Zacks College Bully

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Zack sighed as he trudged down the desolate hallway, his last class had ended a few minutes ago, leaving him walking back to his dorm at a little past nine p.m. His dark eyes hid behind a small curtain of brown bangs as he kept his head down, hoping to simply fly below the radar of the few other people he passed by. As it was late, most people had already gone back to their dorms, either to sleep, drink, or abuse some other drug. Zack was more than content to do the first, imagining his head hitting the soft pillow nearly made him fall asleep right there in the hallway.

Pulling the strap of his backpack to adjust it over his shoulder, Zack rubbed his face with his free hand, his bangs being pushed to the side just long enough for him to catch a glimpse of the person he slammed into. His tired limbs betraying him, Zack yelped as he fell back onto his butt, pain lancing through the wrist he’d put out behind himself. Pouting as he cradled his wrist, Zack whimpered an “ow” before he looked up to see the unflinching figure above him — an imposing blonde with a piercing stare pointing down at him. “Nice going dumbass, you almost spilled my drink.” Whitney scoffed, screwing the cap onto her bottled soda before slipping it into her book bag.

Almost instantly, Zack was transported back to the two’s earlier meeting. Whitney hadn’t been alone, and he’d quickly been boxed in against the wall in the crowded hallway, where he was then mercilessly mocked by the blonde and her friends. However this time she was alone, which made the brunette feel just a bit better, maybe she wouldn’t be as cruel if it was just them. The thought had made Zack feel distinctly hopeful, however in the next moment he realized that it had been wishful thinking.

Stepping closer to the boy, Whitney placed her foot against Zack’s stomach, sliding him back until his bag hit the wall, at which point she pulled it away and set it beside his leg. Brushing her hair back to reveal the various piercings adorning her ear, she stood over the meek boy and scoffed.

“Well, are you gonna apologize or what?” She sneered, blue eyes glaring harshly down at Zack.

The boy stuttered for a moment, before managing to find his words.

“Ah, s-sorry Wh-whitney. I wasn’t l-looking where I was going, and, uh-” Before Zack could continue rambling, the blonde cut him off.

“Holy fuck, I forgot how god damn annoying your voice is.” She groaned, rolling her neck as she did.

“S-s-s-spit it out you loser.” She taunted, putting her hands on her hips as she leered down at her classmate.

Zack felt his eyes begin to grow wet from Whitney’s words, and he was thankful his bangs hid that fact from the girl standing over him. At least, they did before the blonde leaned down and brushed them aside with her fingers. Instantly, Zack went rigid, afraid of what Whitney was going to say now that he was nearly crying. However, she simply stared down at him, blinking slowly, as if she were dumbfounded.

“Damn… Your eyes are actually kinda pretty.” She mused, gazing at Zack for a few more moments, eyes trailing lower to his lips before she pulled her hand away, letting his bangs fall back into place. Standing up straight, Whitney looked down at the boy as she placed a hand on her hip.

“Alright, look here wimp. I’ll forgive Elazığ Escort you if you can do something for me.” She said, slipping a foot between his legs before sliding it forward until the toe of her shoe dug into Zack’s crotch. The contact earned a gasp from the college boy, and he quickly looked both ways down the hallway to see if there was anyone to help him.

Sadly, the only person was a brunette girl who quickly averted her eyes before scurrying away as she saw the scene unfolding. Whitney chuckled at the display before looking back down at her new toy. Reaching down to grab the bottom of her skirt, she slowly pulled up the front, showing Zack the sizable bulge in her boy shorts.

“I think you’re smart enough to figure out where I’m taking this, dork.” She smirked, applying a bit more pressure to Zack’s crotch as she shifted her hips forward.

“Go ahead then, I can tell you’re hard already, so there’s no use denying that you’re not into this.” Whitney cackled, giving the boy a pat on his head before running a hand through her hair.

Zack’s mouth had gone bone dry the moment Whitney had pulled up her skirt, he hadn’t expected the situation to turn in the direction it had, and with Whitney’s teasing, he felt his pants tent just a little more. He couldn’t deny he found the blonde attractive, even if she was frequently very unpleasant to him. Of course it didn’t help that he’d known her since his freshman year in high school, and he’d instantly developed a crush on the bully. Now being faced with the opportunity to blow her, his body was betraying him when he knew he should put a stop to what was happening. However instead of reaching up to push her back, Zack found his fingers slipping into the waistband of Whitney’s boy shorts, and slowly pulling them down to reveal the smoothness of her crotch and the ever so slightly intimidating cock that hung a solid five inches from her pelvis, despite the fact that it wasn’t fully erect. Whitney made it twitch and bob up and down for a small brief moment showing off her cock.

Zack swallowed his throat as his eyes widened behind his bangs, making Whitney laugh.

“Move your bangs, I wanna see the look in your eyes.” She commanded, a smirk still on her face.

With slightly shaky hands, Zack did as she commanded, and brushed his bangs back as he looked up at her, earning a pleased hum from the blonde as she gazed down into his shimmering dark eyes.

“Good boy. Nice and obedient…” She laughed again, before dropping her skirt over Zack’s head and leaning forward to rest her palm against the wall.

“Alright, get to work, pretty boy.” She sighed, eyeing her freshly painted nails as she awaited the feeling of Zack’s lips on her cock.

The compliment had turned Zack’s cheeks pink, and he let his bangs fall back into place as fabric covered his face, leaving just him and Whitney’s cock in their own little world. A shaky breath escaped the boy as he looked forward to see the now fully erect member before him, twitching with anticipation merely an inch from his face. For a moment, his eyes darted to Whitney’s stocking clad thighs, her soft, pale flesh being squeezed and spilling over the tops of the thigh highs slightly. However his attention was taken by the throbbing member once again. Opening his mouth, Elazığ Escort Bayan Zack gave an experimental lick to the blunt tip, feeling the smoothness against his tongue while earning a quiet coo from the woman above him. Encouraged by the noise, Zack found himself unzipping his fly as he leaned in to kiss Whitney’s tip, letting his tongue slip out to massage her glans a moment later. Without warning, Zack’s lips slipped further down Whitney’s shaft, locking tightly behind her crown as he pleasured the sensitive tip by rolling his slick tongue around the tip of her cock. Zack could feel saliva building up in his mouth from his efforts, and soon enough he pulled away.

“Shit… You’re not half bad, pretty boy.” Whitney complimented, her hand balling up against the wall as she grit her teeth to hold back a moan.

“But I didn’t tell you to stop yet.” She added, her voice nearing a growl.

A tingle shot down Zack’s spine at Whitney’s words, and goosebumps appeared along his skin as he tried to stop himself from quaking in pleasure from nothing but the blonde’s gruff voice. Closing his eyes, Zack leaned in again, his fingers curling around the base of Whitney’s 8 and a half inch cock as he opened his mouth again. A surprisingly girlish moan escaped Zack’s mouth as his tongue met Whitney’s cock once again, sliding back until the blunt tip pressed against his soft palate. Zack’s brows grew knit beneath his bangs as he fought his urge to gag, distracting himself by slipping his hand into his pants and freeing his own length.

Whitney snickered as she heard the shifting of fabric, and looked down to spot Zack’s own cock now exposed to the air, his free hand gliding gently along its length. A devious grin grew on Whitney’s face as she shifted her foot from between Zack’s legs, quietly slipping off her shoe before returning her foot to Zack’s crotch. The boy let out a quiet gasp around the meat in his mouth as he felt the smooth fabric brush against his shaft, making him open his eyes and glance downward to see exactly what Whitney was doing. A deep crimson blush appeared on Zack’s face as he watched Whitney slide her toes along the underside of his cock, a soft whimper escaping him as he slowly pulled off of the bully’s cock to try and look up at her.

“W-Whitney? What’re you doing?” He asked timidly, one hand holding the bottom of her skirt while the other remained around the base of her cock. The question only earned a chuckle from the blonde, before she pressed his cock against his belly, continuing to stroke along its length.

“Well, you’re servicing my cock, so I thought I’d return the favor somewhat… What, do you not like this?” Whitney asked, slowly moving her foot away, which spurred Zack to whimper as he pushed his hips forward.

“N-no, don’t stop, please.” He begged, making Whitney’s grin grow, bordering on Cheshire.

“Wow, you’re really just a glutton for being made fun of huh? So much so that you even want to get off with my foot.” Whitney snickered, continuing her motions as she slipped a hand into Zack’s hair.

“Now, get going again. I didn’t tell you to stop, and if you disobey me again… You’re gonna be in a world of hurt.” As a warning, Whitney pressed hard against Zack’s cock with her foot, the threat obvious.

With a Escort Elazığ small ‘eep’ Zack did as he was told, ducking his head back under Whitney’s skirt to take her cock back into his mouth. Encouraged by the small moans and noises escaping the blonde, the brunette dipped his head lower, feeling the pressure before suddenly sinking into his throat as Whitney forcefully pushed her hips forward grabbing his head with her hands and pulled him to her hitting his head against the wall, and Whitney completely in his throat, Zack was nearly completely at his bully’s mercy. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to have much of that, as she kept herself deep in Zack’s throat as she sighed dreamily.

“You have a seriously good hole here, Zack.” Whitney hummed, bucking her hips slightly. Unable to appreciate that he’d finally been called by his actual name, Zack shuddered as he felt his lungs begin to ask him for air, Whitney began humping Zacks face, relishing the tightness of his throat. Pressing Zack’s cock against his belly with her foot, Whitney closed her eyes, pulling back just enough for the brunette to suck air in before plunging back in.

“Uff fuck, you suck dick better than any of the girls I’ve been with here.” The blonde huffed, balling her hand in Zack’s hair as she ground her hips into his face.

“Are you sure you’re even a man? I mean, it seems like you’re getting off more on sucking my cock than you are with me touching yours.” Whitney mocked, pulling her foot away from her playthings’ shaft.

Despite the lack of stimulus, Zack didn’t feel himself coming down, and his eyes clenched shut as his lips tightened around Whitney’s base, throat convulsing wildly. Whimpering softly, Whitney bucked her hips as her dam broke, a thick rope of cum spurting from her tip and spattering the inside of his throat. Of course, the first was followed by a second, and a third, then a forth, and so on until only clear droplets rolled down the back of Zack’s throat.

Having heard Whitney’s orgasm from both the splatting, and his gasps for air, Whitney felt a tingle go up her spine, making her abruptly pull back, her slick length pulling from the brunette’s throat and making spit fall to the floor. Taking a step back, the blonde leaned in close and grabbed Zack’s chin.

“You… I’ve never came that hard from having my cock in their throat… You’re something special huh?” She breathed, her eyes half lidded as she began to tuck her cock away. Whitney felt nearly ecstatic, and her eyes held a wild glint as she stared deep into Zack’s.

“I’m not done with you. I think we’re going to have lots of fun together.” Whitney added, leaning forward, lips ever so slightly brushing against his for just a moment before she stood up, reaching into her bag to rip a piece of paper from a notebook, and write on it. Handing it down to the still dazed boy, Whitney slipped her shoe back on and stepped away.

“That’s my dorm number, and my cell. I expect to hear from you again, Zack. And soon, unless you want everyone to know about what happened here.” Whitney cackled, before looking over her shoulder.

“But, maybe you can get on my good side huh, bring a cuter outfit when we meet next, something… girly.” With the devilish grin that spread on Whitney’s face, it wasn’t hard to tell what her plan may be, but despite himself, Zack couldn’t feel anything but excitement as he watched the blonde’s swaying hips as she sauntered away, waving over her shoulder. Leaving him wondering what exactly she’d have in store for him.

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