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Jason wandered through dense woods. He came often to this place to think. He had finals coming up, but wasn’t greatly concerned. His ability to pass almost any test had brought him this far. He was a junior at an ivy league school at only eighteen. No, academics were not Jason’s problem. In his rarefied scholastic world, Jason had no friends under thirty and no female friends at all. The lack of female friends, of romance, of sex was the heart of his problem. Jason was a virgin. Oh, how he hated that word! Certainly he was at least satisfactory in most regards. He was 5’11”, in moderately good shape, so deeply tanned as to almost hide his freckles. His unkempt shock of flaming red hair and intense blue eyes were attractive to most. His dick, while not gargan-tuan, was hefty enough. Oh how ardently he wished he could display the confidence he saw in other men.

Jason was shy. Intensely shy. He had skipped one year of grade school, one year of junior high and his senior year of high school. He had been in “gifted school” all through school, so he lacked all the social graces. He did not know anything about current music. He had almost never watched TV. His favorite topics of conversation were so intellectual that “normal” people avoided him.

Jason came out to these woods several times a week to think. He wished he could quit school. Maybe if he got a normal job, say at McDonald’s, he could learn to meet people, meet girls, that is, women. He was experiencing problems lately that threatened his comfortable academic standing. On his last test in Medieval Literature, he had gotten a “C”, the first of his life. The reason for his diminished performance was an erection that had lasted throughout the entire one hour class. In any other situation, he would have rushed to the bathroom and quickly masturbated the problem away. But in this particular class he sat at the back. He would have had to pass nearly every student in class, the large bulge in his trousers clearly visible at eye level to everyone, especially Laurel Parnell. Demons from hell could not have dragged Jason past her in his erect condition. So he had sat, suffered. And nearly failed an easy quiz.

Laurel was everything Jason wished for in a woman. She could keep up with him intellectu-ally, hold her own in a class of highly compet-itive males. And she was beautiful. Her long golden hair hung past her shoulders. When she moved a certain way, her hair, like upside down quotation marks, brushed the curve of both her ample breasts. Oh, how many times he had been unsuccessful at not looking there. Her eyes were blue, the color of a robin’s egg. Her waist was slim, her hips wide and ample. Her lilting voice rang with melody. Freckles like his ran in a milky way from one cheek to the other across the bridge of her pert nose. She always wore very short skirts. Another wave of freckles ran up her inner thighs, beyond which his imagination often wandered, but never his eyes.

Any chance of a relationship of any sort between them was out of the question. She was twenty-two, nearly twenty-three. He had hacked into the student records to find out. He had only turned eighteen last week. He could discourse at length on Astrophysics, or Middle English poetry, but could not speak a word to Laurel. Once, he had tried. It had taken him months to work up the courage. His intent was merely to ask her to share coffee in the student union after class. She stood there, looking glorious, like a vision from another world, like a Raphael angel. He approached her. She had turned. “Oh, hi Jason,” she had said. He opened his mouth, but nothing would come out. His vocal chords simply would not work in her presence. Jason had turned, walked hurriedly away. He knew he had looked the fool, standing there gaping, mouth working like a fish out of water.

And so, he often wandered alone in these lonely woods. In this place he had no worries: no social graces to worry about, no inane chatter to try to invent, no shyness to overcome, no fear of women to make him tremble. To be in these woods meant freedom, even a sort of power; the power to dream, to wish.

As Jason hiked along an unfamiliar well- trampled track that hinted of deer, he heard sounds a short distance away. Human sounds. Sounds of young people having fun. As he contin-ued down the path, he drew closer to the party sounds. He could judge how close he was to the revelry by the volume of the screams and laughter. Soon he knew he was very close. He sidled up to a very large boulder and peered around. About one hundred and fifty yards away, several dozen young people, probably from the college, swam and cavorted in an abandoned gravel pit. In the Mid-west where Jason lived, such places were common, but this was the first he had seen since coming east. When those extracting gravel and sand and rock from a deep pit struck an underground stream, a man-made freshwater lake was created. Often these bodies of water were very dangerous, extremely deep with sheer sides. However, almost all had a Kumköy Escort gradually sloping beach in the area where the heavy equipment had once driven into the pit. On this sandy slope, dozens of towels and blankets were spread. Curious, Jason worked his way closer and closer to the lake, staying among the rocks to avoid detection.

Moving quietly among the rocks required Jason’s full attention, so it wasn’t until he was about forty yards from the students that he looked again. For a moment he was shocked. They were swimming nude, ‘skinny dipping’ they called it. Jason, of course, had never ‘skinny dipped’. But he had read about it. In fact, Jason could not remember ever having been naked in view of another person, or seen another person nude. His eyes wandered over the various forms of human bodies present. Some were plump, some gaunt, some seemed almost perfectly formed. He saw breasts of many different shapes and sizes, took his time comparing them. He discovered he preferred his breasts round and plump.

He was particularly fond of breasts with large dark aureoles and nipples that stood out sharply. He saw women’s genitals for the first time. He noticed one girl in particular that looked a bit like Laurel, with long, flowing blonde hair and an exciting body. Her female center was covered with a downy golden carpet. Observing the dark secret line that divided that carpet made Jason’s face flush hotly.

He discovered he was also fond of the male body. Here he observed even more variety. Those who displayed any fat, showed almost no penis. Some of the boys had very tiny penises. Most penises, he was surprised to learn, seemed smaller than his. He saw only one as long and heavy as his own. He noticed also that only one of the other boys sported a foreskin like his.

The nudity of others excited him: the way girls’ breasts swayed softly with their body movements, nipples that hardened from the cold water or from another’s touch, penises that flopped and flapped or swayed heavily from side to side, or enlarged and stood out or up, straight and strong, then shrunk again. Jason’s jeans seemed suddenly too tight. His cock was growing, filling. He pushed down hard on the front of his slacks with the flat of his hand, though he knew this action would not alleviate his erection.

Jason knew he should not be watching the nude swimmers from afar. He was sure it would have been far more appropriate to strip off his clothes and join them, than to skulk behind rocks and watch. But that would be impossible. No circumstance Jason could imagine would induce him to go anywhere near the swimmers.

Yet he could not leave, would not look away. He was mesmerized and horribly excited. The pressure in his jeans became unbearable. He unsnapped the top, zipped down the zipper, fumbled inside the stupid double flap of his briefs, and finally freed his penis from its confines. It leaped out, bobbing as if sniffing the afternoon air.

A young boy and girl, Jason guessed they were freshmen about his age, joined hands and walked away from the other swimmers, obviously looking for a place to be alone. To his amazement they moved toward where he stood concealed among the rocks. He prepared to flee, but the couple found a sandy spot, surrounded by reeds and wild iris, about ten yards from Jason. The young woman spread a blanket she had been carrying and laid on it, reaching up to encourage her lover to join her.

For a moment everything stood still, like a tableau in a theater. The girl lay with her legs slightly spread, toes toward Jason. Her skin was fair, alabaster white against the navy blue of the blanket. Her hair was dark, above and below. Her eyes had the faintly almond shape of the oriental. Her waist was tiny, but her breasts were cantaloupe sized, with large brown aureoles and tight wrinkled nipples. So close was she that Jason could plainly see a few drops of fluid on her vaginal lips, gleaming in the sun. The young man remained standing over her, looking down on her with love and lust in his eyes. He too had a beautiful body, thin but not excessively so, with tight pecs and a rippled belly and tight rounded buttocks over powerful looking legs. His pink, well-formed, circumcised penis, stood out from his lithe young body, half erect, slightly curved as if pointing down at her. From the tip of his organ, also, a tiny shimmering drop of fluid hung suspended.

Jason held his breath. He wanted to flee, but dared not. Being discovered ‘peeping’ would bring about his ultimate humiliation. Instead of lying beside his petite lover, the young man knelt beside her, blocking her face from view. However, Jason was able to infer their actions from what he could observe.

The girl’s tiny hands came into view. They grasped her lover’s butt cheeks and pulled him toward her. Jason knew she had taken the young man’s penis into her mouth, an act he had heard of, had often wished for during his frequent solitary masturbation.

The zipper of his Kumköy Escort Bayan jeans pinched painfully into the base of Jason’s dick. He pushed the offending garment to his knees. His cock was painfully erect, heavy and pendulous, pointing up along his belly, almost to his navel.

Involuntarily, he closed his fist over his aching member. Softly he stroked himself, spurred on by the moans coming from the young man below. The velvet-like texture of his foreskin slipped wetly on and off the bulging red head of his dick. Jason continued stroking himself as the young man below moved his hips forward and back, obviously holding the girl’s head in his hands, thrusting strongly into her mouth. Jason could plainly hear the sounds of her gagging, yet she continued.

The young man’s cries grew louder, more desperate. He and Jason were both about to come. The girl reached to remove her lovers hands, took her mouth from his rampant cock, roughly grabbed his head and drew his face down between her legs.

Jason’s motion on himself ceased. Oh how he had longed to plunge his face into a willing woman. Oh how often he had wished to hear the sounds that now emanated from the writhing girl below. He wondered what she would taste like, the girl of his wishes, what she would smell like, but he could not imagine. Slowly he began again to manipulate his aching penis.

“Hi, whatcha doin?” came a voice behind him. He fumbled to stuff himself back into his jockeys and pull up his pants. He stood guiltily, awaiting humiliation, perhaps worse, his shirttail half in, half out of his pants. He was afraid to turn around, afraid it might be the cops.

Below, the naked couple heard his noisy scrambling, gathered up their blanket and fled rapidly back toward the beach.

The voice behind him spoke again, “Well are you gonna just stand there with your back to me or are you gonna face me?”

Slowly he turned, his face blood red from embarrassment. “You, you. . . but how. . .but I. What are you doing here?”

“Silly. What do you think? I followed you here.”

“What do you mean? You. . .followed me? Why?. . . How.? . . What?”

Laurel took three steps forward and planted a kiss on his lips. “You are so cute, so shy. You are a virgin aren’t you Jason?”

“How do you. . . I mean, what do you mean? That’s none of your. . .” Jason stopped when he realized he had already answered her question. He took three deep breaths to clear his head somewhat. “What are you doing here?”

“I told you I followed you here.”

“But what’s, but why? Oh geez?”

“Okay, let’s start over. Here, Jason, sit right here on this rock. Take a minute to get yourself together. Don’t talk. Don’t ask questions. Just sit there for a few minutes.”

He sat. He waited. Questions whirled through his head, but his colossal embarrassment finally subsided somewhat. He started to speak. She stopped him with a finger across his lips.

“Don’t speak. Listen. About three weeks ago I saw you in class. You were so good-looking with your bright red hair and those bedroom eyes. I remember you tried to speak to me. But you couldn’t. It was then I realized how shy you were. I logged in the school computer to get the 411 on you. That’s when I discovered that you were some kind of genius, only eighteen. You were so shy, so uncomfortable around women. I figured you couldn’t be the kind of asshole I usually end up with.”

“But I. . .”

“Shush before I change my mind. So on that day, the one when you found it so hard to talk to me. That is the day I decided.” She pauses a long time. Waits. “Aren’t you gonna ask what I decided?”

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to talk.”

“See what I mean? You are so perfect!”

“Okay. Decided what?”

“That was the very moment I decided to fuck you.”


Laurel laughs outright, big peals of genuine laughter. Jason, of course, blushes crimson once again.

“Well, are you gonna kiss me or not?”

“No. I mean, yes, I mean. . . Darn it! Are you gonna tell me what’s goin’ on or not?”

“Okay. For somebody so smart, you sure can be really stupid about some things. I saw you in class there, for like a month. I was impressed. Not only did you always have the right answer, but your explanations were always so concise and easy to understand. You make Medieval times easy to understand. And that ain’t easy. Plus, you are so good looking. All that red hair. I can’t look at that flaming head of yours without wondering if your other hair, you know, down there, is as red. I looked deep in your eyes and they beam with intelligence and empathy. I decided I wanted to meet you, to get to know you. I tried to send you body messages, eye messages. I even saw that they were working, getting you interested, but your own shyness kept you from acting, you were so shut down. I was about ready to ask you out on a date. But then you came up to me and were so shy, so uptight, I sensed there was no way to get Escort Kumköy through. So I set up a plan. Basically, I started stalking you. I have followed you into the woods five times now. Somehow I never thought the time was just right. That is until today. I finally caught you with your pants down, so to speak.” She giggles.

“You aren’t ashamed to even be with me?”

“Why should I be ashamed? I didn’t do anything except follow you here and watch you. Besides, it was nice to see you have some interest in sex. For a little while I thought you might be sexless.”

“Me? Sexless? Hah! If people only knew.”

“Apparently so,” Laurel says, pointing over his shoulder.

“No well, that was just a. . . a . . . accident. I just happened to. . .”

“It doesn’t matter at all Jason. Forget it. Just kiss me.”

“But I. . .”

“Jeez,” she says, stepping forward and planting her lips on his.

He has never done this before. He throws his arms around her and crushes her to him. His hand closes roughly around her breast. “Laurel,” he breathes, “Laurel.”

“Ho Ho, easy tiger,” She laughs. “Slow down a bit. Don’t you have any speeds but off and fast? Here, take my hand and walk me back to campus. Do you have a room? You know, a place where we can go?”

“Well, gee, hum, I suppose I could ask my roommate to, well, but then he would know that you, that we, uh. . . I don’t know.”

“That’s okay. Hold on a minute.” She pulls out her cell, dials with one hand, still holding his with the other. “Hello? Oh Charlene. I’m glad I got you. Listen do you think you could let me have the room for a couple hours?” She looks over at Jason whose eyes are wide. “How about for the whole night. Do you think you could. . . Oh really? Oh that would be great Charlene. Yup. Yes, I finally got him. I think. Thanks, I might need it. Great Charl, I owe ya one. Yeah, call me in the morning before ya come back, ‘k. Love ya, bye.”

“That was my roommate Charlene. You heard? She’s gonna disappear for the night so we can have the room. So whad’ya think? You wanna spend the night? Or you got something better to do than be with me?”

No immediate answer is forthcoming.

“Well, come on, speak up?”

“L, L, L… Laurel. I would be happy to, to, to, … b, b, be with you.”

“Good, now kiss me again.”

This time Jason moves slowly, puts his arms around her and draws her close, turns his face so they don’t bump noses. and presses his lips firmly on hers. Her lips are firm and moist and warm. She responds appropriately, warmly, runs her arm around his waist and draws him against her, continues the kiss. Instantly, Jason is uncomfortably hard. Her breasts against his chest, her hips tight against him, against his hardness, overwhelm him and he nearly swoons.

She breaks the kiss, turns and takes his hand again. He almost stumbles at the start, but soon they are walking together, their joined hands swinging forward and back between them in rhythm to their steps. The walk to her dorm takes about fifteen minutes. As they walk, Jason is mostly silent, listening. He is afraid if he speaks, the dream will be shattered and she will disappear.

Laurel, on the other hand is lively, talkative, chattering on about this and that, commenting on the simple things they pass. Under the brash exterior, she is apprehensive. She has never been so forward with a boy. She hopes this is not all a big mistake. “Well,” she says to herself, “lord knows when it comes to men I have made some lulus.” She doesn’t see a way, even if Jason doesn’t work out, that he could be as bad as Michael, the friggin’ jerk who hit her, ONCE, or Jack, who pawned all of her stuff to go off with that blonde waitress.

“See that? That park bench over there? That’s where I lost my virginity,” she blusters, trying to seem more in command.

Jason can only bring himself to comment, “Oh?”

“Terrible,” she says. Jerk came in about five seconds and left me panting. He was done for the night. I said to myself. ‘Is this all there is?’ Next day, he didn’t see any problem, thought he’d been to heaven. I called him and dumped him over the phone.”

Her talk of another guy with her, in her, no matter how unsatisfactorily, makes Jason slightly angry, destroys his hard-on. He stops. “You gonna talk about other guys the whole time we are together?” Jason quips.

“No I. . . I’m sorry Jason, I’m a little nervous.”

“You’re nervous?”

“I’m sorry, really I am. I always talk too much. Everybody says so. You can ask Charlene.”

They have been standing face to face, paused in their jouney to hell or paradise. Jason can barely breathe thinking of what may come next. His hardness returns. “Laurel,” he says, his voice halting, but suddenly deep, “You take my breath away.”

“Huh?” she says, not very romantically.

“You are so, so incredibly beautiful.”

“Oh, there it is,” she says, pointing to her dorm.

Though holding Laurel’s hand is nearly enough to make him come,Jason’s erection has by now partially subsided. He is mostly able to think and speak rationally, but is completely taken aback by the ease with which she has referred to her deflowering. He wonders if he will ever have the ease and comfort with things sexual that Laurel displays.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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