Worth the Wait

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True experience, told by a mature male.

It was the 1970s in a small city in upstate New York. I was working a three-month job selling men’s clothing at a high-end retail store while waiting to be drafted into the Army. I was 21 and still a virgin. Oh, I had come close to scoring with a girl in college, but for a lot of reasons, that just didn’t work out—the biggest one being my own immaturity and insecurity.

There was this girl at the store who worked in the office. She was very attractive: 5′ 7″, about 120 lbs, blonde, well-built and well-proportioned. She was my age and had already been married and divorced. She had a cute little daughter about 4 years old. Clearly she wasn’t a virgin. She did have one big negative. I mean, nobody’s perfect, right? She had really crooked teeth. But the fact of the matter was, it wasn’t her teeth that I was interested in. Her name was Sheri.

We had started taking lunch together, and soon became a topic of conversation all around the downtown. We walked together holding hands, up and down the business section of the city, and through the little park on Main Street. We were quite a good-looking couple, and people noticed. One day she asked me if she could make me dinner. So we had a real date. She didn’t go out much because of her daughter, but I thought going to her apartment made a lot of sense, and for all the right reasons.

On the appointed day I headed to her apartment right after work. I had met her daughter before, but this was my first visit to her home. The apartment was small but neat. There wasn’t much to it, just a basic city rental with two small bedrooms. We walked through the living room and eat-in kitchen, but she was very intent on showing me her bedroom; and of course…I was very interested.

I’m sure dinner was adequate, but I don’t really remember what we had. After dinner we sat around chatting and drinking something alcoholic while her daughter was watching TV. By 8:00 it was her daughter’s bedtime. It took about 20 minutes to get her into her pajamas, teeth brushed, and read her a book or two. With her daughter safely in bed, Sheri and I sat together on the sofa. We started some heavy kissing, and for sure my hands were slowly but surely exploring every surface of Sheri’s body. My brain was a bit on fire, and so was my dick. Honestly, I had felt up a few girls before, and even had my finger in a pussy, but this time I thought…and hoped…that things would be truly different.

We were kissing deeply and with great passion. We took turns sucking on each other’s tongues. I had previously discovered the sensual nature of licking a girl’s teeth, and tongue-fucking her mouth. I called upon all of my previous experience with girls. I had a sense that this was going to be the night. I was finally going to grease my rod, and oh god did I want that.

Sheri gave me total access to her body. Meanwhile she was rubbing my now extremely hard dick through my clothing. I started loosening her blouse as she began loosening my belt and undoing the button of my jeans. When I heard her undo my zipper I was pretty certain this night was going to end exactly as I had hoped. But this big concern was bouncing around in the back of my head. It’s not that I didn’t know how to fuck, that’s pretty natural, and lord knows over the years of living in the country, I had seen dozens of animals doing it. But I had absolutely no personal experience. I wondered: what did I need to know to get from having my finger in her hot, wet pussy, to burying my dick in her hot wet pussy?

With my pants totally undone and her hand firmly on my dick, she suggested that we go to her bed. And of course, even though I didn’t utter a word, my brain responded “Oh FUCK YES!” So we stood up and she took me by the hand. We got to her bedroom and we both quickly undressed. She lay down on her back on the bed. Seriously, it’s the first time I ever had a totally naked girl in front of me. I remember taking off my underwear, which were classic white briefs, and there was an enormous wet spot from the copious drizzle of precum that her hand manipulation had coaxed from my super-engorged dick. My breath was coming in short gasps. My heart was pounding hard, so hard in fact that I was sure she would hear it. There was this sort of buzzing in my ears from the blood rushing through my body. My dick was harder than I ever believed possible.

I will never forget the thrill of straddling her gorgeous body and finally letting my naked cock and balls rest on her pubic mound, and then slipping downward to make contact with her hot, wet pussy lips. It was, well, for me at that time, extraordinary. Her erect nipples were hard points rubbing on my chest as we ground our pubic areas together. I seemed to be lost in a fog of animal, sexual desire. I couldn’t wait to slip inside her. The crown of my dick was very wet from my escort izmit natural lube, and her pussy was producing its own share.

As I tried to impale her on my virgin dick, I remember awkwardly fumbling to find exactly the right spot to make my entry. Happily she reached down and directed me into her hot, wet pussy. I was entering that female organ that every boy dreams about occupying. As I slowly entered her vagina, my brain was nearly overcome by the sensuality. It was, for me, the culmination of a decade-long lust and long-held sexual fantasy that had heretofore only been addressed through masturbation. But damn, I was FUCKING!

I took it slowly at first. Everything about it was new to me. Try as I might, I could really only concentrate on the feelings coming from my dick. How can I describe it? It was warm, wet, hot, tight and slippery, all at the same time. It was truly sensory overload. At any one time, a boy’s hand can only stimulate part of the sensitive surface of his dick. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s enough for a lot of pleasure. But having your dick completely enveloped by a tight, hot vagina, with every nerve ending sending pleasure sensation to the brain. Damn…there is nothing like it, except of course a mouth, but that experience was still ahead for me. I know humans have been fucking forever…but this was MY first time. I remember from HS English class, Shakespeare had called it “making the beast with two backs.” Two backs indeed!

I was a gentle lover, respecting and enjoying every nuance of the experience. Sheri’s legs had come up on either side of my hips, making a large V. My body’s muscles quickly learned the rhythm…lifting my ass just enough to extract the shaft of my dick while leaving the mushroom-shaped head inside, and then plunging down and forward, stimulating every nerve along the way. The most sensitive part of a penis is the bottom front, just under the head. It’s where a whole bundle of nerves come together. It’s called the frenulum, but I had no idea of that at the time. Its name was immaterial. I had learned to focus on this spot during masturbation. It is sort of a command center when fucking, and it wants to stay fully engaged, hence it stays in. Also, if your dick slips out, it breaks the rhythm.

The other great moment is when your dick is fully hilted and the base of your dick makes contact with the lips (labia) surrounding a vagina. It’s an awesome sensation when your dick is fully inside and firmly held by a girl’s labia—in a sense, the tighter the better. Simultaneously, a guy’s pelvic area stimulates a girl’s clitoris when the two areas come into contact. At the time I didn’t know exactly what was happening, and I have to admit, I also didn’t really care. I just knew I was having the time of my life.

So at long last I was fucking. It was hard to keep the rhythm. It was hard to keep my dick engaged without slipping out and having to re-enter. But together, Sheri and I made it happen. Another benefit of years of masturbation was the ability to delay my orgasm. I had mastered that technique through night after night of lonely manual stimulation. I had no idea how useful that would be once I became sexually active. Thinking back, I’m not sure it was a factor that night, but it proved to be very beneficial as I matured sexually.

Sheri and I didn’t do anything that night beyond the basic “missionary” position. It was enough. I don’t remember how long I lasted, but I know my sexual tension grew with each thrust of my hips, and eventually I could delay my orgasm no longer. I held my breath for that final plunge. Every nerve in my body was engaged. I lifted my shoulders and drove my hard dick as deeply as I could. When that cum explosion arrived, I was deep inside and fully hilted. I hadn’t masturbated for a while, so I had plenty of cum to deposit, and volleys just kept coming. Eventually I was spent. Hot, sweaty, and fulfilled, I collapsed against Sheri’s body. Even with that, my dick didn’t want to leave. It stayed inside until it deflated to the point where it fell out all by itself.

I never asked Sheri if she knew it was my first time. I was too insecure to want her answer. I know I was a bit awkward at the start, and of course, even my orgasm inside a vagina was new territory for me.

So we got cleaned up and I headed home. I was still living at home, but soon I would move to a small apartment of my own. As he usually would, the next morning my Dad stuck his head into my bedroom to wake me up and say good morning. He asked me how my date went. I know I had a big grin on my face when I said it went very well. He didn’t ask for more comment from me, but I’m sure he knew what was up. He simply grinned and said “That’s good.”


It was about a week later when I took Sheri and her daughter out to a local diner for supper. It was an OK time. Her daughter izmit escort was a bit spoiled, but who was I to complain. By the time we got back to her apartment it was pretty much bedtime for the little one, which proceeded without a hitch.

Sheri and I watched a little TV until we were sure her daughter was asleep. Then she stood up and grabbed my hand, once again pulling me into her softly-lit bedroom. First we stood and kissed deeply. Then she began to take her jeans off. I undid my shirt and then took off my shoes, socks and pants, without once taking my eyes off her. She pulled her panties down exposing her pussy, and took off her bra letting her beautifully rounded breasts come into full view. She then flung all our clothes in a pile before lying down on the bed.

I was already hard, but I decided to explore her a bit first. I was determined to spend a little more time in foreplay, and also in exploring more of the nuances of sex. This time I didn’t immediately mount her. I lay down right beside her. There was enough light in the room to allow my eyes to roam over the entire length of her body.

I reached out and caressed her thigh and gently squeezed her awesome butt cheeks. Then I leaned over and licked and sucked at her nipples. I loved ringing them with my tongue. I really had no idea how hard they could become. For her part, she fondled my balls and dick for a while. I was SO hard! I loved every minute of it. I moved my head farther down her torso and kissed her navel. Then she spread her legs and I inspected her vagina, gently caressing her small patch of pubic hair and using my fingers to explore her pussy’s tight circumference and her clitoris. Her vaginal juice was practically pouring out now, and she was panting with anticipation. Suddenly she sat up and leaned over me to give my cock a quick lick. She also deposited a mouthful of spittle, which she smeared all over my dick. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I was totally into it. At this point there wasn’t anything she could do wrong.

Sheri lay back with her legs still spread wide and it was obvious she wanted to be fucked. I climbed on top of her, supporting my weight on my elbows and knees so that the tip of my dick rested on the hot lips of her pussy. I slowly moved my hips forward, forcing my erect dick into her tight pussy, enjoying the smooth lubrication of spit and her natural feminine lube. Her head had gone back and her mouth was open with the intensity of the feeling. I entered her all the way and then kissed her gently on the lips. We spent a long moment in this position. I was in her as far as I could go. My dick was fully hilted in her vagina, and my tongue was as far into her mouth as it would go.

We were both breathing heavily now, and her hands were rubbing hard on my back. I started humping her a little more steadily, rather than the slow and somewhat awkward way I had done the first time. Using my arms, I lifted myself up onto my hands and knees, and she slid her hands down to my tender glutes, which she gripped and massaged. I still love that feeling to this day. Her eyes were half-closed now, and her cheeks had gone bright red. I began to softly grunt with the wonderful pleasure of my cock sliding in and out through the tight tube of her lubricated vagina.

With my cock still inside her, I bent my head forward and started to suck and lick at her nipples (which I could barely reach), beginning gently but becoming rougher and rougher with my tongue. Soon she began to grunt as well, getting louder and louder. I started to go even faster, nearly coming right out of her and then reentering the tight hole as her labia caressed the sensitive head of my dick. Sheri was gently moaning “Oooh! Oooh!” I knew I was nearing orgasm, but I wasn’t going to let this end so soon. I slipped my dick out of her as I collapsed on top of her. My lips found her mouth and my tongue forced its way inside.

I lifted away from our embrace as I slowly worked my groin up the length of her body. It was an incredible feeling as my cock and balls dragged along the sensuous length of her tummy. When I reached her chest, I began to slowly fuck its center, gently but firmly running my precum-dripping cock between the twin mounds of her tits. This I watched from above. It was an incredible sight. Sheri used her two hands to hold her tits tightly against the sides of my cock. My shiny, reddish-purple cock head was emerging and disappearing between the luscious flesh of her tits. It was amazingly stimulating. My cock was so hard and the skin of my glans was so tight it was reflecting light. You could see every vein of my shaft in great relief.

Then I used my knees to support my entire weight, as I reached down and, using my index finger, lifted some of the copious precum from the tip of my cock, which I then used to circle the hard and highly stimulated izmit kendi evi olan escort tips of her nipples. She shuddered with pleasure. Then, again with my finger, I scooped up more precum, and this time sensually applied it to her lips. I did this two more times until she opened her lips and allowed me to insert my finger into her mouth. Her eyes were closed as she licked my precum from her lips and sucked firmly and deeply on my finger.

The time had come. I moved closer to her face and rested my ass cheeks on her tits. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it against her lips. I have always been a large producer of precum, and this was a perfect time for that. Her lips now glistened with my own juices.

Her tongue slipped out as she took my cock in her two hands. When she licked the underside of my glans, touching that most sensitive spot, I thought I would cum right then. She engulfed the head of my cock with her lips. This, for me, was the most sensual thing I could ever imagine. Guys are very visually stimulated (hence their attraction to porn), and now I was able to combine visual stimulation with total neural stimulation of my entire erect cock. Indescribable!

She sucked and played with my cock like it was a delicious stick of hard candy. I quietly lifted away and got on my knees on the bed with my legs spread. Sheri did the same, kneeling right in front of me. I wanted to play with her pussy, so I caressed it with my hand. For her part, she rubbed my inner thighs and then reached way back and ran a finger along my ass crack, gently stimulating my anus. This made me wild. With her left hand moving between cupping my balls and rubbing my hole, her right hand firmly encircled the base of my cock. She gave me a few quick pumps with her right hand before plunging her mouth on my glistening, pulsating shaft.

There’s no question about it, I was inexperienced and awkward, but damn, I was incredibly stimulated. My youthful 150 pound body was in superb shape. Racquetball in my college years had honed my muscles to where I didn’t have an ounce of discernible fat. The tableau here was incredibly erotic. Here is this naked 21 year old male, on his knees in front of a gorgeous naked female, who has his supremely erect cock nearly down her throat.

With her right hand holding a firm grasp on the base of my cock, Sheri cupped my balls in her left hand, and proceeded to vigorously pump her mouth up and down its entire length. I rested my hand on either side of her head and slowly took control of her actions. As I watched from above, she lifted her eyes until we made visual contact. Then, with our eyes locked together and my cock in her mouth, she began running her hands up and down my chest and abs, paying particular attention to my very hard and erect nipples. However, as stimulated as I was, and in the back of my mind tempted to cum in her mouth, I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I gently pulled away and pushed her back on the bed. I was loving these new sexual experiences, but I wasn’t going to let this evening go without a good, all-American fuck. I was hungry for it. I wanted it so badly…every hard-breathing, grunting, sweaty, body-slamming minute I could possibly get.

And so with much more boldness than the first time, I assumed my rightful position between those luscious, incredible thighs. With her legs high and wide and my hands firmly holding her tits, I ran my chest over her hot and radiating pussy. I kissed and licked my way northward until my lips met hers, at which point I kissed her hungrily, sucking her tongue deeply into my mouth. With a single, mutual focus, our actions became as one.

With each of us dripping our natural lube, I entered her in a single forward thrust. My world had shrunk to a single moment, a single place in time. My very essence was reduced to a single purpose. I wanted to be IN her…I NEEDED to be in her. My thrusts became more and more vital. I could feel my orgasm building. I had successfully delayed cuming to this point, but now I simply dropped the reins. Our bodies crashed together in a fog of hormone-driven fury. I was grunting…she was squealing. We were fucking at a fevered pitch. And suddenly her body was lifting off the bed. I didn’t know what was happening, only that I was being tossed about by this waif of a girl. And the noises she was making…I was thinking “Holy shit what is happening?”

At about the same time my orgasm exploded inside her. I hadn’t cum in about a week. I seemed to just keep cuming, spasm after spasm. We were both breathing hard and grasping and groping each other. Our bodies and purpose were completely aligned. Our baser nature and instincts had won. We both gave it our all. Minutes, perhaps hours, transpired until we both collapsed in post-coital bliss. This gradually subsided as our bodies slowly approached a calmer state. I rolled off to the side as my heart rate and breathing returned to normal. We were in some kind of daze. Finally I broke the spell. I looked at Sheri and asked “what just happened?”

“Oh my God,” she said, “that was amazing.” And she was right.

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