Wrestling Tim Ch. 07

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Bent Over

Nothing could have prepared me for Tim. He was like a one-man army charging in and taking control of me. I had anticipated his strength, hell he packed substantial muscle for a 5ft 11′ 20-year-old. His physique was like a gymnast’s lean but muscular. He was stocky too like a rugby player and his legs were awesome! I’m built tough, to play rugby even if it’s not at his level and I’m a handy wrestler. I expected to challenge him and maybe even get a submission but he just flattened me!

Physically Tim was so fast and powerful that my brain played catch up to figure out what he was doing to me. What shocked me, even more, was his desire to utterly dominate me. He subjected me to hours of submission holds and sexual domination and only ceased because he had rugby training.

To everyone else, Tim was the star rugby jock, a good-looking popular student. He had a string of short relationships with girls and a reputation as a good lay. No one would ever have considered he could be gay. Was he though? Dominating me turned him on but why? Maybe he was sexually aroused by his physical prowess?

The last 24 hours had been completely abnormal. Tim had owned me physically and sexually. It happened so fast and was so thrilling I didn’t know how to process it. otele gelen escort It was scarring too, you don’t sustain that kind of ordeal without scars. I could still feel him on me for days like some kind of phantom pain. More than anything else was a deep longing for his cum. I was hard all the time lusting after him.

I don’t know what I expected when he left for training. I kept thinking of his warning about round two and how rough it would be. Was that just him in the moment bragging? He was certainly cocky that morning.

I never made it to practice, I was too exhausted. When I made it into college the next day Shane was quick to observe: ‘you look wrecked mate, Tim told me about your mess fight, you were brave to take him on, and you’re eyes are still messed up after his guillotine’. ‘ Why what did he say Shane?’ ‘Just that you had a few beers and wrestled, you got pissed so he had to subdue you with a choke hold, I know it’s bullshit, Tim is brutal in even a mess fight so you have my sympathy’.

Over lunch, Shane continued to outline Tim’s obsession with fighting. He had known Tim since school. The pattern was always the same. Tim would start a fight, always grappling style, never balgat escort with kicks or punches, and then would subject his opponent to a lengthy public submission. In one case he put a rugby teammate in a side headlock on the bus after an away match. The bus ride took three and a half hours and Tim only let him out at the end. It was all done in jest of course but even still it was strikingly brutal. In another case, Tim was messing after rugby practice and slapped another lad with his towel. They were both about to shower and naked but Shane recounted how Tim wrestled his opponent into head scissors ‘he didn’t care that this lad was stuck in his crotch, he kept crushing him with his thighs until he submitted him right on his cock!’

The entire locker room went silent at first and then laughed. Tim’s victim ran off into the shower. ‘we were all kind of stunned but it was just the kind of thing Tim did as ‘lads play’. He wrestled me loads of times. I must have spent days locked between his thighs, he fucking loves scissoring people and he doesn’t let you go even after you submit. What could I do though, he’s too strong!’

Shane’s ‘confession’ made sense to me. I understood how he had been Tim’s elvankent escort victim. I wondered if Shane been turned on by it too. He was certainly keen to discuss it and I think I saw him hard while he spoke. Maybe I just wanted Shane to be aroused by Tim so I wouldn’t feel so weird. If I’m honest Shane turned me on anyway. He was shorter than Tim, dark-haired, handsome, like a baby-faced marine, a gym obsessive too, and pumped up like crazy!

Back in the flat that evening I couldn’t shake off that image of Shane locked between Tim’s thighs. I hadn’t heard from Tim all day and then he messaged me: ‘what’s up, ur head ok? I’ll be over to own you again’. I didn’t know how to respond, he was going to wreck me again, so soon? ‘ha ha only messing bet ur shaking now, I’ll get u soon though!’

I wasn’t shaking but I was rock hard. Just two short messages and Tim had me sexually aroused again. Even a few beers and some gaming didn’t help. As soon as I opened my bedroom door, Tims’s stench hit me. I figured it was the residue of our wrestling session or maybe his sweaty sock, the one he used to gag me, was still there on the floor. I was wrong. It was obvious as soon as I climbed under my duvet.

Tim had claimed my bed the night before, forcing me to sleep on the floor. He left me there exhausted. While I was out he was in my bed wanking. The bed was full of dry cum and cum stain. Everywhere on the sheet, pillow, bed head. He must have unleashed a torrent of his seed!

Right by my pillow was his second white ankle sock. He’d used it as a cum rag. Should I put it in my mouth or on my cock?

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