Zach and Valerie

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This story is inspired by real event that happened some 30 odd some years ago. Every time I think of them, they still get me all worked up!

English is not my first language, but, just like sex, I try really hard to please! 😉

Thank-you to my virtual friend Syzoth for his feedback and my reviewer Nchalada for “suffering through” my draft.

Aynone Interested in a part2?


It was 30 years ago, in the summer of 1988 when Zach’s life was going to change forever.

On that cold winter day, on his way to class, he ran into a buddy of his he had not seen in almost a year.

“Trevon, what is going on my friend,” Zach said as more of a statement than a question, while giving his friend a big and long heartfelt hug. For the last year or so, they had kept in touch with each other more on the phone than in person.

“Zach, great to see you in person, how the hell are you?”

Forged by more than 15years of friendship, conversation between the two always flowed naturally.

Zach answering, “I’m doing great, I’m about to finish my first term in computer science. What an adjustment, and oh geeze, the homework!”

Making big eyes, Trevon adds, “Tell me about it, in my second year!”

“I keep forgetting you are a year ahead of me!” Zach replied.

“That wouldn’t have happened if you did not change your orientation to science!” Trevon dryly quipped, still a little bitter of the decision his friend made to change his major separating the two from the common classes they loved so he thought.

Adopting a conciliatory tone, Zach replied, “Social was not my thing… you know that, and besides, I like these computer things. Oh, by the way, I just got a Commodore, I wanted a Macintosh, but, way out of my league!”

Trevon answered with his usual classic reply, “Tubular”, meaning that’s cool.

“Yea, it is, I am spending way too much time with that thing,” Zach admitted and added, “I really should go out more often!”

“Yeah, I hardly see you anymore. Speaking of which, why don’t you come to my Christmas slash end of the school term party?” Trevon excitedly says.

Nodding his head in agreement, Zach replied, “Sure, when?”

“This Friday!”

While starting to walk, Zach says, “I’m freezing and I’m late to class. Got to motor, but I’ll be there Friday.”

Raising his voice, Trevon screamed, “7ish!” at his friend that was marching quickly in the opposite direction Trevon was heading.

Of course, “7 o’clock,” Zach talking to himself while walking, “classic Trev!”

His parties, which, in reality were more like a few friends getting together, always had that early bird special feel to them! Everyone had to leave his place by eleven thirty or he would get scolded the next day by the disagreeable tenant association manager of the apartment building where he had lived with his mom for as long as Zach could remember.

Trev’s dad bailed on them when he was 10. Zach still remembered Trevon crying in the school yard while the other kids teased him about it that entire 6th grade school year. Fortunately, high school was around the corner and he would not have to see some of these jerks ever again. That week was the time he and Trev became better friends. Together, they just played, did homework and, in the short Canadian summer days, split the 50 cents it costed to buy a jumbo Freezy treat.

Freezies came in all of the colours of the rainbow. They essentially where water, sugar, food colouring and fruit flavoring frozen in a plastic wrap. Zach smiled remembering how they would leave your tongue bright orange, blue or red depending on their preferred choice of the day and how he and Trev use to stick their tongues out to each other. In hindsight, Zach chuckling, they were like single stick popsicles wearing a condom!

The sad reality is that, back then, Freezies was all they could afford as Dingbats, which had real ice cream and caramel dipped in chocolate, were too expensive of a purchase for their meager weekly allowance.

When Friday night rolled around Zach went to Trev’s “party” which was, as usual, kept to a close circle of friends. They stood there, almost 20 of them, in close proximity of each other in this tiny apartment where a single sofa laid against the wall across from the massive Zenith system 3 TV set that took way too much room out of that small living space.

Inside, The Cure’s In Between Days album was playing on the turntable.

Still one of his favourite bands 30+ years later. Funny how the music you enjoyed listening to in your teens is forever etched in your brain.

Inside, Zach was struck by how their respective friend circle had changed since they did not attend the same classes anymore. Other than Trevon, he knew no one. Good thing Zach was not the shy type.

At 19, he remembered, he could not hold his liquor well, a couple of beers and voila, he was silly putty! But somehow, his recuperative powers must have been at their peak as he never missed any of his early morning classes.

Around kolej escort 11:00pm or so only a handful of people were left and just kind of sat in a circle kibitzing about their respective classes. What they liked and what they did not like about the teachers, which Zach could not really relate to since he had none of the same teachers.

All night, he remembered, staring at this lovely girl with her strawberry blond hair fixed up in flash dance style with greenish eyes and fair skin. They kept making eye contact and exchanging furtive smiles.

After his third beer, he needed to go to the bathroom.

He was about to cross the door frame when he got a crosscheck shove that made his head swing backward as the rest of him continued forward almost crashing into the bathtub of the tiny bathroom.

“HELL,” he grumbled turning around adding, “oh”. Immediately getting aroused from this fortuitous situation he found the cute blonde staring at him. He did not realize that, when standing up, she was taller than he was by about an inch.

“Hey there, did I interrupt anything?” the young, unnamed girl said.

Zach, slurring his speech a little, replied, “Not really, but I was about to pee.”

“Well then, don’t let me stop you,” she said

“That may prove to be embarrassingly difficult…uh,” after pausing while searching for words, he added, “in my current conditions!” gesturing with his index finger a rotation referring to him being a little woozy from the alcohol and added, “and bloody difficult now with you in here!”

“And what would your ‘conditions’ be exactly?” she replied, using airquotes as she said the word ‘condition’.

“That would be a little drunk and turned on,” Zach admitted plainly but honestly.

“And why is that?” she said, “Do you like it when girls see you pee?” she added coyly.

Zach, taking his time to reply answered, “…A funny girl you are, this…however…is actually a first for me,”

Pointing to Zach’s penis, the girl says, “so, let me see, this ‘condition’ of yours.” Again gesturing the quotation marks using airquotes around the word ‘condition’ while hoping he would not back out of the situation.

Normally, Zach would have turned beet red, but, flushed with the hormones that causes sexual arousal and loaded with the alcohol that temporarily dropped his inhibitions, his inner voice said, “what’s the worst thing that can happen here?”

He mustered up the courage and answered to the lovely girl, “That ‘condition’ is known as a hard-on or boner if you prefer,” also using airquotes ‘condition’.

“Actually,” the girl said, “I prefer the word erection.”

Zach then pulled his jeans down revealing his disk that pitched a tent in his boxers.

“Well, well, well, c’est grace à moi?” French for, “is this my doing?” said the still unknown girl.

“Let’s just say, you are a BIG part of it,” Zach answered.

“Pee for me, now,” she said, almost ordering Zach to comply.

As Zach tried to wriggle himself into position, he was interrupted by her constant laughs as she saw him maneuvering his dick with his ass pointing backward trying to straighten out the urinary tract to let the pee flow out of his penis.

“So glad I’m not a guy,” the girl answered laughing hysterically.

Many contortions and great accuracy was required to fully empty Zach’s bladder.

Biting her lower lip, it was obvious she was getting off on Zach’s swollen member expulsing what felt like to him like a gallon of crystal clear pee. Her left hand started rubbing her crotch thru her plaid mini skirt.

When Zach had nothing left to discharge, she asked, “Feel better now, big boy?”

“What a relief!” he answered as he washed his hands, his pants still lowered almost knee high.

Still holding his dick, that, amazingly enough, was still erected, he asked her, “I noticed you seem to have enjoyed this little entertainment.”

Without answering his question, she proceeded to grab his right hand, and to slowly and languorously lick his fingers and palm making sure to keep constant eye contact with him and leaving behind copious amounts of spittle.

Using her commanding voice again, she asked Zach, “Lather your cock with my spit, let me see you stroking your long, beautiful, blood engorged dick with my saliva!”

To which he simply responded, “yes, mam!”

Although Zach was just 19 years old, masturbation was something he was actually quite a pro at. While some of his friends were learning to relish the 70s drug of choice Cannibis, masturbation was his preferred addiction.

He was hooked on the low yet relaxing feeling that immediately follows a good long ride. In that instant, memories of the hours spent “practising” the knuckle shuffle, spewing gallons of spunk while admiring the Farrah Fawcett poster that hung in his room, brought back many happy thoughts.

Oh Farrah he thought; Charly’s Angels Jill Monroe, his boyhood crush; feathered shag hairstyle, blue eyes, bright white smile and, of course, her protruding nipples küçükesat escort visible through her red bikini against that psychedelic Mexican blanket backdrop, what a babe!

In his mind, he had fucked her in all of her holes and in every humanly possible position. Eventually, mentally copulating with her wasn’t enough of a distraction. He started imagining elaborate scenarios where he would meet her in nightclubs pretending he did not recognize who she was which pleased her as it offered her an interruption of the constant disrobing eyes she was constantly subjected to.

Her police officer uniform was also a source of great inspiration. The ringing words, “get going already!” snapped Zach back from his momentary blissful absence.

He started by smothering her oral fluids on the top of his circumcised penis and dragged his wet palm along the hardened flesh. He started with a few classic quick piston strokes where the wrist acts as a casing enveloping his stiffness and then, as his sexual temperature rose slowed down and, using finer and slower movements, supinated his hand with each stroking movement.

She did not notice Zach was observing her carefully. Perhaps unconsciously, she caressed her labia thru the winter layers of fabric that covered her. Not wanting to interrupt her gaze he waited a few more seconds until she raised her head.

With her left hand she traced his forehead and nose and then placed her 4 major fingers over his mouth and said, “you are so cute, I’m going to join you,”

Zach thought, she meant she was going to jerk him off but, he was pleasantly surprised to see her hike up her mini skirt and lower her woollen stockings revealing athletic black boy shorts.

Clearly, she was not expecting company that night, or, perhaps, she likes them over sexy lingerie? Zach thought to himself.

His inner voice kicking in, “did she call me cute? Who calls anybody cute in these moments? How about hot or sexy.” Cute was to him the kind of childish compliment you give to your little brother! Is that what she thought of him? Little brother or not, he was too smart to fuck this up, so he decided to keep quiet.

Zach could see that the black fabric covering her mound puffed up from the pressure her pubic hair was exerting. She lowered it to her knees revealing a lovely blond bushy bush.

“Why don’t you remove them altogether?” he asked.

“Nah, stockings are too much of a pain to get into,” she replied. Clearly, this girl preferred efficiency over desirability.

Zach reached over to touch her private parts, she pushed his hand away and firmly said, “you play with yours, I’ll play with mine!”

“What a bitch!”, he thought.

Regaining his previous position, with his manhood in his hands, he proceeded to stroke it using the inverted hand grip simulating the hand position a jerk-off partner would have had they been face to face.

Judging by her cunt assault, Zach knew it would not be too long before she came. She was flowing profusely, her juices triggering a lustrous reflection on her large butterfly shaped lips.

With her 5 fingers shaped like a little rocket she simulated a cock fuck and had no trouble reaching the larger knuckles of her hand. She kept her hand there and rotated it in semicircles as far as her joints would allow her to go.

Zach could see she was trying to fit more than her fingers in herself. As her breathing increased she brought herself on the brink of orgasm, then, retired her hand from her gunky cunny and started at first to gently tap her pussy over her clit. Each smack followed small squirming movement of her whole body.

She had made herself more comfortable by sitting on the wash basin with her pussy cleverly left hanging in the air. The resounding smacks she was treating herself to decreased in frequency but increased in strength.

“How are you doing over there kid?” she asked Zach. To himself, “so, first I am cute, now I am a kid?”

“Oh,” he answered with a trembling voice, “I am doing fantastic.”

Staring at her pussy he added, “you have a beautiful wet and hairy pussy.”

“Do guys like that in a girl?” she asked him.

“This guy does, like, really like it,” Zach answered. While rethinking his answer in his head and at the cacophonic words he treated his masturbation partner to, he told himself, “Shakespeare, you are not.”

“Are you going to cum for me?” she asked Zach

“I am not far from it, babe,” he answered.

She quickly quipped back, “is that what I am to you,” asking her question and spelling out each of the individual alphabet symbols of the word, “B…A…B…E?” pausing between each letter and synchronically slightly tilting her head and raising her eyebrows after the last letter.

From her voice, Zach surmised that this would probably be a one-time bathroom interruption episode maybe even a highlight to crown his short list of best of kinky moments of 1988. However, he hoped that this could be an innuendo to something more. He knew his next few actions ankara escort would determine the course of their encounter.

With a snarky voice, Zack answered, “at the moment, you are the B…A…B…E that my cock is eager to throw up for.” Imitating her in every way when he reached the word babe. She tilted her head backwards while laughing at his imitation of her and, obviously pleased by the crass of his lewd answer, she started encouraging him.

“Come for Valerie big boy, let me see that big thick fat dick of yours explode on my beaver,” she vigorously encouraged him.

Back in his head, Zach thinking, “Did I hear, right? She wants me to blow my load on her pussy?” and reflecting on the words she used, “who the hell uses a smart furry aquatic rodent in reference to their pussy anyway? Ah right, Canadians do, hey.”

Not missing a beat of the vulgar sexual conversation that just happened, Zach continued his gross exchange that she seemed to enjoyed so much with her, “would you like that?” and then in his sexy yet inimitable Barry White languorous voice “would you…ahh…like me to continue rubbing my Valerie’s spit drenched dick for your pleasure?”

At few weeks away from his 20th birthday, Zach did not have a big track record with girls. Most of the girls he was used to fucking were somewhat passive and in a hurry to finish. Yet, this woman was sitting in front of him thighs wide open letting him admire all of her feminine charms and, to boot, had no restraint in verbalizing her wants.

In that exact moment, and for some inexplicable reason, Zach became obsessed in pleasing her. She was going to get a show from him.

He continued teasing the very sensitive urethral groove which opened the opening on top of his penis and with two fingers stroked it all the way down to the base of the penis passed his balls reaching the perineum.

“Keep on going,” she said encouraging him to reach orgasmic relief.

Zach obliged and closed his hands for some more stroking. She abruptly interrupted him, “no,” she said, “Continue further back with your fingers,” she added.

Zach replied a little dumbfounded, “but, the only thing there is my asshole.”

Raising her left eyebrow, she answered, “and the problem is?”

Seeing what must have been Zach’s idiotic teenage stupefied naïve look, she took charge and grabbed his dick with her left hand bringing him closer to her and with her right reached around him bringing her sopping girl juiced fingers to his anal area.

Even though that, in this miniscule bathroom, they were already very close, the sudden complete lack of distance from her created a much more intimate experience for him. He could feel her warm body on his flesh with each of her powerful thighs on the side of his hips, their foreheads resting on each other.

Her hand kept gently rubbing him in a circular manner around his wrinkled area imbibing it with her slippery female jizz. With the tip of her finger she teased his hole never entering it.

Surprisingly, this was not an unpleasant feeling for Zach. Encouraged by the new hardness this was giving him, she went back to her cunt to scoop up more of her vaginal pleasure fluids that she carried to his asshole to use as lube.

This new sensation was intoxicating to Zach, he was not sure how much more he could handle.

She continued with her right hand playing ring around the rosy while gently hushing in his ear, “shuuuuuu…relax, relax, that a boy, relax.” The moment she sensed him unclenching completely she whispered, “just enjoy this.” and proceeded to “ring his doorbell” by penetrating the tip of her major finger passed his now relaxed anal ring.

That previously unknown sensation of a finger in his rectum sent shivers throughout his body. She continued stroking his dick and expertly fingering his asshole avoiding discomfort.

Zach leaning his cheek against hers tells her, “at this rate babe, I am going to come any second now; we should get some tissues.”

“That’s OK, soak my beaver,” she answered and added a sarcastic, “babe,” to finish her line.

Upon hearing that answer, Zach could not believe he could get any harder, but he did!

Sensing his flesh stiffening even more, Valerie oriented his penis directly on her twat and rubbed the tip against her pubic hair covered clit. Zach could not take it any longer and let out a small grunt that he tried to muffle by burying his face on her neck.

After he thoroughly enjoyed the sweet seconds of semen release, Zach kissed her neck and caressed her from the top of her shoulders down to the back side of her strong bubble bum cheeks.

Before he lost his hardness, Valerie used the tip of his penis like a brush to paint her mound and cunt with cum he had just expelled.

“Oh wow,” Zach said, “this was truly transcending!”

Please with her work, Valerie put both of her arms around him for a gentle hug. She then reached down to her pussy soiling her left index finger with Zach’s cum and used it like lipstick on her lips. Having already tasted his own salty cum in the past, this did not disgust him the least bit. She could already feel his semi erected dick tumescent again against her pussy. Enjoying the crude moment she offered him he leaned in dropping his lips on her cum buttered ones.

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