Woodland Adventure

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Stacy had scoped out a remote cabin in the woods of the Midwest for their next short get-away. When they got to the two-bedroom cabin, her boyfriend Cole could see that she’d been shopping. He pointed to the boxes in the back of her car.

“What’s in back?” Cole asked.

“Oh, probably way more food than we’ll need and not enough wine. ” Stacy laughed.

After unpacking, they decided to head out for a walk along one of the nearby trails. The weather was cool but the sun was warm on their faces, so they only took light jackets along.

It was late afternoon, when they got back to the cabin, so Cole opened a bottle of wine. Even though they had what seemed like lots of time, Stacy’s body was calling for Cole’s.

After some light conversation Stacy sat on Cole’s lap and straddled him. Setting their glasses down, they began to kiss lightly at first smiling, and then more passionately. Before things get too heated up there is a knock at the door.

‘Who the hell is here?’ Cole said almost panicked. Stacy smiled.

‘I’ve ordered in-room massages from resort management for us. Bet you weren’t expecting that one’, she giggled, pleased with herself.

When the masseurs left, they headed to the hot tub with more wine. Cole began to explore Stacy’s body as he sipped his wine. She moved closer was Cole fondled and kissed her tits. He suckled at her nipples, pulling gently on one while he slowly pinched the other.

‘Mmh’ Stacy moaned softly. She ran her hands through his hair and kissed his forehead. Then she ran her hands through his chesthair and gave his nipples some attention as well.

Cole put his hand between her legs and stroked her cleanly shaved pussy lips. Stacy moaned again and kissed his neck. He slid his finger inside her and she gasped.

‘It’s been so long since…, ‘ she started. He knew just how to rub her and dance with her and his rhythm set off more moans from her. She began to moan louder and squeeze Cole’s shoulders. He could tell from the look in her eyes and the tightening of her pussy when to give her more and when to slow. He moved slowly and kept inserting and withdrawing fingers he slid into her. Her hips increased their rhythm and he could feel her pussy tighten with each orgasm.

‘White flag,’ Stacy sighed, remembering their code word, some time, ‘I need a break to catch my breath. Whew!!’

Cole gave her a lingering kiss before helping her out of the hot tub. They dried themselves, dressed and went to the kitchen to start dinner.

‘Oh, I’m starving, ‘ said Stacy.

‘You’re worked up an appetite. ‘ Cole smiled.

‘You make the Bruschetta and the salad, and I’ll do the rolls while the chicken marinates,’ Stacy said as she took out italian pepperoni and cheese to stuff the rolls.

After dinner, they lay out a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fire.

‘Hmm, that was great,’ Stacy sighed. Cole slowly began to peel off T-shirt and jeans. Underneath, he found that she had slipped into a lacy light blue silky camisole and matching open crotch panties.

‘But this is much nicer,’ he said, his smile a mile wide.

Stacy slid her silk-clad body over Cole as she kissed her way down and unbuttoned his jeans. She began to kiss his growing cock. Long tongue licks along the sides. Then she took his growing hard cock and brushed it over her silky top and across her tits then down her panties. He watched, intrigued.

She sat up and, while stroking him, slid her hand inside her panties.

‘Oh yeah, baby,’ Cole moaned as he watched her. She could feel him growing harder. Stacy smiled and continued to dance on her fingers while stroking Cole.

‘More. oooohhh so hot,’ Cole moaned as Stacy bent to kiss and lick his now rock-hard, aching cock. She took him Mamak Escort into her mouth and the warmth and wetness drove Cole crazy.

‘You’re driving me nuts,’ he groaned as her tongue circled the head of his cock. She slowly pulled on his dick as she sucked on him. Her head bobbed slowly up and down as Cole guided her movements while running his hands through her soft curly hair.

‘I like the way your tongue French kisses the head of my dick. Could you…?’ he whispered. She released her mouth to fulfill his wish. He moaned and she looks up and smiles.

‘Suck down on me,’ he said, keeping his cock deep in her mouth ‘and work that tongue magic.’ She obeyed and he moaned louder. She felt pleased,as knews this sound oh too well.

He pulled her hips to him and whisked off her panties to watch her finger “dances”. Cole gently rubbed the inside of her thigh as he watched her play. His finger join hers as she started to stroke his balls.

‘Hmm,’ Stacy moaned as Cole fingered her pussy and pushed his fingers inside to explore her warmth.

‘That feels so good,’ Cole said, as Stacy kept on sucking. ‘Ooh, but I’m not ready to cum yet.’

Her hips started the familiar movement as Cole stroked and moved with her. He lay Stacy down so that he could look into her eyes. He started kissing his way down her body. Her face, then on to her cheeks and down her neck. At her breasts, he paused to enjoy and suckle at their fullness. As his lips moved down her body, his hands were trailing a path ahead, exploring her soft skin.

He nudged her legs apart, kissing the outside of her smooth shaven entrance, and then the inside of her thighs. His lips traced over the fullness of her bare pussy lips.

‘I think I just saw stars!’ Stacy moaned loudly and exhaled deeply. Cole, electrified by her reaction, drove his tongue faster over her clit, sucking and pulling on her. Her breathing got deeper and heavy with each orgasm that racked her petite frame.

‘oooh,’ she said, ‘yessss, ooohhh this feels ssooo goooddd. Don’t stop……ooohhh.’ Her stomach rolled like waves in the ocean, as her muscles tightened and relaxed with each orgasm.

Cole moved in with something new he had wanted to try on her. As he licked her, he slowly worked his finger into her ass. She tensed up.

“Just relax, relax, trust me,” he said. ” Yes, like that.”

She was skeptical but he was right. This dance was different and yet exciting. It’s amazing, she thought, that he senses what to do and when to do it. Her body responded accordingly.

When Stacy had regained some composure, she sat up. It was just enough to turn herself over on to her hands and knees and no words were needed. Cole slid his dick home into her warm and waiting pussy.

They both moaned at the first contact. She trembled when he pulled out and pushed back in. All that could be heard was their ragged breathing as he increased his tempo, each thrust becoming more intense. He loved the feeling of her tightness milking him each time she reached her peak. He loved the warmth and wetness surrounding his cock. He loved the feeling of his balls hitting her soft ass. He smiled.

“Oooooohhhhh,” Stacy whispered, strugglling to find her voice, “Yes, yesssss, ooooohhhhhh G— yes.” He joined her in her climax, as they collapsed together onto the rug. Cole pulled himself out of her and lay beside her, his arms wrapped snugly around her waist.

Stacy lay on her stomach panting. After a quiet moment she giggled.

“More wine?”


Day 2: After morning showers breakfast is served up. The agenda for today is to tour a winery nearby with an afternoon lunch there and wine sampling to accompany it. Fun fun fun!!!!

The day Masaj Yapan Escort was fantastic!! The owners of the winery were friendly and lunch and the sampling of wine was enjoyable. Upon returning to the cabin from their daily excursion Cole and Stacy decide to take a walk with a blanket in hand and find a quiet place by the manmade lake not too far from the cabin. It is unseasonable warm and jackets are left behind. The blanket is laid out and both stretch out to enjoy the sun. Some light conversation is made but before you know it the days travels and wine have them both crashed out cold.

Stacy awakens first and gently touches Cole’s leg. He stirs some but doesn’t come completely awake. Stacy gets bolder and runs her hand over Cole’s thigh and over his crotch. Yeah, now he’s awake!!! He looks over and smiles rubbing his eyes to focus. She is leaning on her side and scoots up to kiss him. Her hand continues to explore the outside of his Dockers and he’s not stopping her. She kisses him again and this time her hand slips inside. He wiggles some but she can tell by his semi hardness he is enjoying it. She tells Cole to get up and he quickly rises to his feet.

She begins to unbuckle his pants and pulls them down along with his undies!!! She is on her knees and gently caresses his balls in her hands and says what should I do? Cole grins, “Yeah like I need to tell you.” But he plays along and says, “Kiss my cock!” Stacy gives it a quick one on the side of his dick. He says, “That’s not a kiss. Kiss it all over. ” She smiles and begins to kiss his now rising member more. All over, up and down then stops after a while. She looks up again and smiles. Now Cole is getting the picture…. ha ha ……..”Kiss it again,” he says and so she does. Only this time while she is kissing he tells her to lick him.

She does………….all over. Taking longer, wetter, strokes with her tongue over the head of his now hard man stick. As her tongue brushes the top of his dick he says,” Suck on me now!!” Stacy obeys and takes his rock hard cock in her mouth. Cole nearly falls over at the sensation of her mouth as it engulfs half of him and disappears inside her warm lips……..whew…

He could hang nine donuts now!!! As she continues to suck on him she pulls back so that her tongue can continue to work its delightful sensations on him. He is moaning and telling her how good it feels. Again he takes her head in his hands so he can run his fingers through her hair. As if on cue her head begins to move forward and back. Pausing at moments to release his dick from the grips of her lips and have her tongue dance on the outside. Cole tells her to suck him again only this time his voice is slightly raspy.

When Stacy looks up she sees his eyes are momentarily closed as he takes in the sensations. Stacy then tells him to lie down on the blanket and as she take his throbbing cock back her mouth her other hand is exploring his ass. She wets a finger with her mouth and then lets it slowly penetrate his ass. She is looking up at him to see his surprised yet excited reaction. His mouth is gaped open and she returns her lips to suck on him more. Her finger enter further until it is slowly stroking his prostrate in a come here motion.

He gives out a moan that she has never heard before!!! Cole then begins to move her head forward and back with increased speed and moans that he is going to cum and just as the words are said he explodes in her mouth!!!!!!!! Whoosh. Stacy swallows rapidly so as not to lose anything that may escape. OMG is all Cole can muster at that moment. Stacy wipes her mouth off and Cole lays they spent. Eventually pulls his pants up. He helps Stacy to her feet and pulls her to him and gives her a Moldovyalı Escort hug. She hugs him back as well. He whispers…. you are unbelievably special. Your turn is next after dinner.

Dinner is grilled tuna, cooked baby potatoes, carrots, diced vine-ripened tomatoes, broccoli, fresh basil, and sweet onion. Stir-fry with a little Italian dressing, and a salad. Dessert, yep vanilla ice cream.

Stacy and Cole then decide to watch a little tv and chill out for a while. She leaves the room for a bit and unbeknown to her Cole has packed an adult movie. When Stacy returns she figures it’s just something on tv until the images change and the girls begin to kiss each other. Cole looks over at her for her reaction. She says.” This was on tv? ” Cole just grins. “You devil!!” and she laughs. Of course as the movie progresses she is getting hornier by the minute.

This time Cole takes the lead and begins to move his hand up her shirt. She sits watching the movie while enjoying him play with her nipples which are now hard as candy. He lifts her shirt up, no bra. His hand lifts one of her breast to his mouth and sucks on her nipple. She leans back and runs her hands through his hair. He then lifts her shirt off and continues. She moans and says how good it feels………..Cole then takes her by the hand and they move to the bedroom where he continues to undress her. He guides her body to the bed and has her lay down on her back. Cole then undresses and climbs in next to her and says he brought a friend.

Yep, let me introduce you to Mr. Buzzy. ha ha She looks down at the large rabbit vibrator with a smile and gleam in her eye. First, he caresses her body. His hands glide over her arms, then her breasts, down her flat tummy. He moves over her legs and then thighs. She parts her legs to inviting him to explore there as well. His hand moves over her smooth pussy and he leans over to kiss her. Before Mr. Buzzy will appear Cole slides down to kiss her nakedness between her legs. She loves this feeling!!!!!!! He then pulls her legs apart without effort and kisses and licks her inside. OOOhhhhh holy shit this feels greeeaaatttt!

She loves the feeling of his tongue plunging into her….ha ha she is once again transformed and her breathing and moaning know no bounds. She calls out to Cole not to stop…….ooohhh how sensational it feels…….with each ooohhh that escapes from her he knows and understands the pleasure she is feeling. Before she knows it she feels another sensation has begun while he continues to kiss and suck on her. Mr. Buzzy has taken the place of his lips.

Cole has it gently rub the outside of her pussy lips and then uses his fingers to part her lips and teases the outside of her with this toy. She moans softly. Cole then slides this toy cock inside her slightly and the dance begins. Stacy is now going crazy!!! Cole then moves up alongside of her leaning on his elbow watching her reaction. She enjoys each stroke he is making while she pinches her nipples. Her hips are in a slow rhythm with Cole’s hand. She loves looking at him and feeling the orgasm build. As he looks into her eyes he sees them flutter and her lips begin to quiver and she can take it no longer and moans a howling moan Cole has never heard before!!!

He leans forward and kisses her passionately which only momentarily quiets her. She throws her head back and then reaches up to take his face and pulls it to hers gasping and whispers what an incredible lover he is……..ooohhh she pulls him toward her and Cole wants what Mr. Buzzy has……..He replaces Mr. Buzzy with his own dick and slides so easily into Stacy because her pussy is wet with her own juices. Her muscles tighten at the sensation and she quivers and lets out another moan with him as he begins moving his hips with hers. oohhh OMG…She wraps her legs around him. They continue until both cum at the same time and yes, collapse side by side. Whew!!

The drive back home is filled with light banter and quiet moments just listening to music. What a relaxing get away that neither will soon forget. What will be next? Golfing in Barbados!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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