Young Widow Ch. 04

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I suggest that the reader take this series in order. At least read the introduction to the first story to get the background of both me and my stories. Thanks.

And thank you also for the positive feedback so far. It is much appreciated.


Doug and I had sex two more times, the first times for me since my husband had passed two years before. I loved it. It was great, I felt so alive again, and now I knew I was fully recovered from my grief. I would never forget, but I was now ready to return to a full life. I also knew I didn’t want to stay with Doug permanently. As nice as he was, as good as he had been to me, and as much as I had liked having sex with him, he wasn’t the person I wanted to settle down with. Perhaps no-one was. That was something I was still unsure about.

I also started to realize I wasn’t a prude. I had always thought of myself as a little bit of a prude, except when I was in the bedroom with my husband. There I did lots of things, and enjoyed it immensely. But I never really thought seriously of sex with anyone else. I thought all of that was just between the two of us. Now I was thinking that all of those things I enjoyed wasn’t just because of my husband. I seemed to really enjoy – even need – sex. And it didn’t need to be inside the boundaries of marriage. It felt very freeing.

One day about this time I was at work early, as usual. I was in my boss’s office discussing work and other subjects. It was a relaxing time, and it seemed a good time to share the good news of my sexual liberation with him. He had been a caring and helpful confidante.

“Tom, I want to thank you for your support and friendship over the last two years,” I told him. “I have finally come out of that dark place I was in, completely. And you are one of the main ones who helped.”

“Susan, that’s wonderful. You’ve come along well. I know you’ve seemed to be happier lately, especially the last couple weeks.”

“Yes, the last couple of weeks was the last step.” I felt like I was starting to blush. I knew I looked guilty of something.

“You’ve met a man?” Tom asked excitedly.

“No,” I answered. “I mean, no, not a special man.” I suddenly felt nervous and unsure of what to say. “There is a man, but…” I hesitated.

Tom knew. “Susan!” he said. “You had sex?” He knew he was right from my reaction. “For the first time since Ralph?” he said more quietly.

“Yes. And it was nice,” I smiled. “Very nice.” I laughed at that, and he joined in. “But It’s not a permanent thing.” I looked at him, afraid of what he thought about it. “Do you think badly of me?” His opinion meant a lot to me.

“Of course not!” he said. “I think it’s about time. I’m glad. There’s certainly nothing wrong with two single people enjoying themselves like that.” He paused for a moment, then added, “He is single isn’t he?”

“Of course!” I said indignantly.

Tom leaned back in his chair. “Well, then, what could be wrong?”

“Nothing,” I answered. “I’ve just never done anything like that.”

“Of course not,” he said. “You were married. You’re not the type to cheat on your husband. Especially Ralph. But you’re not married any longer.”

“I know,” I said. “I think I finally have come to grips with that.”

I rose from my chair and walked over towards Tom. He rose as well. I stepped into him, put my arms around him, and hugged him. “Thanks, Tom. Thank you so much for your support. Personally as well as at work.”

“I was glad to help,” He answered.

He returned my hug, probably not as tightly as I hugged him. I kept hugging, the embrace lasting longer than it should have. But I owed Tom so much, my emotions were so strong. He had been there for me personally, as Doug had been. Tom also had covered for me at work, lightening my workload and allowing me to come in late when needed. I appreciated having such an understanding boss.

I loosened my grip on him and he loosened his. As we parted, I raised up and kissed him. I aimed for his cheek, but somehow got mostly lips, and it also lasted longer than it should have. I was embarrassed enough that I couldn’t look him straight in the eyes, but only momentarily. I was not sorry. He had truly been a saviour to me, and I was immensely grateful.

“Thanks, Tom. You are a wonderful person,” I told him. He smiled and I headed out of the room.

At lunchtime, Tom came over and sat down beside me. He placed his hand softly on top of mine.

“Are you busy after work?” he asked.

“No, nothing special going on tonight. Why?”

“i thought if you had time you could come to my office after everyone leaves,” he answered.

It sounded a little mysterious, but I didn’t think too much of it. After everyone leaves was pretty much 5 o’clock sharp. We were pretty strict about not working late. In fact most people were gone by 5 nearly every day. We got our work done, but Tom didn’t see any reason for people sticking around just to put in time. I told you he was a good boss.

So I stayed a little late. There was one project I could work on to get a little ahead, and before I realized it, it was nearly 5:30. Everyone was indeed gone, and Kartal Escort I thought maybe Tom was as well. I walked over to his office and knocked on the door..

“Come in.” I heard him say, so I did.

“Hi. I got a little involved. Am I too late?” I asked.

“Not at all,” he answered, as he rose from his chair. He walked over toward the sofa. “Let’s sit down here,” he said.

We sat on the sofa, not an unusual thing to do. But it soon got unusual.

“Susan, I was so happy to hear that you are back to feeling normal, after all this time. I know it’s been tough, but you are a strong woman. Now you’re probably a stronger one.”

I nodded, agreeing with what he said. His arm was on the back of the couch, behind me.

“Now that you’re feeling better, I want to tell you something,” he continued. “You are an extremely attractive woman, physically of course, but also your mind, your personality, your beliefs. Everything I know about you attracts me to you.”

My mind was racing to catch up. I hadn’t really thought of him sexually or romantically.

He kept going. “I had feelings for you even when you were married, but of course I didn’t let them go anywhere. Now that you are getting ‘back to normal’, is there a chance that we could have something?”

I hadn’t caught up yet. I was trying to process what I should say, how I feel. Here was this lovely man making a pass at me, but I hadn’t even thought of him that way. Plus he was my boss. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

I looked at him. “Tom, you are a really great guy,” I began, but I didn’t know what I wanted to say next. I paused, trying to sort things out.

Tom took my hesitation the wrong way, thinking I was done. It sounded like I had answered him affirmatively. He leaned in closer to me, pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked, confused, and also realized that his kiss felt good. I returned his kiss. We broke off after a bit, then he took my head in his hands and kissed me again, harder.

My lips parted as his tongue pushed its way into my mouth. I was enjoying this. He was a great kisser, plus I had grown so very fond of him. Maybe more than fond. I felt my tongue find its way into Tom’s mouth without my realizing I was doing it. I was turned on, and enjoying this a lot. My hand went to Tom’s shirt, feeling his firm, hard, chest. Tom was a well-built man. There was a gym in our building which Tom used every day. A former college athlete, physical fitness was still a priority of his, and it showed.

Suddenly I felt his hand against my skin, inside my blouse. He reached into the top of my bra cup and reached his fingers around my nipple before I could figure out how he did it. Electric shocks shot through my body as he pinched my ultra sensitive nipples. I let out a moan which encouraged him.

He moaned and said, “Oh, Susan, Susan,” as his lips kept kissing my lips, as well as my neck. As he shifted on the couch I felt his other hand sliding along my leg under my flowing skirt. I stopped kissing and was just about to push him away and end this when I felt his hand reach my crotch, pushing right onto my slit. I gasped in surprise and delight, and froze.

Tom’s fingers pushed at my slit. Between playing with my nipples and my pussy, I was very hot. I loved what this man was doing to me. When his finger slipped under my panties, I felt how wet I was, as did he. He pulled at my panties, pulling them down as I raised up off the cushion, and all I was thinking was that I didn’t want his fingers leaving my pussy.

“Oh, yes, that’s it,” I murmured as his fingers returned and stroked my labia. I knew where this was going and I wanted it. He was a tall, powerful man, the subject of many ladies’ conversations, and probably their fantasies. A few years older than me, he was still a wonderful male speciman. No-one knew why he never married. He had many girlfriends, but as far as I knew never a steady one. And the women didn’t seem to mind. At the moment I could testify that he had a lot of practice with them, and had learned well.

My hand accidently, yes I promise, accidently, fell to his lap and onto his erection. It was very hard and made quite a tent in his pants, but I could not do anything except squeeze on the shaft. He moaned, and pushed a finger into my vaginal hole. I moaned in return, and rocked my hips welcoming the intruder.

He soon stood up, lifting me up along with him in his strong arms. He spun me around and took a few steps toward his desk. He bent me over towards the desk, and I placed my hands on the edge of it to hold myself up. Tom got behind me, and as he lifted my skirt up onto my back I finally realized what he was doing. I didn’t object. In fact I wanted it. I moved my legs apart, showing him my bare ass and pussy. He stood behind me for a moment, making me wonder what he was doing.

“I have a condom,” he said. “Is this all right?”

I thought he was a wonderful man for thinking of the condom on his own, and for asking me if I was okay with having sex. I also thought he was a terrible man for making me wait.

“Yes,” I said, trying not to sound too eager. “I Yakacık Escort want to.”

I felt his penis against me. It was hot and hard, and covered in latex. He moved it down towards my pussy and found my slit. He moved it between my legs, back and forth along my wet lips. As he was getting it wet for penetration, he was getting me so excited I nearly screamed. As he went to place his penis into my hole, he rubbed it against my clit. It sent a shock through my system, and I exploded into an orgasm. I let out a high-pitched squeal as I shook.

Tom paused momentarily, but then found my vagina with the tip of his penis and pushed it in before I was finished cumming. After each contraction it went in further, until I was finally done and he sunk it in to its depth. Oh, it was in further than the others, further than my dildo. Not by much, but I felt my walls pushed apart where they had not been before. It was not wider, I assumed, as my wall did not seem to be stretched more than before until the last inch or so. These thoughts, however, were fleeting, as he was pounding my pussy with hard thrusts that began to build me toward another climax already.

As I thought, my second climax hit hard and fast. I moved my hips back, and probably up and sideways, as my pussy muscles squeezed tight on his penis. He kept pumping through my contractions, and by the time I was finished he was just about reaching his climax. He shoved his penis in deep and held it there as it throbbed and spurt its juices inside me. I felt him throb and shoot deep inside me. After the first two or three spurts he pulled back and pushed in again a few more times until he was spent.

When he relaxed he pulled out and pulled my skirt down, covering my nakedness. A thoughtful gesture. I walked over to the couch and picked up my panties, putting them on and tried to stem the juices flowing out of my pussy. I was unsure of myself. Should I feel embarrassed?

Tom spoke as he had thrown away the condom and was tucking himself back in. “Susan, thank you. That was wonderful. I had built up a lot of frustration towards you. You are a very special lady.”

He stepped over to me and took me in his arms. I felt safe and secure there, and I thought there was no reason to feel bad about what had happened. I still felt a little awkward, especially with what felt like a wet sponge between my legs. I needed to go to the restroom.

“I needed it as well, Tom,” I said. I gave him a small kiss. “Thank you. Now I need to use the ladies’ room.”

Tom was waiting in the hall when I came out of the restroom, and he walked me to my car. Nothing else was said directly about the event, and we kissed again as I got in my car and left. I felt great.

The next day Tom brought the subject up. “Are you okay about yesterday?”

“Don’t I seem okay?” I asked, teasingly.

“You certainly do,” he answered. “But I mean really, completely. I would hate for anything to ruin our relationship.”

He looked nervous, deeply concerned. I answered, “Tom, I am fine. Nothing could harm our relationship. Besides, I enjoyed it.” And then I smiled and added, “A lot.”

It seemed he wanted to say something else, but hesitated. “Something else?” I asked.

“Yes, there is, actually. But I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. You know the business trip next week to Virginia?”

I said, “Yes, you and Ben are going.”

“No,” he said. “We were, but he has a family thing and asked if he could stay here. I wondered if you would be willing to go.”

Since when did he ask? He would normally just tell you if you were expected to go somewhere. “Tom,” I said, with a little dread. “You said our relationship wasn’t going to change, and then…”

I didn’t get to finish as he interrupted me. “No Susan, don’t get the wrong idea. That’s not why I am asking you. We have separate rooms, and nothing but business needs to happen.”

I still looked unsure, as he added, “I would have asked you first anyway if I had known you were so well recovered. I nearly did, but then I thought Ben hadn’t had a trip for a good while. Honestly, if yesterday hadn’t happened, I would be asking you anyway.”

“No catches?” I asked.

“No catches. No pressure,” he answered.

“Thank you, Tom. That’s fine.”


I wasn’t certain of my feelings for Tom. It seemed that I liked him a lot. Unlike Doug, who was great as a person and a friend, I seemed to to be attracted to Tom as a lover as well. He was such a genuinely nice man, a gentle man, though he could be quite forceful when he wanted to be. In some ways he was much like my late husband. Was that it? I hoped not. I thought that perhaps I was attracted to certain qualities both men had, not just wanting a replacement for him. I was still a little confused, but aren’t all relationships like that? I decided to not worry about it and simply enjoy it.

For the next week, as we planned for the trip, nothing was said about sex, either here or there. In my private thoughts, however, I was hoping for it. Two nights away from home, in a room right next door to a tall, athletic, attractive man who seems Kadıköy Escort to be attracted to me. I thought I had an idea of what was going to happen.

We were met at the airport by a good-looking gentleman from our client’s firm. There were no meetings that first day, but he showed us the layout and took us to a nice dinner. Afterwards he offered a few drinks and entertainment, but it was getting late enough that I declined. Tom and I went back to our rooms. He said good night.

I said, “Well, I have a bottle of wine in my room. If I brought it over, do you think you could find a couple of nice plastic glasses to drink from?” I asked with a smile, teasingly I hoped.

“I think I could come up with something,” he said.

I looked up at him sweetly. “Give me a few minutes and I will be over.”

When ready I knocked on our adjoining door, and he opened it immediately. He had taken off his coat and tie, still in his dress shirt and slacks. I, however, seemed to make an impression in my cute little not-quite-see-through shortie nightgown.

“Wow, you are a beautiful woman,” he said.

“Thank you very much, sir,” I said smiling. I gave him the wine, which he opened and poured. We sat on the bed and had a sip, but didn’t get to much more than that. Setting down the glasses, we embraced each other and kissed in a heated fury. My passion had been building for days. Tom had been hoping for this, but wasn’t sure of it until a short time ago.

We kissed passionately, his hands roaming my body and fondling my breasts under my nightie. It soon was slipped over my head and Tom took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked it, his tongue licking the hardened bud, his teeth biting down on it, making me squeal in pain and delight. I placed my hands on the back of his head, pulling it into my chest and making sure he did not stop as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my body from my sensitive nipples. His hand slid down my stomach, finding the elastic of my panties and slipping under it. He went directly to my slit, sliding his finger into its folds, stroking my labia. The squishing sounds told us both that I was thoroughly wet, and his continued stimulation of my nipples kept increasing my arousal.

“Oh, Tom, Tom, that’s so good. Oh, God,” I cried, and soon I heard high-pitched squeaks. They were coming from me, a common sound that happened when I was cumming. My legs clamped tightly as my orgasm hit, trapping his hand in my crotch. He held on as convulsions wracked my body, bringing the release that I had anticipated for these many days. I hugged him tightly as I finished, and we both lay down on the bed.

“You seem to cum easily,” he observed.

“Yes, I do,” I admitted. “When I’m turned on so well.”

“Uhhh,” he moaned as he dove again for my breast. They sat proudly on my chest as I lay there, keeping their shape by their firmness. “Your tits are fantastic,” he breathed. “So firm, such puffy nipples. God, I love your nipples. I haven’t seen any like them before. Such a turn-on.”

“So sensitive,” I moaned as tingles started through my body again. I had been trying to unbutton his shirt with limited success. Now I tried harder, and with his help I succeeded. He then unfastened his pants and together we pulled them off. His erection made it more difficult to get his boxers off, but soon he was naked. I got my first look at his penis, and my mouth watered. As I expected, it was longer than Doug’s, with about the same width. He was also circumcised, with a large head sitting on the top. It was a very dark color, nearly purple, and there were more veins bulging out on the shaft than I had seen before.

I had little time to examine it, however, as Tom placed a condom over it. He was anxious. I was as well, and I allowed him to pull my little sheer panties off me and his fingers pushed into my hole. Again he played with my breasts as he fingered me, but soon he grabbed his erection and pushed into my pussy, pinning me to the mattress. Sopping wet, I was penetrated fully on the first thrust. All the air was pushed out of my lungs as he rammed into me. We both groaned at the sensation. He held it deep inside me while we both breathed in again. He looked down at me and asked if I was okay.

“Yes,” I said desperately. “Fuck me.”

He moaned again, hearing me say that raising his temperature. He nearly pulled out, then rammed back in, holding it deep inside me again. He repeated this several times, then started pumping in steadily, without pausing. His constant playing with my nipples all this time helped drive me to my limits, and I had started cumming again.

Tom moaned as my pussy clamped down on his shaft. He placed his arms under my legs, raising them high and then pushing them up so that my ankles were next to my ears. I was doubled over as Tom drove himself into me again. From this angle his penis rammed even further inside my pussy. He was plunging in hard, going wild, and this in turn was driving me wild. I had no leverage in this position to push into him, but he was doing well all on his own. I squeezed my vaginal muscles tight as he was pulling back, exerting as much pressure as I could on him, but letting him into me unimpeded. He began moaning, then moaning loudly, then shooting his sperm inside of me, collected of course into the condom. He held it inside, letting my legs drop down to the bed, finally pulling out of me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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