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We are driving along the shore somewhere warm. Looking out at the sparkling blue sea and enjoying the late afternoon. I recline the passenger seat slightly to enjoy the feel of the sun on my face since we chose a convertible as our rental car. Closing my eyes, I think about our morning. We snorkeled through these warm waters for a few hours this morning. Enjoying each other’s company and marveling at the incredible colors of the reef and fish. When we were done with our snorkel trip, we enjoyed a late lunch of grilled fish with a tropical salsa. Some heat to the salsa tempered by the sweet tropical fruit tastes of papaya and mango. Fried plantains and fresh tomatoes accompanied the fish. An ice cold beer for each of us left us feeling content and relaxed.

As we drive along here now, you reach over and start to caress my knee. Every few caresses your hand moves slightly higher up my thigh. Slowly I start to part my legs for you as your stroking hand reaches more for the inside of my thigh than the top. Oh so slowly you caress, inching your way higher, until you reach the edge of my panties beneath my shorts. You run a finger up and down the edge of my panty leg. My breathing has become slightly more ragged and I moan softly.

I hear you snicker. That snicker you do when you have playful, sexy thoughts on your mind. Abruptly you take your hand away. My eyes pop open and I realize we are pulling back into the resort we are staying at. Climbing out of the car we walk hand in hand toward our room, enjoying the last moments of the afternoon before dusk begins and the sun starts to make its way toward the horizon.

We walk into our room. Parting, I step into the kitchenette for a bottle of ice cold water. You open the doors to our patio and walk out to enjoy the incredible ocean view. I Bolu Escort walk up behind you, savoring the balmy breeze that has begun to blow into the room. This is my favorite time of day and your caressing of my thigh in the car has me very aroused. I hug you from behind. Wrapping my arms around you and kissing the side of your neck. I run my fingertips lightly down your arms. You reach back to caress me but I return your hands to the patio rail, whispering “Not yet.”

Running my fingers back up your arms, I massage the tops of your shoulders and your neck. Then I blow ever so softly in your ear. I discovered recently that this makes you shiver and I enjoy watching you shiver again this time. Now I caress down to feel your hard cock under your shorts. As I squeeze you through your shorts you moan.

You turn me around and say “Okay, now we are even on the teasing from the car ride.” We stand for a moment, arms around each other, anticipating our first kiss this evening. Our mouths are hovering just slightly apart. And then, we kiss. A slow warm kiss that becomes deeper. Breaking our kiss, you take me by the hand and lead me to the bed.

Slowly you slide off my shirt. Then you undo my bra. You knew you had my aroused while we were standing on the patio because you could feel my hard nipples against your back. Now you can see how hard they are. You lean down and barely touch the tip of your tongue just outside the aureole of my right breast. You run the tip of your tongue around the outside of the aureole. You lean back to watch the skin pucker as my arousal increases. Then you flick your tongue across the nipple. I moan “please” and you suck the whole aureole and nipple of my right breast into your hot mouth. You gently bite the nipple and make me moan wordlessly. My head Bolu Escort Bayan is thrown back and I don’t think I can stand up anymore. I sit down abruptly on the bed and your mouth stays glued to my breast. You slide my shorts and panties off.

Now, I pull your shirt over your head, only briefly interrupting the attention you are giving my breasts. I undo your shorts and slide them off with your briefs.

Pulling your lips up to mine for a kiss I scoot back onto the bed bringing you with me. My legs are open and I need to feel your cock inside me. You reach down to caress my pussy with your fingers and snicker when you discover how wet I am for you. The same self-satisfied, playful, sexy snicker you always do when you see how wet you have made me.

You ask me “What do you want?”

I reply “Your cock inside of me. Please, now.”

You rub the head of it up and down my pussy lips and smile as I say it again “Your cock inside of me, please, now.” Inch by inch you slide into me, stretching me and we both moan at that first sensation of being completely joined.

You start to stroke gently but we have played so long that you quickly are slamming your cock into my pussy making me moan as you occasionally stroke across my G-spot. A cool breeze blows into the room from the sea and I open my eyes to see you smiling at me. I will remember the sight of your smile and the smell of the sea.

Breaking off from the missionary position, you turn me toward the patio doors, on my hands and knees so that you can stroke me from behind. Both of us can see the ocean now and you slide your cock into me again. I contract my pussy around your cock making you moan now. “That’s not fair,” you say. “You know I don’t last long in this position and you just make it worse when you Escort Bolu squeeze my cock with your pussy.”

“I know,” I reply with my own soft laugh of self-satisfaction.

“Hard Michael, fuck me hard now,” I tell you. And you willingly oblige. Now you are stroking across my G-spot frequently and I reach to rub my clit. You are moaning and running a hand lightly across my back. I can hear our bodies slapping and feel the build up of my orgasm starting.

You ask, “Soon baby? Are you almost there?”

“Yes, almost,” I tell you and rub my clit faster. Then I feel it start; the spasm that is the beginning of my orgasm. “Now baby, now,” I tell you and I feel you increase your thrusting to bring yourself over the edge. With one last thrust I feel the first wave of your orgasm – your body stiffening for one brief second – and then stroking again as each successive wave of cum shoots inside of me. I too am now in the throes of my orgasm and feeling a fresh spark each time you stroke into me.

You slow down now and stroke into me one last time, holding our bodies together as we each shudder through the end of our orgasms. Now we begin to notice the sound of the crickets outside and realize how much we are each perspiring. Slowly we pull apart. We move to sit side by side on the edge of the bed. Our thighs touching.

You reach over for the cold bottle of water I pulled from the refrigerator awhile ago. Not quite so cold now but enough to quench our thirst. You drain half the bottle and hand the rest to me. You flop back onto the bed as your breathing starts to sound normal. I finish the remainder of the water and flop back onto the bed next to you. You reach over to hold my hand and kiss the back of it.

“Wow,” you say.

“Yeah, wow,” I reply. Nothing more is needed between us. We have learned to enjoy every sexual interaction whether we orgasm or not but reaching orgasm at the same time is unusual.

“What a great day,” I sigh.

“Yes, a great day,” you say as you pull me into your arms and we both drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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