my room. I could care less what Stran does, I’d be happy if he just left. I strip out of my clothes as I approach my room, clothes left on the stairs, in the hall, by the Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan time I reached the shower I was very naked and shivering. Nights here on the lake get cold and wet, cuts right through to your bones. I get angry at myself for coming up here, he was the last person I wanted to see. I thought I was over him, and just when he decides to walk back in my life it feels like a knife right in the gut.

I shut the bedroom door and lock it, this is the one place I can hide from him. I turn on the shower, letting the water run hot into the tub, steaming up the mirror, caressing my cold skin back into life. I step in the shower, lean against the wall and let go. The tears fall steadily down my face, as I fall to my knees on the floor, shivering as I weep. I never loved Chris like I did Stran. Stran was my whole world, and it crumbled in my hands one catastrophic day in America’s history. And now he was here, in my Dad’s house, waiting downstairs for me, or at least I thought he was still there.

I took my time in the shower, mostly for the warmth and a place toe. Ie. I put on a silk nightgown and the matching silk robe that went with it. It was just long enough to cover me to mid thigh, but it was the only thing I had clean and dry. I walked down the stairs, the sharp, biting, scent of wood burning caught my attention. I quietly walk into the living room, and see Stran’s dress blues draped over the sofa, drying. The pants, the jumper, the tee-shirt, all of it was laying there drying. My mind wandered to where he was, and just how little he had on. I looked over at the fire raging in the hearth, then around the house. My Dad was nowhere in sight, knowing him he was long gone for the weekend. I’d heard it was supposed to rain all weekend in Chicago, so he was probably way out of town.

I walk around the sofa, seeing Stran lying on the floor wrapped up in a blanket near the fire. He’s asleep, just like I’d seen him be for so many nights in our life. My fingers tremble as I reach out to touch his face, my fingers brush his cheek, and he smiles. His eyes open slowly, as he pushes the blanket down his bare chest. “Jaden, Baby, I’m so sorry I left you hanging like that. I had to go, and when I got back I got sent up to New York to help out up there teaching a school in Ballston Spa. When I got back from there, your Dad left a message at my work center for me to call him. I never knew your Dad was a Senior. I called him back and here I am. Jaden, you know how the Navy is, and you know how seriously I take my job. I want things to work between us, I want you back. I love you. I always have. I had that picture of us up in my pit, I looked at it every night before I went to sleep. You mean everything to me. I’d give up everything for you, even the Navy.”

Stran reached out to touch my face, but I backed away, sitting against the sofa on the floor with my knees pulled up into my chest as silent tears fell down my cheeks. “How am I supposed to believe you? Nine months Stran! Nine months you left me in the dark. I could have had a kid in that amount of time! How am I to know you don’t have some other woman waiting back in Norfolk for you tonight? How?” My words cut him like a knife, he makes a face as if I hurt him. “Jaden, there is no one in Norfolk, I promise. You have to trust me Baby, that’s all I can say. Trust me.” How could I bear to trust him again, when he tore my heart out? I didn’t know, all I knew, seeing him laying there like he was, it was making my clit tingle. I wanted him all over again, just like I had so many nights of our life. His eyes were like smoky emeralds in the firelight, his skin, dark from the summer sun, was making me wet. I wanted to touch him all over, press my skin against his, just once more. He was like a drug to me, a want, a desire, a need I couldn’t satisfy.

Stran reachut aut again to touch me, this time his fingertips brushing against my calves. I looked up at him, tears stained my cheeks. “How am I to trust you? How sup supposed to forget the last year and a half and go back to the way things were? I can’t Stran, as much as you profess loving me, heartache’s hard to kill.” His face was a mass of concern, “I know Baby, it’s been hurting me to be without you, but I’ve been so busy. I thought for awhile that you were seeing someone else, since I didn’t hear from you. Then I realized that you were probably just as busy as I was, being a civilian now. Please baby, don’t stop loving me, please.” His eyes pleaded with me for forgiveness, as his fingers lazily made their way up the sides of my thighs. Could he sense the feelings pent up within me? I knew I was playing with fire, but was the pleasure of a few hours worth the pain of getting burned again? I didn’t know, but I knew I was close to explosion, he drivdriving me mad with his fingers on my legs.

I scooted closer to him, stretching out my legs, he began massaging my feet, something that he only rarely did when we were together. I lie back, flat onto Escort Beylikdüzü the floor as his hands work over my feet, my calves, my eyes close as my body untangles. My job as a LDR Nurse is hell on my legs, and I neglect them so much when I come home off duty. I can feel his hands on my thighs, as they move farther up, untying my wrap, I can feel Stran’s body close to mine, smell the familiar smell of him, the heat of his body. I want to surrender all to him, but I don’t want him thinking I’m letting him off easy. His fingers trace the curve of my breast through the silk, I shiver slightly, damn it! I know he noticed, my body is betraying me!

I shiver again, pulling away. His fingers caress my face, holding my cheek in the palm of his hand. I instinctively turn my face towards his palm, as his fingers run through my hair, down my back. Stran knows my body all too well, he could always control my body long before my mind. He knows how much he means to me, and he knows how to use it against me. My palms move lightly down his chest, as my fingers glide down his body. Stran moans softly, I can only wonder if I was thet wot woman to touch him like this? My fingers tremble as they brush against the scar on his thigh, the one he got when he was still a kid living on the farm in Minnesota. Ther not nothing between he and I but the small scrap of silk that covers my body. I look up at him sitting in front of me, tears welled up in my eyes, his face a mass of concern as he pulls me into his arms, wrapping me tight to his chest. “Oh baby, I am so sorry for the pain I’ve caused you. You mean everything to me. I’m so sorry Arwen Jaden.” Stran’s never called me by my first name, much less my first and middle put together. I fall apart at the seams, the hardass in me has given up, for the moment.

I get up off the floor, moving towards the stairs. I want to lay in my bed, I want to feel him next to me like I always did. I feel his fingers brmy hmy hand as I walk away, I take his hand in mine leading him up the stairs. There is nothing more enticing than a farmboy in his boxers being led by the hand up to your bedroom. Just the knowing look in his eyes, makes me think things I hadn’t thought in months, things about nights he and I shared. I open the door to my bedroom, the sheets still a mess from my pleasure before, but I don’t think Stran cared a bit. I stand next to my bed, facing Stran, his hands run down my arms, my eyes close as the silk slip glides over my body. I stand there at the mercy of his touch, his lips nip at my neck, as he works his way up to my earlobe, nipping, my knees go weak as I moan. I can feel him grinning against my ear, my fingers snake down to his boxers, sneaking in the waistband, shoving them down his muscled calves. I take him gently into my hands, stroking, teasing, getting used to the feel of his cock in my hands after such a long time. I continue teasing him as I nip on his neck, he growls sensually into my ear as I nip his chest, slowly making my way down onto my knees. Stran moans from down deep, almost an animalistic sound as I take him into my mouth, licking ever so gently, slowly reminding Stran of what he had been missing.

It takes every bit of strength in Stran not to buckle at the knees and come down on top of me. My fingers work up a steady tempo as my tongue pleasures his cock, I can hear him moaning above me, whispering endearments, encouraging me onward. I’m more than happy to oblige, I’m one of those women that love giving head. My mind wanders back to our last night together, as my body re-enacts that night for him. “Babydoll, as much as I don’t want you to stop, I want you right now.”

Stran gently brings me up off my knees, pushing me onto the bed. His fingers waste no time, as he kisses me deep, stealing my breath away. His fingers tease my aching clit, tracing circles on the sensitive flesh, as my pussy becomes increasingly wetter. I shiver, moad crd cry out as his fingers sink into me, his lips and tongue working over my nipples. “It’s been awhile huh baby?” I gasp in response, as his tongue flicks against my clit, I yelp in pleasure, it has been awhile.

I come quickly, my juices washing over Stran’s fingers, slowly he pulls them out of me, careful to not leave a puddle behind. I look up at him, eyes glazed over in sheer ecstasy, he begins to slowly, sensually lick his fingers, savoring every last bit of me. “Mmmhhh, just as I remember you tasting baby doll. It’s been awhile, a long while.” With that thought still lingering in my mind, Stran takes hold of my hips, pulling me closer to him, he wants this just as much as I do.

The first push is always the hardest, but each inch after is painless, just as I remembered. Stran slowly leans forward, kissing me, murmuring in my ear how much he loves me, as he moves with me. Our bodies move in one smooth motion, his breathing against my neck is ragged, he’s getting close. I can feel the heat, the ache, the burn within me waiting release. My nails dig into his back, my body arcs up to meet his as I bite into his shoulder to stifle my scream. Muscles in Stran’s body spasm, he groans with his release, as his body shivers. “I love you Jaden.” My eyes are closed, slow dri drift into sleep wrapped in his arms. The pain was worth these few hours of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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