You Won’t Find This Attraction…

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You Won’t Find This Attraction Marked On The Trail

“Oh my god!” I sit straight up in bed “I can’t believe that I slept in so late!” I look at the alarm clock beside my bed and it says 9:00 AM. I climb out of bed arms lifting into the air, stretching. My T-shirt rises exposing my pink floral bikini cut panties and my tummy. My breasts pressing against the soft faded material.

I undress while walking to the shower thinking to myself “Oh the joys of living alone!” Once in the shower I wet my hair, the water pouring down my slim, toned body. I rub shampoo into my hair and grab the soap. Soon my hands are gliding all over my soapy body, hands staying where they shouldn’t be. The only thought running through my mind being “What a naughty girl I am…”

I step out of the shower groaning in frustration because the only way I am going to get this hike done is to leave ASAP so dammit I can’t stay and relieve my mounting arousal. I dry off and walk into my bedroom. I make my bed while trying to decide what to wear. I finally decide that my short shorts and a tank top are fine, that way I can work on my tan. I grab my boots and backpack from the closet and take them into the kitchen.

I grab what I had prepared the night before and put them into my knapsack. I shake my head as I run upstairs to grab a sweater. I just hate it when I forget things.

Five minutes later I am drive down the street, and hum to some song on the radio. I finally arrive at the starting point of the hike. I look around and only see about six other cars. I think to myself “Hmm, I wonder where everyone else is? Oh well, more trail for me.”

By the time lunch rolls around I am sweaty and tired. I plop down on the edge of this field, just relaxing, my chest heaving as I catch my breath. I start to pull my lunch out of my backpack.

Suddenly this shadow is looming over me. I look up and see this man in front of me. I scan him from toe to head. Hiking boots with thick socks, shorts, a loose Bolu Escort fitting short sleeve shirt.

My mouth is dry before I even get to those sunglasses covered eyes. I smile up at him as he opens that gorgeous mouth to speak.

“If you share that lunch with me…I will share what is in my backpack with you, for dessert.” He states.

“Well, I have more than enough so I don’t mind sharing, but you don’t have to give me anything.” I reply.

“Oh, you will like what I have to share.” He says with a grin.

So for the next half hour or so we sit talking and eating. I look over and realize that he has been inching over as we talk. Suddenly his arm is around my shoulder, pulling me to him. I push at his chest, struggling to get away as his lips find mine. The harder I push and struggle the tighter he holds me. I think to myself “Oh god! I can’t believe this is happening!” Tears start slipping down my cheeks.

Just like that I am on my back both of my tiny wrists in his one hand. My body, going against my minds wishes, starts to respond to his touch.

He chuckles as he sees my large nipples budding against my tank top. My back arching in pleasure. His lips against mine again, his hand moving under my top. Finally my mind starts to respond along with my body, wanting this just as much.

I turn my head, breaking the kiss, and say against his ear “Let my hands go. I want to touch you.”

Magically my hands are free. They go to his back, moving over the muscles bunching to hold himself up over me. I move them to his chest where I find the button’s holding his shirt closed. My hands shake as I undo each of the agonizing ten buttons.

I feel my arms lifting and realize that my top is coming off. He looks at my breasts as though he wants to devour them. His mouth is on them one by one, before I can blink.

I put my mouth on his neck licking and biting, telling him that I want more. I feel his hand glide down to my shorts over my Bolu Escort Bayan tummy. He undoes the button and zipper and thrusts his hand into them. He gasps as he finds my smooth pussy.

His hand lifts from my breasts and he just smiles at me. He moves down my body, pulling my shorts with him. He sits up reaching for his bag. I lay in pain needing him to finish what he started. He stands up and pushes his shirt off of his shoulders. His hands reach down and pull off his boots and socks from those muscular legs. He straightens as his hands make little work of his shorts.

I smile up at him as I realize that he has gone naked underneath. He is hard and ready for me. He bends down and pulls something from his bag.

“Close your eyes.” He says.

“I don’t know if I trust you.” I say with a smile.

“CLOSE YOUR EYES!” He snaps.

My eyes instantly close at his command. I feel something brush over my face and realize that he is putting a blindfold on me. Next he takes my hands and ties them together. I can’t move them so I assume that he has tied them to the tree behind me.

I feel his breath next to my ear.

“You can open your eyes now.” He says with a chuckle.

His hands move to my breasts, pulling and pinching at my nipples. Continuing until I am gasping and moaning with pleasure. I expect more to come but suddenly he is no where near me. I can hear him moving around, hear rustling and without warning something is being placed on my body.

“What is that?” I ask with a gasp.

He growls “Don’t speak unless I ask you something! Got it?”

“Yes.” I whimper

“But to answer your question, it is chocolate pudding.”

“Hmm, very nice.” I think to myself.

His mouth is on my breasts, liking and sucking at the pudding. My body arches. I bite my lip to keep from moaning. His mouth follows the path down my body, past my ribs, navel and down…down.

I feel his breath on my shaven cunt; hot and moist. His Escort Bolu breath coming in pants. My hips thrusting closer to those lips and that tongue. His hand pressing firmly on my tummy to keep me from moving.

I wait and wait for that first touch.

“Oh god”

There it was, his tongue on my body again, right where I wanted him. Licking and sucking. I know that I will have marks of passion on me by the time he is done. His hands spread my lower lips, inhaling the scent of my arousal. His tongue between his fingers. I feel a finger pushing its way inside my warmth. His tongue circling my clit. He pushes a second finger into me. Thrusting those two fingers in and out. My juices start pouring out of me. He laps it up, enjoying every second.

He slowly works a third finger into my tight cunt, and gently bites down on my clit. I scream, cumming instantly.

He moves up my body, gently enfolding me in his arms.

He whispers “Very good little one…you have pleased me greatly.”

He thrusts his hips and his hard cock enters me in one smooth motion. My back arches off the ground. His mouth moves along my neck, jaw, and finally lands on my open mouth. His tongue delves into my mouth as his hips begin thrusting.

Moans emanating from both of our throats, sweat running down our bodies. His hand runs up my body, onto my face. The blindfold ripped off. I blink, the sunlight temporarily blinding me. My eyes find his face, contorted in concentration, Sweat glistening on his face.

I can feel the climactic moment approaching, building higher and higher. I know that he is close also. His hand reaches down, circling me with his fingers. I explode…screaming. I hear his cry following mine. He collapses on me, holding me.

I open my eyes and realize that I must have slept for it had become dark. I look around for that mysterious man only to find him gone.

I look over and realize that my backpack is crowded with my stuff. Beside it lay the blindfold and a single rose.

I sit up and reach for the rose and find attached to it a piece of paper with seven numbers on it. I laugh out loud. I didn’t know his name, only his numbers. As I get dressed I think to myself,

“This guy I am going to call.”

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