Working at the Sperm Bank Ch. 06

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Dr. Adams had stopped by Emma’s desk, and asked her to schedule a meeting with him as soon as possible. When she had asked him why, he told her they were looking to hire another sperm collector and that she might be just the right woman for the job. They set up a meeting in his office for tomorrow at noon.

Emma called Alyssa the first thing she did when she got home. She knew Alyssa would be on vacation, but hoped she would somehow answer her work phone anyway. Not surprising, there was no answer. She would have to figure this out herself.

Emma had broken up with her boyfriend just a few days ago, when she found out he had been cheating on her for a number of months. She was still a bit of a wreck emotionally, and hoped some sex would help her get over him. Considering that, this job would be perfect for her.

Emma was a bit of a prude, and wasn’t sure if she could manage a day job forcing her to swallow cum five days a week. At her boyfriend’s request, she had gotten a boob job last year. Previously an A cup, Emma’s boyfriend had asked her to at least go up to a D, which she did. Her ass was nothing special, but her big breasts on such a tall and slender body would easily compensate for that. Men stared at her cleavage a lot, but Emma was always loyal to her partner. But now, things changed.

The time for her interview had come. She had stayed up way too long last night, contemplating what to do. After hours and hours of thinking, Emma decided she could at least try the new position for a while. Worst case scenario, she would go back to good old internship.

Emma was dressed in a white blouse, a black blazer and dark blue jeans. She was wearing a pair of white sandal heels, and had tied her long, brunette hair in a neat ponytail. Emma didn’t have to knock, and Dr. Adams opened the door as soon as she arrived.

“Emma! Please, step inside,” he said and held the door open.

She sat down in the chair opposite his, in front of his computer. He joined her on the other side.

“Since you two seem to be good friends, I take it you know about Alyssa’s special assignment?” he asked.

Emma nodded.

“Good,” he said. “Then I won’t bore you with details. Why I asked you to come talk to me, is because we’ve streamlined the production of both the Modifier and S-Extractor enough to distribute it to yet another employee.”


“I see great potential in the work you’ve done for us so far, and I think this would give your career at the company a push forward.”

“Sounds fair.”

“Now, I’d just like to ask you a few questions. They may seem a bit personal in nature, but çankaya escort your answers will show if you really are our best fit for the job.”

“Go ahead,” Emma said.

“Do you have any STDs?”


“Are you able to quickly determine a man’s race and overall health?”

“Uh, I think so,” Emma said after a moment’s thought. It certainly wasn’t a question she got asked often.

“Would you be comfortable engaging in sexual intercourse with strangers?”

“At least at the moment,” she responded. On a regular day the answer would have been a simple ‘no,’ but Emma hoped some cock would keep her mind off her ex.

“Perfect,” Dr. Adams said and stood up.”Now, I’d like a sample of your services.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Emma asked. She was shocked – was this an invite to sex?

“Your services,” he said and unzipped his pants. “You need to show me you’ll know what to do once we’ve installed the devices.”

Emma was starting to realize what he was after – and she liked it. She stood up and joined Dr. Adams on the other side of the desk.

“I think I’m starting to catch your drift, doc,” she said and gave him a kiss.

When she looked down, he had taken his dick out and was stroking it. Emma removed her blazer, and unbuttoned her shirt. She threw it across the room, and unclipped her bra. Her big tits dropped into view. Dr. Jones let go of his cock and grabbed her boobs instead. Emma took over, and wrapped her hands around it.

“God damn, they’re big,” he remarked.

Emma didn’t respond, and instead dropped to her knees. She took his dick inside her mouth, and began sucking it. She wanted to get this over with, and stopped when she deemed it wet

enough for her pussy.

She stood up and took her pants off, but didn’t bother with her underwear. Emma laid on her back in the desktop chair, put her legs together in the air, and pulled her panties to the side.

“Come fuck me, Dr. Adams,” she begged.

He stood in front of her, and slid his dick inside her pussy. Emma moaned in pleasure when he entered her. Dr. Adams was quickly picking up his pace, and she thought in wouldn’t be

long until he came. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them together, to give him an

unbeatable view.

After a few minutes, he pulled out and started jerking himself off.

“Fuck, Emma,” he said. “Come here and take my cum in your mouth!”

Emma knelt down in front of him, and put his dick inside her mouth. He started shooting right away. She squeezed her tits as she bobbed up and down his rod. Emma took it out keçiören escort when

she felt him going soft. She stood up, and began getting dressed again.

“Fucking hell, Emma. I think the job’s yours!”

“Thanks,” she said while catching her breath.

She didn’t bother putting on her bra, knowing her big boobs would keep their shape anyways.

“I take it there’s surgery involved?” Emma asked, when she was fully clothed.

“Correct,” Dr. Adams answered. He still hadn’t zipped his pants back up. “Let’s get you booked right away. They’ve got a slot in just over an hour, will that work?”

“That’ll be perfect.”


Three hours later, Emma’s surgery was finished. Just like Alyssa, she had been tended to by Dr. Lopez and Mia, and woken up properly. The doctor told her there was no need to try out the Modifier, as she could have Alyssa help her if she had any questions. It was obvious he was fucking the nurse, and just wanted to get her out of the room so they could get back to business. Emma didn’t mind, and drove home.

While in the car, her phone started ringing. It was Alyssa.

“Hi, Alyssa! Well, it’s not that important anymore. Dr. Adams offered me a job working alongside you, and I’ve just gotten the surgery done. Celebrating sounds like a great idea! Alright, I’ll see you at your place in thirty. Bye.”

Alyssa sounded genuinely happy for Emma’s sake. Maybe the job wouldn’t be so bad after all? Half an hour later, Emma knocked on Alyssa’s apartment door.

“Hi!” Alyssa said, and gave her a hug. “It’s so good to see you. How are you feeling? I know I was a bit dizzy after my surgery.”

“I’m fine, actually. I sometimes feel the extractor in my throat, though.”

“You’ll get used to it. Come inside, I’ve prepared shots!”

Emma stepped inside. The kitchen was one of the first rooms she saw. On the table was a bottle of Tequila and two shot glasses. Alyssa poured them a glass each.

“To the best sluts in NYC!” she toasted.

“To us,” Emma responded and clinked her glass against Alyssa’s.

They downed the shot. Emma was a bit quicker, and she set her glass down in the counter again. Alyssa was finished just a second later.

“Want another one?” she asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. She started pouring them both another round.

“Hell yeah,” Emma laughed. “Let’s get drunk!”


A few hours later, they had both lost all self-control. To Emma, the booze tasted like freedom. It took her mind of her ex, at least for the night.

“I’ve etimesgut escort got an idea,” Alyssa spluttered. “I’ll talk our bosses into renting us a beachside apartment in LA. We’ll find a bunch of hot guys on the beach, and give them a gangbang from each of us!”

The idea was totally ridiculous, but Emma was too drunk to realize.

“That’s awesome,” she responded. “You should call them right away.”

Alyssa grabbed her phone out of her pocket, and dialed Dr. Jones’ number.

“Dr. Jones? Hi, this is Alyssa and Emma.”

Emma couldn’t keep herself from snickering at the way Alyssa introduced them.

“We’ll need the company to rent us a beachside apartment in LA. No, it’s not ridiculous. We’ll be working, I promise! Just for one night. Doesn’t matter how big, but it needs to be close to the beach. Thanks, baby. I’d offer to suck your dick if you were here! Bye-bye.”

Alyssa hung up the phone and looked at Emma. They both started laughing hysterically.

“Fuck yeah, we’re going to LA!” Emma exclaimed.

“They’re getting us an apartment AND plane tickets! We’re leaving tomorrow.” Alyssa said, still laughing.

“Yeah!” Emma shouted and gave Alyssa a kiss. She had to admit, she was getting a bit turned on by the whole situation.

“You can stay the night,” Alyssa offered. “You take my bed, and I’ll take the couch.”

“How about we just share the bed? It’s big, right?” Emma said and winked at her.

“Sounds like a plan,” Alyssa responded.

They both walked over to Alyssa’s bedroom. Emma started undressing, and Alyssa followed suit. When they were both entirely naked, the laid down next to each other on the queen-size bed.

“Hey, Emma,” Alyssa said.

Emma turned over to see her staring at her chest.

“What’s up?” she responded.

“Are your boobs real?” Alyssa asked, and reached out to give them a squeeze.

“Super fake, baby!” Emma responded. As Alyssa kept squeezing her tits, she started moaning slightly. “This whole gangbang fantasy is getting me horny, Alyssa. Mind if I masturbate?”

“Only if I can help you,” she joked in response.

“By all means.”

Alyssa let go of her tits, and moved her hand down to Emma’s clit. She started rubbing it, and Emma’s previously quiet moans grew in intensity. Wanting to return the favor, she started pleasuring Alyssa in return.

Ten minutes later, Emma was about to cum. She let go of Alyssa’s clit, and instead put a few fingers inside her pussy. She curled them up into a claw, and wave after wave of pleasure struck her. Emma almost screamed from the sheer pleasure.

“Fuck, you’re hot when you cum,” Alyssa remarked when Emma had calmed down. “I guess I’ll finish myself off.”

Alyssa pleased her clit with one hand, and rubbed her nipples with the other. Just a minute after Emma, Alyssa came as well. She looked over to see that Emma had fallen asleep next to her. She decided to call it a night as well, and laid down to rest.

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