A Beautiful Day

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I pull into your driveway right on time, my heart beating more rapidly than a hummingbird in flight. Right on cue, you emerge from your doorway. My eyes are immediately drawn to your radiant smile. You’re carrying the wicker picnic basket and blanket in your arms, just as we had planned. As you saunter closer, I see you’re wearing the white sundress, even though you had second thoughts about being seen in it by a neighbor. The sun is shining behind you, creating a perfect silhouette of your body. I can see the black thong nestled below your waist. As I hold the door open for you, I take the basket and blanket from your arms just before you slide across the seat. I catch the perfect outline of your naked breasts, against the soft cotton dress. I feel my cock stir within my pants.

My own smile matches yours as I get in and we head off to our destination. I can’t stop looking at you as we drive with the top down. The wind is blowing against you, forming the dress to your body like a second skin. Your nipples stand hard and erect from the cool air. Your hair whips across your face as you squint from the sun, at the same time giving me that half-cocked smile. The one I’ve seen so often in your pictures. The one that makes me feel like you have some special secret to share. I want to know what’s inside your head, I want to be inside you, to have you right there. The temptation is so overwhelming after months of stolen calls in the night. You glisten in the sun and I want to taste you so badly. To lick your skin, to savor your salt. Somehow I find the strength to drive on.

Still no words have been spoken. As if reading my mind you reach for the radio dial. A familiar tune is playing as you crank the dial:

“It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it slip away. Touch me, take me to that special place. Teach me, you know I’m not a special case”

It’s U2. You turn, looking fully at me and just keep on smiling that perfectly crooked smile. My heart melts away as you snuggle urla escort bayan against my arm with your soft breast leaning into me, taunting me. My cock has no choice but to respond and I rise up fully in my pants. You reach down, rubbing it on the outside of my jeans. I almost shift into the next lane at the first feel of your touch. I can’t believe this is even happening! This was an unexpected twist from the plans we had made. You stroke my cock then I see you flip back your hair to one side. Just the way I’ve told you that women do, that touches something inside of me.

You lean forward taking my cock in your mouth. I start to speed up, so you just stop for a moment. While still holding my swollen member in your hand, you look up and smile. I shrug my shoulders as though saying what. You just let out a giggle and take me back into your warm, soft mouth. With one hand, you play with my balls, while with the other you alternate stroking and sucking me. I’m ready to explode when you abruptly sit up and smile and speak your first words, “I believe this is where we get off”. I laugh out loud while shaking my head. You continue to lightly caress my organ just enough to keep my aroused and on the brink. We are on a bumpy dirt road that eventualy ends at the base of a hill. You gently slide my cock back into my pants pulling up my zipper. I groan as I jump out of the car, reach into the back seat gathering up the picnic, then open the door for my lady. You stand up, courtesy, then take my hand to leading me to our spot. We reach the top of the hill where there is a perfectly hidden grassy knoll. We lie out the blanket, then sit down to open up the basket. You reach in to hand me a long red and white cloth napkin, just as we had talked about. You haven’t missed a detail of our plans. The bottle of wine is next. I pop it open and we toast one another. It goes down smoothly on this warm spring day.

You start to remove the contents of the basket, escort urla laying it out on the ground. The terrible hunger inside me is of a different variety, such that I can no longer wait for what was to happen next. I stand up taking you by the hands. I kiss you so deeply that I feel you shudder – our tongues dance a dance of unfulfilled passion. I abruptly pull back from you. With your eyes closed and your mouth open you try to follow. “What are you doing silly?”, you ask. I simply say, “Shhh, it’s my turn to play”. I reach down to recover one of the napkins. “Close your eyes and trust me”, I coo in your ear. I placed the napkin around your head cutting of your vision. I place my ear right next to your mouth so that I can catch even your slightest moan. I reach up ever so lightly, brushing my fingers against your face and lips. The firsts sounds of your surrender betray you in the form of a sigh. I know this will be so enjoyable, so easy. I circle around behind you, my mouth right in your ear now. You hear my heavy breath and you match it as I slowly trace my fingers down your shoulders to the bottom of your back. My hands diverge over each of your hips, then I circle around front, pressing the soft cotton fabric against your belly.

Your breath grows irregular now, in anticipation of what’s next. I lightly reach up with my left hand, to cup your left breast. As I rub the cloth against your nipple the friction drives you wild. Your nipple grows so hard! At the same time, I begin to softly rub your ass with my other hand. Soon, I have the dress hiked up above your waist as I play with your fully exposed ass. My other hand is buried down the front of your shirt. The picture is so perfect, it will be framed in my mind forever as you stand there with your head arched upward toward the sky, your mouth wide open, moaning and gasping in pleasure.

I move my hand below your ass between your legs. You spread your legs further, as though opening a door urla escort to invite me in. I feel for your precious mound, peeling your panties to one side so that I can trace your exquisite lips. My other hand continues its attack on your nipples. I’m hoping this place is as deserted as you said, because you’re almost screaming now. It’s my turn to smile that smile now. I reach up and pull the dress off your shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. Still blindfolded, nipples piercing the air, you reach for me. I hug you so softly, embracing you like I’ll never let you go but then I slide down to my knees.

I need to taste you, to know you in that way that no other man should. I remove your soaked panties. I lightly run my tongue through your vaginal lips. You groan, your legs becoming so weak you almost fall to the ground. I taste you. I drink you up, becoming intoxicated by your fluids. All the while my hands are teasing, pinching, circling your nipples. I feel your nipples harden even more than I thought possible. I reach down with one hand, wet a finger with saliva and find my way to your ass. I probe and explore, gently teasing your “other hole” until it opens up to invite me in. Your first orgasm rocks through your body as your asshole tightens its grip on my finger. You hump your saturated pussy against my face, trying to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of my tongue.

You reach down to pull my head up but I resist. Using my arms I lower you to your back. You feel me shift around. A part of me touches your lips, your nose picks up my scent and you open your mouth to take me in. We are in the 69 position now. You re-assert yourself, shifting so that you are on top of me. You suck me hard and deep as I begin to probe you again with my tongue. We moan and writhe in unison, like trees shifting in the wind. As you explode for the second time, you grip my cock so hard I think you might rip it off. Without hesitation, you straddle around sitting in my lap. In one elegant movement, you engulf my cock, taking me fully within your pussy.

We lose ourselves in one another. Existence, time, presence has no meaning. What were once two separate bodies are now entangled in pure desire and passion. Everything is as it should be, for we are one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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