Wrong Room Ch. 03

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The following morning Amanda’s eyes opened slowly. Her mouth was dry and as she tried to swallow she could taste the remnants of last night’s fun in the back of her throat.

“What a night.” Amanda thought to herself as she sat up in bed.

Looking over at her husband who was fast asleep Amanda started to remember bits and pieces of what happened. She couldn’t believe all the crazy stuff that had happened last night, all she knew was that she’d had a good time. Amanda made her way into the bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror.

“That was a wild night.” Amanda smiled; all too aware of what was matting her hair together as she tried to run her fingers though it.

Oh well, she was on vacation and things got a little wild. You only live once she thought as she got into the shower. As the warm water ran down over her body Amanda started to emerge from the fog of last night’s drunkenness.

“Owwww…” Amanda moaned as she ran her soapy hand over her pussy.

She was really sore. Not only had her husband fucked her very hard, but she was even starting to remember Chris plunging his fingers into her at the club. As the details became less and less foggy Amanda started to realize that she was getting turned on. The naughtiness of what she’d done added a bit of a thrill that she was starting to like. She’d let a guy young enough to be her son finger her in a crowed nightclub. As she remembered more and more she could feel her nipples hardening and she knew she had to have some relief. Amanda eased herself down until she was sitting in the bathtub. She stretched her legs out and began to run her middle finger along her pussy. Amanda closed her eyes and slowly pushed her finger into her sore pussy.

“Ohhhh……” Amanda moaned.

It didn’t take Amanda’s mind long to begin picturing Chris doing unspeakable things to her. Amanda felt guilty for about half a second before continuing to bring herself closer to cumming. She imagined what would’ve happened last night at the club if she’d let Chris continue. Maybe she would’ve taken the boy to the bathroom and sucked his cock in a stall.

“OHHHHHH…FUCK!” Amanda squealed as she came.

Amanda laid there for a while longer rubbing her pussy before standing up and getting out of the shower. She didn’t think anything was particularly wrong with masturbating while thinking of someone other than her husband. He had Playboy and now she had her young admirer.

Amanda dried off and walked out of the bathroom naked. She walked toward the closet to get some clothes but on the way Amanda saw what she thought was a large stack of money on the table.

“What in the..” Amanda mumbled as she picked up the stack of hundred dollar bills.

Next door Ryan was waking up slowly. He was still a bit tired but he definitely knew why. Just hours ago he fucked his mom for the second and third time. He lay on his bed relishing the memories of having his cock inside her. He loved the fact that she didn’t know that it was her own son with his cock buried in her pussy as she moaned in pleasure.

Back in the other room Don was startled awake by what he first thought was an earthquake. The bed bounced hard and almost threw him to the floor.

“What the hell!” Don screamed.

“Baby! Where the hell did this come from?” Amanda screamed after having jumped onto the bed.

Don couldn’t help but smile. His wife was sitting naked on the bed holding a stack of cash. He was slightly worried that she would be mad at him for skipping dinner but now those worries had faded.

“I won that last night at the casino.” Don said nonchalantly.

“How much is it?” Amanda asked still amazed.

“Almost fifteen grand.” Don smiled.

Amanda’s mouth opened slightly and in her amazement didn’t even realize that she was still completely naked.

“Now we can finally afford to buy you some clothes.” Don joked.

Amanda blushed finally realizing she was sitting on the bed, holding a load of cash, completely oblivious to the fact that she was stark naked.

“Ha ha.” Amanda replied.

“I’m gonna hop in the shower while you think about what you want to buy.” Don said getting out of bed.

As Don showered Amanda put on some clothes and tried to think of what she wanted to do with the money. She could get a whole new wardrobe, or some jewelry, or any of a myriad of other things that she’d wanted for a long while.

After Don got out of the shower he told Amanda to get Ryan and that he was treating them to lunch. The family made it to a very nice restaurant and talked as they ate about how much fun they’d all had this week. Don took out the stack of money he’d won and split it in half. He put half back into his pocket and then halved what was left. He gave one stack to his wide eyed son and then did the same to his wife.

“This is SAWEEEEET!” Ryan screamed thumbing through the hundred dollar bills he’d been given.

“Don this is very nice of you, I don’t know where I’ll be shopping first.” Amanda grinned.

“It’s güvenilir bahis the least I can do to make up for not spending more time with my family.” Don smiled.

“Oh honey, it’s ok. I’ve had a wonderful time.” Amanda replied.

“I think you should’ve played poker more often.” Ryan joked.

“Well here’s the thing. I’m a finalist in the tournament. I have a really good chance of winning a lot more money.” Don said.

Ryan grinned thinking about all the cool stuff he was gonna buy but Amanda seemed reserved upon hearing her husband’s news.

“Don honey, I’m really happy for you that you did good but I think Ryan and I would like you to spend at least one day with us.” Amanda said.

“Speak for yourself mom, he needs to find the nearest deck of cards!”Ryan replied.

Don knew his wife was starting to feel a little neglected but he’d hoped the money would soften the blow.

“Well honey, this is a big deal to me. I mean I could really win the whole thing. Besides, with the money I’ve already won we can go on another vacation anytime we want.” Don said.

Amanda realized that she was in a tough spot. How could she really tell her husband that he needed to spend the day with them and miss his chance to do something he’s always wanted to do? And he was right; with the money they had they could take another vacation anywhere they wanted.

“I guess you’re right. But next time I think we’re going to Tahiti. They don’t play much poker there.” Amanda smiled.

“Anywhere you want to go, I’ll be there.” Don replied.

The trio finished up their meals and went their separate ways. Don went to the casino and signed in. He took his usual chair and eagerly waited for the first round to begin. He was really glad his wife relented and let him finish the tournament. He knew she wasn’t completely happy with the situation but the stack of money he gave her sure helped to soften the blow.

Ryan headed straight for the electronics store. About an hour later he emerged with a brand new IPod and a laptop. He was all grins as he headed back to the hotel with his loot. For the first time in the whole vacation his mind wasn’t on his mother.

Amanda casually strolled down the sidewalk looking at all the stores and was having a hard time trying to decide what to buy. Every so often Amanda’s mind would drift back to last night and Chris. She scolded herself for thinking about what she let him do but she couldn’t help herself. After shopping in a few boutiques she eventually found herself in a huge shopping mall. After sitting down to rest a bit and getting herself some lemonade, her cell phone rang. Amanda looked down at her phone and froze for a second or two. It was Chris trying to call her and she didn’t exactly know what to do. She could play it smart and just ignore the boy but she really liked him. She was feeling a bit lonely and she knew he would be great company. But she also knew what it might lead to. After about the fifth ring Amanda relented.

“Hello?” Amanda said.

“Hey babe, it’s Chris. What are you up to today?” He asked.

“Hey there. Oh I’m not doing anything special. I’m at the mall doing a little shopping.” Amanda replied twirling her hair.

“Would you like some company?” Chris asked.

“Well of course I would silly.” Amanda laughed.

“Oh ok cool. I was kinda worried that after last night you might be mad at me.” Chris said.

Amanda wasn’t mad at all, in fact, now that she could remember things a little more clearly, she was surprised at how well Chris handled himself. He didn’t pressure her at all to do anything she didn’t want to. Even after things got a little heated he was a gentleman and Amanda respected that.

“Mad at you? Not at all, you were a perfect date.” Amanda said.

“So where at in the mall are you?” Chris asked.

“In the food court.” Amanda answered.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” Chris said before hanging up.

Amanda waited patiently on the bench watching the shoppers going about their business. It didn’t take long at all until she saw Chris walking up. Amanda felt a tingle between her legs as more memories of what happened between her and Chris flashed through her mind. She didn’t realize until a bit later but she’d chewed her straw into a gnarled mess as she watched her young admirer approach.

“Hey sexy!” Chris said wrapping his arms around Amanda.

“Hey yourself.” Amanda said as Chris’ hard chest pressed against hers.

They talked for awhile before getting up and walking through the mall. Amanda bought a couple of pairs of shoes and even got Chris a pair. After an hour or so as they were walking Chris took Amanda’s hand into his. Amanda just smiled as they strolled through the mall holding hands. She was feeling like a giggling teenager. Amanda was glad to have met Chris; he was someone who she got along with really well and he was so good looking.

“Wow, those are nice.” Chris said.

Amanda turned and looked at what Chris was staring at. It türkçe bahis was a mannequin dressed in a really nice pair of slacks and a black silk shirt.

“That would take a month’s worth of paychecks for me to get.” Chris said.

Amanda smiled and then decided to reward Chris for keeping her company all week. She led him by the hand into the store and found a salesman.

“Excuse me. I’d like to see that outfit in a size…” Amanda said looking at Chris.

“Oh you really don’t have to…” Chris replied realizing what Amanda was doing.

“What size, you big baby?” Amanda laughed.

Chris took another look at the outfit before telling the salesman his measurements. In no time the salesman brought Chris the clothes and pointed him toward the dressing rooms. Amanda took a seat and Chris disappeared into the dressing room.

A few moments later he came out smiling. Amanda looked at the young man and smiled broadly. He looked fantastic.

“Well turn around.” Amanda said.

Chris turned around and Amanda’s face blushed. She really like how Chris’ butt looked in the dark slacks.

“Not bad at all!” Amanda said.

Chris smiled at Amanda’s compliment. He could tell she liked what she saw.

“Hey could you help me with something for a sec?” Chris asked.

“Sure thing.” Amanda said.

Chris walked back into the dressing room and Amanda stepped in behind him. The dressing room was small so they were very close to each other.

“This top button always gives me fits.” Chris said reaching around Amanda to close the door.

Amanda reached up and tried to get the top button on Chris’ shirt to come undone but it was a little difficult. As she jerked on the shirt Chris faked a stumble forward until he was pressed up against Amanda.

“Sorry.” Chris smiled.

“Oh it’s ok, I’m fine.” Amanda said staring up at Chris.

“Yes you are.” Chris said.

Amanda blushed and reality finally sat in. She was in a very tiny room with a guy that she liked a lot more than she should. She knew something like this could easily happen, and at the moment, wasn’t completely against it.

“You are a charmer…” Amanda smiled.

Chris ran his fingers through Amanda’s hair and down her neck. Amanda took in a deep breath as a shiver ran down her body. Chris stared into her eyes and slowly brought his lips closer to Amanda’s.

Amanda didn’t really know what to do. She was happily married and loved her husband very much, but here she was about to do something she told herself she would never do again. Her thoughts were interrupted when her lips touched Chris’.

“Ummm….”Amanda moaned as a warm tingly feeling overtook her body.

Chris’ hands found their way down Amanda’s back and to her ass. She gasped as Chris firmly grabbed her tush. Amanda opened her mouth and frenched her young lover with abandon. Eventually her hands drifted to Chris’ ass and she returned the favor he’d showed her.

“Verrrrry nice.” Amanda smiled as she groped the young man’s hard rear.

Chris unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor. Amanda smiled as she admired Chris’ young hard body. Chris pulled Amanda to him and began to gently kiss down her neck. Amanda’s nails ran down Chris’ back as his mouth nibbled her shoulder. Chris slowly pulled down the straps of Amanda’s dress until her breasts came into view. Amanda stared at the young man intently knowing what he was thinking.

“Ohhhh….my god..” Amanda moaned as Chris took her nipple into his mouth.

His tongue swirled around her areolas gently until both her nipples were erect. Amanda leaned her head back against the wall as Chris continued to devour her tits for several minutes. Amanda’s eyes remained closed until she felt her dress being pulled down to her knees.

“You are so hot…” Chris moaned as he knelt down and kissed Amanda’s stomach.

Amanda waited breathlessly as Chris kissed even lower. After a few scant seconds Amanda felt Chris’ fingers wrap around the sides of her panties. She looked down at the gorgeous young man at her feet as he looked deeply into her eyes. Amanda knew she was crossing a point of no return. Was she really going to become one of those wives who cheated on their husbands? Looking down at Chris Amanda answered her question with a nod of her head.

Chris slowly pulled down Amanda’s panties. Once they were at her feet Amanda put her hands on Chris’ shoulders and stepped out of her dress and panties. Chris looked at the shaved pussy in front of his face and smiled. He lifted one of Amanda’s legs over his shoulder.

“Come and get it.” Amanda smiled.

Chris kissed the inside of Amanda’s thigh before diving in. Gently his tongue spread her wet pussy lips.

“Ohhhhh Fuck!!!” Amanda moaned as an electric jolt surged through her body.

Amanda grabbed the back of Chris’ head and pulled him tightly against her quivering pussy. The sensation of his tongue on her clit was driving her crazy. Chris drove his tongue deeper and deeper into Amanda’s pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri as she struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh God Baby!” Amanda moaned.

Chris continued his assault on Amanda’s smooth pussy for a few more minutes before using his middle finger to up the ante. Amanda’s teeth clenched tightly together as Chris’ finger entered her hot snatch. Amanda ground her pelvis into Chris’ face as her body began to shake.

“Baby, I’m….gonna….cum..” Amanda moaned.

Chris was intently licking away at Amanda’s clit when he heard her. Wanting to send her over the edge he slammed two more fingers into her dripping pussy.

“OH GOD..OH GOD…” Amanda groaned as Chris’ fingers spread her further apart.

Finally what sent her over the edge wasn’t so much what she was feeling but what she saw when she opened her eyes briefly. The reflection in the mirror on the wall was one of the most erotic things she’d ever seen. There she was, a married woman, a mother, with a young stranger’s head between her legs. Her leg was draped obscenely over his shoulder as one hand clenched his head and the other her breast.

“OHHHH…. FUCK FUCK FUCK…..OHHH YEAH!!!” Amanda groaned as she came fiercely.

Her legs shook and her breathing ceased as her orgasm racked her body. Uncontrollably Amanda smeared her quivering cunt over Chris’ face. Chris did his best to keep his tongue on Amanda’s pussy as she gyrated in front of him. After a minute or so Amanda began to calm down a bit. Chris stood up and looked at Amanda who was still slightly shaking as she leaned against the wall.

After a moment or two Amanda opened her eyes to see Chris undoing his belt. Chris unzipped his pants and Amanda’s eyes widened as they fell to the floor.

“Oh my…” Amanda said as Chris’ manhood popped into view.

As far as she knew Amanda had only had one cock in her lifetime, her husband’s. Chris was obviously larger than that, much larger.

“Something the matter?” Chris smiled.

“Ummm…weeeeellllll…” Amanda grinned as Chris’ huge cock jumped with each heartbeat.

Amanda knelt down in front of Chris and tentatively reached out for the monster in front of her. She smiled as her hand wrapped around Chris’ fat cock. Amanda licked her lips and leaned her head closer to Chris’ cock.

“Oh FUCK!” Chris groaned as Amanda’s lips slid over the head of his cock.

“Ummmm….Hmmmm..” Amanda moaned as Chris’ meaty cock slid into her mouth.

Her tongue probed the slit on the tip of the massive cock. Precum slid down Amanda’s tongue before she swallowed. After sucking intently Amanda pulled Chris’ cock from her mouth and began sucking his balls. They were heavy and she knew they were just waiting to be emptied.

“God you’re huge…” Amanda said before sucking Chris’ cock back into her mouth.

Chris watched feverishly as Amanda’s pink lips slid up and down his thick shaft. His cock was dripping with Amanda’s saliva as her mouth teased him. Chris didn’t know how much longer he could hold off against Amanda’s expert mouth and he just had to have some of her pussy.

“Get up here.” Chris said as he pulled Amanda to her feet.

Amanda knew what he wanted and she wanted it too. Without any instruction Amanda turned away from Chris and put her hands up high on the wall. She arched her back and stood on her toes offering Chris what he wanted. Chris grabbed Amanda by the hips and lined up his cock with the opening of her hot pussy.

“FUUUCCKKKKKK!!!” Amanda moaned as Chris slowly inserted his cock into her pussy.

Amanda had never had such a big cock inside her. She felt like she was going to split in half. Before she could fully adjust Chris began fucking her harder and harder.

“FUCK YEAH!” Chris moaned as he fed his entire cock into Amanda’s hot pussy.

Amanda groaned loudly as Chris’ cock touched parts of her pussy she didn’t know she had. His heavy balls slapped against her sensitive clit repeatedly causing her to near a second orgasm.

“Yeah! Fuck ME!!! Fuck ME!!!” Amanda begged.

Chris pulled his cock from Amanda’s tight pussy and turned her around to face him. He picked one of her legs up around his waist and slid his massive cock back inside her. In moments Chris was driving his cock into Amanda so hard her other foot was coming off the ground.

Amanda knew she couldn’t take much more and from the look on Chris’ sweat lined brow he couldn’t either.

“Give it to me baby… ” Amanda moaned.

Chris took his queue and began fucking Amanda’s cunt for all he was worth. After another minute or so he kissed Amanda deeply. As their tongues wrestled Amanda could feel his cock swell even bigger.

“OHHHHFUUCKKK!!!” Chris yelled as his cock erupted inside Amanda’s tight wet pussy.

The feeling of Chris’ huge cock jerking and pulsing as it filled her pussy with hot cum sent Amanda over the edge as well.

“OH GOD YES!!!” Amanda moaned as her pussy clenched down tightly onto Chris’ pulsing cock.

Chris pumped a huge load of cum into the sweating brunette wrapped around him. After a few minutes Chris’s cock softened and slid out of Amanda’s pussy.

“That was fucking great!” Chris said.

“Oh my god…was it ever.” Amanda replied.

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