Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 66

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Chapter 66
Val Completes Her Plans and More

The day after Val formed the Wilmington Women’s Club, she gave a great deal of thought to just how the club should proceed. Nursing her martini, she considered several possibilities. She had told the women the club would be used to have great sex and they had all quickly agreed.

Okay, but just what constitutes great sex? Having a competent lover, certainly; but should that lover be exclusively male? A sex show like the one I saw in Paris? Val had to smile at that, recalling her delightful Asian friend. If I knew who to call I could invite her over. She and I could certainly put on an outstanding performance. There must be something like that here, even in Wilmington. How would I go about finding the right people?

She finished her martini and made another, mulling over what she had just considered. Joe would know how to contact the Asian girl. But to ask would tip him off about the club. I don’t want him involved in any way. The vice Squad might know of another group. Would they tell me if they did? Yes, for enough money, they would; but would the group allow us in, and if they did, at what cost?

Taking a sip from her drink, Val grabbed a pad and made several notes:

•Buy/rent a Cop?

•Who’s who in Vice?

•How would I approach them?

•Would they arrest me, or worse, tell Joe?

•Other than a cop, who might know?

She put the pencil down, took another sip from the martini and made a face, then picked up the pencil and made another note.

•How well do I know my girlfriends?

•Not well enough to trust with something like this.

•How do I find out if they’re trustworthy?

•Bernie – known since college. Shared Joe with her once. She had me with her when she screwed that guy in a phone booth.


•She has young man as lover

•Joe knows this… why did I mention that to him?

•Is there something between them? What is there to support that thought?

•Judas…A close friend is usually the one to deceive you

•Janet and Natalie seemed okay, both flawed, but so what?

•Katy might go both ways. So what?

•Laura – has had tough time of it. Is it her or the guys she meets?

•What is it about her that bothers me?

Val chewed the eraser on the pencil as she reviewed the notes in front of her. One line jumped out at her. Other than a cop, who might know?

A private detective would know, or be able to find out. A private detective could also obtain certain insights into her girlfriends. Val took a swallow of her drink, put the glass down and got up to find the local telephone directory. Moments later, the Yellow Pages gave her a listing of twelve investigators. Closing her eyes she placed a finger on the page; saw that it was perched on a Thomas Alva Desoto, PI, and promptly dialed his number.

“Desoto Investigations,” a quiet, but confident voice said in her ear.

“Mr. Desoto, can you tell me how private the private investigator you represent actually is?”

“Yes, I can, and will. It means you and I would have an unofficial bond exclusively between us, unless it involves a crime like murder, or grand theft, for which, my having knowledge of can get me twenty to life.”

“Then what I want shouldn’t prove a problem,” Val said, and took a breath after having held it during his response.

“I get $100 an hour, with $500 up front, Miss….”

“Just call me Val for now, Mr. Desoto. When can we, meet?”

“I’m downtown, on Market, six blocks north of City Hall.”

“Near the high school?”

“Yeah, one block south, the address is 872 Market. I’m just over the Oriental Specialty shop. My door is next to theirs.”

“I know the place. I can be there in twenty minutes if that’s convenient.”

“Good enough for me. I’ll be waiting.”


Val was impressed with Desoto’s professionalism, and the fact that he seemed trustworthy. To his credit, he did not rape her with his eyes. He did, however, promptly tell her he found her very attractive, but would not let that come between them in their relationship unless she herself initiated it.

“I appreciate your candor, Mr. Desoto. It won’t come to that, I promise you.”

“Good,” he said, “now at this point, the client, that would be you, usually tells me what they want. It could be something like monitoring your husband’s whereabouts…”

“Mr. Desoto, if you’ll permit, I want you to watch several acquaintances, follow them, or have them followed as I understand you can’t be in two places at once. I want this done for a period of… say, two weeks, or until you’re satisfied you have a good understanding of their actions on a daily basis.”

“How many friends would be involved, Mrs. Marcolina?”

“Five at the moment; there may be others, but just the five. Here are their names and addresses and place of work.”

Desoto accepted the list and waited, knowing there would be more. Val shifted nervously in her chair. Desoto waited.

“Um, there is one other thing.”

“Yes, Mrs. Beylikdüzü Escort Marcolina.”

“Do you; by any chance, know who I am? I mean I know you’ll find out if you don’t…”

“I do know who your husband is, Mrs. Marcolina.”

“We’re not getting along… I don’t mean to infer this … material I want gathered has to do with a possible divorce proceeding. It does not. I repeat it has nothing to do with any such thing. We will remain married. I just…”

“I understand, but there is something else, right?”

“Yes. Yes, there is. How well do you know… let me rephrase, I’m looking for someone with knowledge of the seamy side of Wilmington. I was thinking that someone in the police department – possibly someone connected to vice – might be the right person to ask. But I don’t know such a person and I don’t know if that is the direction I want to go.”

“I have several contacts within the seamier side of town, including a couple people working vice.”

“Oh, good.”

“Perhaps you might tell me a little more about just where you’re headed.”

“Um, yes. All right. Those friends on the list and I have formed a club.”

“That’s not unusual, Mrs. Marcolina. Could you be more specific? I think I have an idea where you’re going, but it would certainly help if we were both on the same page as it were.”

“It’s about sex, Mr. Desoto. It’s about we women enjoying good, if not great sex in a wide variety …” Val paused, and had to look away from him before continuing. “… um, in as wide a variety of formats as possible under the circumstances. I’m sorry… I mean, about putting it that way, but I couldn’t think of another way of saying it.”

Desoto stood up, needing to move about. She had shocked him and he didn’t shock easily. “Well, err… yes, I guess I understand.”

He let a few seconds pass, and then said, “No, I’m afraid I don’t understand. Are you saying you want to start a sex club, Mrs. Marcolina?”

“Err, I suppose so. But… not something off the wall like….”


“I don’t know what I want, Mr. Desoto. I had this kind of vision, you know? But when it… when I try to put it into words I find I can’t.”

“Want to kick it around?”

“Yes, sure, why not?”

“You say you want a contact in the vice department.”

“I think I do.”

“Why. I mean specifically, why would you want to speak with someone in vice? Are you looking for prostitutes? Either male or female?”

“Not exactly.”

“Help me out here. I mean, let’s say I get a cop in vice to come here and talk with you… what are you going to ask him for?”

“Mr. Desoto….”

“Please, call me Tom, or Thomas. By this point I’m fairly certain we’re on a first name basis.”

“Yes, well then, I’m Valerie, or just Val.”

“So, Valerie, let’s say we have a Mr. Jones from the vice squad here with us. What do you want from him?”

“This is embarrassing, Mr., I mean Thomas.”

“How so?”

“Well, I…” Val had to laugh at herself. “I know, I’m being ludicrous, it really sounds stupid. What I want to do is to have a series of meetings with my girlfriends that, um, explore the essence of sex?”

“You realize you made that a question instead of an answer?”

“I did?”

“You did.”

They both had to laugh at that, and did.

“Okay, believe it or not, we’ve made progress. Let me play back what I’ve heard you say. You want to hold a series of meetings with certain female friends to explore sexual possibilities, or even and I’m branching out here… possibly acting sexual scenarios out with others. Further, you require someone with certain knowledge, like a vice cop, to help you find the other players.”

Val almost jumped in the air. “YES! That’s exactly what I want!”

“Good. Now that we’ve narrowed it down a little, I have to tell you that under certain circumstances what you propose is a criminal offense. I suspect that is not what you had in mind. Am I correct?”

“Lord, no!” Val said, suddenly crestfallen.

“Okay, I need to call a lawyer friend on this. But I think there is a way… a legal way, around the criminal aspect of what you want to do.”

“Thank God!”

“Now, as to the other part of my duties… and remember I’m on the clock….”

“Not a problem, Mr. Desoto, you’ve already earned your money.”

“Please, it’s Tom, okay?”

“Sorry, Tom.” Val gave him a smile, and he returned it. She liked him even more for being nice about the whole situation.

“I will hire a couple other PI’s to follow your girlfriends around the clock. I know, I know, they’ll be sleeping, or at work most of the time. But around the clock will catch them at whatever they’re doing sooner than later, and that’s what I think you want.”

“It is, and I want you to go for it.”

“That’s going to run you $150 an hour. One hundred for the other operator and fifty for me.”

“That’s fine. Do you need a retainer?”

“Yes. $5000 should cover things unless it takes a lot longer.”

Val opened her purse, took Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan out a checkbook, and then thought better of it. “I’d prefer to pay in cash. But don’t have that much with me. I have $1200 here; can I use that as a down payment on the retainer?”

“Why not? There’s no way I’ll go through the $5000 in one day,” he said accepting the money she was offering him. “I recommend pulling the money out of your account in odd lots. Say $2500 one day and $1000 the next. Less chance or arousing suspicions that way. And under no circumstances draw over $9000 out at one time. The IRS hears about those withdrawals and relates it to a drug buy.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that possibility,” Val said, and crossed her legs, realizing that this time Desoto had not averted his eyes. They said a few more things and Val got up, shook Desoto’s hand and walked out of his office adding a little more wiggle than usual to her rear end.


Desoto watched from his office window as Val got into her car and drove off. He made three phone calls setting things in motion, and solved one problem immediately.


Two days later, Desoto called Val with his first report.

“Mrs. Marcolina?”


“I have something to report.”

“Please, go on.”

“With regard to two of your girlfriends. Natalie Stevens and Katy Dide.”

“Katy and Nat… yes?”

“My source tells me they are lovers.”

“They… they’re lesbians?”

“I don’t label people in that kind of context, Mrs. Marcolina. My source followed them to Dide’s place and was able to obtain several pictures that show them in, um, shall we say, compromising positions?”

“When was this?”

“Last night.”

“All right.” Val sighed, she had suspected as much from Katy, but Natalie caught her off guard. Still, no serious damage had been done. The club could continue as planned.

“So far we have nothing unusual on the others. I do however, have something positive for you. There’s a guy… but first, let me ask you again exactly what you had in mind here?”

“Never mind all that. What does this guy do?”

“Don’t lose your cool, Mrs. Marcolina. It’s … what this guy does might be considered disgusting and perverse by some.”

“Get on with it. What does he do?” Val was intensely interested in what he was about to disclose to her.

“All right then, this guy, name’s Jay, Jay Carter. He can… Aw, I can’t put it any other way. He can suck his own cock.”

“He can suck… that’s marvelous! That’s wonderful! They’ll love it!”

“I thought you’d be repulsed.”

“No, not at all. I’m impressed with your find. If he’s half as good as I think he’ll be you’ll get a bonus.”

“I haven’t approached him, so I don’t know what he charges. He does this at bachelor parties, things like that.”

“Is he gay?”

“I don’t know. I do know he needs money to support his habit.”

“What kind of habit?”

“He’s a heroin addict.”

An alarm went off in Val’s mind, and she made a mental note to have plenty of contraceptives available at each meeting, and especially this particular meeting.

“One other thing, Mrs. Marcolina. I spoke with my lawyer. He finds no laws being broken if you get everyone, and I mean everyone who participates to state in writing that they are over 18 years of age and are knowingly entering into a sexual situation that may or may not include sexual congress with one or more members of the same, or opposite sex.”

Val had him repeat the last while she made notes, thanked him, and hung up.


The next two days produced no new news on any of Val’s girlfriends. However, Friday evening Val received a phone call from a seemingly troubled Desoto.

“Um, are you sitting down?”

“No, Mr. Desoto, should I?”

“I think it advisable, Mrs. Marcolina.”

Val sat down at her dining room table. “All right, what do you have?”

“Late this afternoon, Mrs. Grunfeld was seen entering a high-rise luxury apartment on Water Street. She was alone.”

“That’s not too bad, Mr. Desoto.”

“There’s more. It gets … worse.”

“Tell me,” she said and began working the cuticle on her left thumb.

“Other people entered the building after her. Mostly couples. But there were two men went in… separately, I mean. They could have gone in to meet her.

“And three women, elderly women also entered. My man was able to ascertain they lived there. He didn’t learn anything about the first man in. He might live there, he might not. But my man recognized the other man, and learned that he owns one of the two penthouse apartments in the building.

“The man was your husband, Joe Marcolina. My man is certain, having dealt with him on numerous occasions. I’m sorry. You shouldn’t learn something like this in this way.”

“Well…” Val said after a brief pause. “I didn’t know about him and… her,” Val having decided at the last second that she couldn’t pronounce Bernie’s name without crying. “I’ve caught him out before. Not that Escort Beylikdüzü you need to know, but we’re kind of separated. We live in the same house and I act as his wife for social reasons. He pays me well for that privilege and that privilege only. His woman … that woman … is a surprise. She’s a longtime friend, and she’s betraying me. I’ll deal with that on my own terms when I’m ready. Thank you, Mr. Desoto. Please continue checking the others and be sure to let me know what the balance due is.


Val was furious at learning that Bernie had betrayed her. She made herself a strong martini and sat down sipping away at it slowly but steadily.

Ten minutes later she realized she was highly aroused and made a decision that both surprised and frightened her.

Picking up the phone she dialed a number she had scribbled down several days earlier.

“Hello,” a slack voice answered.

“Mr. Carter?”


“You don’t know me, but perhaps you’ve heard from a Mr. Desoto recently?”

“Desoto … yeah, he talked to me the other day. You the one interested in my service?”

“I might be, but I need to know when you were last tested for HIV?”

“He mentioned that might complicate things. I got tested the day him and me talked. I got the results back this morning. I’m clean.”

“Was the test by a reputable physician?”

He named a doctor that Val was familiar with and trusted.

“Are you available this evening?”

“If it’s worth my while.”

“Five hundred for a demonstration.”

“Where and when?”

Val gave him her address and told him to be there in an hour. Carter had no problem with either and told her so.

“I hope you’re as good as promised,” she said.

“I’m better than that, lady. But you’ll see for yourself.”


Jay Carter was a surprisingly handsome young man. Val felt quite comfortable in his presence. She had already instructed the Nanny who was caring for her daughter Caroline that she did not want to be disturbed, and brought Carter to her bedroom and then sat down in a loveseat and waited.

“Maybe I should tell before the show,” he said, opening up the conversation between them.

“I think that is a good idea. I want to see what you can do. I have several friends who like… unusual behavior, and….”

“Sexually deviant behavior, Mrs. Marcolina?”

“Very likely, Mr. Carter.”

“Please, call me Jay.”

“Of course, Jay it is. Call me Val, or Valerie.”

He smiled and pronounced her name. “Valerie. A lovely name.”

Thank you, Mr. I mean, Jay.”

“Valerie, I went through puberty later than my peers. But when I did it seems my body went into overdrive. What I mean is, I grew a foot in a year. I was Mr. Awkward for ten months and then almost overnight my dick shot out to a firmly measured eleven inches.”

“That’s a remarkable size, Jay. I’ve never seen one that… that, or anywhere close to it. May I see it?”

“In due course, Valerie, if you don’t mind. At any rate, there I was Mr. Awkward, and as for the girls – tongue-tied and completely hopeless around them.”

“We’re all awkward to some extent, Jay,” Val said feeling sorry for the young man in front of her. She kept glancing at his groin, hoping to see a tell-tale bulge that befit a cock as big as he claimed to have. But why would he exaggerate? She asked herself. He’s going to show it to me sooner or later?

“I figured out how to suck myself by accident. I was, as usual, behind a locked door in my bedroom.” He looked at Val, saw her staring at his crotch, and slowly lowered the zipper, reached inside and took his member out.

“Might as well have a look at it Val, I can tell you’re anxious to see the unveiling.”

He was not hard, but his member hung down not unlike an elephant’s trunk.

“Oh, I… I’m sorry, Jay. I was anxious to see it. I guess it gets a lot bigger when you….”

“Yes, it certainly does.”

“May I touch it?”

“Of course. It’s sort of limp right now. If you want you can do the honors… you know, get it up for me – or us.”

Val moved to him and knelt at his feet, taking his hot flesh into her hand. Several inches of cock lolled over her hand and she was required to use her other hand as well to keep him straight.

“You never did show me the doctor’s report on your condition, Jay.”

“Do you really want to see it, or would you rather suck my cock?”

“I won’t suck anything if you don’t show me medical proof you’re clean.”

Reaching into his right-hand pocket, Jay produced the letter proving him safe from any sexually transmitted disease. Val read it carefully then folded it and handed it back to him.

“I can’t deep-throat this,” she told him calmly. Then dropped the head of his lengthy manhood on the edge of her tongue. “But owl twy,” she laughed then took him as far as she could.

Val was surprised that it took him a full minute to become fully erect, but when he did, she had to remark not only on his length, but also on the circumference of his weapon, and in her opinion it was indeed a weapon.

“Jay, this is as impressive a cock as I’ve ever seen, and that includes porno films.”

“Johnnie Wadd was bigger,” he replied softly.

“Johnnie Wadd?” Val said, after removing him from her mouth.

John Holmes, Big John Holmes,” Jay said. He made dozens of films.”

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