Zoe Pt. 01: Zoe Loves Ryan

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Zoe sat at the kitchen table across from her brother, and as their parents got up from the table, the conversation turned to sex, as usual. Zoë and her brother Ryan were very close. So close, in fact, that they would openly walk around the house half naked, and talk about their sexual experiences with each other as well. They were pretty much best friends. Ryan began telling Zoe about how his girlfriend was being a prude and that she would not give him sex when he wanted it. Ryan and his girlfriend were, after all, a young couple, and in Ryan’s opinion, the two should be having sex almost every day.

Zoe agreed with her brother and suggested he talk it over with her. She had explained to him that her boyfriend Eric had the same conversation with her when she wasn’t giving him enough sex. Maybe just talking to her about it would get him further than just plain arguing about it with her.

“A guy like me with a decently average penis should be getting it often, sis. I haven’t gotten it wet in over 3 weeks.”

His comment intrigued her, and she just had to know.

“How big do you think is decently average, Ryan?”

Ryan told her that the average penis was around 8 inches in length, and that if she was at all satisfied by her boyfriend, she would know this.

Zoe, however, did know that he was misinformed, but it begged her to ask herself if her little brother was actually 8 inches hung. She had never seen one that big before and to be honest with herself, she wasn’t satisfied. Eric wasn’t that big in the pants and she had always wondered about what it would feel like to have a bigger man.

She smiled at him as she got up from the table, brought her dishes to the sink and went to her room.

Shutting the door, thoughts and images of her brother raced through her mind. Images of him and his girlfriend making love, of him getting his great big cock sucked off by women who worshipped him solely for his size.

It’s worth noting that Ryan is already a very muscular man who works out regularly. Zoe already found him very attractive and adding the possibility that he may be very well endowed just plain turned her on.

She took off her clothes and got into bed. Knowing she would not be able to sleep, she began fondling her breasts, eyes closed, letting out deep breaths. Before she knew it, she was rubbing her pussy at the same, and letting out soft moans. Zoe decided that doing this lying down was not doing her any good, so, she got into a doggy-style position. Her head rested on her pillow and her beautiful ass was in the air as she used both her hands to slowly get herself off.

Slowly she inserted two fingers into her wet hole as her other hand teased her sensitive clit. Images of Ryan standing naked in front of her consumed her mind. She imagined he would stand there, not saying a word, his long cock hanging there in front of her face as she pleasured herself for him. She wondered how many orgasms she would have at the hands of her muscular young brother and his girthy tool.

Deeper and deeper she pushed her fingers into herself, her body beginning to tremble as her imagination became more and more vivid. An image of Ryan mounting her from behind entered her mind, and she began cumming.

Zoe never thought she was a loud moaner, but the truth is that she never realized how loud she truly was.

Her moans filled the room as she came over the thought of her brother entering her, and she began moaning his name. Her pussy was dripping now and she began vigourously fingering Silivri Escort herself and roughly playing with her clit. Her moans only got louder the more she played, but she didn’t care.

Suddenly, as she was on the brink of a second orgasm, something in the corner of her eye caught her attention, and quickly ruined any chance of that orgasm becoming a reality.

Zoe glanced over to her bedroom door, and saw that it was not closed like she thought it was. There was, however, enough space for someone to look through it and get a good view of what was going on inside her room.

Was someone watching her?


She quickly put on a robe and left her room to check around the house to see if anyone was still awake.

The lights were off and everyone seemed to be asleep, except for a light coming from the basement where Ryan’s room was. Zoe decided to go see if he had just forgotten to turn off his bedroom light when he went to sleep.

She slowly made her way down the stairs, trying not to make any noise so as to not wake anyone. She reached Ryan’s bedroom door and saw that it was slightly open. She was stopped in her tracks by what she saw, before she could reach in and shut his light off.

There he was in all his naked glory. Lying on his bed with his legs spread open, tugging on his beautiful cock. Zoe was stunned, and satisfied at what she saw.

Had he been watching her play with herself? A feeling of embarrassment came over her, but it didn’t matter. She was now standing there in only a robe at her brother’s bedroom door, watching him stroke himself to what sounded like porn coming from his television.

Her question had been answered, however. Ryan thought the average penis size was 8 inches because he DOES have an 8 inch penis.

She stood there for a while with a smile on her face, and watched as Ryan pulled and stroked his fat dick. He was beautiful, so manly, and she wanted him. She knew it was wrong to think such thoughts, so she decided she would go back to her room to finish off that second orgasm.

Just as she turned towards the stairs however, Ryan began moaning someone’s name quite loudly. Zoe turned back and got as close to the door as possible in order to make out who’s name he was calling out. She couldn’t make it out, but as he shot his load all over his chest, he moaned it once more. Loudly.

It was her name that he was moaning. Zoe could not believe that her little brother was moaning her name, thinking of her while he stroked himself.

She quickly ran back to her room and shut the door. Quicker than ever, Zoe brought herself to orgasm with 3 fingers in her now soaking wet pussy, and her other hand vigorously rubbing and slapping her now pulsing clit. She lay there afterwards, trying to process what had just happened, and fell asleep.

Ryan had already left for work the next morning when Zoe woke up. The house was quiet it seemed, compared to last night, when everything going on in her head made it seem so full of noise.

It was a beautiful summer morning, so Zoe decided to make herself a cup of coffee and sit outside on the porch to think about things.

“Perfect day for him to work out his sexy muscles outdoors.” she thought to herself.

Ryan worked construction, and after seeing his naked body, all she could imagine right now were his defined muscles, flexing as he moved heavy objects in the sun. Naturally, she imagined him doing all of this naked, his magnificent Şirinevler Escort cock hanging and swaying with his movements.

This was all too much for her. Seeing her younger brother naked, discovering that he masturbates to her, the fact that he has the biggest cock she’s ever seen… It was all too much for her to not do anything about it.

She had to confront him, and she had to confront him tonight. How would she do it though? She was getting wet just thinking about it.

Zoe climbed into the shower to think about how she would confront him, and for once in her life, it was exhilerating thinking about something.

Later that day, when she knew he would be home soon, Zoe took yet another shower. Afterwards, she decided to wear only a silk red nightgown, and she made her way to her brothers room.

Zoe wasn’t normally a person that snoops around through other peoples belongings, but she felt that this time, standing in her brother’s room, already curious about him, she had to.

She found a lot of interesting photos while snooping through his drawers, one of which was Ryan putting his thick cock into his tiny girlfriend. This almost drive Zoe crazy with desire for him.

In the corner of the room, she found his laptop, no password to protect its contents. She opened it, but did not have to look far to find something sexual. Right as soon as she opened the laptop, there was a video. She pressed on play, and what she saw, shocked her. There she was, in her bed, using a dildo on her pussy. He had been spying on her. She had no idea he had set up a hidden camera in her bedroom, but instead of infuriating her, for some reason, it only made her want him more.

Zoe let her robe fall to the floor and she climbed into her brother’s bed, now naked. Her heart began beating faster as she knew Ryan would be home any minute now to find his horny sister waiting for him, naked in his bed. She had to calm her nerves, so she did what she knew how to do best.

Zoe got into the doggy position and slowly began rubbing herself. First with one hand while the other massaged her breasts, and eventually with one finger inside her.

It seemed as if just one finger wasn’t enough, so she slowly inserted a second one and began fingering herself a little harder. Zoe’s breathing began getting heavier as she fingered her now soaking wet pussy harder.

“Oh my god he’s going to love this.” she thought to herself.

As Zoe began to orgasm on her brother’s bed, she heard the front door open and close. He was home. Finally!

Her heart began beating faster as she heard Ryan’s footsteps move closer to his room. He was about to get the surprise of his life.

Zoe had not stopped fingering herself and was still in the middle of her orgasm when she heard the bedroom door open wide. She didn’t look back behind her to see who was standing there as her orgasm subsided.

The room remained silent, until she heard a belt buckle being undone.

“You really are a slut.”

Zoe smiled, still facing away from the door.

Before she could do anything, Ryan swung his hand and landed it hard on Zoe’s ass. The sound of a loud spank filled the room. She moaned.

“Turn around and suck my cock.”

Zoe, turning around, still on all fours, gazed up at her younger brother and smirked. There he was. Tall, muscular and towering above her while his hard, fat, 8 inch cock dangled at her face.

“I’ve always wanted to see you this way.” Şişli Escort Ryan said. You’ve obviously found all the videos.”

“Yeah, I did. You’re quite the pervert.”

“Says the girl who masturbated to me last night.” he stated. “Now, can you suck me?”

Zoe grabbed his now hard cock, slightly squeezing it. She had never felt a dick that big in her hands before. It only made her want to find out how it felt inside her even more. She began stroking it slowly. Ryan letting out deep breaths.

“Zoe, suck my damn cock.” Ryan demanded, raising his voice a little.

He was getting impatient, demanding. It was turning her on.

She placed her mouth on the head of his dick and slowly began sucking on it. She looked Ryan in the eyes as she began taking him deeper and deeper.

Ryan let out a loud satisfying moan as he grabbed Zoe by her hair and began moving her head back and forth on his pulsating cock. Sounds of slurping echoed, and as he began pumping her mouth harder, she began drooling all over him, covering his cock and balls.

“You’re liking that aren’t you, Zoe?” he asked her. “Tell me you like it.”

She couldn’t answer him. After all, how did he expect her to answer him with his great big dick in her mouth?

She looked up at him as he continued using her mouth, pumping his dick deeper and deeper down her throat. It really was fun doing this for him. Zoe never though she’d enjoy having her mouth fucked.

Pulling himself out of Zoe’s mouth, he smiled, as she caught her breath.

“Didn’t know you could take it like that sis.”

Zoe didn’t know that to say. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. All she could do was get onto her back and wait for him to take her. God, she wanted him to take her.

“Sis, what hell?” he asked. “This is way too easy. Are you sure?”

Zoe nodded her head, and Ryan immediately climbed on top of her and slid the tip of his cock into her.

Zoe moaned and clenched her arms around Ryan’s neck.

“Is that ok, Zoe? Am I hurting you?”

“No you’re not” she told him, breathing heavily. ” It feels amazing.” She looked into his eyes, and told him she loved him.

“I love you too.” replied Ryan, as he slid the rest of his length, forcefully, into Zoe. She let out a loud moan that even she wasn’t expecting.

There they were, in each others arms as their hips rocked back and forth against eachother, moaning and panting and grabbing each other. Ryan was really getting into the moment and began thrusting faster and harder into Zoe.

“Rub your clit while I fuck you.” he moaned.

She knew they didn’t have that much time alone, so she did what her brother said.

Zoe began rubbing her clit furiously, moaning louder and louder with each aggressive thrust Ryan gave her.

She was getting close to cumming, and she could tell that he was too. She continued rubbing her clit with one hand and reached around to grab Ryan’s ass with the other, pulling him deeper as she began to cum all over his relentless cock.

The moaning became screaming and her body began trembling as the orgasm that came, was much more powerful than she thought it would be.

“Ryan! Oh my god!” she screamed.

Hearing his sister call out his name brought him right to the edge, and he couldn’t help it. Just as he was about to release his load into her, he used both hands to grab her by the neck, and give her 5 more hard thrusts, at the end of which he let himself go and filled her tight pussy.

Ryan fell on top of Zoe, and she wrapped her arms around him, her body still trembling.

“You know you’re mine now right?” he asked her, trying to catch his breath.

“You know I am Ryan.” she replied.

They lay together until they heard the front door open.

“Who was home this early?” Zoe thought to herself.

They both scrambled to get their clothes on.

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