Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 10

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Suvarna woke up first and looked at Jean and Vitesha sleeping peacefully beside her. She slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet she thought about what a wonderful time she was having and what a contrast this was to what could have been had she not made that phone call to Carl. In the unlikely event that she had decided to come here alone or with Melissa she would have brought her fear and misery with her and reacted the way Anne had always done, with intimidation and force to control whatever and whoever displeased her.

Now she could barely remember Anne except that she at least had sense enough or was desperate enough to take a leap of faith and fall in love with complete disregard for the consequences. She was grasping at a straw, hoping that somehow love could help her learn how to die without being so afraid and lonely. She couldn’t have known that love would first teach her how to finally be really alive.

She finished up in the bathroom and hurried back to the bedroom where Prem and Mitra were still sleeping. She carefully opened the door and moved quietly to the side of the bed where Prem was. She then did something she couldn’t remember ever doing. She knelt on the floor beside him, put her hands together in front of her and began to silently pray.

She was not asking for anything nor was she praying to God or the universe or to anything. It didn’t matter if anyone heard her prayer because it was only a prayer of utter gratitude that she was fortunate enough to be with him. Love spread through her in the same way the massage oil had done making her warm and tingle all over. Hot tears streamed down her face.

Prem opened his eyes and saw her. He was dazzled by her brilliant radiance and reached out to touch her hair. She opened her eyes and saw that he had heard her prayer and was answering it with the same pure love from which it originated. He lifted the sheet and slid over. She crawled into bed next to him and he wrapped her in his arms. This is where she belonged. This is where she wanted to die and whenever that would be she knew now she would die ecstatically happy. Her fear had vanished.

As she lay in his arms all thought left her. This had happened briefly before but never this completely and naturally. Her mind was still and she was aware only of her breathing, which was deep and slow. Then something happened that had not occurred before. All feeling left her.

Her only awareness now was of being empty inside, so empty that she could not even locate where she was. Then a faint perception of coldness slowly spread through her like a fog. It was not like cold felt from the outside, it didn’t make her chilled or shiver. Gradually she became aware of rising up and floating above the bed. Nothing existed now except the floating, no mind, no body.

She had no idea how long this lasted but finally a thought came to her. She wondered if this was death. She then perceived something informing her that she didn’t need to return to her body but if she wanted to, she must go back now. She wanted to tell Prem not to worry about her because she had never felt so peaceful, so loved and cared for. She wanted to tell him that death is not to be feared but embraced because it was wonderful and full of soft golden light. And with this thought she descended back into her body as gradually as she had left it. The coldness dissipated and feeling returned.

She opened her eyes. Prem had slid away from her and she was lying on her back. Mitra was kneeling on the floor next to her holding her hand; her eyes were closed. “Prem I came back, I wanted to tell you…”

“Shhhhh Suvarna, do not speak. Those who know do not say they know. Those who say they know do not know.” Mitra leaned over and kissed her. “Come along now, it is time to have some breakfast and see what we can discover on this new day.”

When I got a chance to be alone with Mitra I asked her, “You’ve seen that before haven’t you?”

“Many times. I’m very surprised she is still alive. I’ve never had one come back when they were that far gone.”

After breakfast everybody showered and got dressed to go out. There were a few more places we wanted to visit but it would not take very long. We were finished with the sightseeing by noon and stopped by Madeline’s bistro to pick up Janelle who was all packed up and waiting for us when we arrived.

Madeline told Suvarna that she had talked to somebody about living in the house and wanted to know when they could all meet to discuss it. Mitra had the great idea of having them come to the house for dinner tomorrow. That way they could take a tour and see what they thought of it. Madeline insisted that she come to the house in the afternoon and help prepare the meal. Suvarna said we would stop by one of the Chateaus and buy some wine on the way back to the house.

The person Madeline had found was named Andre Mercier. He was sixty years old and once had cinsel bilgiler his own small vineyard before being coerced into selling it to a big conglomerate. He got a good price for it but he had two sons who wanted to keep it so they could be wine makers themselves but it was difficult to be profitable making wine the traditional way so now they had to work for somebody else. Suvarna told Madeline to invite the whole family and said this sounded very promising.

When we got back to the Maison it was one thirty. Suvarna said that we had not had an opportunity to do our massages in a few days and she wanted one. Vitesha and I went down to the cellar to see what we could find that might work for a massage table. In one of the storage areas we found several mattresses that had been replaced during the renovation that were wrapped in plastic so with Jean’s help we unwrapped one and hauled it up to the roof. We used one of the drop cloths that had covered the furniture as a sheet.

We went back to the kitchen where Mitra had made some soup for lunch. Suvarna asked Janelle, “What made you decide to join us Janelle?”

“Jean has told me how much he is enjoying being with you and it sounds like he’s having a lot of fun. He said you all know about us and that you’re OK with it. We don’t get much time to be with each other and I’m really excited about having the opportunity to be with him and not have to sneak around to do it. I’m also looking forward to being with the rest of you. I like to have sex with other women and that’s not easy to do either in a small town like this.”

“Well you’ve come to the right place Janelle. We are on a sexual odyssey and try to have as much sex as we can every day. Did Jean tell you about the meditations?”

“He mentioned them but I don’t know anything about meditating. I would very much like to learn though if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course we wouldn’t mind. These meditations are all primarily sexually oriented. Mitra is our spiritual advisor and leads the meditations. She says the more people we have doing them the more effective they are. I think you’ll find them very enjoyable. Why don’t you and Jean take your things upstairs and put them in one of the bedrooms. You’re welcome to have a room of your own but I think it will be more fun if you sleep with us. When you’re finished, get naked and come up to the roof for massage.”

Suvarna and I went up to take a shower before going to the roof. As far as I was concerned bathing with one or more of my lovers was a meditation in itself. It seemed to really bring out the tenderness in everybody when we washed and caressed each other. I took her in my arms and kissed her as the warm water gently cascaded onto us.

“Remember when I told you when doing this felt as good as sex you would know what love is? I know you’re there now. In fact you’ve gone beyond there. When I opened my eyes this morning and saw you kneeling by the bed I was completely overcome with love. I asked Mitra earlier if she had felt it too and she told me that your love had turned into prayer of its own accord and that was as far as love could take you.”

“I know Mitra told me not to talk about what happened but after I got into bed with you I went into death. I don’t mean I looked it in the face; I experienced it. It wrapped me in its shroud and embraced me. Oh Prem it was magnificent; you can’t imagine the peace and love. Mitra’s right, there’s no point in talking about it because no words could ever convey what the experience is like. I feel so privileged to have been given a preview of it. How rare is that, to get to sample death? I only came back because of you. I guess I haven’t dropped all my desiring yet; I still want to be with you and love you as long as this body will let me. Oh Prem, I love you so much.”

“You say you love me but you lie.”

“Cause this is more than love I feel inside. You came to me like the dawn through the night. Just shining like the sun. Out of my dreams and into my life. You are the one, you are the one.”

Standing there holding her in the warm water I realized nobody had ever loved me like she did. Nobody could. Her love was so total, so powerful that she had told death itself that it would have to wait so she could love me. And it had let her! How much more can you love than that? Only we knew the answer to that question because as soon as I asked it I knew I loved her the same way. She had taken the next step. Her love had transitioned from spiritual love to divine love and she had shared what she experienced to help me do it too.

It was very tempting to just stay there and hold her and exult in the love that now surrounded us like an aura but somehow we managed to get out of the shower and dry off. We made our way up to the roof where Mitra and Vitesha were waiting for us.

“Suvarna since this was your idea you get to be first.”

Suvarna lay face down cinsellik bilgileri on the mattress and I knelt on a folded towel at her head. Mitra and Vitesha each took a foot. Mitra had a bottle of massage oil and poured some on the back of Suvarna’s leg then handed the bottle to Vitesha.

“Mitra this isn’t the same oil you gave us with the hot peppers is it?”

“No, this is the same base oil but this formula has mint and flowers in it. We still have some of the spicy stuff if you want us to use that on you.”

“I’ll let you know when it’s my turn. It depends on how turned on I get massaging the rest of you. Now that we have two men here I might want to see what a DP would feel like with that spicy oil.”

As we began to rub Suvarna the door opened and Jean and Janelle walked out to join us. This was the first time I had really seen them side by side much less naked together and I hadn’t really realized just how identical they were. They were the same height, five nine, similar weight; Jean had maybe thirty pounds on Janelle but it was mostly muscle, same hair color, and the same eyes. The only obvious difference was a penis and a pair of tits. This was a very noticeable difference mind you, the penis was enviable in length and girth and the tits were very nice indeed, about the same size as Suvarna’s but set a little higher and perkier.

“Welcome, we saved the best spots for you. Grab the oil and sit beside Suvarna and massage her beautiful butt and lower back.”

I suppose it was the cultural difference but neither of them seemed to be the slightest bit bothered by being naked with us, despite the age difference.

They poured some oil on her lower back and started using their hands to rub it in. Their technique was interesting; probably due to growing up in a patisserie because they looked like they were making pastry. They kneaded her flesh like they were working dough. It seemed to be effective because Suvarna began to softly moan.

It didn’t take either of them very long to concentrate more on her butt than her back. Jean was already familiar with the territory but Janelle was eager to discover what Suvarna felt like and was soon making forays between her cheeks and down her upper thighs. Soon each of them had one hand on her cheek and one hand between her legs. Suvarna’s moaning increased.

By this time Mitra and Vitesha had progressed to rubbing their oil covered bald twats up and down her calves and were using their hands on her lower thighs. I continued working on her shoulders and neck.

“Oh my God. All five of you are driving me crazy. Jean and Janelle rub my asshole and my pussy. Each one of you put a finger in my ass and use your thumbs to rub my lips. Ohhhh, Ohhhh, yes, like that. One of you put your thumb in my cunt and the other one rub my clit.”

She slid her shoulders down so she could arch her back and elevate her ass to give them better access to her. Their eyes widened and they both smiled warmly as they gave her what she wanted. They seemed to especially enjoy having their fingers in her ass as they pushed them in deep and spread her anus. Suvarna’s pussy was leaking juice now and she was undulating her hips as the twins continued to pleasure her.

Mitra and Vitesha had both reached her lower thighs with their wet slits and their hands had taken over massaging Suvarna’s pussy and thighs while the twins concentrated on her ass and hips. I was rubbing her tits from the side. Her head was turned to one side so I moved back and laid mine next to it so I could kiss her. Her lips were soft and sensual and so was the kiss.

The combined stimulation of eight hands on her ass and between her legs pushed her toward her climax. She did nothing to help or hinder it, content to let it happen of its own accord. When it peaked she granted it full sovereignty over her body. It spread through her like her blood, flowing everywhere and filling every part of her with ecstasy. The only external evidence of it was the gentle moaning into my mouth as she shared it with me. She reached her arms up and stretched them forward bending and extending her fingers as if to lengthen her body so the orgasm could have as much room to roam through her as possible. “I want to turn over now.”

Everyone backed off so she could turn to lie on her back. The pretense of this being a massage disappeared when she spread her legs and bent her knees to open up her crotch. “Jean, you and Vitesha can each do delightful things with my breasts. Prem you stay right where you are and keep kissing me. Mitra you can massage my feet some more unless you can think of something else you’d rather do. As for you Janelle, I want to see if your mouth feels as good on my pussy as your hands did.”

I moved my hands under her head so I could massage the back of her neck and as soon as I touched her I remembered that her tumor was only an inch away so as I gently rubbed cinsel bilgi her I put as much loving energy as I could into asking it to please not harm her. I punctuated those heartfelt requests with gentle kisses on her forehead and face.

Jean and Vitesha moved to her side and Mitra slid back down to the foot of the mattress. Janelle lay on her stomach between Suvarna’s legs with her face inches away from her pussy. Her hands moved to Suvarna’s ass to firmly grip each cheek. She looked up at Suvarna and said, “I’ve done this before with some of my girlfriends but this will be the first time I’ve ever done it with a beautiful woman. It will also be the first time I’ve ever done it in front of an audience, so please tell me if I don’t do it right.” Her voice shook with excitement as she spoke.

“Janelle, if your girlfriends enjoyed what you did to them I’m certain I will enjoy it too. Just relax and do what you would want me to do to you and everything will be fine. Take your time; my body will let you know how you’re doing. Put as much love into it as you can and you’ll be surprised how much you get back.”

While the rest of us started loving the parts of her we had been assigned Janelle took a couple of moments to look at Suvarna’s beautiful crotch, admiring the similarities and the differences with her own anatomy. From my vantage point I could see her face and the expression of delight that I was all too familiar with as she stared in fascination at the wondrous biological miracle that lay before her.

She moved her hands so her thumbs touched her outer lips without relinquishing their hold on her ass. She gently pulled the lips apart to expose the pink labia between them. They glistened with the juices of her previous orgasm and caused Janelle to lick her own lips in anticipation of using her tongue to taste the lips inches away from her young sweet mouth.

“That’s it Janelle, you’re doing just fine.”

“But I haven’t done anything yet.”

“Oh yes you have. I feel those piercing blue eyes on me, the trembling in those soft hands on my ass, the faster beat of your loving heart, and the butterflies in your stomach. Your excitement is flowing into me and making my own pulse race. Keep going my sweet young lover, make us both feel like we’re teenagers.”

Janelle smiled and felt both reassured and a little frightened at Suvarna’s ability to discern what she was feeling so accurately.

“Kiss me Janelle. Light feathery butterfly kisses using only your lips. Start at the bottom and go all around me. Move up one side then over and down the other. Go slowly and look at me as you do it.”

I watched how tenderly she pressed her lips to every inch of Suvarna’s glorious crotch. Her kisses were as gentle as a mother with a newborn child. There was a look of reverence on her face. She breathed deeply to inhale the essential feminine fragrance emanating from this beautiful woman who had granted her the privilege of offering this silent homage to her.

When she had completed the circuit and returned to the bottom Suvarna continued her directions, “Oh Janelle that was wonderful. I felt every one of those cherubic kisses. Now pull my lips apart with your thumbs and do the same thing straight up my slit.” She complied with her request. “Do it again Janelle.” She repeated the tender kissing of the pink labia several more times. “Oooohhhh yes baby that’s perfect. This time when you do it use your lips to pull on them and stretch them.”

Witnessing this intimate play between Suvarna and Janelle was having an effect on the rest of us. My cock was stiffening from both the sight and narration of what was happening. I glanced at Jean and noticed a similar reaction of his cock. He was sucking as much of Suvarna’s breast into his mouth as he could. Vitesha had moved one of her hands from Suvarna’s breast down between her legs and was slowly rubbing her own pussy as if to mimic Suvarna’s instructions to Janelle. Mitra was not only massaging her feet she was kissing and licking them, sliding her tongue between her toes and sucking each one into her mouth. I was impressed by Suvarna’s equanimity while all these arousing stimuli were flooding into her nervous system.

“Oh Janelle that feels sooooo gooood. Now go back over the same places that you kissed and use that hot wet tongue to lick me. Go all around me with long lapping strokes then use the tip to flick my labia back and forth as you move from the bottom to the top. Unnnhhh… Unnnhhh… Ooooohhh…Yes baby…that’s wonderful. Go back down to the bottom and spread me open and lick my vagina. Ohhhhhhh GOD YES just like that! Lick up my juices Janelle; let them coat your tongue as you taste me.”

Janelle was getting turned on by this almost as much as Suvarna. I doubt that her previous girlfriends had given her such explicit directions for orally pleasing them much less such sincere feedback on the effects it was having. Her unconscious response was to draw her knees up slightly and elevate her hips a little, which had the effect of exposing the pouting lips of her pussy in a perfect frame formed by her smooth taut ass cheeks and the tops of her thighs. A sight made more alluring by the gentle side-to-side swaying of her hips. A sight that did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

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