An Evening to Remember

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Her parents had wanted to take them out to dinner for their fifth anniversary, but Kim and her husband, Chris, had these plans made for over three months and nothing was going to stop them. Each year, they always tried to do something different and exciting for their anniversary and this year was no exception.

While driving to their destination, Chris looked over at his wife and smiled, remembering how excited she had been when she heard the news that the old Reformatory was having a ghost hunt on Halloween, the same day as their anniversary. They loved Halloween and insisted upon being married on that day and even asked the guests to dress up in costumes for the evening reception. It had been a wonderful day for them and it was a party that everyone remembered.

The Mansfield Reformatory was built in 1895 and was originally used as a prison for young male offenders. Its gothic, cathedral style architecture was used to inspire these young criminals to rededicate their lives to God. When Kim first saw the prison when they visited a few years earlier, it sent chills up and down her spine. An imposing structure, it had a main, central building for offices and new inmate reception and off the this main area called the bullpen, an east and west wing jutted off each side. In the west wing, it boasted a six tier block of cells that was a world record until it shut down in 1979. Each tier in the west wing had fifty cells.

The Mansfield Reformatory moved away from holding younger men and it eventually held Ohio’s most hardened and heinous criminals, thus becoming the state’s most notorious prison for assaults and deaths. Violence was a natural way of life inside the dark stone walls and inhuman screams were almost commonplace during the lonely nights.

The structure rotted away for years until the city saved it from demolition and began to renovate and turn it into a museum. Kim and Chris had taken several tours of this magnificent structure and from the modest fee collected from visitors, the Mansfield Reformatory was starting to look like its old self.

Kim and Chris had always liked a good fright and the chance to explore the old jail for an evening, especially on Halloween, was just too good an opportunity to pass up. They knew it was reputed to be haunted and this only added to the excitement.

“Just think,” she giggled after they made the reservations, “maybe we could fool around in one of the cells.”

“I don’t think the spirits would take too kindly to that,” Chris replied.

“Oh, only because they’d be jealous that they’re dead and not able to take advantage of me like you could.” She stood up and walked to where Chris was sitting. She turned her back to him and pushed her shapely butt towards his face, wiggling it suggestively. “Who could resist this?” she cooed.

Thinking back, Chris hadn’t been able to resist and knew resistance was futile if his darling Kim really wanted to screw inside one of the cells. She always had that affect on him.

They had been brought together on a blind date by her brother, who was friends with Chris. It was the Halloween season, so after a traditional date of dinner and a movie, they had decided to go to one of the area haunted houses sponsored by the local Lion’s Club. It wasn’t very good and both Kim and Chris had been disappointed with the experience.

“Do you really want to be scared?” he asked her in the car afterward.

“Sure,” she said. “I’m game.”

“Okay,” he replied. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

He drove for about a half hour until they stopped at a dark, remote area of town. To their right stood a tall, wrought iron gate, rusted over the years from exposure, but still imposing. Vines and trees covered the black, five foot wrought iron fence to the end of each block that the old cemetery encompassed.

“Come on,” he said, holding her hand and leading her to the gate.

Kim didn’t know what to think, but instinctively trusted Chris and followed him. They came to the gate and Chris pushed his way through the unlocked entrance. The hinges squealed from lack of oil, but they entered the grounds of the sacred resting places. With only the moon light to guide them, they soon found themselves amongst the tombstones of the forgotten dead.

“Scared yet?” he inquired, turning to her and still holding her soft hand.

Kim listened to the clicking of the bare branches swaying lazily from the soft breeze and sighed. “I love cemeteries,” she whispered before she kissed him that first time. He loved her immediately.

“Maybe we could do it in ‘The Hole’,” Kim suggested, breaking Chris from his thoughts, her light green eyes gleaming.

“I don’t think so,” Chris replied uneasily.

The Hole was the Reformatory’s most haunted area. Many sounds and images had been recorded over the years in that spot and nearly everyone who went past that area came away feeling chilled, scared, and negatively affected by the experience.

The Hole was where inmates were sent for punishment. A day in there seemed like a week, a week like a month. No prisoner came out of there poker oyna unaffected, if they came out alive at all. A goodly number of inmates came out mumbling gibberish, incoherent and ultimately insane. There were loud ravings of hearing voices telling them to kill themselves and seeing shadowy, ghostly images. Others spared themselves that ordeal and simply ended their sad, pathetic lives before their minds rotted to jelly.

Many a brutal beating took place in there, as inmates already knowing the fates of their brethren before them wanted no part of the horror that awaited them. Sometimes, they died before stepping foot into the smelly, dark cement box. It was said their troubled spirits still roamed the cell, begging for the mercy that eluded them all those years before.

“No, I don’t think so,” Chris said again, a bit firmer this time. They had made love in a lot of strange, weird places, but this was just a bit too kinky for his taste.

He was thankful that Kim didn’t press him about it. She, too, knew his limits and never pushed him into things with which he was uneasy.

With backpacks filled with water, flashlights, batteries, cameras, and a mini-recorder in the trunk, Chris pulled into the entrance of the grounds; a long gravel path with bare trees lining the way, spooky and swaying in the soft fall breeze. Although this would be the fourth time they visited, their first glimpse of the grand old prison once again sent chills of awe, excitement, and apprehension through them both.

“God, it’s beautiful,” Kim murmured when the prison came into full view.

Kim saw the twin steeples that doubled as guard towers. The gargoyles were hanging on the edge of the roof, smiling demonically at the visitors who dared invade their peaceful house. Although she couldn’t see them, she remembered them from previous visits. They made the entrance look even more eerie. She licked her lips in anticipation and could feel a bit of moistness begin to invade the sweet folds between her soft inner thighs.

Chris looked at his wife and smiled. At thirty years of age, she had the face and figure of a woman ten years her junior. Her short, spiked blonde hair was in disarray and her green eyes were riveted to the building in front of them. He figured she was already starting to get horny as she normally did when they went into dark, scary places. Facing the unknown was always a turn on for her, as he had found out that first night alone with her in the cemetery. Chris never forgot her scream of pleasure the first time he sank himself into her near the large granite mausoleum and was surprised to find the ghosts were still asleep in their deep, dank graves once her moaning ceased.

For their honeymoon a year later, they scoured every part of Ohio looking for haunted houses, hotels, and cemeteries. They made love everywhere they stayed, daring the spirits that invaded each habitat to have their say. None did, although they had the distinct feeling of being watched from time to time. That only added to Kim’s enjoyment.

After they parked, Chris unloaded the two backpacks from the trunk. He had spent the previous evening making sure all of their equipment was in perfect working order. He hoped to capture on film or tape some type of apparition or unearthly sound. He handed the lighter of the two backpacks to Kim and she shrugged it on over her hooded sweat jacket. They had been warned ahead of time that the Reformatory had very little electricity and the place was quite cool during the night. The outdoor temperature was in the high sixties, but the prison would probably dip into the mid-fifties or less after midnight.

Once they got to the entrance of the prison, they were told that they would have free reign inside the prison from eight o’clock until two in the morning. Chris checked his watch and it was just a few minutes before eight o’clock. Unfortunately, there would be some areas that would be too dangerous to enter and those areas were cordoned off. There would be pizza and soft drinks for the ghost hunters at midnight. After that was said, the doors were opened and Kim, Chris, and all the others filed into the solemn parlor. The musky, moldy smell of the prison hit them as they entered. Scanning the crowd, Chris guessed there to be about two hundred person participating. At $100 each for the experience of walking through a haunted prison, Chris knew the historical society would receive quite a sum to forward their progress in renovating the old place.

“Where do you want to go first?” Chris asked Kim as they went past a few offices.

“Let’s go upstairs to the warden’s residence.”

Chris knew the story behind her desire. In 1954, the warden and his wife had a terrible argument and in a fit of rage, the warden killed his wife and their two children. It was said that sometimes you could hear the argument if you stayed a few rooms away and were quiet. They switched on their flashlights and slowly mounted the creaking steps. Most of the other hunters had gone to one of the other wings of the prison, so they knew they would be one of only a handful to be roaming around canlı poker oyna upstairs.

Once upstairs, they walked softly from room to room, exploring closets, hallways, and other areas. None of the rooms had any furniture; just rubbish, mold, and dust everywhere. They listened carefully for any sounds, but heard nothing except for the footfalls and voices of other people moving about.

Back on the ground floor, they found the recreation room, a large expansive room that echoed every sound, no matter how minute. This room was where church services were held, meals were served, and movies played. Being a maximum security prison in its day, only the best behaved inmates were allowed in this room other than at meal time.

Kim looked in one corner and saw a doorway. From her previous times there, she knew that doorway led to a stairwell that went to one of the guard towers. Even in the daytime, it was treacherous, but Kim wanted to go up to the tower anyway.

“Come on,” she nudged Chris.

He followed his wife to the doorway and shone his flashlight inside. “Are you sure?” he asked, although he already knew the answer.

“Come on,” she said in a low voice. “We’ll take it real slow.” She was already starting to ascend the staircase before he had a chance to reply.

The staircase was spiral and very narrow, barely wide enough for Chris’ shoulders. The steps were short and slippery and Chris was glad to see Kim taking her time. Her flashlight shone on each step as they climbed and he could see the crumbling cement that had eroded over time and neglect. Suddenly, Kim stopped and Chris’ nose touched her butt before he could stop.

“Do you hear anything?” she whispered.

Chris cocked his ear and listened.

“No,” he answered.

“You sure?”


“I guess it was nothing,” she said.

By this time, she could feel her husband planting soft kisses on her curvy bottom. If it wasn’t so dangerous, she would have pulled her pants down right then and there and let him have a good grope, but they still had a little bit more climbing to do before they got to the top.

“All right, Chris,” she said as she reached back and patted his face, “let’s get going.” She loved it when he did things spontaneously. Just doing something as simple as that made her love him even more.

Once they reached the top, they had a perfect view of the two newer prisons nearby; the Mansfield Correctional Institute, affectionately called Mansi, and Richland Correctional Institute, shortened to Richi. Mansfield was a maximum security prison and Richland was divided between minimum and medium classifications. Once he saw the prison yard of Mansi, Chris was tempted to take a photo, but resisted. They had been warned about taking pictures of the two prisons from previous visits because it violated the inmates civil rights should they be photographed without their permission. Chris thought it was ludicrous, but he didn’t want to get in trouble.

“This is so neat,” Kim remarked. “I can just imagine the gunners picking off escapees from here. You can really see everywhere.”

Chris nodded in the darkness. Looking off into the distance, he saw flashlights in one remote corner of the Reformatory’s expansive grounds.

“I wonder what’s over there?” he said.

“Where?” Kim asked.

Chris moved her towards the direction he was looking. “See all the lights there.”

“I’ll bet that’s the cemetery,” Kim explained. “It’s almost as haunted as ‘The Hole’. We have to go there sometime tonight. We have to,” she added softly, squeezing her thighs together. The thought of getting frisky in a haunted prisoner’s cemetery sent shivers through her.

Knowing what she was thinking, Chris reached around and caressed her through her sweat pants and was not surprised to find she was wearing no underwear. He could feel the heat and moisture emanating from her loins and knew it wouldn’t take much to get her off.

Kim moaned softly at his touch, but regained control as she gently pushed his hand aside. “Not here, baby. Not yet.”

Chris laughed softly and kissed the back of her neck affectionately. “I know, hon. It was just a little appetizer for what’s to come.”

They stayed in the tower for a few more minutes before carefully navigating the narrow, spiral staircase downward to the recreation room once more. For the next hour or so, they visited the bullpen, a large room in the middle of the main building and all the wings that extended from it. Besides the famous east and west wings, there was an infirmary, solitary confinement, the shower room, and the infamous ‘hole’. The infirmary was a small building directly behind the bullpen. Solitary, the showers, and the hole were directly east off of the infirmary. Wanting to save the east and west wings for last, they made their way into the infirmary.

Chris took pictures now and then, usually of things he hadn’t remembered seeing from previous visits. Sometimes, he would go by a cell or a room and the hairs on the back of his neck would stand up for no apparent reason. From his reading of ghost internet casino studies, there was the possibility of unearthly phenomena in such an area, so he made sure to snap pictures in those areas as well.

When they reached ‘the hole’, Kim immediately got bad vibes about it. She shivered and felt her skin crawling, but she felt electrified by the feelings. She wanted nothing more than to be inside the cell with Chris and have him fuck her hard from behind. Kim knew she could have the best orgasm of her life there, but she also knew Chris would have none of it. Besides, there were too many other people around for them to have the privacy needed. The thought of them screwing there sent tingles through her.

“Isn’t this awesome?” she whispered to him. “I’m feeling all kinds of weird sensations.” She paused for a moment. “I wish you could bend me over right now.”

“Not here,” he whispered back. “It’s just too creepy.” He, too, felt the inhuman evilness that screamed from within the silent walls.

“You should feel how wet I am,” Kim said seductively, her breath hot and raspy.

Kim reached back, took his hand, and put his fingertips under the waistband of her sweat pants.

“Feel me,” she panted.

Not surprising, Chris’ fingers were soaked after he explored between her labia. Kim shuddered from his touch.

“You’re gushing,” he hissed, barely able to control his voice. His penis jumped to attention and he knew he had to have her once they found an appropriate cell.

“Baby, I’ve got to have you soon,” Kim responded, her voice quivering.

They left the ‘hole’ and explored the shower area for fifteen minutes. They both felt their hair stand on end and Chris deduced that a fair amount of vicious rapes and assaults occurred here. He took more pictures and didn’t need to check his camera to know his first roll was finished. He had mentally tallied each photo and knew it was time. They stepped out of the shower and moved to an area out of the way of the other hunters. The ‘hole’ and the shower room were very popular spots for ghost hunting.

Kim shone her flashlight on his camera as he fished through his backpack for another roll. When he looked at his camera, he noticed the “15” showing in the window indicating how many photos he had taken. He frowned and looked at Kim, puzzled.

“What’s wrong?”

“The camera says I’ve only taken fifteen pictures, but I know I’ve taken twenty-four.”

“You’ve advanced to the next picture each time, haven’t you?” she asked.

“Of course I have,” he said disgustedly.

He tried advancing it again, but it wouldn’t budge. “Damn,” he exclaimed.

“What’s wrong now?”

“It’s jammed.”

“Why don’t you pull the pin and rewind it as if the roll were completed?”

“Yeah, I can try that.”

Chris pulled the pin up and tried to rewind the film. It was stuck for a second, but then gave way with the unmistakable sound of the film tearing within.

“Damn!” he hissed.

“What now?”

“The film broke. Now, all the pictures I’ve taken are ruined.”

“That really sucks,” Kim said disgustedly.

Chris opened the camera and pulled the film out. He then put in a new roll. Once the film was secure, he tried to advance the film to where he could close the camera for his first picture. The lever wouldn’t budge.

“Damn, what’s wrong with this thing? I checked it last night and it worked perfectly.” Chris frowned at their misfortune.

He tried one more time. This time, the lever moved, but Chris looked in disbelief as the film tore once again before his disbelieving eyes. Chagrined, he put the camera into his backpack and pulled out his automatic camera. He pressed the ‘on’ switch, but nothing happened.

“What’s wrong?” Kim asked.

“The batteries are dead,” Chris explained, although he couldn’t understand how brand new batteries could be dead without any usage.

He reached into his backpack once more and exchanged batteries. Those, too, were dead. Chris sighed, resigned to the fact that they would have no pictures to commemorate their visit. “I guess they don’t want their pictures taken.”

“I guess not,” Kim said shakily. This was their first direct experience with the paranormal.

Reluctantly, Chris put the camera in his back pack and zipped it shut. “We still have the recorder,” he said.

“I don’t think they’ll want to be recorded, either. Do you? At least not by us.”

“No,” he replied softly. “I guess not.”

Shaken by the experience, they left the area and headed back towards the bullpen. Once they reached it, they decided to go to the west wing, since it was the taller of the two. The east wing had only four tiers of sixty cells in each tier.

They climbed the metal stairs quickly, their shoes clanging at each step. When they got to the fourth tier, Chris stopped to catch his breath. He was a bit allergic to mold and dust. To their right was the control room whereby an officer could open and close any amount of cells on that tier by pulling on certain levers and rotating a metal wheel. Chris pulled Kim towards the room and looked inside. From his flashlight, he could see documents lying about, mostly rosters from that tier for a specific date. One was on the floor only a few feet from where they were standing.

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