Amazing Gracie Pt. 03 Cont’d

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NOTE: First, thank you all for the kind words and feedback I have received. My stories are retellings of actual experiences I have had. As such, I can’t really can’t alter the facts or endings. If you are looking for stories that will follow a certain storyline and conclusion you prefer, I suggest you read any of the fine fiction pieces on this site. Again… Thank you!

This is the continuation of Amazing Gracie 3. While this is a stand-alone story, reading
might give you a bit more understanding of what lead up to these events. Hope you enjoy!


As I lay next to Gracie in a contented sleep, I became aware of a stirring in my penis. It was nothing specific, just a very pleasant feeling. I assumed I was asleep and having a dream after the incredible sex I had enjoyed with Gracie earlier. I began to realize I wasn’t asleep and the feeling was very real.

I opened my eyes and in the semi darkness I could both see and feel Gracie. She was laying on her left side with her head on my chest. With her tongue she was licking and gently sucking on my right nipple. Her right hand was gently tweaking my left nipple. And her left hand was wrapped around my cock and slowly, but steadily, ataköy escort stroking it. The combined sensations were amazing.

I assumed that the purpose of all this was to get me fully aroused and ready to fuck. After a few minutes my cock was hard as a hammer and my head was almost overloaded with sensations. I started to move and place Gracie on her back so I could start the deep, hard plowing I was craving. But Gracie wouldn’t have it. She resisted moving onto her back and continued her ministration on my dick.

By now I was moving my hips up to meet the strokes of her oiled hand. All I could do was moan and let her work. Finally, I said, “Gracie, I really need to fuck you.” She took her mouth off my nipple long enough to reply, “Oh come on. Let me have some fun.” I tried to relax my muscles and let her continue. And continue she did. With only a slight increase of speed, she pumped me. Occasionally she would use her thumb to rub the underside of my cockhead. I was beginning to actually feel light headed as she relentlessly continued handling my cock.

She finally did shift position, but only to sit up between my legs and resume stroking my swollen ataşehir escort penis. I felt like I was going to shoot at any moment, but I also felt like I may never get to cum. I was reduced to almost pleading, “Gracie, sit on me and put my cock in your pussy.” At this she feigned pouting. Her reply was “Ahhhh… I was so hoping that you would have self-control. But if you absolutely insist…”

Inwardly I took the bait. Self-control? By thunder! I’ll show her self-control I clenched the sheets and resolved I would see this ride through to the end.

Gracie seemed to sense my new determination. So she upped her game. She slightly increased the speed of her strokes again and licked the palm of her left hand. As she continued pumping my cock with her right hand, she used the wet palm of her open left hand to rub the head of my penis.

I had been awake and at the mercy of Gracie’s wonderful hands for almost a half hour now. My heart was racing and I felt like my entire body was going to explode. But Gracie wasn’t done with me just yet. Once again, she stepped up her game. This time she went after my voyeur side.

As she continued to pump and fındıkzade escort stroke my now aching cock, she started talking…

“I have always enjoyed handling cocks. The feel of them. How they are soft and rigid at the same time. I love watching them grow and get harder. I love seeing them cum. Some cum by shooting and other ooze. But I like them all. Stroking a cock can also give me a chance to decide if I want to fuck it or not. The long ones make a good visual and they can be fun to play with. But for fucking, it is more about the girth. One thick enough to rub against my pussy walls. A really thick one can not only rub my walls but also rub against my clit. THAT is an awesome feeling. Plus, I get to see how much cum they produce. I dated one guy recently that had a really nice cock. It was slightly bigger than average but it got super hard. And it had a good size head that would swell up and turn dark purple. And when he shot his load, it was epic.”

That was it. Between her amazing hands and the visual I was getting from her talking, I was done for. Suddenly my cock started firing out cum. Three large ropes to start with followed by oozing. I was gasping for air and convulsing on the bed. Gracie began to slow her strokes and loosen her grip on my now super sensitive penis. I was spent.

With a sly smile, Gracie left the bed and went to the bathroom to wash off her hands. She brought back a towel for me to wipe down with. While sipping some water to rehydrate, I decided that tonight, she had certainly earned the name, “Amazing Gracie.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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