A Friend Made Me His Bitch

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I was browsing MyBook, admiring my best friends sister Alison like usual. She was going to a community college nearby and was looking fantastic. Her brother, my best friend, was good looking too. A six pack, blonde hair. I wasn’t gay but I did admire a good body when I saw it. He lived a close walk away so I usually visited them when I could

“Speak of the devil.” I said when I looked at my phone. A message from him and it said, “Come over to my house, I got a new game you should check out.”

I couldn’t say no to him, the man is my best friend. So I let my mom know I was heading to his house and I started to walk over.

I was excited because I would get to see his hot sister again and, in my opinion, he had the best video games and knew what games were the best. So I was looking forward to a few hours of awesome games and lots of stupid insults between us.

I get to his house after a 3 minute walk and I noticed all the cars are gone, his parents and his/his sister’s car. I didn’t think much of it and I just knocked on his door. He opened it and based on his appearance, he just got done with a workout.

“You know, you can get guns like me if you got off your ass more than once a day.” He said jokingly. I’m not fat but I’m far from being toned.

He let me in and I took note that the house was empty, except for Brad and I. He lead me to his room where he had the game set up. Just from what I saw, it was really impressive.

“Hey John, you can start a new game, I got to take a shower to get the smell of death off me.” He told me as he grabbed a towel. I just nodded as he left the room and I started a new game.

I made my character and I heard the shower turn on. Then my conscious decided playing games was boring and I should do something more fun. I remembered seeing his sister’s room was empty because the door was open and no one was in it. I needed to see what she wore.

I made sure the house was empty and I snuck into the room. I looked on the ground and found a wonderful sight, a red thong sitting on the ground. I am a huge pervert so I had to see if she had fun in them recently. I was right and I had to see more so I started to look into her underwear drawer.

I must have lost track of time and lost the sense of hearing. I don’t perabet know how long I was in there because I the next thing I know, Brad was behind me.

“You know, most people prefer when the underwear is on the girl.” He said with a evil grin on his face.

I felt my heart drop all the way to Earth’s molten core and I thought he would come up behind me, take me outside and bash my head in. But luckily for me, he didn’t.

“Get to my room, now.” He demanded, striking fear into me. I was afraid of what was going to happen and I did not want to prolong whatever was going to happen to me.

I walked in and he was just playing the game I started. I sat on the bed next to him as he played. But during a cut scene, he showed my phone and I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was on messages, had his sister, father, and mother on group message and had pictures of me looking at her underwear ready to be sent.

“You know, it would be a damn shame if my family found out about this, my dad would rearrange your face in so many ways.” Brad said, that evil grin coming back.

I was terrified and my heart was pounding. “Look Brad, I don’t know why I did that but I will do anything for you. I would do your homework until you graduate from college. Just don’t send that picture.”

He smiled at me, which I knew it meant something worse was going to happen. “No I got something more important that I need done.” He started to rub his dick. “I’m feeling pretty horny right now and I was thinking that you and that pretty mouth of your can fix it.”

I thought of Maria, my girlfriend of 6 months, and what she would think when she finds out what I did. “Dude no, you know I’m straight, Maria and I started having sex last week for god sake.” I pleaded, thinking I was getting to him with that.

“I am too, doesn’t mean I am not into a good blowjob every one in a while.” He said, laughing a bit.

I didn’t know what to do. I have never sucked a single dick in my entire life. But would it be worth it to protect myself from a lifetime of humiliation. Common sense told me just to go through with it.”It’s just a blowjob” my mind told me, “Suck his dick, get him to cum, then it is over and he will delete those pictures.”

“Fine, I’ll give you a blowjob and that perabet giriş is it. You better delete those pictures when I’m done.” I didn’t enjoy saying that but I wanted it to go by quickly.

“I knew you would cave in eventually. You better do good or these photos will be on more than just my phone.” Brad said.

He took his pants off, exposing his hard on through his boxers. It had to be at least 8 inches judging from the outline. Then he took it out and motioned for me to taste it.

“Give it a lick, like a lollipop.” He told me, then started laughing about his comment

I decided to follow orders to get this done with. I thought of how blowjobs were done in porn so I started to lick it from the bottom of his shaft. It didn’t really taste like anything but I still did not like it.

As I licked up and down his penis, he put his hand on the back of my head to make me start sucking. He was being kind of forceful but I knew I had to deal with it otherwise I would not be in a better position, so I just had to continue.

I was thinking he would be going easy on me since I wasn’t forced to deepthroat him, but I was wrong. I was sucking his head and licking it, to get him to cum quickly when he forced his cock down my throat and I couldn’t help but gag.

“Take it you cocksucking slut.” He said evilly. “Take off all your clothes too so I can cum much quicker.”

I kept tasting precum as I sucked and I felt so dirty because I knew this was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t help but let a small moan out.

Next thing I know, he gets up, pushes me onto the bed and I feel something cold on my ass. My mind is screaming for me to get out of there but my body is telling me to stay. I then feel a finger going in and out of my ass.

“Brad stop! You said you only wanted a blowjob, this is too far.” I yelled, hoping I can stop him, but it was all in vain.

Next thing I know, I feel his hands on my hip and I feel him start to slide into my ass. I scream into the pillow as his head popped into me. I calmed me down by kissing my neck, and reassuring me the pain will go away shortly.It helped me calm down but the pain was still there.

He pulled me further onto his cock as he pushed himself forward, trying to get as much perabet güvenilir mi as he can in. I started to relax more as he finally got his entire cock in my ass.

“John you have such a tight ass.”

“Please go slow, you are tearing my ass apart” I begged, though I started to feel pleasure more than pain

He tightened his grip on my hips and began to fuck my tight ass. I did not think it would be good so I easily let myself moan, exposing my pleasure to Brad.

“Do you want this John, tell me you want this dick.” He told me, demanding more than just stating.

“Fuck yeah daddy, give me that huge cock, I need it so badly right now.”

I wasn’t one for dirty talk but it felt so right at that moment, like something I had to do and I wanted to do. When I said it he picked up the pace, pumping me faster and faster while my moaning and dirty talk became more frequent.

“Pound this ass daddy, I am you slave now and forever!” I exclaimed, giving myself to my lustful instincts.

He flipped me onto my back and got back to business. As soon as he plunged his dick into me, my dick burst. I ended up cumming all over my body and even getting some of my face and in my mouth.

“You look even better now John, my little slut.”

I blushed a bit, and he continued to fuck me hard. As he pounded my ass, waves of pleasure threatened to send me over the edge again.

I couldn’t believe myself, I was enjoying this very much, I wanted his hard dick to pound my ass all day and night. I was losing all control and I was fully submitted to him.

It was silent except for the sound of his balls slapping my ass when he shouted. “I’m cumming slut, you ass is making me cum.”

“Breed me daddy, this ass is now yours!” I replied, demanding for him to cum in my ass.

As soon as I felt his hot load fill my ass, a smaller but still quite big load came from my cock. Combined with the earlier load I made and his cum filling my ass, I felt like I had the best sexual experience of my life and I wanted it to happen again.

“Alright, those pictures will be deleted. I’m sorry I fucked you so hard.” Brad told me.

While his cock slowly slipped out of me, I could help by grab his head and kiss him. “I loved it Brad, that was the best sexual experience ever. I will need that again soon.”

We kissed and cuddled for an hour before I had to go home. When I got home, I got another message. This time it was a video of him fucking me from behind. But unlike before, I was okay with him having it.

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