With Neighborhood Wife And Daughter – Part 1

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With Neighborhood Wife And Daughter – Part 1With Neighborhood Wife And Daughter – Part 1 2

So let me begin. I was a working professional who used to work mostly on the night shift and rest during the day. I was staying alone in a 2 BHK flat. I loved a big house because I used to have friends over to the party. I used to have frequent parties at my place and a lot of friends used to come over.

My salary is about 3 lakhs per month and I used to have leftover 1.5 lakhs every month after all commitments and used to party hard with that money. I had to work 20 days in a month and I had 10 more days left to do whatever I wanted to.

For 5 days I used to have my friends over and for 3 days I used to have high profile wives coming over for keeping my sexual fantasies alive. I used to invite beautiful ladies through my trusted broker. These ladies were no prostitutes but they were legit housewives with k**s and husbands, and sometimes widows with k**s.

They used to work in decent companies and used to earn extra cash because they had fantasies of cheating or low sex lives with husband. They had enough money in life but no good sex lives. So I used to date these women once a week.

That being said let me talk about my neighbors. They were 4 people in their family – husband (Francis), 39 years old, who was a pilot and was out of the house a lot; daughter (Ranjini) 19 years old who was in college doing her 12th; wife (Sudha), 37 years old housewife and Sudha’s brother in law (Kiran) 30 years old, who was working as a bouncer.

The ladies in the house were sex bombs. Sudha was 34-28-38. Her daughter was 32-26-34. Both mother and daughter were catchy to the eyes. Sudha used to wear salwar on leggings exposing her fleshy thighs and I’ve seen Ranjini wearing her school skirt and white shirt exposing her naked thighs.

As I was a horny party freak, I used to have married aunties to my house every weekend to have erotic sessions. One day both Sudha and Ranjini saw me taking a hot milf to my house in the night. They didn’t bother much but I was sure that they must have gotten an idea why that lady was here.

In the morning when she left both the ladies saw here leave along with Kiran, (Sudha’s brother in law). That afternoon I heard a knock and when I opened the door I saw Kiran standing there with his boxers and a t-shirt. I asked him if I could help him with something. He said.

Kiran: Bro if u don’t mind I saw you with a lady today morning and I knew what you were up to. So I wondering if I could borrow a couple of condoms from you.?
Me: Sure bro. Enjoy. I guess your sister in law and her daughter are out today. Enjoy your day.
Kiran: Ya they are all out dude.

I gave him a pack of three dotted condoms. Later in the day, I saw Ranjini was back and was the ringing the bell of her house but nobody opened the door. She was standing there for almost about 15 minutes. I realized that Kiran was in there with his whore and can’t sneak her out because Ranjini was there.

So to help the poor boy I thought I’ll distract Ranjini. I went out and asked her if everything is alright. She said.

Ranjini: Ya I think my mom or mama must be inside. I don’t know why they are not opening the door.

Only then I started getting a doubt that Kiran and Sudha must be up to something. But I didn’t want Ranjini to get a wrong idea. So I told her that I saw her mum go out somewhere and also Kiran leaving after that and there must be no one in the house.

I asked her to wait at my house till they reach. She said ok and walked in. I totally forgot that I had forgotten to throw the unused condoms fallen on the floor. She saw it and acted as if she didn’t see that and sat on the couch. I also acted as if she didn’t see, and picked the condom and threw it in the dustbin.

While she was sitting on the sofa with her skirt, I could see her fleshy thighs and got a glimpse under her skirt too. She saw me seeing and adjusted herself. I didn’t have any intention for her as she was a young girl. I turned on the TV and asked her to watch what she wanted.

She turned on HBO and the movie ‘Unfaithful’ (where the wife has sex with another guy cheating on husband) was going on. The scenes were erotic and she was stuck on to it. The only thing stuck in my head was if Sudha was banging her brother in law Kiran.

After half an hour Ranjini went and rand the bell again. The door was opened by Kiran he just opened the door halfway and peeped out. He saw Ranjini and called her in. I was confused as to what was happening. How could he let Ranjini in if he was doing something kinky, especially if it was her mom?

But Ranjini also had the right assets with a fair skin tone and her short skirt made her look all the sexier too. After an hour Kiran was back knocking on my door. I asked him what was it this time and he told that he wanted some more condoms. I said.

Me: Dude Ranjini is in there. What if she gets to know about it?
Kiran: Dude I’ve taken 2 pills of ecstasy and so horny now I don’t care if she is there or not. In fact the lady I m banging also wants Ranjini involved in it.
Me: What if her mom Sudha comes back?

Kiran: She won’t come back don’t worry about it. Please pass the condoms if you have some.
Me: Lol. You horny bastard. (and gave him 2 packs of three pieces.)
Kiran: Dude thanks, man.

And in a hurry, he went in forgetting to lock the front door. I saw that but didn’t bother. But at last, I was curious about what he was doing or whom he was banging. So I thought I ‘ll just take a sneak peek in.

So I tiptoed towards the door and through a small opening, I could see on the couch a lady with a saree and another guy which was obviously Kiran. Diagonally I could get a small view of porn on the TV. I needed to know who was the lady with Kiran but I couldn’t do so, because if I opened the door even a little bit more they could see me.

So I decided to quit and go to my room. In the evening I heard their door open and there was another knock on the door. I thought it was Kiran again and I this time I just had one three-piece pack with me. So I just took one piece and headed towards my door with it in my hand.

As soon as I opened the door holding my hand forward with the condoms and said, “I just have one piece with me now and I need to buy more.” But that was not Kiran it was Ranjini wearing a white top and her skirt was still on. I was shocked and I said.

Me: Oh I m sorry Ranjini. I thought it was your uncle Kiran.
Ranjini: That’s alright Anto. Pardon my uncle he is a little pervy. I just came to check if I can borrow some hot water for a bath as our geyser is screwed up.
Me: Sure. Why do you want to take the water? You can take a bath here. (no intentions yet)

Ranjini: Oh it’s not for me. It’s for my mom (Sudha).
Me: That’s ok you all can take a bath here. I maintain my bathroom and I have a bathtub too with warm water.
Ranjini: Woww. Can I see it.?
Me: Sure. Please be my guest.

Ranjini walked into the place to see the bathtub and asked if she could take a pic to show it to her mum and Kiran. I said alright. She did take a pic and left.

For a long time, I had feelings for Sudha seeing her perfectly straight boobies and her bulging out ass and her curvy tummy. And I always wanted to see them naked. So I decided to place a camera in the bathroom. Luckily I had a spy pen camera that I had ordered. I placed it in a perfect position so that she couldn’t see it but it was a perfect angle to watch her take bath.

In 5 minutes all three – Sudha, Ranjini, and Kiran came to my house and thanked me for letting them use my house to take bath. Kiran gave me a thumbs up for the condoms.

But for my screwed up luck, I had arranged a meeting today with a neighborhood mom (Nalini) by my broker. She came in there and she was shocked to see all of them.

to be continu…..

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