Wilderwood Ch. 03

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I used to get along really well with my big sister. We’d hang out together, play games, cover for each other when we got in trouble. We’d argue of course, but not for long. We were close, the way only a brother and sister can be, and we figured we always would be.

Then we hit our teens, and it was like a switch had been flicked. Suddenly we couldn’t stand each other, and we drifted apart, as much as two people who live in the same house can. Emma’s room became off-limits to me on pain of death, or at least on pain of yelling and complaints to Mom and Dad, and it wasn’t long before my room became off-limits to her because no-girls-allowed, and then also because internet porn.

Today it’s like the switch has been flicked back and we’re best friends again, hiking through the woods on our way home, knowing we’re already late for dinner and laughing about it, because even if Mom and Dad get mad we’ve got each other’s backs.

Of course it’s not exactly like it used to be. We’re adults now. Emma is already at college and I’ll be starting in the fall. Emma isn’t the tomboy she was, or the all-american high school girl she became, but a raven haired goth bad girl with a closet full of leather, vinyl, fishnet and a possibly infinite number of black tees.

Also we’ve been fucking. Each other. Yeah, things are definitely different now.

We still argue though.

“I can’t believe you fell asleep.”

“So did you.”

“I was tired!”

“So was I!”




We both stop walking and look at each other. I shrug. “Sounded right.”

Emma grins. “Sounds kind of hot.”


“Uh huh.”

I take hold of the lapels of her leather jacket. “Come here, brat, ” I say and pull my sister close into a kiss. She gives an excited little moan as I reach down and grab her ass through her tight black leather shorts, pulling her up against me.

“Brats need to be spanked, ” she murmurs.

My sister didn’t put her panties back on after we fucked in the woods, and knowing that she’s bare under the leather turns me on even more. I slap my hand on her ass a few times, making her gasp and giggle as she presses her tits to my chest. I keep my grip, my fingers squeezing her ass cheeks as she tugs at my belt and pulls my hardening cock out.

“Suck me, Sis.” I reach up to her head, fingers in her jet black hair, pushing her down, but she doesn’t need any encouragement to drop to a crouch and wrap her dark lips around my cock for the second time that day.

No wonder it’s taking so long for us to get home.

= = =

It’s like we’re suddenly THAT couple. There was always at least one on the go at high school. The ones who’d just started dating and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The ones that everyone else either envied or hated or, often as not, both.

Only we can’t be that couple, or at least we can’t be seen to be that couple, and that sinks in a little while later when the trees up ahead start to thin out and we see the back road where the trees end, and beyond that, a little way across the field, the back of the houses on the street where we live.

We pause for a moment, in the shadow of the trees. Emma looks down at the long strip of dark tarmac and shoves her hands deep into the pockets of her jacket.

“It’s like the Styx, ” she says quietly. “The river that separates the real world from the other world.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and give her a hug. “I guess we’d better cross it.”

We cross the road and walk across the grass toward our house, hands in our pockets and not saying much.

= = =

We’re not really late, but late enough that I get one of those looks from Mom when I walk in the door.

“Sorry I’m late, Mom.”

“At least you’re here, ” she says. “That’s more than I can say for your sister…”

Emma walks in behind me. “Hey, Mom.”

We did what we could to clean up on the way home, but we’re still both a bit scuffed up, though that’s probably less suspicious than the fact we both walked in the door at exactly the same time. We should probably have thought that through more.

“We met on the way home.” says Emma.

“I see.” Mom considers this for a moment then locks onto another detail. “What happened to your tights?”

When Emma left the house she was wearing black tights under her leather shorts, but they got torn up pretty had when we were up in the woods and what’s left of them is now tucked into a pocket of her jacket.

Oh, they got ripped.” Emma shrugs. “I was… y’know… doing stuff.”

Mom gives her a look. She’s definitely thinking that my sister spent the afternoon being fucked. It doesn’t help that Emma does absolutely nothing to lessen Mom’s suspicions, and quite a lot to encourage them.

Of course if Mom found out exactly who my sister was fucking this time that would take things to a whole other level.

Dad strolls into the hall from out back. “Hey, you’re back, ” he pauses then adds, “Both of you.”

“We met on the way home, ” I say.

It still sounds tipobet365 güvenilirmi weak, but Dad buys it more readily than Mom did. “So how did it go?” he asks me. “Did you get the job?”

Oh yeah. That. I’d been in so much of a hurry to get out of the house earlier and talk to Emma I’d told my parents I needed to go and see my friend Zack about a job at the comic shop in town. Of course I haven’t actually talked to Zack, or anyone else.

“I uh… I’ll find out tomorrow.”

Dad smiles. “If you don’t get it you can still come work for me.”


“I’m going to go and get cleaned up.”

“Yeah, ” says Emma behind me. “Me too.”

“Don’t be long, ” says Mom. “I can’t imagine either of you ate anything when you were out… wherever.”

“No, ” I say.

Emma smirks and licks her lips. “Not a thing.”

= = =

Upstairs we rush round a corner, out of sight of anyone in the hall below. We stare at each other for a moment then fall into barely supressed laughter.

“Ohmigod, that was great.”

“That was terrible.”

“Yeah, we need better alibis.”

We’re keeping our voices low but I still keeping looking toward the top of the stairs, listening for any sound from below.

“We should… get cleaned up… get back downstairs for dinner.”

“Before they come looking for us?”


Emma nods. “Okay.”

“I think maybe we shouldn’t hang out too much. Here at home.”

“You think if we start being friends again Mom and Dad will automatically assume it’s because we’re fucking?”

“When you put it like that it does sound a little paranoid. I’m just saying…”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Emma takes her phone from her jacket and rolls her eyes. “I’ve got two dozen unanswered text messages here.”

“Who from?”

“Friends, ” she says. I don’t ask if that includes her boyfriend, Luce. Not right now.

“Okay, I’ll see you downstairs in a while.”


Emma goes into her room and I walk along the hall and into mine, to get cleaned up .

I’ve still got a lot to think about. I’m an average eighteen year old guy, fresh out of high school and not even at college yet, and Emma is the hottest girl I know, and acts and dresses like my every sexual fantasy personified. Even if she wasn’t my sister I’d be crazy if I didn’t wonder where all this was going.

But maybe I should just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I should definitely do something to stop Mom from completely losing her cool. Things are complicated enough without a pissed off parent on my back, so I take out my phone.

“Hey, Zack. That job at the shop? It’s still available, right?”

It’s going to be an interesting week.

= = =


The comic book shop is called ‘Pop! goes the weasel’ and is a popular hangout for college students, seeing as it’s by far the best place in town to get not only comics, but movies, games and collectibles, and it has its own cafe.

The owner is a british guy called Steve Whittier. He’s in his late thirties maybe, with messy blonde hair and a faint mustache, and today he’s wearing a Suicide Squad t-shirt and washed out jeans over mustard yellow cowboy boots. My interview takes place in a tiny office at the back of the shop.

“Zack recommended you.”

“Yeah, we’ve been buddies for years.”

“Zack’s okay.” He sips some coffee from a Harley Quinn mug and turns a page of the graphic novel he’s reading. “So why d’you want to work here?”

“My mom said it’ll get me out of the house.”

“Good answer.” He drinks some more coffee and turns another page. “Most of the time the cafe is busier than the shop. Do you have any experience of that kind of work?”

“Uh no.”

He shrugs. “Tina can show you.”

He talks a bit about what the job involves, the working hours and the rate of pay and it all sounds okay. Once that’s all done he closes the novel and actually looks at me for the first time since I sat down.

“We’re on the front line of the culture wars here but we do not takes sides. I encourage intelligent discussion but if you want to start a holy war over the relative merits of Marvel versus DC do it on the internet, not here. I accept and embrace all colors, creeds and gender identities because all viewpoints are valid, but anyone who disrespects Harley will be barred for life.”

“Got it.”

“No manga to be displayed in the shop window, because I still get grief from the good people of this town after the last time. Tina knows how to run the cafe so do what she says. You can start tomorrow.” Steve lifts his mug in a slack salute. “God save the Quinn.”

= = =

Emma isn’t in when I get home, but she shows up in time for dinner, which she has done about half the time since she’s been home. She’s in shiny black vinyl pants, black high tops and a black tee with a white bunny on it. The bunny has fangs, and every time I catch myself looking at my sister’s tits it seems to growl at me, like a reminder to play it cool when Mom and Dad are around.

They’re both in a pretty tipobet365 yeni giriş good mood tonight, once I tell them that I got the job.

“It’s great that you took the initiative on this, ” says Dad. “Sure it’s only a summer job, but it’s work. It’ll be good for you.”

“It’s certainly better than drifting around day and night, ” Mom adds, with a pointed look at Emma.

“I could get a job if I wanted to, ” my sister mutters into her food.


Emma shrugs. “At the hotel maybe.”

“The Wilderwood is very… respectable, ” says Mom.

“So? I’m a Wilderwood.”

Dad clears his throat and turns back to me. “Now that you’re a working man we’ll have to see about getting you on the road, eh?”

“He’ll have to actually get his licence first, ” says Mom.

“Piece of cake, ” says Dad. “A guy your age should be driving. I remember when I got my licence. It was just about the same time I met your mom.”

“Yeah, little brother.” My sister says. “Once you’ve got a car you can take girls out on long romantic drives.”

I almost put my knee through the underside of the table when I feel her foot rubbing against my leg.

“Yeah, ” I say through a desperate smile. “That would be… cool.”

Dad grins.

Mom rolls her eyes.

Emma smirks.

The bunny growls at me.

= = =


Working at the comic shop turns out to be pretty interesting, actually.

There’s only two other full-time staff. My friend Zack Gilman and Tina Kinsey. I’ve been friends with Zack all through school, ever since his family moved into town maybe ten years ago. Zack is shorter than me, with black hair that always looks wet, and huge eyes. Tina thinks they makes him look like Elijah Wood. I think they make him look like a fish.

Tina is a few years older than us, in her early twenties. She’s a nice girl, blonde, smart, gets on with everyone, and makes me think of my sister, before she went to college. I think it would take a lot more than a year of college to turn Tina into a gothic bad girl though. She’s too… normal… for that. She’s also the Mayor’s daughter.

She’s also very much in charge of the shop, and keeps things running very smooth. Like Steve said, Tina runs the cafe. He didn’t mention that she runs everything else too. Anyway, me and Zack do as she says, because why wouldn’t we – she’s always right.

Steve himself spends about half of his time working the till, where he alternates between praising purchases that he approves of, and disparaging those he doesn’t. Somehow he manages never to offend anyone, probably because he does that Brit thing where he never smiles when he’s making a joke and only laughs at things he doesn’t find funny, so between that and the accent noone knows if he actually means what he’s saying from moment to moment.

Still, I get used to the accent pretty quick, so I can make guesses, which is more than most people can do. I didn’t think it was possible to make ‘come back soon’ sound like ‘fuck off and die’, but Steve makes it look easy.

When he’s not mind-fucking the customers he mostly sits up back reading, and throwing darts at a board hung up on one wall between a couple of display shelves. Officer Jorey has a few words to say to him about that.

“You know, sooner or later you’re going to hit one of your customers with one of those things by accident.”

Steve leans way back in his chair and looks up at the ceiling. “Who says it’d be an accident? There’s a reason I hung the board there, between the Manga section and the Funko Pops.”

Jorey just laughs. He’s a big guy with a shaved head and a short thick beard, and looks more like a truck driver than a cop. He often wanders in and out of the local businesses, saying hello and keeping an eye on things. There’s not a lot of trouble in Wilderwood, so I guess he has a pretty easy job.

“I’ve always figured you’ll snap one day, but being a Brit you don’t know how to handle a gun so I’m not worried. Just remember, the eyes of the law are always watching. Why else do you think I spend so much time in here?”

“I always thought it was the doughnuts.” Steve lobs another dart. “Double top. That’s true marksmanship. It’s not like you buy anything. Maybe you should pick up some Batman books. That way you can support a local business and get tips on how to fight crime at the same time.”

“I only read real books. You got any of those?”

“You’ll have to go across the street for that.” Steve waves a hand lazily in the general direction of the bookshop on the other side of the street. “I’ve got an arrangement with Howard. I don’t sell real books and he doesn’t sell comics.”

“It’s always good to see local businesses working together for the good of the community.”

“Sure, ” says Steve. “It’s a good deal for both of us. He doesn’t have to deal with nerds interrupting his afternoon nap, and I don’t have to deal with the Wilderwood Women’s Book Club. Everybody wins.”

= = =

The downside of working at the shop is that I get to spend less time tipobet365 güvenilirmi at home with Emma when our parents are out during the day. Not that she’s in a lot anyway. I still haven’t got around to asking her if she’s still seeing her boyfriend.

In the evenings our parents are usually home, but, again, Emma is out most nights.

We’re playing it cool, which means when our parents are home we mostly act like we did before, which is to say we ignore each other, but our rooms are no longer off-limits to each other and we do, casually, walk in on one another from time to time to chat about stuff, like any brother and sister might.

“I want you in me, little brother.”

Okay, not exactly like any brother and sister might.

It’s early evening and we’re in Emma’s room. It’s still light outside but the drapes are drawn and Emma has coloured scarfs over a couple of lamps to soften and diffuse the light they give off. Other than for that, a couple of pairs of her boots on the floor and a few weird, creepy art prints on the walls her room still looks a lot like it did before she went to college. I’m surprised she hasn’t painted the walls black yet.

“Mom and Dad are downstairs.” We’ve been sitting on her bed, just chatting. Mostly just chatting.

“Uh huh.” She takes my hand and slides it down the front of her black leather shorts. “Kind of exciting, right?”

“You’re crazy…” I say, but my fingers are already brushing over her smooth shaven pussy. She’s not wearing any panties. Again. My sister lays down across my lap, giving soft little moans as my fingers brush over the ring piercing her clit hood, and over her clit.

“Shhh! They’ll hear us!”

Emma gives another, louder gasp as my fingers touch her tight, wet slit. I put my other hand over her mouth to quieten her down, which it does though it also excites her even more and she licks at that hand while my other plays with her pierced clit and increasingly wet pussy.

We’re not entirely silent. I’m breathing harder, as is Emma as my fingers push between her pussy lips and into her, with my thumb still working on her clit. Her own hands are down there too, one holding my wrist and the other touching herself through her shorts. Our fingers touch, separated only by the tautly stretched black leather as she guides me eagerly, expertly, almost as if she’s using my hand as a sex toy to get herself off.

I’m learning my way around my sister’s pussy fast though, and a couple of movements on her clit have her whimpering against the hand over her mouth. It’s not too long before I have to clamp that hand tighter over her lips as she comes to a long, shuddering and almost entirely silent climax that takes a long time to pass.

“It is not easy to stay quiet when you do that, little brother.”

“Thanks, Sis.”

“Hey, ” Emma sits up and crawls across the bed to rummage in a drawer of her bedside cabinet for a moment then lifts something out. “Next time maybe we can try this.”

I stare at what she’s holding up. It’s a bright red rubber ball on a buckled black leather strap. I know what a ball gag is, I’ve just never seen one this close, and definitely not in my sister’s hands.

Emma holds it up by the straps and grins as she presses the rubber sphere against her teeth. “Like it?”

“Oh yeah.” I lean in for a closer look, running my fingers over the shiny leather strap. “Only… would this actually keep you quiet?”

“No, ” says my sister, “but you’ll love the sounds I do make when I’m wearing it.”

= = =


Most of the customers at the shop are kids from the high school, and students from the college, including, so I’m told, a few members of The Coven.

The Coven are a group of goth/metal girls, attending the local college. Emma went to a different college, upstate, but has been hanging out with them a lot since she came home. I think she already knew one or two of them from upstate, but I can’t say for sure, since up until now my interaction with the Coven has been mostly limited to lusting after them from a safe distance.

She fits right in of course, since they’re all crazy hot goth/metal bad girls who wear lots of leather and fishnet and are rumoured to be up for anything. If Emma’s anything to go by I guess that might actually be true.

True or not, the Coven have always been a popular topic of discussion for me and my friends. In my last year of high school it was one of those thing where you had to be on one side or the other. Marvel or DC? Console or PC? Cheerleaders or the Coven? There was no middle ground and friendships were made and broken based on whether you thought pleated mini-skirts were hotter than black leather mini-skirts.

Of course I was Coven all the way. Not that it did me or my friends any good. The Coven always have boyfriends – of course they do, they’re really hot – and those guys are usually art students, musicians and metalheads. The only ones that don’t have boyfriends are rumoured to be lesbians, which, so far as my friends are concerned, just makes them Even Hotter.

So I’m in a weird position now, since I’m actually living the dream of having lots of fantastic sex with one of the Coven, only she’s my sister so I can’t tell anyone or even be seen with her in public, at least not in the way that would make my friends envious to the point of insanity.

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