Zach Ch. 05: He Breeds Mom , Sister

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including incest and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is the final story of Zach’s initial special powers.

Zach Ch. 05: He breeds Mom I’m cuming all over your face. Suck mommy’s pussy. Fill her slut ass with your fingers. Oh, I’m cuming again. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Get my cunt ready for your hot baby cum. Oooohhhh, I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg son. You’re making your mommy cum all over you. I’m such a slut. I’m your slut Zach! Mommy is Zach’s bedroom slut. Make me cum again,” mom moaned and yelled.

When she calmed down I had Sammy lay up on the bed pillows with her thighs spread wide. We both helped mom onto her hands and knees with her head lying in Sammy’s lap. I then moved my knees up behind mom and taking my dick in my hand I pushed her pussy lips open and in one shove I fed all eight inches of my hard cock into my mom.

She screamed, “Oh dam, you pushed me wide open. I can feel your cock against my womb. Take me master; use my cunt for your pleasure. Bang your cock in deep. Abuse my poor pussy then shoot your baby juice deep into my womb. I want my pussy to remember this night. The night my master claimed me and bred me like a mare with his stallion cock. Do it, dam it, do it.”

Mommy started bucking hard against my cock. Each time I went in deep and punched her cervix mom would growl. I watched Sammy begin to rub her pussy and clit as she watched me pound her mommy. “Your cunt is next Sammy so get it nice and wet for your brother’s hard, hot cock,” I growled. Sammy moaned and bucked when mom pushed her tiny hand totally into her daughter’s pussy.

“Oh dammm, mom. How did you do that? I can feel your hand inside my cunt touching all the right spots. Oh, dammmmm, I’m ccuummiinngg mmmoooommmmmmyyyyy,” she screamed then shot pussy juice all over her mom’s face.

I grabbed Kate’s long hair and pulled back hard. Mom moaned and slammed mersin escort her pussy hard against my cock. “Here it comes mommy; here comes my hot baby cum. I’m gonna drown that baby crib with my hot cum,” I growled as I pounded away in her pussy.

I felt my balls get tight and the fire begin to charge up my cock. I grabbed mom’s hips and slammed her hard on my cock and she moaned when my cockhead pushed through into her womb. The difference in the heat on my cockhead pushed my over the edge and I began to shoot blast after blast of hot cum into her womb. I pulled my cock back then slammed it back deep several times and my cum thrust out of my dickhead.

Mom groaned through several mini orgasms, almost one for each of my cum blasts. She lost her strength and fell to the bed and my dick followed her down. As I lay on her ass I plowed her pussy deep to keep my baby cum locked in. My dick felt like it swelled to fill her pussy hole and no pussy juice or baby cum leaked out. I lay on mom until she moaned, “Enough.” I pulled out of mom’s pussy and lay on my back next to her to rest.

After a half hour or so I stirred and told Sammy to clean my cock and balls and get me hard. She choice to sixty nine over me and her warm mouth and wet tongue went to work cleaning me. I looked up to see my sister’s moist pussy lips and her anus winking at me. Sammy took my cock deep so I returned the favor and captured her clit with my lips and sucked away. She moaned on my cock which heightened my pleasure.

Remembering to make sure Sammy had an orgasm before insemination I pushed two long fingers into her pussy and zeroed in on her g-spot. I massaged that little bump until rivers of g-juice poured out from between her pussy lips and filled my mouth. I swallowed her nectar then wet two other fingers in her pussy and pushed them slowly down her ass.

“Oooohhhh dddaaammmmm Zach fill my holes and make me cum. Make your sister slut cum for her brother master. Make me ccccuuuummmmm! She yelled off my dick as her mersin escort bayan body started shaking. I threw my arms across her back and held her tight to me. Her mouth now lay along the base of my cock and it got massaged as her head shook in orgasm. I let her calm down some then smacked her ass hard. She flinched forward and screamed but pushed her ass back towards me so I smacked the other cheek. We played the flinch and smack game for several rounds till her ass cheeks were bright red.

“Turn around and climb on my hard thick cock. Push your pussy down hard on that long dick till it pushes you wide open. I wanna feel your cervix kiss my dickhead each time you shove down,” I barked at Sammy.

“Yes master,” Sammy moaned and repositioned her pussy lips on my dickhead. Without fault she slammed her hips down hard and shoved my dick right to her womb. I used my power to ease any pain and to loosen the doorway to her womb. Sammy road my cock for several minutes hard and deep and leaked pussy juice on each downward thrust.

I reached between us and pinched her clit and set Sammy off on an explosive orgasm. She sunk down deep, vulva to crotch, and my dickhead entered into her hot womb. She shook for several minutes mumbling nonsense with cuss words mixed in. I think, “Fuck,” was used several times. She collapsed onto my chest mashing her breasts flat against me. I rubbed down her back and across her ass till her breathing calmed.

I barrel rolled us so I was on top. I sat up on my knees my cock still buried deep in her cunt. I pulled her calves up onto my shoulders then pulled my cock out to the head then slowly filled her pussy with my thick long cock. I plowed my sister’s cunt for some time until she yelled through several orgasms.

I felt mom move and she captured her daughter’s lips with her own and they kissed like lovers as I fucked my sister. All the way out, all the way in, over and over driving my cock deep back to her womb. Her pussy walls began to heat up and tighten making escort mersin it difficult for me to hold back. I pumped her thighs with my arm increasing the depth my cock would travel.

“Zach, DO IT! Fill my cunt with your hot cum. This is the day for my egg. Shoot your baby cum deep into my womb and let them do their job. Breed me, give me your baby. Make me your cock slut. I love you with everything. Do it now Zach, I’m cuming, I’m ccuummiinngg, I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg!” she screamed.

I pulled Sammy hard against me and screamed through my own orgasm. My balls tightened down hard and ejected my hot baby sperm down my long cock and blasted my sister’s womb. Five, six, seven heavy blasts of my cum shot painfully out of my dickhead held captive by her tight cervix. I ground our crotches against each other and could actually feel her swollen clit. Sammy bucked, and ‘FUCK’ed until I felt my cum shots stop.

I leaned forward atop my sister’s hot breasts and captured her lips for deep lover’s kisses. She brought her hand up to my face and started kissing everywhere she could reach. “I love you so much Zach. I was heartbroken when I thought we would lose you to your accident. Mom and I MUST have your baby. It’s the only thing that will ease our pain of losing dad and almost losing you,” she finished then started crying.

I heard mom sobbing so I pulled out of Sammy and moved us around with me in the middle and two new mommies on either side. My powers had confirmed that both my mother and my sister both carried my child. I knew I had to care for my two wives and my two baby girls, daughters, nieces, sisters — whatever our new family required. We soon fell asleep with thoughts of family filling our dreams.

Prologue from the “Cabin”

I walked into my house and my mom asked me how the weekend went. I hugged her tightly then kissed her lightly on her lips and told her I really missed her. “How was our baby while I was gone Mom?”

“Your baby girl moved around all night so I didn’t get much sleep. But your other baby girl in your sister moved and kicked so much she was sick all night. She is upstairs taking a shower. You should go apologize and wash her back,” Mom broke my hold and laughed as I spanked her butt.

“You are such a bad boy Zach. Bring your sister down soon because dinner is almost ready.”

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