Worth the Wait

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The heat of the foamy scented water soothes me and I begin to drift away, for just a moment, forgetting the reason I am here. The reason for the fluttering sensation of butterflies in my tummy which has been with me most of the day. A rush of adrenaline flows through my veins like electricity as I remember. I have been waiting so long for this evening, the anticipation at times driving me close to insanity. I knew I had to wait, but the reckless side of me had often wanted to just throw caution to the wind. However as I lie in the warm bath, I am glad I waited. I know you are worth it and I love living in this moment right now, knowing what is to come.

I realise that time is passing and I must get ready. I slowly lather up my body, working the soft bubbles over my smooth pale skin, allowing my hands to caress my curves. My full breasts feel heavy and soft in my hands and I pause to squeeze gently, before pinching harder at the nipples. I sigh slightly as I imagine your lips there, as I have often imagined before. The memory of your lips brushing my neck only arousing me more.

I lift my full but curvy body out of the water and sit on the side of the bath while I shave my legs, making sure I’m perfectly smooth for your strong hands to explore. As I work the soapy sponge up my inner thighs I think of your hands doing the same, and I feel that familiar heat in my pussy. I take time to carefully shave my soft lips smooth for you. Running my fingers over the smooth wet lips makes me gasp slightly and I allow my fingers to explore further. Gently pushing between my deep pink, slippery lips, sending little shocks through me. The tight walls of my pussy feel hot and wet against my fingers and I have to fight the temptation to carry on this way, teasing my pussy and clit with my fingers. I don’t want to cum, not yet anyway, I am saving that just for you. So I climb out of the bath and carefully towel myself off.

After drying off I work some lotion into my skin, making it as soft and silky as possible, loving the sweet smell. I know you love the smell of my warm skin, my natural scent mingling with the exotic lotion. Many times I have seen the fire in your eyes as you inhale me as we held one another. I add a little perfume, but not too much, I want you to smell me through it.

Sitting on my bed, feeling the cool cotton of the sheets beneath my naked skin, an image of you flashes through my mind. I see you over me, holding me down, my hands raised high over my head. You are staring down at me with an intense look, about to enter me for the first time. I open my eyes and take a deep breath; soon…

I dress myself for the evening, nothing too obvious, some tight blue jeans over a simple black satin thong and a blue, strappy top. Cut very low between my breasts, giving you a flash of my black satin bra and what lies beneath. My feet I leave bare, just adding deep red varnish to my toenails. I take time over my makeup, wanting to impress you when I answer the door. I emphasise my eyes. I know how you love them, my ‘blowjob eyes’ you call them. I enhance their deep seductive brown with plenty of black eyeliner so I know they will stand out, even as it gets dark. A little cherry red gloss on my full lips, knowing they will look so good wrapped around your cock later and I’m nearly ready. I brush through my golden, slightly red hair and let it tumble down my back naturally.

With music playing quietly and I pour myself a glass of sweet rose wine while I wait for you. The cool liquid feels good in my throat and helps to take the edge off my nerves. I can’t wait for your perfect hands, so strong but soft to touch me, to control me.

My heart jumps at the sound of the doorbell and I check the mirror one last time before answering. One look at that smile of yours and I’m lost. Whatever clever thing I had planned on saying goes flying out of my head and I just wrap my arms around your neck, pulling you close to me, my head on your shoulder, my face pressed against the side of your neck; the smell of you already turning me on. Your lips brush my ear büyükesat escort as you whisper “hey” then pull back a little to kiss me gently.

We sit close together, on the sofa, cuddling and talking about our day. Occasionally stopping to just look into each others eyes and kiss slowly, our hands lazily wandering over each others bodies. You tease, running your hand over my tummy, just below my breasts, which are aching to be touched, squeezed, but that’s as far as you go. I tease you back, my hands running over your thighs and down your stomach, never quite touching the growing lump in your trousers. We both know how much the other wants more, but there is no rush, every moment feels too good to waste.

I break the kiss for a moment and turn slightly on the sofa, facing you now. There’s a question in your eyes and I answer, placing my legs either side of you. You take my hands, lacing your fingers between mine and push me backwards, my head resting against the arm of the sofa and you raise my hands over my head and hold me there. Again, you tease, always teasing, letting your soft lips brush mine, letting me feel your breath on them but not quite kissing me. We lie there, enjoying the feeling of each others bodies pressed hard against our own. I squeeze you between my thighs and lift my head as much as I can, you still holding me down. You stare in my eyes and giggle, making me wait another moment before kissing me. The kiss this time is harder, more urgent. I suck your lower lip, loving the taste of you and you suck my upper lip back, hard, making me moan slightly. The sensation sends a thrill through me and I feel my body respond to it, my heart racing, my pussy clenching as the dampness between my thighs grows.

This time you break the kiss, “I love you” you say, not giving me time to answer before you kiss me again, running your tongue over my lips before pushing it into my mouth. The weight of you on top of me drives me crazy, I feel a little helpless and I want more, want you to control me totally. I’m yours and yours alone and I want you to take me. You release my hands and I run them over your strong shoulders and down your back, pulling you to me and I grind my hips against you. I can hear you breathing harder as I move and I know this time we wont stop, wont hold anything back.

I kiss along your jaw and drag my lips over your skin, down the side of your neck before softly kissing my way back up, loving hearing you sigh as I softly kiss your ear and whisper ” I want you so much right now.” You reply “I know baby” and run your lips over my neck, dipping your head lower to tease the soft freckled skin on the top of my full breasts. I hold your head to me, wanting you to go further. Your hand squeezes my right breast softly before easing the edge of my top and bra aside and letting your tongue finally taste my hard pink nipple as it swells even more under your loving attention. I feel a shiver run through me as you suck on me, your tongue making me moan and close my eyes, but I don’t want to miss this moment, I look down at you, looking back up to me with those gorgeous eyes as you lick my nipple slowly. Watching the effect you’re having on me, how you’re turning me on.

I’m so wet for you now, my swollen little clit tingling and throbbing, desperate for your touch. I feel your hard cock grinding against me through our clothes and I need to feel you inside me. You sit up, and just watch the lustful, longing look on my face as I lie in front of you, one breast still exposed, my legs spread either side of you. You stand and take my hands, helping me up to stand in front of you. You wrap your arms tightly around me and run your hands down my back, resting them on my full ass, hooking your thumbs through the belt loops on my jeans, pulling me hard against you as you kiss me one more time. We both know what’s about to happen as I lead you into my bedroom and pull you down on top of me on my bed.

Laid on my bed, under you, my pussy dripping I close my eyes. For just a moment cebeci escort I take it in, how you feel, how you smell. Right here and now I’m all yours, always will be. You can do whatever you want to me right now. I want you to own me completely.

You undo my jeans and ease them down my soft thighs slowly before firmly rubbing my aching pussy through my satin thong. You can feel the material is soaked through, I’m so wet for you. Sliding your fingers under the waistband you work it down my thighs then along with my jeans remove it completely, revealing my smooth wet pussy lips. I work the straps of my top and bra over my shoulders, finally releasing my breasts completely. You spread my legs wide and I feel exposed and vulnerable as you look at me, near naked beneath you.

I watch you kneeling between my thighs as you pull your t-shirt off. I raise my legs a little feeling your skin against my bare thighs at last, you feel so good. You work your way down the bed and I gasp at the feel of your hot breath against my wet lips. You love to tease me, as you always do, just running your lips over my smooth skin, nibbling gently, making me want it all the more; “oh fuck!” I feel your hot wet tongue against me at last. I’ve wanted this so long. A wave of pleasure hits me and I need to take a second to catch my breath. You don’t let up though, you work a finger deep into my pussy while your tongue keeps running up and down my slit, then you start working it over my clit, relentlessly, making me pant and moan. I’m breathing harder as you work your tongue slowly over my swollen clit in circles. Every stroke of your tongue pushes me closer and closer. My hands are running over my breasts, pinching my nipples hard as I writhe and squirm on your face. One hand goes to the back of your head and holds you there as you push your fingers hard into me. You take my hand and I squeeze back, completely lost in you. I’m whispering your name and moaning “oh fuck” over and over as you finger fuck my tight wet pussy, I’m so, so close now, you suck on my clit, gently biting and I can’t take it anymore. My wet pussy squeezes your fingers hard as I cum on your face. You crawl back up my body and kiss me hard, I love tasting myself on your lips and tongue, my head still spinning.

I lie on the bed, thighs still spread as I watch you stand next to the bed and undress. You have that look in your eyes again, I know it so well. I know what you are thinking, I know you want me. You seem a little nervous but that slightly amused sparkle is there as you watch me stroking myself, still so turned on for you. You know exactly what you’re doing to me and you love every minute of it. There’s a glint in you eyes though, something mischievous and for a moment I am nervous, I’m unsure what you’re planning.

However you just lay down beside me, running your hand down the side of my face and your lips softly work over mine. I let my tongue slowly slide over your lips before slipping it into your mouth, letting my hands wander all over you at last .

You moan softly into my mouth as my warm fingers finally curl around your rock hard cock. I take my time, wanting to tease you like you did me, wanting to get to know every inch of you. Gently sucking and biting your bottom lip I pull away a little, looking you straight in the eye. You know what I’m going to do, what I want. I need to taste you, have done for so long. I take my time working my way down your body, letting my lips drag over your skin, loving the smell of your skin and the feel of your hand stroking my back. My hand never stops stroking you, firmly, oh so slowly, all the way down, softly stroking your balls before working back up, running my thumb over the head; over and over.

I let my lips wander over your stomach before looking up at you, meeting your eye as I, still holding your cock in my hand, run my tongue around the head softly, then again slightly harder. I lick you from the tip to the base and back a few times, each time letting my tongue swirl around the top, kolej escort looking you in the eye, tormenting you, loving your taste and the way you are looking at me. Your eyes are burning into me, I love how you look right now and I’ll never forget it.

Your eyes close now though as I wrap my lips tightly around you, sucking ever so gently, just an inch or two, then back up again, pausing; and again, this time sucking you harder, taking more of you into my hot mouth with every stroke. I stop to lick you again, letting my tongue explore every inch, then suck you down again till I feel your thick hard cock against the back of my throat. Getting into a rhythm, getting faster I work you in and out of my mouth, sucking you hard, letting my tongue work over you, my hand following my lips up and down you. I love hearing your moans, the effect I’m having on you turning me on even more. I need more.

Lifting my lips from your throbbing cock, I stare in your eyes and simply whisper “fuck me babe; now.” Your reaction thrills me as you grab my wrists and pin me to the bed, your full weight on top me as you push your tongue into my mouth, kissing me hard, forcefully. I can feel you between my legs, nudging against my tight wet lips, I need you inside me, now. I want you to take me but you just look at me; “fuck me, please, just fuck me” I’m all but begging you. Instead you shake your head slightly and reach for something over my head.

I feel the cold metal before I realise what’s happening. You’ve found the cuffs hooked around my headboard and my hands are locked over my head. The feeling of being restrained like this, totally helpless to you drives me mad, drawing more moisture from my aching pussy. I’m dying for you to take me, but you’re making me wait, still, and there is nothing I can do about it. I moan out of frustration as I feel your throbbing hard cock sliding over my slippery wet clit as you bite and kiss my neck, then down my chest before running your tongue over my nipples; cries escaping my lips as I feel your teeth graze each one.

You sit up, looking down at me squirming underneath you, all yours. Spreading my legs wide, you rest your hands against the backs of my thighs, supporting yourself, holding me down completely, I can’t move now. Staring down at me and without warning you finally take me, filling me with the full length of your thick cock, stretching me. I cry out and bite my lip, moaning as your balls grind against me. You feel so good, we’ve wanted this so long.

After a moment you slowly pull back, almost all the way before ramming into me hard again, over and over, slowly, deliberately, driving me closer and closer to another shattering climax. Faster now, my legs over your shoulders, you fuck me, like I’ve always wanted you to, since we met up. I’m so close again, shaking slightly, my mouth dry, whispering “oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, harder.” My muscles tight with need and anticipation, it hits me, wave after wave rolling over me, you keep fucking me, my swollen pussy gripping you, wanting more, just more.

As I catch my breath, you screw me slower, letting my legs relax and fall to the bed, you lay on top of me. Closer now, you kiss me, as I calm and relax a little. I wrap my legs around your body, loving the closeness, loving you. You’re moving fast now, more urgently, my hips meeting every thrust. I know you’re going to cum soon, and the warm tingling I have tells me I’m going to again, too. I nip and suck at your neck, your shoulders as you move faster on me, needing to taste you as I cum again, every nerve ending on fire.

Your breathing is ragged and your moans in my ear tell you’re about to lose it: “cum in my mouth babe” I say into your ear. You pause, just a second, to look at me; to make sure before pulling out of me and grabbing me by my hair, shoving nearly your whole cock into my waiting mouth as I lie beneath you. I love the taste of my pussy on you as I suck hungrily , nearly as much as I love the taste of your cum as it hit’s the back of my throat and fills my mouth. I work my lips gently over you wanting to swallow every drop. You gently slide from my mouth and lie back on top of me, your head against my shoulder, out of breath.

After a moment or two you release my hands, carefully rubbing the red marks left by the cuffs and kissing them softly. I curl up in your arms, head against your chest and close my eyes. I love you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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