Wife Trains me to be Cleanup Boy

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After being married for several years, most couples learn the importance of “spicing things up” and exploring fantasies. Work, k**s, and life in general always seems to lead to a dull sex life unless you’re willing to communicate and indulge certain desires with your partner.

I learned that fairly early on, but little did I know that almost fifteen years into my marriage I would be serving as a sex slave to my wife and her lover.

My wife Heather and I got married young, shortly after we both graduated from college. My career in the corporate world took off quickly and since my income has always been excellent Heather eventually opted to only work part time, which has worked perfectly.

A couple of years into our marriage I began to realize how turned on I was with thoughts of Heather having sex with other men. At that time she was working as a dental assistant and one day she came home late from work. I found myself fantasizing about her staying late to have sex with one of the married dentists in her office, and those thoughts of course led to some incredible sex.

As my career progressed into executive positions I became used to constantly being in control at work. I worked long hours, carried a lot of responsibility, and always had to be on point. I suppose that dynamic was part of what led me to enjoying very submissive sexual thoughts and desires. My fantasies about watching Heather with another man-or men-also eventually led me to bisexual desires.

I’ve always been primarily into women but over the years I got comfortable with my desire to (at some point in my life) give the right guy a blowjob. I remember years ago sitting in a boring committee meeting one afternoon listening to a fellow executive deliver an incredibly dull presentation and keeping myself awake by fantasizing about being on my knees in front of him, sucking his fat cock. I was so turned on that I had to actually focus myself on the tail end of the presentation in order to be able to stand up from the table.

I wasn’t necessarily interested in sex with guys, but mainly oral play and anything involving Heather. As time went on and my fantasies got more elaborate I also realized how much I loved thoughts about cum play. I enjoyed porn scenes where guys delivered huge loads of cum. Creampie gangbangs and cum swapping were always rolling around in my mind when I thought about sex with Heather.

My thoughts always involved men with huge dicks using and pleasuring my wife. While I’ve never gotten any complaints about my own size, I’ve always wished that I were bigger.

Heather and I used to watch porn together sometimes and she would comment about how much she loves really thick cocks. Before sex I would sit there and think about how much I wanted to watch a guy fill her holes with that thick cock.

It took me several years but I finally started to share my fantasies with her. I tested the waters at first to make sure I wouldn’t be going off the deep end, and soon realized that Heather was more than comfortable with entertaining my ideas. She would tell me about guys she found attractive and what she could do with them. During sex she would feed my fantasies by whispering filthy things about other men.

For a long while I didn’t share my dirtier fantasies about cum play, essentially leaving it at the idea of her being with another man. But eventually I felt comfortable enough with opening that door with Heather and much to my relief, she was okay with it. She also shared her own fantasies with me and I wasn’t surprised that she too had been “holding out on me” so to speak. She told me about her own desires to explore new things with other partners and we eventually decided that it was time to make it happen.

Heather’s first trist was with a consultant that was visiting my company, a British guy named Allen. She had met Allen several times while accompanying me at various banquets and events and quickly became interested, mainly due to the bulge in his pants. We made it a point for her to “run into him” as often as possible to flirt. Needless to say, it didn’t take much. Heather is an amazingly gorgeous woman. She is 5’9″ with long red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She is fit with wonderfully perky breasts, an incredible round ass, and a personality that captures everyone she meets.

At the end of Allen’s assignment my company held a going away dinner/party and I of course brought Heather along dressed to kill. We knew that this would be her last shot at getting him into bed as he was scheduled to leave for London two days later.

A few hours into the party Allen was getting drunk and no longer trying to hide any flirtation with Heather. She pulled me aside and told me that she was ready to fuck him. I said “Good, when are we leaving?” She said “We’re not. I am. You’re going to disappear, and I’m going to have him take me back to his place. You’re going to wait at home while I fuck him.”

With that she walked away from me. I was upset and disappointed but willing to go home. I wanted to be a part of it, but kind of enjoyed being made to wait.

I got home around 11:00pm and tried to sleep but couldn’t. I laid in bed hard as a rock thinking about what Heather was doing. She finally came home around 3:30am and crawled into bed with me, her makeup smeared and skin smelling like sweat. She stripped naked, laid spread eagle, and said “Look at what he did to me.”

Her pussy was swollen and still wet. Her thighs and upper arms were bruised. I started stroking myself as she detailed her night with Allen. She told me about how big his cock was and how great it felt filling her mouth. She said he tried to put a condom on but she wanted him bareback. She said he fucked her like crazy, cumming once in her ass and once in her mouth. I was going crazy listening to her, desperate for more detail.

“Now, I want you to lick my pussy” she said. I of course accepted her request and settled in before her-licking and cleaning her filthy pussy and asshole. “Push your tongue into my ass” she directed. I did so and started tongue fucking her ass as deeply as I could. I could taste another man’s cum who had been inside of my wife just hours earlier and I thought my cock was going to explode. I went back and forth between her asshole and pussy, cleaning and sucking out as much cum and slop as I could get.

Finally she told me to fuck her. I slid into her and lost my load in less than five minutes. The feeling of being second in line made me crazy with lust. My cock stayed hard and I continued, having sex while kissing her and listening to more whispers of how amazing Allen’s cock felt inside of her.

Following that encounter Heather started birth control immediately. We both knew where things were headed. She liked being in control, I liked being her submissive, and we both wanted her pussy filled with cum. Heather and I agreed that during our encounters I would be completely submissive to her desires and commands. She would control when and how much I could enjoy. I was looking forward to seeing where it would take us.

It took a few months to find Heather’s next playmate but I was excited because she said I would now be allowed to watch. One night we went to a bar, unbelievably horny and ready to have fun. It was a nice evening and we started having drinks outside in an area behind the bar that has tables, places to smoke, etc.

Heather soon found a guy she was interested in. He was a young looking, well built guy that didn’t seem to be attached to any women at the bar. At one point, mid-conversation, Heather got up and walked away. I had no idea where she went. Upon returning she explained that her guy of interest, instead of going inside, had stepped away to the side of the building to pee. As soon as Heather noticed what was happening she discreetly followed to see if she could get a glimpse of his cock. And indeed she did. She said it looked big enough to keep her interested and she wanted to make it happen.

After what felt like forever the guy finally stepped away again to pee. A few seconds later Heather and I got up to follow. We found him at the side of the building, almost finished, his big dick hanging out of his pants. He was surprised as we approached but relaxed almost immediately with a sexy “Hi!” from Heather.

I wasn’t sure what to do or say but of course Heather had a plan. She walked right up to him, grabbed his cock, and said “you’re going to fuck my brains out tonight while my husband watches. Understood?” He just stared at her and nodded his head in agreement. “Good” she said with a smirk.

With that Heather shook his cock a few times to get rid of the last few dribbles of pee and got on her knees. She stuffed his shaft into her mouth and started sucking, instantly getting him hard. After a few seconds she motioned me down to her, removed the dick from her mouth and started kissing me. “Can you taste his cock baby?” she asked. I did, and I loved it.

After a few more minutes of Heather pleasuring him and me going crazy we settled up and got into our SUV. This guy, whose name we never even got, was too drunk to drive so I got in the drivers seat while he and Heather got in the back for some fun on the way home. His cock was back in her mouth before I got out of the parking lot. I struggled to drive safely getting home, listening to both of them moan and trying to watch at red lights.

Finally we got to the house and Heather’s friend went straight to work. I sat in our bedroom and watched as he pounded her like a cheap whore. She moaned and cried out as she rode him, looking at me with those beautiful eyes.

When he was ready to release his first load Heather was on her knees taking it from behind. “He’s got so much cock inside of me baby” she moaned to me as his hairy balls slapped against her clit with every thrust. As he sped up his rhythm seconds before climax Heather cried out “cum in my pussy!” He of course did so and I watched as my wife’s toes curled, cum almost immediately dripping out of her onto our sheets. He emptied a huge load into her, finally slowly pulling out to reveal her gaping wet hole.

“Take what you want baby” Heather said, finally giving me approval to clean her mess. Her friend rested as I got behind her and began licking his semen out of her. I lapped and tongue fucked her until I got as much of it cleaned up as possible.

I don’t think this guy knew what to make of what was happening, but he apparently enjoyed it. He stroked himself back to a full erection as I was finishing my first cum cleanup. I looked over at his cock and wished that I could have tasted it as he was pulling out of my wife, but Heather only told me to clean her-not him.

At work and in “real life” I am in control and on top of everything. But in the bedroom I only have the control Heather allows me. I am her slave that takes orders and swallows her lover’s cum. And I love it.

He gave her two more loads that night before finally running out of steam. He was sober after a few hours of sex and I dove him back to his car. I then raced back home in hopes that Heather would allow me sex. She of course did, but only after I again licked her clean. She also allowed me to lick her armpits and the bottoms of her feet. She had worked up quite a sweat taking all that cock, and I loved tasting the results. I loved the feeling of being so submissive to her. All I wanted to do was correctly follow her orders, make sure she and her lovers were happy, and feel worthless unless told otherwise.

After that night it was almost a year before we met another long term playmate. There were several other encounters, but nothing great. Most guys either weren’t comfortable with me being there, or didn’t have the cock size or stamina we were looking for. But the wait was worth it when we met Frank.

Frank was a client at Heather’s office and she became interested, as usual, because of the bulge in his jeans. Frank is older than she and I, almost fifteen years our senior and wealthy. He is in great shape for a man his age, with salt and pepper hair and an outgoing personality. Heather told me about him and started flirting, but despite his personality it took months before he gave any indication that he was remotely interested.

Heather was working hard at getting him interested in sex but it started to seem like it wouldn’t happen. Finally we worked in an opportunity for me to meet him and I also started building a rapport. Frank isn’t married, he’s just not the kind of guy that warms up quickly.

The night finally came when Frank agreed to meet Heather for drinks without me there. After talking for a while she decided to go ahead and just make a proposition. She sent me a text saying she was coming home (alone) and I responded with “I guess that means you’re not fucking Frank tonight.” She responded with “lol, not tonight but I will be.”

A few minutes after that text I got a call from Frank. “So I hear you want me to fuck your wife” he said. “Here’s the deal” he continued…”I’ll fuck your wife as much as you want, but you’re going to service both of us. Think you can handle that?”

“Yes” I replied. With that the call ended.

Heather got home to explain and as it turned out, Frank was well aware of her advances long before that evening but wasn’t sure if she would be kinky enough to hold his interest. After he and Heather discussed exactly what we wanted, he was sold. And Heather assure me that I would be too.

The following weekend Frank took us out on his boat. We set aside a full day to spend on the lake hanging out with Frank and having sex. The boat thing was particularly exciting because we’ve done homes, hotels, vehicles, outside locations, even a rooftop, but had never had sex on a boat.

We weren’t disappointed. As soon as we found a place to stop with no other boats around Heather and Frank started making out. Heather was wearing a bikini and sunglasses, her hair up in a ponytail. He grabbed her ass cheeks as they kissed, his cock starting to grow immediately.

Heather pulled down his shorts to finally reveal his massive cock we were both waiting for. It was perfectly thick and his balls looked great for a guy his age.

Frank sat down and Heather opened wide as she pulled him into her mouth, taking down as much as she could, kneeling on the bench beside him. I watched as her tongue started to stick out while she slobbered. I dropped my shorts too so I could enjoy the show, awaiting my wife’s commands.

Soon after, Frank looked at me and said “lick my balls.” I was a bit shocked but more than ready to take his order. I got on my knees in front of him and Heather winked at me while she continued to deliver his blowjob. He spread his legs a bit for better access and I went to work, licking his big balls. I tasted a little sweat and really got into it as spit started dribbling down from his shaft. Heather passionately sucked his cock while I licked and sucked his testicles.

Frank then shifted on the bench and Heather said “lick his asshole.” I couldn’t believe what was happening…I was being put to full use for both of them. I didn’t necessarily expect to be eating a man’s ass but I knew the rules and I wanted Heather happy. I leaned back in and started rimming Frank while she continued sucking. I had fantasized about so many dirty things and was amazed at how hot it felt to be servicing his ass. I did the best I could to lick his asshole and suck his balls to make sure he and Heather were pleased with me.

After this Heather said “ok, get my ass ready now.” I got up and began fingering her asshole while Frank fingered her pussy. I fingered and tongued her to make sure her ass could take Frank’s incredible girth.

Several minutes of prep work paid off as Heather got up, faced me, and slowly eased herself down for an anal pounding. She started slowly then sped up once she was comfortable with her ass being filled with cock. Frank squeezed her nipples as she rode him, moaning with pleasure.

“Lick my pussy baby” she said as she paused for a second. I assumed the position and quickly learned how to keep pace, servicing her with my tongue as she bounced, taking dick as deep as she could into her ass. “Don’t forget my balls” Frank said. I knew I had my work cut out for me but I was up to the challenge. Heather continued to ride with her ass fully stretched and I dutifully worked back and forth between her clit and Frank’s balls. Soon she really started pounding to climax and squirted all over my face. I loved it…she rested for a few momens as I lapped up her cum.

Following that orgasm Heather’s ass was too worn out to take any more. She got up and Frank immediately swung her around, put her on her knees on the bench, and pushed into her pussy. He settled his left foot up on the bench and I felt like I knew what to do at that point. I moved in and started rimming his asshole again as he pushed in and out of my gorgeous wife. “No…put the tip of your finger in my ass” he abruptly said. I obliged and gave him what he wanted. I held one finger inside his asshole as he furiously drilled into Heather as hard as he could.

I knew how amazing this was going to feel for him. As his grip on Heather’s hips and his pace grew even stronger I knew he was about to cum. Just as he blasted his first load I pushed my finger in a little more and held it as cum began pouring out of Heather’s pussy. Frank’s legs shook as he continued rocking and depositing into my wife.

Heather had certainly chosen the right guy. In addition to having an amazingly great cock, Frank cums like a sieve. I’ve never seen a guy deliver so much semen.

I pulled my finger out and I thought Frank was going to collapse. I felt like he had gotten the best orgasm in a long time. As soon as he pulled out, his cock semi-limp and still dripping cum, I assumed my first duty would be cleaning up Heather. But Frank had other plans. He quickly grabbed my head, pulled me toward him, and held his cock up in front of my face.

I also started to shake at this point, unbelievably turned on. I opened my wanting mouth and licked the tip of his wet cock. I tasted his cum and lost any will to control myself. I clenched his legs and sucked him in, closing my eyes in lust as his cum accumulated on my lips.

Heather relaxed and encouraged me as I delivered the first blowjob of my life. I felt filthy, which only motivated me to suck harder and swallow as much of his cum as possible. Even not fully hard, his dick filled my mouth and I pushed it as far down as I could. His cum tasted perfect and I was desperately sucking to get him hard again. I wanted to feel his cock grow in my mouth until it started gagging me. But unfortunately, Frank needed a few more minutes to recover. Maybe I didn’t give the best head for my first time, but I hoped that I would be given another chance to prove myself.

After getting Frank clean I moved on to Heather and cleaned the cum from her as well.

“Did you like sucking that cock baby?” She asked as I was working. I said yes and thanked her for letting me be used by them.

“Ok, help me get him ready for round two” she then said. With that it was time for me to get my second chance. He sat relaxed as Heather and I took turns sucking his cock and licking his sweaty balls. I paid attention to Heather’s technique and soon got comfortable with my new skills. His erection returned and I soon couldn’t get all of his shaft into my mouth, which was great. At that point I felt the liberty to massage his asshole with a finger as well to make sure that he knew I was committed. The smell of his balls and spit was driving me crazy.

It didn’t take long for him to get back in the game. He put Heather onto the bench and started drilling into her in the missionary position. I was told to keep one finger in his ass and use my other hand to stimulate her clit. I of course followed my directions.

After Heather got two more orgasms out of that position they switched and Heather settled down to ride facing him. I was told to kneel behind them and lick her asshole as best I could as she bounced. Frank helped and kept her amazing ass cheeks spread wide for me.

I continued to keep up until Heather slowed her pace and asked me if I was hard. Of course I was. “Good…slide into me” she said. Another directive I didn’t hesitate to follow. I gained my footing and leaned her forward, placing my cock on Frank’s and slowly pushing in. Heather sighed as she tried to relax and accommodate two cocks at once.

Once she was loosened up and we all found our rhythm it was amazing. Frank and I fucked her into three more orgasms together until he and I were also ready to cum. He lost another huge load first which felt amazing. I could feel the warm semen pouring out of him and smearing all over me. It was absolutely perfect. I came a minute or two later while Frank was still inside.

I pulled out first and Heather told me to sit down. I did so and she proceeded to suck the cum off of me. She then got up, grabbed my jaw, and spit all the cum she had collected into my mouth. We then kissed and swapped cum for a few moments.

Then Frank got up and presented himself for cleaning. I sucked him in and swallowed it all. Next it was finally time to handle the two sloppy loads that we put into Heather. Frank started the boat and we pulled off as I went about my vaginal cleaning duties.

While the boat was fun, we knew that we needed more room to fuck. The three of us decided to go back to our place to continue the fun. The boat ride back, driving to the house, and grabbing dinner took over three hours so by the time we finally got home we were all rested and ready to get back to business.

We went to our bedroom and got into the bed Heather and I have shared for years. I was told to lie down and Heather got ontop of me in a 69 position. Frank positioned himself behind her and pushed into her pussy. I licked her lips as he drilled her. Although I wasn’t told to do so, I couldn’t help but move my tongue between her lips and his shaft. I think he appreciated it and rewarded me by periodically pulling out and teasing the head of his cock into my mouth. Heather also rewarded my efforts by blowing me as she got pounded.

We enjoyed this amazing position for a long time until Frank came into her again. As he began pulling out semen started pouring into my mouth and I struggled to swallow it all, which was difficult because Frank decided to push Heather forward and stick his cock into my mouth. He pushed down into me until I slapped his leg because I thought I was going to throw up. He gave me a chance to breathe and then let me continue to lick him off while also trying not to miss any cum coming out of Heather. It was quite an effort but I loved it.

Heather eventually got up and asked “would you like to cum now baby?”

“Please” I replied.

She settled ontop of me and Frank stood above me, presenting his now limp but more than ample cock for her to play with. She started riding me while jerking Frank off and slapping his dick across her face. I looked up in admiration as her breasts bounced, holding her lover’s penis with her left hand and rubbing her clit with her right.

“Do you like watching me take this big cock baby?” she teased.

“Yes” I moaned.

“You like watching him gape my pussy?”


“You like licking his cum out of my filthy ass?”


“You like it when we make you gag on his cock?”

“Yes” was the only response I could give as my mind raced and my vision blurred with absolute euphoria.

As Heather drove me crazy with taunts she was spitting on my face. She would suck Frank for a few seconds in between taunts, then spit on me before the next question.

“You like watching him use me?”

“You like being my cleanup boy?”

With that I lost it and came into her. She smiled and finally leaned down to kiss me.

Once I was finally allowed to get off we were all very tired. The three of us fell asleep in the bed, Heather sleeping between Frank and I.

At some point just before dawn the sounds of Heather moaning woke me up. I turned on the light next to our bed and saw that they had gotten enough rest.

Heather was laying on her side with Frank behind her, holding her leg up as he fucked her ass. “Smell my pussy baby” she said. I laid down beside her and smelled her musty cunt that had been continuously used for almost twenty four hours now. I then of course started licking as Frank worked her ass.

When Frank was close to cumming he told me to put his balls into my mouth.

“Put both of my balls into your mouth and suck when I cum,” he said.

I did so and loved being given the pleasure of feeling it as he pumped another impressive load of semen into my wife’s ass.

Heather and I still see Frank for sex as often as possible.

At work I am in control of everything. In the bedroom, Heather and Frank control me completely. And I couldn’t be happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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