Working For My Pimp Ch. 02

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3D Porn

This is the second part of “Working For My Pimp Ch 01”. I have changed to the third person this time, in the hope this will please a broader readership. Again if you do not like a story about a prostitute, please do not read. All the characters are imaginary and are NOT minors. Please continue with your feedback – positive criticism always welcomed.


Claudia hurriedly smoothed down her short skirt and watched as Charles grinned at her embarrassment. Almost immediately four young men burst into the kitchen.

“Hi, dad” one of them said, a young good looking quite tall athletic man of 18, dressed in the uniform clothes of teenagers, jeans and t-shirt. His neatly cut brown hair and sparkling brown eyes set off a handsome, smiling face. His eyes roamed Claudia’s body appreciatively as her eyes turned to see a medium size, slightly tubby black haired young man who grinned nervously to see the “maid”, ready and waiting to serve them a meal and more. Another was a tall, lanky West Indian, who gave a broad grin, revealing well cared for white teeth, contrasting starkly with the darkness of his skin. His hair was long and rather unkempt hanging in dreadlocks like John Butler. He looked her over appreciatively, taking in her outfit and his eyes resting for a time on her cleavage and down to her legs. The fourth newcomer smiled at her, but it was not of friendliness, but of superiority, of knowledge that she was there to serve and please and that he was going to make sure he had his fun. He had cropped fair hair and piercing blue eyes, his face unshaven for about three days, stubbly and chiselled. Unlike the other two he wore beige jeans of a softer fabric and already Claudia could see there was a definite bulge in his crotch.

“How did the team do, son?” Charles asked as his son wiped his brow and looked towards the heavens.

“Fucking lost!” said the skinhead looking furious and very aggressively at Claudia.

“Well, this is Claudia, guys. She is here to serve you and give you a good time this evening and take your mind of your team’s defeat. She is not just a maid, but has been cooking you a meal which she will be serving along with drinks soon. Claudia, this is Jo, my son, whose 18th birthday was yesterday. His friends, Jake..”

the tubby youth nodded and ogled her breasts, “Deven.,”

the West Indian smiled broadly and hungrily at her,

“and Mike.” The skinhead grinned and lifted up Claudia’s short skirt revealing her nakedness underneath.

“Now that’s what I call a cunt calling out for cock,” he laughed crudely, licking his lips.

“Fuck, is that your dad’s whore?” Jake gasped, his eyes riveted to her shaved mound.

Jo looked on proudly as Charles continued softly, “Yes she is. She will make sure you all have a good time and be obedient and attentive. Bodrum Escort She is here to serve and entertain and help you all celebrate Jo’s birthday. After all he has become a man like the rest of you and men have certain needs and desires which need catering for, don’t they, bitch?” he said, turning to Claudia and kissing her full on the lips. He broke the kiss as she felt a finger sliding into her womanhood and her body twitched.

“I see you will be well appreciated this evening.” Charles smiled at her.

Mike pulled his finger and examined it in the air.

“The cunt is dripping!” he almost shouted, his face breaking into a cruel sneer.

“No wonder, seeing she dropped her panties at the doorway to greet us when we got back” Deven added, taking them from his pocket with his left hand and holding them up triumphantly, running the palm of his other hand over her mound as she gasped and bit her lip gently.

“Claudia is excited to be able to attend to your needs, gentlemen. I am training her and have decided it is time for her to learn the delights of being with and servicing several young men. She is very wet as you can see.” Charles nodded down towards her womanhood and looked at her, his eyes warning her not to tell them that he had just taken her brutally by the front door.

“Oh fuck, let the party begin,” Mike grunted hoarsely, his bulge now very obvious.

Deven slowly started rubbing his crotch and nodded at Jo, saying

“You are the birthday boy, man, you should kick off”

Jo looked somewhat taken aback and Claudia broke in quickly.

“Maybe we should go along to the bedroom after I have served you all a drink and then I can entertain you one at a time as you wish.”

She broke away to fetch them a whisky and noticed how relieved Jo looked. She realised he had probably not been with many women at all before and that probably also went for his friend Jake. The other two seemed more relaxed and she reckoned she would have to put up with some experienced action from them.

Charles turned on the TV and switched on a DVD. Suddenly a picture burst onto the big flat screen and gasps and moans issued from the loud speakers as a young blonde woman, surrounded by three young men writhed on a sofa, her young body jerking as the camera zoomed in to show her being double penetrated, yelping and groaning loudly and then the muffled moans as her mouth was plugged by the third.

“Well I don’t want to be giving you guys any ideas, but I have to be off now. Enjoy your meal and entertainment” Charles made for the door and the young men called out their thanks and also watched as Jo followed with Claudia behind.

Jo heard Deven say,”this is going to be some fucking good evening!” before he saw his father turn to Claudia.

“Make Bodrum Escort Bayan sure they have a time they will not forget. You are to accommodate them in every way, understand?”

Claudia nodded nervously and Jo smiled happily and said his thanks to his father, returning his high five before Charles left.

Claudia followed him into the bedroom which was just off the corridor to the right of the front door. He turned, somewhat unsure of himself as she dropped to her knees and softly kissed his crotch.

“I can see you are very pleased to see me,” she said almost in a whisper as she unzipped his fly and reached in to take out his stiffening manhood. He was uncut and about the same size as his father. She kissed the tip and tasted the bead of pre-cum that had already formed at the tip. Sweet and bitter and soft to the touch. His body trembled and he let out a soft gasp. She softly wrapped her lips over his erection, flicking her tongue expertly over the head and into the slit, making him moan loudly.

Cupping his balls, she felt them hot and heavy in her left hand as she deftly started jacking him with her right, pulling back and spitting on it, sending a big gob of saliva over the shaft, which she then massaged in with her hand, making his young body shake.

He almost sobbed in sheer delight as she gently closed her warm lips over him again, slowly sucking and swirling her tongue over the head. She heard a strangled gasp and suddenly her mouth started filling as he held her head firmly in his hands, bending forward slightly as he ejaculated heavily. She felt him coming, thick and fast over her tongue and held his liquid gift to her in her mouth. This was probably his first orgasm with a woman and certainly the first as a young man. He was no longer a boy. He had proved himself and she slowly broke away, looking up at him, opening her mouth and showing him his creamy ejaculate on her tongue.. he looked surprised and somewhat disappointed.

She realised he had not wanted to orgasm so soon and she quickly swallowed, showing him her appreciation of his gift to her. His breath slowly returned to normal and she stood up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you, Sir” she said softly, deliberately showing he was superior to her and smiled as she saw him relax. She unbuckled his belt and slowly undressed him. He looked so vulnerable and nervous, but his body smooth and lean, a mean machine, a few wiry hairs on his chest..

“That was just the starter” she gently added, licking her lips before kissing him again. “you are certainly your father’s boy.”

“But I just came,” he said finally, looking crestfallen.

“A young man like you will be able to service me twice,” Claudia whispered in his ear, “at least…” she added, licking it and making Escort Bodrum him moan.

She lifted out her breasts so he could touch them and slowly pulled him down with her onto the king size bed, kissing him again. His young body seemed to stir and he rolled over onto her as she reached down and took his manhood in her soft, warm hand, slowly jacking at it and smiling as it soon stiffened again. Without waiting for him to act, she spread her legs, guided him expertly to her, kissing him hard as she felt him prodding at her, before sliding up inside her. She gasped. He was as big as Charles. She was glad she had not had time to clean up after his father had deposited his contribution to the birthday celebrations in her earlier, as his son now had no problem in thrusting into her slippery pussy.

She wrapped her legs around him, raising them to rest her feet on the warm soft cheeks of his backside. She let out a groan of satisfaction as he started pumping ever harder, rutting like an animal with its mate, the bed now creaking and rocking as he picked up tempo. She found herself clutching at him, fucking upward as he thrust down, grinding her body against his, showering him with kisses and shuddering as she felt herself on the edge, her nails raking the skin on his back leaving scratches as she writhed under him, suddenly pushed over and falling into an abyss, as their bodies suddenly stopped as if frozen, his manhood throbbing in her, and erupting violently yet again, this time sending his liquid love spurting into her womanhood, as she cried out orgasming, too, her juices flowing over his cock as he collapsed onto her still pumping up into her filling her with more man juice.

“You ever fucking going to finish in there?” Mike’s voice called out from behind the closed door, as it opened to let in the three others.

They stood grinning at the scene, Claudia, hot and flushed and Jo, rolling off her, spent but ecstatic. He had proven himself and was now a man not only in name.

“Come on in and enjoy, guys!” He gasped breathlessly, grinning up at them..

Jake gave a strangled groan and stumbled towards the bed, unable to wait any longer and unzipping as he went, almost falling onto Claudia. The other two young men looked on laughing as she spread her legs and allowed him access. He grabbed his manhood and almost stabbed her with it, not caring that she had just been filled by Jo.

“Fuck,” he shrieked as he started thrusting into her, making her cry out in surprise at the suddenness of it all. He pummeled into her and thrashed around on the bed for a short time before he gave a cry as if in pain, collapsing onto her and sobbing in delight as he orgasmed, his young body jerking as he emptied into her. Jo slowly stood up and looked down at them, Claudia looking somewhat tired and Jake rolling off slowly, lying back, his eyes closed in happiness.

Deven turned to Mike. “Now I know what is meant by pulling a train.”

Mike laughed, “Well, let’s fucking get on board.” and the two men took a step towards the bed, unzipping their flies.

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