Witch’s Journal Ch. 03

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So, dear reader, here I am, four inches tall, naked, slick with both Becka’s and Jeremy’s sex fluids, sitting on my roommate’s lower tummy just below her belly button. And she is looking right at me.

Jeremy, unsurprisingly, excuses himself to go clean up and leaves Becka and I alone in my bedroom, Becka just having been pounded for all she was worth.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve often imagined something similar to this, usually during my more intense self-gratification sessions. Me, tiny sitting with my giant roommate, both of us naked and turned on, her using her giant fingers on my teeny tiny body.

We sit, for some time, looking at one another before she finally is able to vocalize her thoughts.

“So… Erin… want to fill me in?” Becka’s voice is slightly tremulous, lending a tension to the conversation. “But… I need to get cleaned up and so… um, why don’t you tell me on the way to the bath.”

I mean, she’s not ever had any issue with nakedness around me before, but also it wasn’t right after sex and I’m sure she’s running back through that whole scene in her head while she’s trying to grasp how I’m this tiny little doll sitting on her tummy.

“Can I pick you up?”

I nod as she gently scoops my itty bitty body up into her hands and transfers me to her left palm, where I sit, cross-legged looking up at her with red cheeks and embarrassed eyes. She carries me to the bathroom, moving slowly and gently and we can already hear Jeremy starting to snore in her bedroom.

She starts the water running despite having taken a shower just a little while ago, all while holding me in her left hand, palm open. While the water is running and the steam is filling up the bathroom I gird myself and explain everything. The shrinking, the sneaking in to watch her masturbate, the watching them have sex, my crush on her.

All of it. I bare my soul and am ready to accept responsibility for my actions. I like to thinkI did so eloquently but, dear reader, we both know that it was not.

She listens, turns off the water and climbs in, slowly lowering me into the water where I swim around a bit, the warm water washing away my coating of their sex. It’s a weird sensation, something I’ve not ever tried before, swimming in the bathtub. I can feel the ebb and flow of her movements in the water beneath me, her body a gigantic seascape submerged beneath me.

She guides me to one of her huge, floating breasts and helps me sit atop it so she can see me and talk. The flesh is warm beneath my bare bottom as I resume my cross-legged position and despite all the rubbing my little pussy has received, I can’t help but feel the twinge and twitter of some low-key arousal. I mean, come on, I’m within reach of her gigantic nipple and the scent of her strawberry lotion mingled with their sex is faint, but present. I know I have a couple travesti istanbul hours left before I return to my normal size, so I am something of a captive audience.

She looks at me for a while, and I get more and more self-conscious under her gaze. Finally, though, she speaks. “Well, I mean, you shouldn’t have been spying on me. For real, all you had to do was tell me how you felt. We could have been hooking up this whole time.”

The grin on her face hinted at mischief. “I’m sorry Becka, I really am. I should have… wait… hooking up?” My tiny voice literally squeaked as my brain caught up with my mouth. “You mean…”

“Um… duh, Erin. Why do you think I found reasons to be naked around you?” She smiles down at me and my little heart melts.

“I just thought it was because you were very comfortable with your own body and sexuality… way more than me.” My cheeks flush even more and I turn my gaze down toward my knees.

“Well, I am, but also, I’ve always thought you were cute… and you never really acted on anything or told me anything, so I eventually assumed you weren’t into me… even though I knew you were into girls as well as guys.”

I look up at her, those huge blue eyes sparkling down at me. “For real I’ve thought you were hot since we met. I’ve fantasized about you, touched myself with thoughts of you…”

The dynamic changes and the talking stops. I can feel her heart rate increasing beneath my bare bottom. She sits up, easing her back against the cool tiles of the tub wall. She scoops my miniature body into her palm and I tumble into it, landing on my back.

Her examination of me also changes, her gaze focuses between my tiny little legs. Her giant finger slides between them, and I look up at her, from her palm, propping myself up on my elbows in her hand. My dream, dear readers, is coming true.

I spread my legs open for her, slowly as we don’t exchange words, Her huge fingertip, warm and wet from the water reaches my puffy little pussy and I raise my hips slightly to greet it. It is, the most amazing feeling. Watching her giant face watching me, feeling the impossibly big fingertip force my thighs open and rub up and down against my slit. I. Am. In. Heaven.

I moan out softly as she rubs, watching me. I’m helpless in her palm as she uses her giant fingertip to masturbate me. I lean back down in her palm, reaching out with my hands to grab the giant finger. I wrap my legs around it and full on hump her fingertip, feeling the ridges of her skin more prominently given my size. My pussy is tender but sopping wet and my heart is racing.

She stops moving it and lets me grind my itty bitty pussy against that huge finger. My moans increase, her blue-eyed gaze alight with interest and lust.

What a sight this must be, dear reader. This sexy, buxom woman holding a tiny istanbul travestileri little woman in her palm who is fucking her finger with abandon. I’ve masturbated to such images more times than I can count and if only this journal could translate images, you would be in for a treat. You will just have to make due with how it’s described.

“Fuck… Becka… you’re soooo big… you’re finger… gonna make me…” I squeak out as I pick up the pace and my movements in her palm become frantic as I near the summit of my orgasmic hill.

“Oh my god Erin… this is so fucking hot… you’re so tiny… in my hand… getting off on my finger… like my own little sexy Polly Pocket… cum for me little dolly… cum all over my giant finger… show me how much you like being tiny for me.” Her voice is breathless, a lust-filled whisper as I start to shudder in her palm.

“CUMMING!!!!!” My tiny voice squeaks out as I cum, hard, against her finger, my pussy spasming and my thighs clenching around her finger. I thrust my pussy up, hard against it as the waves of pleasure course through me. I try to keep my eyes open and on her but I can’t help but close them in ecstasy, the image of her giant gaze watching me fuck her fingertip forever burned into my memory.

We sit there in the bath, motionless except for our breathing as my body comes back down from that tremendous orgasm. “Erin… that was… sooo hot… I want to… do that again.”

Without waiting for a response she starts sliding that giant fingertip up and down again and I’m literally helpless to stop it. I can barely move, yet she continues and I am a slave to my own desires. She rubs and I moan and my pussy is a hot, wet, mess, overstimulated but I don’t even care anymore. I know I’m going to be raw but this is… just too much of a dream come true to stop it.

I writhe in her palm as she watches me, rubs me, teases my itty bitty body with her fingers and thumb. I feel her caressing my tiny breasts, my miniscule nipples barely pinpoints to her touch. It electrifies me and I can do nothing but let my giant roommate pleasure me in her palm.

She giggles every time I cum, and after four I have to have her stop. I can barely catch my breath and I wave her to stop, and she does.

“Oh… Becka… I’m… I can’t… too much… but… I love it.” I pant from her palm as she slides back down in the water.

“That was… like the hottest thing ever…” She lays me on her breast and I see her fingers lazily slide between her own legs, gently teasing herself as I recline, catching my breath.

We lay like that for a time and once I’ve recovered, my breath at least, I see that she’s still lightly teasing herself.

“Becka… If you let the water out of the tub… I’ll gladly go down there and replace your fingers…” I am shocked by my own boldness as istanbul travesti she is and she instantly leans forward to release the plunger and the water starts to drain out.

I roll over on her breast so my bare bottom is up facing her and I reach and start tugging and playing with her nipple, which is the size of my head. I feel it harden in my tiny hands, and she starts to moan.

I stroke it with both hands like it were a massive cock and it clearly turns her on. Damn, her moans are getting me all atwitter again, but this isn’t about my pleasure. Now it’s about hers.

I rub and tug as I glance and see that the water is sliding past her tummy. I, too, then decided to get to further work and slid down her tummy as well. Her whole body trembled as my movements both surprised and tickled her.

That is until I splashed down between her legs, which she graciously opened wider for me, and before me, in all its splendid glory, was her enormous, slick, swollen pussy. Her clit was red and engorged, her lips were puffy and pink, clearly a bit raw from the pounding she took earlier.

My tiny hands rubbed them, up and down and she shuddered again. I looked up and it was an amazing sight. Her giant body extending up past my field of view, seeing her looking down at me over her huge, hard nipple tipped breasts, as I labored between her legs to pleasure her giant pussy.

“Mmmm… holy fuck Erin… your tiny hands…” her moans reverberate through the bathroom as I rub her lips, feeling her slickness coat my hands and arms. I reach up, wrap my hands as much as I can around her clit, but it’s slick and my sudden touch causes her to gasp and jolt.

“Oh FUCK” She yelps as I then continue to grip and rub and massage that swollen, sensitive, thick nub, easily the size of a basketball to me.

“Oh… my… god… this is… soooo… mmmmm fucking good… please… don’t stop… little dolly…”

I rub and press my whole body against her wet slit, her giant pussy hungry and wanting to just devour me. I can see her hole start to clench and close, slick with arousal. I give it all I’ve got, rubbing and sliding and pressing, using my whole little four inch body to pleasure her giant pussy and without ever entering her, she moans out loud in orgasmic pleasure.

The walls that are her gigantic thighs shake and close around me and her hips and pussy writhe up and down, taking me with them as I cling to her clit the best I can, though it slips out of my grasp and I’m then used as a toy against her giant, spasming pussy.

She relaxes, eventually, and her legs open and we are both there, panting and wet and slick and dazed with a lustful pleasure fulfilled.

She reaches down, plucks me from between her legs and places me between her breasts, her pounding heart felt by my teeny naked body nestled there. She fills the tub with warm water again and we relax and I honestly think we both doze off for a few minutes anyway.

I open my eyes to see her holding me in her palm again, smiling as the water drains out one more time.

“So… do you think you could… shrink me?”

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