Working for the Man

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*** This is a continuation of “Take Your Mother To Work Day”, but told from the mother’s perspective. This can be read alone, but reading my “Fall From Grace” and “How To Train Your Mother” series, will help you better understand her backstory. I hope you enjoy. ***

Chapter 1

My head is still reeling as I am whisked away to lunch with some of the girls from the office. I am still flushed and walking on shaky legs after my intense morning of sexual overstimulation, followed by an explosive fuck in my son’s office. I guess I should say the “Boss”, since he insists on keeping our relationship a secret, and had me start work at his office, using my maiden name. And when I say our relationship, that is as mother and son, not as lovers. Although, we are THAT, an so much more. That is a whole other story, and you want to know how that came about, you should catch up on some of the other stories about me. But back to my story, now.

As I am walking down the street with the other girls to a restaurant, I am trying hard to not think about the remote controlled vibrator shoved deep in my pussy. I am not even sure why I put it back in after my son fucked me and then dismissed me, so that he could take his conference call. After taking a few moments in the ladies room, to wipe my wet pussy, that was dripping with his cum and my juices, I just put it back in. I guess it felt like I would be disappointing him, if I disobeyed his wishes, even if he didn’t know. Oh well, there is no pulling it back out now. I am just glad that I had a chance to touch up my hair and make up, before going out to lunch. When I looked at my self in the bathroom mirror, I looked like a woman that had just been properly fucked. Although, that is exactly what I was, I didn’t want everyone in the office to know it.

My thoughts are interrupted when Tracy Mills, the Office Manager, and unofficial leader of this “girls’ club”, announced that we are here. It is a nice restaurant with outdoor seating. Since the weather is so nice, we decide to sit outside where we can enjoy the weather and sites of downtown Chicago. I have always enjoyed the energy of the city and of course watching people. There is something exciting about watching people on the street and trying to figure out their “stories”. A sudden thrill goes through my body, as I realize how many new stories I have, and I wonder if anyone can look at me and figure those out.

As I am thinking this, BUZZZZZZ, I feel a sudden and VERY unexpected vibration in my pussy. How the FUCK, is he making this damn vibrator go off inside me from so far away from the office???? I am glad that I am already sitting down, because I am sure I would have fallen down from the strong, and unexpected stimulation. I must have looked shocked or sick or something, because Tracy leans over to me and quietly asks, “Is everything OK, Jess? Are you feeling alright?”

“Yyyes… everything is fine Tracy… I just felt a little but feint for a second. Maybe I am hungrier than I thought,” I say, hoping to distract her, so she does not notice my overstimulated condition.

“Well, I know just what you need then. The bread here is to die for. You can have some until we can order. And of course, we have GOT to get a nice bottle of Chardonnay, to celebrate your joining our little family at Wells Financial,” Tracy announces with a flair. I am still surprised to hear my Son’s name attached to the company. God knows, we have not been close in the last ten years… or ever, but how did I not realize he had his own financial management company?

Conversations quickly break up into smaller, disconnected conversations around the table. I try to follow what most of them are saying, but at this point, I am still trying to learn all of their names. This is really my first ever job, and I am excited to get to know these girls, and know their stories, and maybe even make some real friends for the first time in my life. I am older than all of these girls. Tracy is probably closest to my age, but she is still close to ten years younger than me. I am not sure they realize how old I am. I have always been in great shape and I have always looked younger than I am. Well, if they don’t make it an issue, I certainly won’t.

I am starting to feel comfortable around these other girls. I am happy that we are getting along and they are interested in me, and the conversation is flowing so naturally. Then BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. My GOD, I think I actually jumped out of my chair, when that fucking thing went off in me again. Hw the FUCK is he doing THAT??? pinbahis yeni giriş And does this damn thing have a turbo setting? I felt like it was rattling my teeth. How did these other women not hear that.

Kate, well I think her name is Kate, grabs my hand and looks very concerned, and asks me, “Are you OK Jess? You look like someone just hit you with one of those cattle prod things.” It doesn’t help, that I jump and pull back my hand that she grabbed.

“Aaaah… it is nothing… Kkkkate… I pinched a nerve in my back working out at the gym recently, and I get these really intense twinges out of nowhere some times,” I lie, hoping it is convincing.

I suddenly feel Tracy’s hand on my lower back. I JUMP at her touch. “It is OK Jess. I was just going to try some pressure point massage techniques I learned when dealing with my own back issues before. Is it OK if I show you?” she explains.

“Yyyes… I guess it is OK. I didn’t mean to jump like that when you touched me. I don’t know why I am so wired right now. Maybe it is the new day jitters and the back spasms,” I tell her.

She continues to press into my lower back. It feels amazing. Even though I was lying about the spasms, her massage is really working the tense muscles in my lower back. I can feel it DEEP in my back and down my legs. My GOD, I suddenly realize. I am also starting to feel it DEEP somewhere else. Then, to real drive that feeling home, BZZZZZZZZZZZ, another strong vibration makes my pussy do flips. I actually moan a loud, VERY sensual sounding moan. EVERYONE at the table looks at me and someone says, “DAMN Tracy, when you said you were good at that, I had NO idea how good you are. I have GOT to get one of those massages. It has been WAY too long sine I have felt like Jess seems to be feeling.”

Everyone laughs, and I blush so bright, that cars on the street stop because they think the traffic light changed. Of course, EVRYONE at the table thinks it is so cute how embarrassed the new girl is. I laugh at myself too, and we all seem to grow closer as we share the experience of my embarrassment.

Chapter 2

The rest of lunch goes without incident and I am starting to recover my composure as we walk back to our building and ride the elevator back up to the offices. That is until the bell rings at our floor, and BZZZZZZZZZZZ, I get a vibration so strong and unexpected, that I have to catch myself on the door to keep from dropping to the floor. “Another spasm, Jess?” Tracy asks, as she helps me across the cubicle farm and to my desk outside my son’s office.

Before I can even sit down, my son sticks his head out of his door ad says, “Oh good you’re back Miss Andrews. Come in here. I need to go over some additional office protocols with you, while I have some free time.”

I follow him into his office and as I am closing the door, BZZZZZ, BZZZZZ, BZZZZ, I feel three very strong vibrations in quick succession. I stumble and fall right into him. He smirks and says to me, “Well, someone is excited for some alone time with the Boss, I see.”

I look up at him and SLAP my hands against his chest HARD, and tell him, “You JERK. You had me so fucking worked up all during lunch I was going crazy. At one point I was sure I was going to cum with all of those girls form the office looking on.”

He laughs at me and says, “I have no idea what you are talking about, but it sounds like a lot of fun.” Then he holds his hands out to show that they are empty and says, “See, I don’t even have the remote.”

As I am looking at his empty hands and I am wondering, “What the fuck?” BZZZZZZ, I get a strong zap to my overstimulated pussy. Again, all my mind can think is “What the FUCK???” Then I hear the door to his office open and before I can turn to see who came in, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, I get a VERY strong and VERY long vibration that makes me double over. In this position with my hands on my knees, I can see back behind me. I am shocked to see Tracy standing in the doorway, holding up the remote control for me to see. Then to really drive home the point that she is in on the game, she gives me another long and VERY strong ZAP, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

The overstimulation and suddenly seeing her, and realizing what is going on, drives me over the edge and I cum like a bomb went off in my pussy. I actually gush fluids from my uncontrollably spasming pussy. It is a good thing that I was already doubled over with my hands on my knees, because most of my gushing fluids missed my skirt and stockings.

Without skipping a beat, Tracy says, “I am so pinbahis giriş sorry Mr. Wells. It seems like our new girl just can’t control herself, and look what she did to your rug.”

“It’s OK Tracy. It is her first day on the job. She just seems to be a little over excited by all the new experiences… Maybe you can work with her… You know, break her in a little…”

“Oh it will be my pleasure, Mr. Wells. I will enjoy showing her where she fits in the corporate structure here,” Tracy tells him. Then I feel her hand on my back again, but this time it is not massaging. She grabs me by the back of the neck and pulls me up from my bent over position. She looks at me with a devilish glint in her eyes and says, “You need to clean up your mess, but first, let’s take off that skirt, so you don’t ruin it as you are crawling around on the floor. mopping up your cum. Come think of it, take off the blazer and blouse also. We don’t want those to get ruined either.”

She watches me with a hungry look on her face, as I take off my clothes. There is something even more strange and exciting stripping for her, than for my son, or even his girlfriend Beth. Tracy is watching me like a predator watches an animal it is about to pounce on. Suddenly, I can’t look up at her, as I finish stripping the items of clothing, that she directed.

“Very nice,” she says as she looks me up and down. I have never felt more exposed and sexualized before, than right now, as she is looking me over and appraising me. I feel a blush of shame run trough me, followed quickly by a JOLT of electrical excitement, that explodes in my pussy. I realize that she has not touched the remote, and that was ALL me. She sees my realization, and just smiles at me. This causes another rush of excitement through my body.

She leaves me standing there and walks into my son’s en suite bathroom, attached to his office. She returns with a big fluffy white towel. She tosses it at me and tells me, “Wipe up your mess, slut. If you can’t control that cunt of yours, I will have to teach you how.”

Without a seconds thought, I drop to my knees and start to sop up the wet puddle from my overexcited pussy. I can smell how strong my scent is. I remember the smell and taste of Beth’s pussy as I licked and sucked it. I feel my excitement rising again. What the FUCK??? She is right. I have absolutely NO control of my treacherous pussy. Even on my knees cleaning up my mess, while my son and his Office Manager watches, I can’t keep myself from getting aroused.

SMACK… SMACK… SMACK, Tracy SLAPS my bare ass three times, hard and quick. I actually YELP, and then moan as I feel the sting, followed by an almost overwhelming excitement. Before I can even think about my reaction to the sudden spanking, I feel Tracy pull the vibrator out of me with a wet PLOP sound, and she quickly slides two fingers into my outthrust pussy. I jump at the unexpected extraction of the vibrator, and sudden intrusion into my extremely wet pussy. I know better than to stop cleaning, so I continue, as I try not to get distracted by the amazing feeling of Tracy’s fingers inside me.

She slowly fucks her fingers in and out of me, adding a third. I realize that my eyes are closed and I am merely going trough the motions of rubbing the towel back and forth on the floor. Then I hear the swish of fabric moving on fabric ad look back to see Tracy sliding her skirt off. I also see my son handing her something large with straps hanging from the sides. As she slips one leg into the straps, my mind confirms that yes, it is a strap-on… and a VERY large one to boot.

“Keep cleaning, whore. And don’t look at me,” Tracy tells me, as she continues to pull on the fake cock, and secure the straps around her waist. I immediately look back down at the wet stain of my earlier shame, as I anticipate the shame to come. Another thrill rushes through me, and I curse myself for my inability to get control of my arousal.

She makes me wait. I am almost vibrating with excitement as I wait for the inevitable penetration of my pussy. I realize I need it so bad right now, that I will beg for it if I have to. If she makes me wait another minute I will SCREAM, “My GOD woman, fuck me already. Fuck me hard and fast, make me know what a whore I am. Please just fuck me already!”

When I finally feel the big latex cock push against my swollen wet pussy lips, I actually moan out, “God YESSSS… please do it NOW…” In response, she pushes into me hard and deep. I am immediately rewarded with an explosive orgasm. I didn’t even pinbahis güvenilirmi realize that I was so close. as I GASP out and moan, I feel my son slide his cock into my open mouth. I didn’t even realize he was standing there, I was so focused on Tracy’s pounding into my pussy. I devour his cock. I lick and suck and try to take all of him into my throat. I am in a sexual frenzy. I want them both fucking into me, crushing me between them.

They do not disappoint me. They seem to feed off each other, and pick up the other one’s rhythm. They fuck into me at the same time and pull out of me at the same time. I feel like I am part a beautifully synchronized sexual machine. I feel like I am in the exact place I am supposed to be, in this beautiful big office, with its window on the world, as I am fucked front and back for the world to see. Oh my GOD… I suddenly have an image pop into my head, of being fucked like this as the whole office watches and cheers. Not only am I my son’s whore, but I am the whore for the entire office. I have crazy images flash through my head of being held down over the large conference table, as man after man steps up to fuck me. Everyone gets to use the office whore. “FUCKKKKKK,” I scream out around my son’s cock, as I cum explosively again.

I feel my cum GUSH out again, this time it squirts out around Tracy’s large strap-on cock. Feeling my scream around his cock, sends my son over the edge. I realize that he has pulled out of my mouth, just as I feel spurt after spurt of hot thick cum splash on my face. This drives me over the edge again, and I cum a second time. I can barely keep from falling to the ground, I am so overwhelmed by the three large orgasms so close together. I look up and see a huge grin on my son’s face. I can only imaging how I look with a wild lust filled look in my eyes and cum all over my face.

Suddenly my world literally collapses, as I feel Tracy pull the large fake cock from my pussy. Then I feel her heel on my big round ass, and then I am suddenly pushed forward onto my face. I am so weak from my strong orgasms, that I barely stop myself from landing face first into the carpet, still soaked with my cum from my first orgasm. I turn my head to look back at Tracy. I see her looking at her wet panties and stockings. She is soaked from when I gushed around her strap-on earlier. She tells me, “Get over here you nasty whore. You better clean this all off me.”

I get up on my knees and crawl over to her. I start to lick my cum off of her silky stockings. I arousal quickly rises again, as I taste my cum and feel the silky material on my tongue and lips. I lick and suck my cum from the material. I work my way up her thighs, to her panties. I start to suck my juices from her panties and I feel how the thin, wet gauzy material clings to her obviously swollen and aroused pussy lips. I suck them through the material of her panties. I feel her hands on my head, as she GASPS. I continue to lick and suck her pussy through her panties. I can now taste her pussy and realize that I can immediately tell the difference between our tastes. I think that maybe I am becoming a pussy connoisseur.

Tracy needs more, so she backs up to the leather sofa, dragging me, with my head still CLAMPED to her pussy, in her iron grip. As she sits down, she spreads her legs wide and pulls her panties aside. Finally, with open access to her pussy, I thrust my tongue into her. I fuck her with my tongue, as I press my fingers on her swollen lips, and my thumb on her clit. I feel her grinding against my face, as her breathing becomes rapid. I feel her gripping my head HARD to her. I feel her CLENCH around my tongue as she cums, “YESSSSS, fuck YES…”

I am pulled from my post orgasm state, by the sound of clapping. I turn to see my son, clapping in appreciation for the the sex show we put on. I feel ashamed and excited by the look of appreciation and lust on his face. Then he announces to Tracy, “Oh yes, I am sure she will fit in quite nicely here Miss Wells. Don’t you agree?”

Tracy is still lying back on the couch, trying to get her breathing under control. She weakly says, “I think she will do. She is definitely one HELL of a cunt muncher. I think I know a few other girls here in the office, who will appreciate her talents.”

I am horrified and excited to hear her say that. Then as I think about it, I realize that I am horrified, that I am s excited to hear that. The image of me being the office slut at my son’s company, comes flooding back to me. I realize, yes, I am really going to enjoy working here…

*** This is the end of mother’s first day at work. If you are interested to see what other trouble she can get into at work, please stay tuned. As always, I welcome your thoughts on how I am doing and if you have any ideas for mom’s future adventures. ***

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