Wild For You Pt. 02

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Emma’s eyes blinked in the brightly lit room. She realized she fell asleep on the couch after last night’s events left her drained. Malcolm, or just Mal as he introduced himself, told her after the phone call to the fire department that the road should be cleared by midnight. She had groaned and sank back into the living room couch, draping an arm over her face. Mal offered her the kindest alternative known to mankind: why not wait out traffic jam at the house to avoid spending extra hours in her car.

She remembered that she thanked him but she couldn’t possibly impose in him like that. He had paid for a full house, after all and if he wanted to be naked in it for the entire week, then he should be able to do that without her perverted mind around. Mal insisted that it was no trouble and promised to keep in contact with the incident responders. She felt herself relax as he took charge of the situation, more than happy to let him. That’s probably when she fell asleep, still wearing yesterdays’ clothes — the sequin t-shirt and short denim dress — and he had been a gentleman and let her sleep in peace.

Stretching her hands above her head, she looked around the open area, noticing there were no sounds coming from the house. Emma though he was probably still asleep since the sun was not too high over the horizon so she took care not to make too much noise as she navigated to the guest bathroom on the ground floor.

After doing her business and brushing her teeth with one of Drake’s spare toothbrushes, she hopped in the shower, sighing as the warm spray of water hit her sensitive skin. After a few blissful minutes, she stepped out, wrapping a towel over her naked body and dabbing another on her soaked hair.

There, she thought looking in the fogged mirror, now I feel human enough to drive back to the city. Cursing herself for forgetting to bring a change of clothes with her, she pushed the door opened a bit and peeked on the hall. Still empty and quiet.

Holding her breath, Emma tip-toed to the couch, holding on the knot that kept her towel closed. As she sorted blindly though the content of her bag, her eyes wondered to the French doors facing the private beach, Emma caught a movement in the water. She froze when naked man emerged from the sea, tall, muscly and gleaming in the morning sun. Her mouth went dry, her nipples puckered and the pressure between her thighs intensified uncomfortably.

The impulse to turn her head was overwhelming, but Emma kept staring. She knew she should be embarrassed, ashamed even for seeing a virtual stranger completely naked, but all she felt was her body becoming hot and impatient, the tips of her fingers sparkling with the need to touch. She watched as Mal bent to retrieve a towel from somewhere on the sand and brought it first to his face, dabbing the salty droplets clinging to his skin, making Emma unreasonably jealous not to be the one tasting the ocean on his skin. But that thought was sorely eclipsed when her eyes focused on the heavy cock resting between his thick thighs.

Moisture pooled between her legs, making it imperative for her hand to slip beneath the hem of her towel to circle two digits on her aching clit. Her loud gasp filled the space, echoing her desire in the empty room. She was swollen and slick under her touch and all because of a glimpse.

‘Fuck,’ she breathed out as she pushed her middle finger in her pussy, ümraniye escort her thighs trembling from how good it felt, from how much she wanted it to be his hand between her legs.

Leaning back on the sofa she slept on, she angled herself to face the most erotic tableaux of her life. Opening her legs wide, she had to drape one on the back of the couch and keep the other on the floor while her hand worked on a steady rhythm. She moved her fingers over her clit and slipped them inside her trembling opening while watching Mal dry himself on the beach. Up and down on her slick slit, she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out.

Her own towel was now opened but she didn’t pay it any mind, she was chasing the intoxicating feeling he was inspiring in her. Faster and faster, her hand’s movement reached a crescendo, her entire body becoming an exposed nerve ending.

‘Mal,’ she whimpered as she cupped her breast, pinching the hardened nipple. ‘Fuck me.’

As if he heard her plea, Mal’s head turned towards the house. Her breath lodged itself in her throat and felt her heartbeat stumble in her chest, waiting to see if she’d been discovered. She knew the rational way to react to this was to close her legs, put on some clothes and drive away with the hopes that he won’t report her to the police, or worse: to Drake. But she couldn’t. When her hand stopped moving on her weeping sex, she felt he body wrung itself tight enough to snap so she had to resume movement, faster and fast, unable to stop.

She continued watching as Mal went back to drying himself leisurely, shocking herself into an orgasm when he fisted his cock, giving it a slow pump. That moment made it impossible for her to muffle the scream that tore from her mouth, the primal call disguised in his name when it rang clear and loud.

Sweaty and spent, Emma closed her eyes and focused to steady her ragged breath. I am insane, this is not normal, she kept reproaching herself. The blood roaring in her ears was too loud for her to hear a door opening and closing and the wooden floors that creaked under a pair of sure steps, she only felt the weight of someone else in the room and opened her eyes, startled. Mal was standing at the foot of the couch, looking at the apex of her thighs, still opened and on display.

Shame was overpowered again by another tide of desire, crashing from him and sinking into her exposed skin. He was still naked, his cock now rock hard and curving upward to his navel, the mushroom head purple and shining with precum. Emma licked her lips at the sight and she let her eyes travel unashamed over the rest of him.

His abdomen was not ripped, but sculpted through years of physical labor, same as the wide expanse of his chest, his powerful shoulders and muscled arms, dusted with liht brown hair over the tanned skin beneath. He was so much taller than her when they stood side by side, but having him looming over her like this added the size imbalance.

‘I –‘ she started but couldn’t think of any good reason to give him. This, after all, was exactly what it looked like. A horny madwoman servicing herself while spying on her older housemate.

When their eyes met, she felt that same melting sensation in her belly as she did the first time she saw him last night. The blue seemed endless and magnetic, keeping her anchored to him like a fish in a hook.

She saw escort ümraniye when his hand moved towards his groin, but couldn’t pull her gaze away. He didn’t seem shocked or angry, just furiously turned on. Emma saw his pupils pulsing with his own urgent need and it made her hand drop to her pussy, finding her arousal renewed tenfold.

His lips puffed open and his darkening eyes drifted to her navel.

‘What made this pussy greedy this morning, Emma?’ Mal asked; his gruff voice travelling to her clit and making it throb in need.

Emma moaned long and low, arching her back feeling.

‘You,’ she whimpered, her middle finger curling inside her pussy, making her eyes close in pleasure. She had never been this uninhibited before, this completely turned on from just seeing someone.

He made a sound, low in his throat, picking up the rhythm of his pumps.

‘What about me?’ Mal asked, not taking his hungry eyes from where her finger dipped inside her swollen sex.

‘I don’t know,’ she trembled, feeling her skin tightened with anticipation of her sweet, sweet release. ‘Everything. You opened your mouth and I wanted to fuck you until I couldn’t think straight.’

He took a step forward, his other hand cupping his balls and tugging lightly.

‘You want Daddy’s cock that bad, Emma?’ he purred, sending white hot pleasure through Emma’s sensitive body.

She gasped and nodded. ‘So. Fucking. Bad,’ she accentuated every word with the movement of her finger thrusting inside her pussy.

‘You want Daddy to put it inside where you ache for it? Fuck you until I cram you full of my cum?’

Her eyes rolled back in her head at his words, she could only respond in needy sounds.

‘Yeah,’ he said with a satisfied smile in his voice, ‘I think you would come for Daddy so hard, Emma. But you know what?’

His voice came from closer, making her hooded eyes open. Mal was now standing next to the couch, looking down at her. Her heart skipped a beat as she notice how fat his cock was up and close, glistening with cum and ridged with veins. She moaned loud and unashamed while her hand massaged the arousal over the sensitive folds of her sex.

‘What?’ she managed through her dry mouth.

‘Get up,’ he commanded roughly, eyes now black and vicious.

She did as told without even thinking. Her feet were unsteady, but it didn’t matter, not as long as he kept looking at her like that. Emma thought he was going to touch her then, but he took as seat instead, thighs spread open, full on display for her, just like decadent god ready to be serviced.

She almost combusted when he resumed fisting his cock.

‘Now,’ he said lazily, as if this was a normal conversation. ‘You haven’t earned my cock yet, my sweet Emma.’

She sucked in a breath, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, feeling her thighs slick with her juices.

‘Please,’ she whimpered, her hands cupping her breasts to release some of the tension building there.

Mal tsk-ed and looked smugly pleased at her.

‘Straddle me,’ the bite of command in his tone made her tremble.

She did as told again, hearing his savage groan when their heated skin made contact. She braced herself on his wide shoulders, digging in her nails there and buckling her hips when she felt the head of his cock brush her opening.

‘So eager, baby. I like that,’ he said as his ümraniye escort bayan other hand brushed gently over the curve of her ass before taking his hand away and dropping it back with a satisfying slap.

The motion drove her forward, her chest in his face and she heard herself whisper his name when his hot mouth closed over her nipple. He sucked hard and nibbled at the sensitive tip, sending a lightning of pleasure through her body and making her scream for him. At the same time his cheeks hollowed, he rubbed the thick mushroom head on her clit, making her push down, eager to slip him inside her pussy. Needing him there more than anything.

‘Ah, ah, ah,’ he warned and guided his cock away, letting her nipple pop out of his delicious mouth. ‘You take what I give, baby. Nothing more. Do you understand?’

Emma closed her eyes and nodded fanatically, her hand already travelling over her stomach to get to her sex. She almost got there, but just as her finger moved lower, his hand slapped on the same spot as earlier, hard enough to sting.

She gasped, shocked that the gesture turned her on even more.

‘Emma baby,’ he said in an indulgent tone, ‘you don’t seem to understand something.’

He pulled her down until her swollen sex was spread over the hot column of his cock and used her hips to guide a controlled movement. It was good, but she felt her sex so achingly empty, needing to be filled.

‘This pussy,’ he growled as he rocked his cock over her throbbing clit. ‘is Daddy’s, baby. You don’t touch what is mine until I tell you to do so, you got that?’

‘Oh, fuck,’ she moaned and shivered when he rubbed her exactly how she needed to. ‘Yes.’

He stilled, fingers digging in the flesh of her ass.

‘Yes, what?’ he demanded roughly.

‘Yes, Daddy,’ she moaned and let her hands move to his head, twisting in his hair.

That earned her a delicious rocking of his hips, driving his thick cock through her soaked slit.

‘Good, sweet Emma. You’re earning my cock more and more every time you’re being a good girl.’

‘Please, Daddy,’ she whispered in his ear, breathing in the salt of the ocean and the musky scent of him.

‘You want Daddy to make this dripping pussy come for him?’ he kissed her neck, suckling over her pulse point. ‘You want to make a mess on Daddy’s lap?’

‘Yes,’ she moaned, rocking herself gently, feeling like she might come any second now. ‘And I want you to kiss me while I do it.’

When the words left her mouth, Emma felt Mal’s hand fist in her hair, pulling her down until they were eye to eye, one breath apart. She trembled, waiting for his decision, wetting her lips in anticipation.

‘Do it, baby. Rub your sweet pussy on my cock. It’s this hard for you.’

Feverish, Emma leaned in until their lips barely touched.

‘Only me,’ she whispered before pressing her mouth on him.

She felt his smile as she ate at mouth, their tongues twisting each other, making their breath labored and their movement rushed. Her hips moved of their own volition, thrusting her needy sex on his hard cock over and over again until she felt the tide rise and engulf her. She moaned into his mouth and dug her nails into his skin as she rubbed the rest of her orgasm, feeling him twitch and swell under her until she felt the hot ropes of his cum paint their bellies. His groan was so rough and long that she couldn’t stop herself from rubbing herself in him, coating her skin with his cum, branding herself as his in the most primal way.

‘Fuck yeah, Emma wants Daddy’s cock,’ he whispered harshly in her ear.

Emma shivered as he engulfed her in his arms, keeping her on his chest, his semi-hard cock still at her entrance.

All she could think about was how could she earn more.

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