Zulu Falls Lodge

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This is my first attempt, please respond with constructive criticism.


I grin as you open the gate, your smile intoxicating me. You walk down the driveway to the car and I pull you into a kiss, my arms holding you tight against me. We break the kiss and look each other deep in the eyes, your hips pressed against mine. We both know this is a day long waited for and the anticipation is intense for us both.

I open the door and you slide into the car, your tight skirt molding to the curve of your sexy butt and you catch me staring at the gorgeous view. Our eyes lock again and I lean in to kiss you again, my hand sliding up your left thigh, stopping just at the hem of your skirt. “I’m not wearing anything under there” you murmur and I groan as you grab my wrist and pull my hand higher to cup your shaven pussy. I groan as my fingers feel your heat and the liquid already starting to dampen your lips. I slip one finger between your folds and gently rub it over your clit and I kiss you hard again feeling your breath quickening with excitement. I force myself to pull away, my chest heaving as I try to catch my breath. “I want you so badly, babe, let’s get there fast” I put your bag into the boot then climb in and pull off, making my way to the highway, my hand running over your leg after each gear change.

“So where are we going?” you ask, “what’s the surprise?”

“Zulu Falls Lodge.” I grin, taking my hand and sliding it up your thigh. You smile at me and place your hand over mine and give it a squeeze, sliding our hands higher up your leg as you let your legs fall open and you slide your hand up to your sex, dipping a finger into your wetness and lifting it to my lips to taste you for the first time. I suck your finger into my mouth, my tongue curling around it and cleaning off every trace of your juices.

You grin a naughty grin as you return your hand between your legs and allow your fingers to explore and play, the hem of your skirt riding up around your hips and exposing you to me. My eyes dart from the road to you and drink in the beautiful sight if your fingers dipping in and out of yourself as you play for me. I slow the car down and stop on the side of the highway to be able to give your show the attention it deserves.

You pull me in for a kiss and whisper against my lips “Enjoy the show.” and you push me away from you to my side of the car and twist your hips and open your legs wider to give me the most incredible view. You rub Güzeloba Escort and tease yourself, your eyes locked to mine until your pleasure becomes too much and you close your eyes and let your head fall back as your fingers speed up on your little pleasure bud, the sounds of your wetness driving me crazy and the scent of you nearly pushing me over the edge. I pull my shorts down, releasing my hardness and I wrap my fist around it, pumping my hand up and down, my breathing matching yours, ragged, fast, shallow, as we both near our peak. I groan out your name as I cum, your eyes opening as I do so and the sight adding to your pleasure and pushing you over the edge and I reach over and pull you head to me for a kiss, my hand grabbing a handful of your hair as I slide my hand over yours and slip a finger into you, feeling your muscles grip me as you ride the waves of pleasure.

Suddenly we realize where we are and disentangle ourselves from each other, pull our clothes into a semblance of order and resume our journey, our hands lightly linked on your thigh. “Smoke?” I ask. “Yes, please.” you reply and reach for the box and lighter and light us each a cigarette. We drive the rest of the way making small talk, the sexual tension only made worse by the memory of what we just shared. As we drive through the gates I point in front of us and show you the four giraffe grazing a short way off and the duiker hiding amongst the trees. You watch eagerly for more animals as we drive down towards the lodges.

We stop and I come around to your door, leading you by the hand towards the front of the lodge, stopping you just before the edge of the building and stepping behind you before covering your eyes and guiding you to the edge of the pool. I turn you to the right direction and take my hands off your eyes and you see the beauty of the gorge and the falls before you. “It’s beautiful” you whisper. I wrap my arms around you and pull your back against me, resting my head against yours. You wrap your arms over mine as we watch the sunset playing on the water. You lean your head back against my shoulder and sigh in contentment. I kiss your neck up to your ear and whisper “Let’s get going.” I take our bags out of the car while you sit watching, dangling your feet in the pool. I grab my backpack that I prepared before we left and take your hand and pull you up for a kiss. “Shoes on, darling, we have some walking to do.” You quickly dry your feet off on my towel Escort Güzeloba and slip your sneakers on. We follow the path down through the bush, walking slowly and talking, stopping for a kiss or three as we go. It starts to get dark so I pull out two torches and hand you one so you can see clearly. I see the uncertainty in your eyes and take you in my arms and say “Trust me, we’re safe.” You press yourself against me and kiss me deeply before we go on.

Just as you feel like this has to end sometime we come out on the bank of the river. “Not far now, my sweet,” I say, “just a little farther.” We clamber over the rocks, the roar of the falls getting louder as we draw close to it. At last we reach the cauldron and stand enjoying the spray that drifts over us like a mist. I lead you to a flat rock and sling my backpack off my shoulders and reach inside to get the blanket and spread it out and light candles all around us, just as the moon clears the edge of the gorge walls and bathes everything with a silvery sheen.

I pour you a glass of the cousins and hand it to you, my brandy already premixed in my flask and I draw you down to sit in front of me, your back resting against my chest as we sit silently and watch the light play on the water.

My hand strokes up your arm and over your shoulder, brushing your hair away from your neck and I bend down and kiss you below your ear you tilt your head off to the side and put your glass down while reaching up to my head with your other hand and turn your head in for a kiss. My hands move over your stomach as the kiss deepens, moving up to cup your breasts and massage them through your top. I shift to the side and lie you down the blanket. My hand strays down to the hem of your shirt and lifts it up over your head where I stop, your arms trapped in the shirt and your face covered except for your mouth and I kiss you again. Hard. Then I pull the shirt off your arms and run my hands down the underside of your left arm and over your flank down to the waist of your skirt, my fingers brushing your skin and then lightly dragging my nails back up your side up to your arm and then down, following the curve if the top of your bra and down the other flank back to your waist, slowly dragging my nails up the centre of your tummy and up to your breasts.

I follow the bottom of your bra around your body to your back and you roll slightly so I can get my hand behind you, feeling the clasp holding it Güzeloba Escort Bayan on, undoing it and pulling it away from your body. My eyes feast on the beautiful breasts exposed to my hungry gaze. I dip my head down and flick my tongue out over a nipple then blow on it making the flesh contract and stiffen up. My teeth nip down gently as I play with your nipple with my tongue. You arch your back pushing your breast into my mouth and I start to tease your other nipple with my fingers, tugging pulling rolling twisting, learning what you like and don’t.

I break off the kiss as you start tugging at my shirt, pulling it off me and pressing yourself against me, your nipples hard against my chest as you hold me tight. My hand reaches down under your skirt, the time for teasing gone, the urgency and anticipation taking over and I slip a finger into your tight wetness, my palm rubbing your clit as my fingers move in and out, feeling and exploring, touching places I know I want to come back and explore more when we have time to spare. Your hips are rocking under my hand and you reach down to pull me free of my shorts, pushing them down and taking my hardness in your hand. I groan into your mouth ” Oh fuck, babe, yes!” as you start to pump your hand up and down my shaft and then wrap your arm around me, pulling me over you and guiding me to your warm wet entrance. I pause and hold myself there, just the tip penetrating you and I lock eyes with you as I slowly slide into you.

You wrap yourself around me and pull me deeper and I kiss you as I bottom out inside you for the first time. I lie there, buried inside you and revel in the sensation of your tight wet walls surrounding me. I pull myself out and slide back into you, setting a rhythm that you match, your body moving together with mine in concert. We grasp at each other, our kisses frantic and rushed, our bodies building toward a peak but I stop just as I sense you about to go over the edge and start a slow rhythm again, dragging you off the peak and building you towards a new, higher one. Your eyes roll closed as your orgasm approaches, the muscles inside you rippling over me pushing me over the edge and I thrust hard, driving myself deep inside you as you join me in falling over the edge of ecstasy. Your cry is a guttural sound of pleasure matched with mine. I hold you in my arms until we recover.

I reach out and hand you your wine and you drink it to the last drop. Then I turn onto my side and pull you close to me and wrap the blanket around us as we talk about our kids and life until you feel a stirring against you and wriggle your bum against my growing erection. “Again?” you ask “an old man like you ready again?” And I grin as I spank your sexy arse and pull you up, pushing you forward over the closest rock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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