You and Me

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Hello, readers! A short little note before we get to the goods.

This is the first story I ever wrote and completed… back in like 2008/2009. I’ve been too nervous to post anything, so I decided to start with this. It’s short and sweet… and the only story I’ve ever done in 2nd person perspective.

I look forward to comments and constructive criticism. I’ve grown a lot since this story- and hopefully some of my more recent work will follow soon.

Without further ado… here it is!


I’m standing in the kitchen, lost in my own little world. My hands are wet and soapy, my hips are swaying gently to the music.

I don’t feel you walking up behind me until it’s too late. I’m startled as your hands come down on either side of my body and your chest presses against my back, effectively pinning me between the counter and your incredibly warm body.

Lifting one hand, you gently brush the hair away from my neck. You lean in and I can feel your hot breath dancing across my skin. Lips, soft and hot, press into that sweet spot where my neck and shoulder meet. My head falls forward slightly and a whispered sigh leaves my lips.

You gently bit down, and then sooth with your tongue and lips. My body presses back against yours, a fire slowly building in my belly.

Your arm snakes around my body, gently running between by breasts and coming to stop at my neck. You lean in close. Your mouth just a breath away from my ear.

“Mmmm,” you whisper deep and low, “you have no idea how sexy you are right now.”

I shiver, both from your words and the hot breath against my ear. At my reaction, you slowly grind into me… letting me feel just how hard I make you.

You turn my head and claim my mouth with yours. Your kiss is hard and hot. I whimper against your lips as you pull away.

Before I know what’s happening I’m spinning around to face you and your lips are once again pressed against mine. I can feel your fingers digging into my hips as you press yourself against me, forcing my back to arch against the counter.

Without breaking contact, you walk me backwards towards the bedroom. I stop when my knees hit the edge of the bed. You tear your lips away from mine. Your eyes are intense, burning with passion for me… and something inside me clenches.

You step back and with a growl you order me to strip. The authority in your voice brooks no objection.

I lower my eyes, suddenly shy under your gaze. You cup my face affectionately and repeat your previous request.

I’m shaking as my fingers move to the hem of my shirt, not only from my nerves but also from the thrill I feel at being under your control.

I cross my arms and grab the hem of my shirt. I slowly pull Ulus Escort it up, revealing little bits of skin at a time. The fabric catches on my breasts, and I wiggle slightly to pull it over. I turn around slowly as the shirt comes over my head. I drop it unceremoniously to the floor and look at you over my shoulder. My hips sway gently to the music still drifting through the apartment. I hook both thumbs under the elastic of my shorts. I gently pull one side down, then the other… shimmying my hips as they fall in a puddle on the floor.

You watch me intently, leaning against the door jam. I’m now standing in my bra and panties… but not for long. With my back still turned towards you, I unhook each clasp. The straps fall down my arms and I turn back around. My hands hold the cups in place only momentarily before I let that too slip to the ground.

You push off of the door jam, and I can see that my little strip tease as been effective. You reach me before I can slip my panties off, to join the rest of my clothes.

Your hands come to my hips and your thumbs brush my hipbones. You know exactly how to drive me crazy. My body is roughly pulled against yours and you grind yourself into my pelvis. Your lips find mine in a hot frenzy. I grab for the bottom of your shirt and you pull away just long enough for me to pull it over your head. Your lips are back on mine the instant your shirt is dispatched. My hands wander over your chest, shoulders, and back. I can feel your muscles moving under your hot skin.

I dig my nails into your back as your mouth trails to my jaw and down my neck to that sweet spot where my pulse is thumping hard beneath my skin. You suck and nibble on that spot and I moan in pleasure.

When your teeth sink slightly into my shoulder I shudder. Goosebumps spread over my skin.

You want to make me beg. You know exactly how to turn my body to mush… you know it won’t be long before I succumb to your ministrations and beg you to fuck me. This torture is such a turn on. I want nothing more than for you to sink into me… thrust hard and deep… but you’re not ready for that yet. You pull away, and push me gently back onto the bed.

I feel your hot breath against my inner thigh just seconds before your lips plant a warm kiss to my skin.

Your tongue travels in little swirl patterns as you in closer to where I really want you. Your fingers trace the waistline of my panties and I lift my hips so you can tug them off. Once they have landed on the floor with the rest of my clothing you blow gently on my most heated area.

I shiver and look down to see a wicked little grin on your face. Anticipation is the greatest aphrodisiac. My fingers thread into your hair Üniversiteli Escort and pull you towards my wet heat. Your tongue slowly licks my clit and my hips buck in response. I try to pull you harder against me, but you withdraw.

Standing, your eyes lock onto mine. I can see fire burning in them, and I know mine are showing the same.

Without looking away, you slowly unbuckle your belt and undo the top button. The sound of each following button causes me to break eye contact. You’re so incredibly sexy standing there shirtless, with your jeans undone. I can see a glimpse of your dark blue boxer briefs and the bulge they barely restrain. Slowly you slide them over your hips, until you are standing before me as naked as I am.

Your knee comes between my legs as you climb over me. You claim my lips in a fierce kiss as you press your body down onto mine. My body is thrumming with sensations. Your thigh presses against my pussy and I grind into you, trying to relieve the ache that has been building since you came up behind me in the kitchen.

You drag your lips and tongue over my jaw, down my throat, to my collarbone and then on to my breasts. Pulling one nipple into your mouth, my back arches up as you suck and nip at it until it’s a hard bud. You let it fall from your mouth and then blew gently across the wet skin causing me to bit my lip in an attempt to suppress a moan. My other nipple gets the same treatment, and by now I am writhing on the bed beneath you.

I run my hands over your heated skin. Over your chest and down your stomach towards that part of you I want to squeeze and caress.

You stop me. Grabbing both of my wrists you pin them over my head in one hand. Your other runs down my side and comes to rest on my hip. You hold me down as you come between my legs and line your rock hard cock against my wet opening.

I try to rock my hips up to take you inside me. But you just shake your head and press me back into the bed.

You lean down and whisper against my ear, “tell me what you want.”

I can barely find my voice the ache is so strong. You refuse to enter me until I say it. Instead you just rub the blunt head along my slit.

Again, I whimper and try to rock my hips. You force me into the bed even harder; I know I’ll have the marks to prove it.

“I said, tell me what you want.”

When your cock bumps my clit, I cry out. I’ve lost the battle. I can no longer deny my need.

“Please baby, I need you inside me… please.”

Before the words finished leaving my mouth you thrust forward and sink inside of me to the hilt. I rock my hips, feeling the fullness of finally having you inside me. Your lips find mine as you set a slow and Yenimahalle Escort steady pace. Withdrawing almost completely before slowly sinking back in.

My hips rise to meet your thrusts and soon I feel you groan into my mouth, “Fuck, you feel good.”

The pace you set is agonizingly slow. I can tell you’re enjoying the fact that you’re driving me crazy. I start to plead for more. I want it hard, and fast, and long, and deep. I need it all. Now.

You respond with more force. The same agonizingly slow pace, but with a punctuated inward thrust. With each powerful thrust you bottom out inside me and I can feel you touching that sweet spot deep inside.

My teeth sink into my bottom lip as I bite back a sob.

You stop moving. Your arms relax and you shift your weight, bringing your body almost completely down on top of me. Your hands circled under my back and down to cup my ass. Your chest is pressed fully into mine and our bodies are connected in every way.

You lift me up and grind into me. My breath is coming out in pants against your neck. I rock my hips up as I clutch your back and shoulders.

I gasp as again and again, you hit that special spot so deep inside me.

At that sound, you begin pumping into me hard and fast. I wrap my legs around your hips, pulling you harder into me.

I moan as the base of your cock rubs my clit every time you push inside. I can feel the tingle start, as I get closer to falling.

You thrust inside me as deep as you can get then stop. I hear a strangled moan escape your lips as you grind into me. Over and over again, until I can barely stand it any more.

Then, you’re moving inside me again. A rhythmic push and pull that hits all the right spots.

Soon, I’m writhing against you. Your thrusts become harder, less controlled. It’s all too much… the feel, the touch, and the taste of you push me over.

You slam your lips to mine and I cum. Hard. My hips buck up against yours and my pussy spasms around you.

Your mouth trails back down to that spot where my neck meets my shoulder. You bit down as you finally give into the pleasure.

I can feel your cock swell and twitch as you empty yourself deep inside me.

You collapse into me, over me.

Our breathing is ragged and I can feel your heart thundering against my chest.

You kiss your way back up to my lips. Gently you suck my bottom lip and nip at it.

I moan softly against you as you slowly pull out and roll to your back.

You pull me against your body, spooning behind me. My head rests on your arm as you gently stroke my skin.

You bring your other hand under my chin and tilt my head back. Smiling, you kiss me deeply. My head falls back to your arm with a contented sigh.

There are no need for words, your love for me evident in the caressing strokes and warm, lazy kisses we share as we drift off.


Hope you enjoyed this little short. I love comments, so feel free to leave feedback!!


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