Yours Lustfully – Post COVID Ch. 01

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Hello Readers,

Hope you all are safe, healthy, and horny! I know it’s been a while since my last update, so my new readers should definitely read my prior submissions titled Yours Lustfully about the lives of:

1. Aunt Rita – horny, desperate, lonely widow, and aunt to Steffi and Maya

2. Steffi – hot, voluptuous, petite, innocent, and a secret nymph

3. Maya – slim, dark, horny and adventurous

4. Rory – corporate chauffeur and secret lover of Maya and Steffi

5. Dave – Maya’s former date and Aunt Ritas’ secret amore

6. Moin and Javed – Rorys’ lenders and Steffis’ admirers

Time to wet your fingers. Enjoy this new chapter on their lusty lives!


Rita poured herself a cup of tea and turned over the front page of the newspaper. The world was back to where it was pre-Covid — financial crises, murders, rapes, celebrity divorces etc. Nothing seemed to have moved an inch from when she last touched the print media.

The only thing that had perhaps changed during Covid was her 9 am schedule, which had gotten a lot more active, albeit temporarily. It had been a week since Dave had gone back to his university, and other than the sporadic video calls, the silence in her house had come back from its vacation.

To compound the vacuum, even Maya was due to go away for two weeks; a week for work and a week away with her parents.

(Phone rings)

“Are you through with your morning tea?” Dave asked.

“Most people start with wishing good morning. And yes, I’m through with my tea,” Rita replied with a smile.

“Okay, good morning Mrs. S. Now remove the lens from your ear. No matter how much I like your crevices, this is one area where I am happy with just words,” he quipped.

Rita held the phone away in front of her face, embarrassed with her lack of appreciation of technology. The sight of a shirtless Dave rid her of the embarrassment instantly.

“You need to cut your hair,” she said, as he ran his hand through his wavy curls.

“And you need to take your top off,” he replied, blowing her a kiss. If there was one thing that she had learnt about him, a debate about how early in the day it was wasn’t one of those.

Setting the phone down momentarily, pulled the top over her head and picked up the communication device.

“You still have this bra? I thought we”d put an end to it during that scissors” episode,” he asked thoughtfully.

“I had an extra pair which, at the time I bought them, didn’t realize would get used so soon.”

“I hear you complaining,” he said with a smile. “Have the scars healed?” he asked.

“Which ones? I’ve got plenty,” she replied, narrowing her eyes.

“The one on your left tit, or breast as you call it,” he said.

Rita looked down and pushed a thumb inside her cup, to pull it forward. “It’s getting better now,” she replied with a nod.

“Let me see it for myself,” Dave replied with a grunt. “And Rita,” he said, just she was about to unclasp the front, “I have a class starting in twenty minutes. I don’t want to be asking you to strip garment by garment. Take a minute and call me back.” The call ended.

It was rude, and downright unfair, but with the dip in the frequency of his calls and the fire under her skin, she chose to play along. Based on her recent practice, she was sitting nude on her sofa in less than thirty seconds, reaching out for her phone like a crack addict.

“That’s my girl,” Dave said with a long grin, as she placed the phone against her mug on the coffee table in front of her. Every of her above knees was visible on his screen, and he was loving his morning hard on.

“Rita,” he whispered, making her recline forward to hear him clearly, “there is no point squeezing your thighs shut so tightly. Let it get some sunlight!”

“Wow, that’s such a beautiful bush,” he sighed, as she spread her legs. “I wish I could just nuzzle my nose into your fur.”

Rita placed her hands flat on her thighs, unsure of what to do next. “How”s your final year at university coming along?” she asked, not sure of what the point of this conversation was.

“Not exactly sex talk, is it?” he replied, placing his phone between his thighs, giving Rita a direct view of his massive boner. “Do you miss him?” he asked, stroking it gently.

“I do,” she replied, trembling unceremoniously.

“I can’t hear you. Tell me what you miss?” he yelled in his empty dorm room.

“Oh Dave, please come back,” she pleaded, feeling the goosebumps over her body.

“But why would I do that?” he asked, shaking his penis. “You still haven’t told me what’s in it for me.”

“You know what’s in it for you,” she replied, hoping against hope that the words would suffice.

“Come on Rita. I have taught you better. Tell me, if I were in that room with you, what would you want me to do to you?” he asked sternly, letting go of his bursting erection. “Or better still, what do you think I’d do to you?”

“You’d kiss me over here Demetevler Rus Escort and over here,” she replied weakly, pushing her index finger against her luscious lips and then pushing it into her right areola. “And once you’d have had a taste of these, you would have pinched and pulled them till they turn red,” she said.

“So, do that,” he replied in a hush. Rita felt her nipples harden as she started torturing them, much like he did, keeping her eyes on the screen and his twitching manhood.

She was finding it difficult to keep her thighs apart and found herself squirming on the soft sofa seat. Dave could see the lust in her eyes, as the minutes flew by, and even he was feeling sorry for the abuse that her breasts were being inflicted with.

“And then,” she said, riding her wave, “you would ask me where I wanted it first.”

“Ask you? How?” he asked, knowing the answer to his question.

Rita got up from the sofa and shoved her ample rear into the camera. Looking over her shoulder, she spanked her cheeks as hard as she could, speaking between the slaps, “You’d ask me if I wanted it up my ass first, as you love stretching this tiny hole.”

Rita stuffed her index finger deep in her puckered hole, and Dave could feel his pre-cum churning. “And,” she said, finger fucking her rear hole, “you would then withdraw your tip, and,” she paused before she slapped her pussy a few times, wincing with pain and pleasure, “you’d ask me if I wanted to be ridden like a bitch.”

She stuffed her two fattest fingers in her sopping vagina and pinched her aching clit. It was difficult for her to keep looking over her shoulder, but with his hand back on the gear stick, she put her chin on top of the sofa head. Her fingers were on auto-pilot mode now, with the dial set on self- abuse.

She bit on the velvet material of the tapestry, as her inner walls complained about not having the usual stranger scrape against them. To keep her balance, she finally put one knee on the sofa, but kept it as far apart as possible from its twin.

Although she withdrew her hand just in time to collect the jets, the squirts bounced off her palm to land all over her thighs and the innocent sofa seat.

Still breathing into the cushion, she straightened her back and turned around as quickly as she could to dig her back into the seat. As she slowly opened her eyes, she was shocked at what she saw.

“Robin?” she yelled, her neighbor’s son wiped the fluids off his manhood. Dave was sitting next to him, supporting a wide grin, and doing much the same as his mate.

“Hello Mrs.. S,” Robin replied, finding it difficult to keep the conversation straight.

Rita swept the phone away from the table, and the battery popped out as it hit the hard floor.


“Five minutes,” Steffi signaled, spreading her web, as she wrapped up her client call. Over the past few days, she had been a rare commodity in the office, and to not go in on the first day of the week was adding to the pressure. After her out of the ordinary day with the three men, she had taken her spirit of adventure to a level that she was mentally and physically not accustomed to.

Her parents rarely saw her leave without her laptop, even over the weekend, and had incorrectly assumed that it was her work life that was making her look so frail lately. Her late-night meetings and early morning calls had made her somewhat of a guest figure at home, and her mother was sure to have brought this up with her teacher, if only her daughter was still at school.

Moin shut the door to the bedroom and sat down on the rickety sofa, itching his butt under the wet towel. It had been over a week since he had been staying at Rory’s house, leaving the premises only to conduct matters of business.

He had not only saved on hotel rentals during the week, but also had the opportunity to have his lust satisfied free of charge.

Stella had made him concede to giving her the time to complete her university assignments, with the onus on her to make up for lost time. The entire apartment looked more unkempt than when Rory used to live there as a bachelor, as neither Steffi nor her buddy were interested in wasting precious minutes in picking up the broom.

Empty boxes of pizza, discarded cartons of takeaway food, half-filled bottles of hard liquor and, opened sachets of condoms crowded the kitchen slab and the hallway floor.

“Sorry, sorry,” Steffi said, as she rushed out of the bedroom, “the professor took longer than I thought.” She hobbled over to the middle-aged man, who was still admiring her succulent, voluptuous white flesh covered by her rose-pink bra and jet-black panty. Her wobbling, large breasts were a treat for any eyes. Without his asking, she kneeled between his legs and opened the flaps of his towel. He was already at half mast, as she turned her head to put one of his massive testicles in her mouth.

“Did Otele Gelen Rus Escort you professor know that you had some balls to suck?” Moin asked, moving her long hair to the other side of her face. Steffi put his round meat between her teeth and shook her head in the negative, as he looked down at her angelic face.

“I bet if he knew his student was this good, he would come here for a private tutorial,” Moin laughed, as she turned her to his other testicle, and gave it a good suck.

He looked down at her smooth back, with the sides of her bra cutting into her soft skin. Small strands of hair appeared just above her panty band, as if pointing the onlooker towards the treasures that lay beneath the satin cloth that was struggling to go beyond the inner curves of her supple cheeks.

He had raided her every possible way in the past few days, but she looked as fresh as daisy each time she came back from a bath. In the days gone by, he had not only forgiven the loan he had given to Rory, but had cancelled two crucial meetings, just because he was balls deep inside one of her three openings.

With prostitutes that he had slept with, he had been done with the business with absolute disdain for their feelings, as they were mere sex objects for his pressing itch.

But with her, he was unsure of his own mannerisms. He wanted to be gentle with her but, was surprised when she would reciprocate more pleasurably to his aggression. He had made her bleed, he had seen her cry, and he had heard her moan like the wind through the trees, each time he had been intimate with her.

As she passionately licked his base, he recalled the stains of blood that he had noticed on the mattress and his own penis, the morning after his brother and he had split her open.

He had kept away from invading her vagina for two full days, lest he cause any further damage, but he was richly rewarded by her usage of the other endowments of her body.

It was surprising, even to him, how these educated, high-class women were so attuned to the needs of the men around them and could put their physicality to such great use.

“Stop checking out my ass,” she hissed, as she kissed the top of his boner, snaking her tongue on top its slit. “It has stopped fitting in my regular panties.”

Moin leaned forward and unclasped her bra, running his palms over the red skin creases. “Then don’t wear any pants,” he moaned, as she deep-throated his manhood, “you look better without them anyway. Although I love watching you take them off.”

Steffi chewed on the skin of his taut erection and looked up at her new admirer. “So, I should just walk out like this?” she asked seductively, dropping her bra on his hairy lap, and covered her pink circles with her right arm.

Moin grabbed her softly by her shoulders, and gradually pulled her up to her feet, leaving his towel on the couch. “A part of me wants to see what happens,” he said, pulling her into his embrace.

“I could see how even three men were not able to satisfy your urge the other day; three men known to make women tremble in their beds.” She could feel his erection press into her belly, as she rest her head against his strong chest.

Moin dug his hands into her waistband, grabbing her cheeks, and kissed her on top of her head. “But then, I can also see why Rory did not want to share you with us. If your husband didn’t have such a huge debt to pay, he would have locked you up in this house.”

Steffi swayed her hips under his grip and kissed him softly on the chest. “What do you men like about me? I have what any woman can offer you.”

Moin chuckled, as he slid down her panty, and sat down on the couch once more, keeping his face at the same level as her radiating pussy. “You’re right, Stella,” he said, as he slowly licked her slit, “and believe me I have seen more women than your years in this world. Do you know that I have six children, and one is probably your age?”

Steffi placed her hands on his head to keep her balance. “I did not know that” she cooed, as he bit on her labia. “So, the question is,” he said, rubbing his stubble against her inner thighs as he sniffed her musk, “what do you want from us men?”

“Power,” she mumbled.

“What?” he asked, looking through her through her massive cleavage.

Steffi placed right foot on his thigh and spread her folds, pushing his head back between her thighs. “I want all the power, especially over men as strong and influential like you. Sex is an intoxicant, but what I have learned to achieve with it is what keeps me going. Yes, just there,” she urged, he drove his tongue inside her.

“Wait,” she said, pulling his head away from her erupting mound. Moin looked at her, confused and desperate, as she placed her other foot by the side of his thighs and lowered herself all the way down.

Between moans and passionate kisses, Steffi made herself comfortable on his lap, and circle his neck with Balgat Rus Escort her arms. “So that is what you want,” Moin asked, digging his teeth into the nape of her neck. “I have an idea. Remind me later.”

In one swoop, he picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to the bedroom, with the two locked at the top and the groin. At the base of the bed, instead of putting her down first, he pivoted on his feet and sat down on the edge of the bed. Catching his breath, he looked into her big eyes and said, “show me your power.”

Steffi gave him her warmest smile and asked him to push back against the bed wall, hopping on his manhood as he slid back. Once his back was against the head of the bed, she kissed him passionately.

Moin was enthralled by the sensations, and suddenly felt smoothing smooth against his wrist. “What are you trying to do?” he asked, as she pushed his hands behind his back and started tying them with one of her discarded bras.

Once she succeeded in tightening the knot, she placed her index finger against his lips, motioning him to be silent. Moin was moments away from humping her brains out but allowed her to lead the way.

Steffi placed her hands on his shoulders, and started sliding up and down against his erection, albeit slowly.

Very gently, her thumbs reached the middle of his neck, but he was too turned on to take notice. Suddenly, her humping gathered pace, as did the pressure on his neck. He opened his eyes and tried to free his hands, but the fabric cut into his wrists.

“What are you doing?” he yelled, but she licked his lips, keeping the choke on his neck.

Moin could feel his breathing become shallow, but the sexy vixen was relentless. Almost in the nick of time, he exploded inside her, with a pressure so strong that it shook her inner core.

Steffi relaxed the grip on his neck and fell face first into his chest. Bit by bit, she untied his hands, which came out from behind him and remained by his side.

The two heaved and panted like never before Moin found the strength to yank her head back the hair. With bloodshot eyes, he looked at her baby face, and asked, “what the fuck was that?”

“Power. And it was beautiful!” she replied, as she closed her eyes and dropped right back into his embrace.

Moin let go of her hair and smiled at her through all the sweat covering his face. “Well, if that is the case,” he said, licking his lip, “I forgot to tell you something.” He pinched her nipples as hard as he could, making her scream in pain. “Javed is coming over tonight.”


(23 missed calls)

Rita looked at the cracked screen of her phone, and read the system generated message. Fully clothed, it had taken her a good thirty minutes to gather the courage to get up from her seat and put the dismembered phone together. As she deleted the message, her phone rang again, and she cancelled the call.

“What?” she yelled, as her phone rang for the 25th time in under thirty minutes.

“I’m sorry, Rita,” she heard Dave say. “I wasn’t thinking”

“Wasn’t thinking!” she snapped, “we had an arrangement! And you blew it. Don’t ever call me again.”

“Please don’t cut my call,” Dave pleaded, just as she was about to press the red button. Collecting her breath, she sat down on the sofa, brimming with anger. “Tell me, Dave, why shouldn’t I.”

“Rita,” he spoke, clearing his throat. “I’ve missed you every second since I last touched you. But, more importantly, I’ve never been selfish. When I met you a few months back, I never thought our lives would take this turn. Are you there?” he asked.

“I’m listening,” she answered, gripping the phone with a vengeance.

“Rita, I trust Robin with my life. He’s me! And while we might be two different people, we have the same heart. I just wanted to ensure that you never slip back into the life that I had pulled you out of. And since I will be away for a bit, I just wanted to create an alternative for you; one that is safe and equally fulfilling.”

“Dave,” Rita snarled, cutting him off, “I was abundantly clear with you that our relationship was the only aberration I’d ever allow for. I don’t think you took me very seriously when I drew the line every time you brought up the topic of Robin.”

“Took you seriously?” Dave retorted. “I can barely focus on anything I’m doing lately. You think you’re the only one who has changed? Have I told you that I have broken off with my girlfriend?” She could sense that he was about to cry, and it flicked on a new switch in her head.

“I didn’t, and I am sorry if I was the reason. But that still is no reason why..”

“No reason? Do you know why we split up? I called her by your name in the middle of my orgasm! You, filthy cunt,” he roared. “I can still see you spread your legs or part your pussy lips. When I close my eyes, I see your naked ass in front of me, swaying as you walk towards your kitchen, waiting to be jumped on. I can’t get over you!”

“Dave, Dave,” she reasoned, “that still is no reason for Robin to get involved.”

“That is every reason for Robin to get involved. What I have lost might take a while to build up. But I don’t want you to lose it too. Which is where Robin comes in.”

There was a moment of silence on the call, with heavy breathing rustling through the network.

“What do you want Dave?” Rita asked dejectedly.

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