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I spin; planning to stalk off in anger. I’m in a rage and am afraid of where this might go if I stand in front of you much longer. In one long stride you’re right behind me. Grabbing the back of my arms, you jerk me roughly against your body. I try once to pull away, knowing it’s futile. You jerk me back against you even harder; emitting a low growl at my defiance.

“Let go,” I hiss through clenched teeth.

Both of us know that isn’t going to happen. For one, you just won’t…ever. For twos, you know I’ll spin around swinging, claws bared, like a wild animal.

I can feel your hot breath on my ear. “Don’t pull away from me like that,” you say coolly.

I turn my head sharply, away from your mouth and your chastening. Furious, my chest heaving, breath coming ragged…you know what your voice, all low and sultry, deep in my ear like that does to me and right now I can’t stand that you do.

I hate that you can have such an affect on me….the way you can turn my anger into something else…redirect my rage. It was my dark secret until I met you. You seemed to have known from the start just how to untame me. Right now I’m feeling like a captured animal, and if I even thought I could wriggle free and attack you or run away, I wouldn’t. My instincts and previous experience have taught me that trying to get away from you only causes myself a lot more humiliation and pain than if I’d just stayed still.

You’re whispering in my ear again, and I’m trying to ignore you. The words don’t even matter any more….I’m past the point of understanding words. All I know is your hot breath and wet tongue against my ear. I make one more feeble attempt to pull away…more a reaction than an actual effort to escape. You pull me into you again, harder, squeezing my arms so tight I know you’re going to leave bruises. I can feel you pushing your hardness against my ass, rubbing ever so slightly, teasing me.

I’m on that brink….of rage and ecstasy, and I can hear parts of your whispered words in my ear, hot against my neck as you lick it, “…give in…give in to me.”

“Fuck you,” I respond evenly.

Your ridiculing laugh only inflames me more, but there isn’t much I can do. If I were even half-successful at getting away you’d have me pinned down faster than I could blink. I know this, and it only makes me angrier at my helpless position.

In frustration, I throw my head back against your shoulder, trying to turn away from you. I don’t want to see you; don’t want you to see me. I don’t want my ear anywhere near your wicked mouth. I’m still pissed at you – this teasing has only made me angrier. I wish you’d let me go so I could just get away from you….be alone. Yet, there’s that smaller part, that is growing by the second, that doesn’t want you to let me go at all. Not realizing I’d just bared my neck enticingly to you, I’m not prepared for when you sink your teeth deep into my skin. I scream, I buck…you only hold me tighter, digging your nails into my arms.

“Stop!” I scream, but if you heard me, my pleas are ignored.

I know you’re not going to break the skin, but it sure feels like it. You’re still furious at me from our fight, and Demetevler Escort you’d never draw my blood in anger. I jerk my head forward and away from you, ripping my skin from your teeth. You don’t miss a beat, and sink your teeth into the nape of my neck. I can’t move a muscle. Damn you! Taking your right arm, you wrap it around my chest and hold me against your own, pinning my arms to my sides. Your left hand quickly finds its way down my pants and I feel your fingers slide over my steaming pussy. I gasp at this sudden intrusion, and the way you so spitefully are teasing my burning clit…pulling on it and squeezing it in that way that makes me wild. You roughly stick your finger inside of me, fucking me with it as I whimper and grind my ass into your cock pressed tight against me. You’ve let go of my neck, are whispering in my ear again. I want to reach up and pull your hair, scratch your face…but my arms are pinned tight. My mind is seething but my body has abandoned my efforts to not give in as my hips simultaneously fuck your finger and bump my ass against your cock. Pulling your hand out of my pants, you grab me by the shoulders and spin me around to face you.

I’ve got to move quickly to get around you. Before I’m even turned around completely I lunge for your chest and get your nipple between my teeth and bite you as hard as I can.

“Ow, fuck!” you yell, grabbing me by my hair and jerking me away from your chest.

I cry out, swinging blindly and trying to hit you. I feel myself hit something…your face? Whatever I made contact with, it must’ve worked because I feel you let go of my hair just enough for me to wrench it free and jump right on top of you. I take you by surprise and we both hit the floor, hard, me on top of you. You look up at me with a frightening anger in your eyes, and I grin at you mischievously. I’m enjoying this glory; it’s rare that I can get you down on the ground.

“Fucker,” I taunt you, bringing my face close enough to yours so they’re just barely touching.

“You’re gonna pay for that,” you tell me in a low voice.

“Good,” I tell you, kissing you softly and pulling back….biting your lip and teasing you. “I hope so.”

I kiss you again, our tongues finding and twisting around one another’s. I can’t believe you’re letting me stay on top and take control…especially when we started off so pissed. I’d be a little more surprised if I didn’t know how much you loved me being on top of you. I pull your shirt over your head and toss it across the room. A chest such as that should not be covered up. I lick the nipple I previously bit, teeth marks still evident; it would probably be a bruise if you bruised. I reach one hand down and grab your crotch, hot and hard, massaging it through your jeans while I lick, suck, and bite my way down your chest, over your stomach…to the top of your jeans. I’ve got those off in seconds. I rake my nails over your erection and through your boxers. I here you take in a deep breath, and I pull those down, too.

“Oh, baby,” I say, taking your cock in my hand and running it slowly up and down. I lean down and tease Otele Gelen Escort the head with my tongue, flicking over it and running it around. I lick the entire length of you, slowly, getting it all nice and wet. I slide my lips over the head, just a little, teasing you. Then go all the way down without closing my lips around you – just a little preview. I come back up with my teeth, gently scraping them along your cock. The next time down, I lock my lips around you, sliding my tongue along the base as I suck. I feel your hand in my hair, grabbing a handful of it and forcing me to go at the pace you desire. I can only comply, moaning around your cock as I suck it, loving the feeling of you in my mouth. Suddenly you yank my hair, pulling my head up. I’m staring right into your eyes now and all I want is back at that cock.

“I’m going to fuck you,” you tell me, giving me that delightfully evil look that gets me all excited and wet at the same time.

“Only if you hurt me,” I say, smiling my own wicked smile.

I start to scoot back as if to get away and make a quick escape, but you’re on me before I can blink, pinning me on the ground flat on my back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” you ask, bringing your face close to mine.

I try to turn away, but you grab my face and turn it back towards yours. You lick the side of my face, down my neck, back up my throat and slide your tongue between my lips. I love it when you kiss me hard like that. I’ve bucked up and am grinding into you – not even realizing that I’m doing so. I feel you undoing my pants, and slipping them off of me. You sit up, and I gasp as I feel you rubbing your cock against my clit.

“You want this?” you ask me.

“Yes, baby – I do,” I say, giving you a look that says ‘stick-it-in-me-now’.

You shake your head. “Beg me.”

That snaps me back down to earth. “What?”

“If you want it, you have to beg me for it,” you say again, giving me a sly smile.

I can feel my anger from the fight rise once more. “I don’t even think so,” I say, propping myself up on my elbows. I narrow my eyes at you. “I don’t have to beg for it. Give it to me.”

You shake your head slowly, still grinning. You slide just the head in, and back out again – slowly – and I suck in my breath. “You don’t want it?” you ask.

“Stop that,” I say, biting my lip.

“Why?” You’re running the tip of your cock along the length of my pussy now, which always drives me wild. Every few turns, you slip just the head inside of me – teasing me. “Does it feel good?”

My breathing is heavy once more, but I’m fighting not to give in. I shake my head.

“I know you want it,” you go on, chastising me. “You’re sooo wet. You want my dick inside of you – tell me.”

“Baby…” I whimper, hoping you’ll let me slide. I feel foolish when you put me on the spot like that, and I also hate to let you win. Still, the urge to have you inside of me is overcoming all of that.

“Please,” I finally say, in such a low whisper you barely hear me.

“What was that?” you ask, putting just the tip of your cock inside of me – and stopping. Balgat Escort “I can’t hear you.”

I want more than that and you know it. “Please, baby – please,” I say, louder this time. “I want you inside of me.”

It’s a sweet relief when you start to slide into my steaming pussy and I moan loudly, arching my back and closing my eyes. I hear you, too but then you stop.

I open my eyes and look at you, surprised.

“That was pathetic,” you tell me. “You’re lucky you got that much. I told you to beg me.”

“You son-of-a…” I start.

You cut me off, “Careful.” I feel you starting to pull out.

“Don’t, please,” I say. “Baby, don’t make me…”

“Why not?” you ask, teasing me again by sliding slowly in and out. “If you want it, you can do it.”

It feels too damn good, and there’s no way I’m going to let you go now. “Oh, god,” I moan. I can’t stand this anymore. “Alright, ok – fuck! Please, baby – please!”

“Please what?”

“Put it inside of me – I want your cock inside of me…please.”

As much as I hadn’t wanted to do this, now I can’t stop. The more I beg, the louder I get, the more you slide slowly into me. As foolish as I might’ve felt a few seconds ago screaming “Give it to me”, it has now become part of my mantra.

Blessedly soon, you’re all the way in. I feel your chest against mine, and you kiss me hard and deep. All of this teasing has me so worked up it isn’t going to take much to take much to get me off.

“Fuck me,” I tell you.

“Are you sure?” you ask, knowing I don’t normally cum this way.

I nod and then scream as you comply. You bite my neck – hard – and I claw at your back. My mind is gone – in that place where there is only you and me and you fucking me. I feel your lips on mine once more, and as our tongues meet I taste my own blood. That’s all it takes, and all of me becomes one, white-hot zinging sensation. My back arches up, my toes curl and I cry out – all control over my body lost in the heat of my orgasm. In the din I hear you – your cries – and I feel you – and realize you’re cumming, too. It peaks, falters and rises again once more – and all I know is intense pleasure and my own cries.

Then it’s down – slowly I come back down and reality comes more into focus. You’re lying on my chest, trying to catch your own breath. We lay there for a few moments, ragged, heavy breathing against one another. Realizing I’m clawing into your back rather viciously, I pull back my hands and gasp to see my fingernails bloody.

“Baby,” I say, putting one hand on the top of your head. “Oh my god.”

You look up at me, “I need a cigarette.”

That is exactly what I was thinking. You sit up as I scoot back a little and grab my pack of Camels from the nightstand. I take out two – noticing that my hands are still shaking – and light them. I hand you yours and take a deep breath. “I think my brain just exploded.”

“I know,” you say crawling over next to me. You lay on the bed, putting your head in my lap, blowing smoke up at me.

“Stop that,” I say, looking down at you and playing with your hair. “I need a nap after all that shit.”

You nod. “Yep. Then we can do it again.”

I laugh. We finish our cigs, and get under the covers together. The sun is just starting to set outside and the room is lit only with the faint light of the evening. I light a candle that I always keep on the nightstand, and snuggle into your arms. We lie there in the gathering dusk, the only sound our breathing, until we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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