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At lunch yesterday, I went out with an older guy that has been coming on to me. He has told me he is not at all interested in fucking me(!), but has a 6 inch tongue and breathes through his ears (grin), and would love to give me an experience that I would always remember and want to repeat over and over.

He took me to Taco Bell for a quick lunch and gave me two frozen chocolate covered cherries from a small cooler, and told me to go to the bathroom and insert one in each of my lower openings. I did as requested, and boy were they COLD. It is hard to shove something that cold up yourself when the openings close tight against the cold. But I did it and went back to him and noticeably shivered for a few minutes. He grinned at me and told me that it would be worth it shortly…

He gave me a little vibe bullet and told me to place it between my lower lips, right there at the table. After I did, he started it buzzing with the little remote. My panties were tight and held the little buzzer snugly, right up under my clit. Well, she didn’t take long to get interested and I was rocking on the chair with the pulsing vibrations of his little toy. We went out to his car and drove off. My eyes were closed till we stopped enjoying the pleasurable sensations from the little vibe. When I looked out, we were in an open field surrounded by trees on three sides and the interstate about half a mile away.

He got out and put a blow up mattress and a blanket down beside the car and had me “strip down” to my panties and stand, braced as in a police search next to the car. He took his time pulling and twisting my nipples (I really like that) and kissing my neck, shoulders and back from behind. One hand slipped down and into my panties, and he slid the little vibrating bullet deep inside my boiling, juiced up twat. He took his slick finger and pressed it inside my open mouth and I sucked on it like a cock. It tasted wonderful, like chocolate covered cunt. Yummm.

Then he pushed my panties down my legs and told me to get on my knees on the blanket. It was kinda cool outside, but I was already hot so it didn’t matter to me. He took off his shirt and laid down below me and had me to sit on his face, tightly, with his nose in my ass and his mouth on my cunt. I did as I was told! He wiggled his face below me and I felt it as the ball end of his nose penetrated my tight, stinky, brown button. Gawd it felt really good, it was just enough penetration to feel nice and as he continued to wiggle his face around under me – it just got better and better. I haven’t been nose fucked before, and liked it. Just worried that I would suffocate him and have to call the medics or something. But he seemed happy, so I pressed down tight and held his nasal invader inside me.

Now, he opened his mouth and güvenilir bahis i felt something wonderful! He told me that he had rinsed his mouth with a solution that raised up all the little “bumps” on his tongue and I would feel each and every one as he licked and fucked me with his tongue. Feel them i DID, like soft liquid sandpaper, it was delicious, so soft, so rough, so intimate…

He licked my clit for just a few minutes, till I was “right there” panting, begging, pleading him to finish me, then he stopped – and started feeding my ravenous cunt his l-o-n-g rough tongue. It started out pointed as it opened my fragrant little flower, but as soon as he was past the opening, he flattened/fattened out(?) his oral invader and started going deeper and wider up inside my hungry pussy. It was unlike any cock I had ever felt, longer, fatter, rougher, softer, wiggling, “ALIVE” i-n-s-i-d-e me. I felt it as he painted my whole inside with his tongue, the rippling texture of his tongue, the motion, the undulating, the pushing, probing of the snakelike appendage buried inside me, the fatness of the base stretching my poor little horny opening to her limits…

He started actually fucking into me and It felt soooooo good! The textures, the scent (chocolate,cherries,cunt), the fullness, the internal licking, the sucking mouth sealed to my sex, his teeth lightly chewing my lips, my clit, Ohhhhhh, DAMN, sooooo good… His nose and tongue fucking picked up and I think he was working on my G-spot too, cause I came like gangbusters, his arms holding my legs still, his mouth to my sex, his tongue buried deep, deeper, inside me as I came and juiced him for all i was worth!!!

He wouldn’t stop! He held my poor trashed body to his mouth and tongue fucked me to another world class cum, then he let me lay down on the blanket, face down. He held me for a few moments(?) as I floated in space, telling me that I was a good fuck, and soon he would take “his” pleasure from me. I just moaned and cooed, and told him, after “that” you can have anything you want. He must have taken me at my word, cause when I kinda knew what was going on again, my wrists and ankles were tied together behind me, right wrist to right ankle, and left wrist to left ankle. Not really comfortable, but didn’t look like i was going anywhere soon.

He was between my legs behind me, slowly fingering my cunt and ass with the fingers of one hand and massaging my ass cheeks with the other. he told me that due to his age and some medicines that he wasn’t a very good fuck anymore, but if i would allow him, he would like to take my ass for as long as he could keep it up. I told him that as long as he went in slow, and let me get used to him there, he could do whatever he wanted back there. But the ropes weren’t really necessary, türkçe bahis I had agreed to be here and I was here for “his” pleasure, for the time we were together. He said that the ropes were for his control and my pleasure, to just endure and see.

I felt him slowly work a second finger along side the first into my juicy(?) feeling asshole. He slowly opened up my rear entry and I was enjoying his inner massage of my sex and ass. He pulled his fingers out and I felt him center his unseen cock to my anal opening, he pushed a little and I felt the soft fat head of his cock press into me, my tightness giving away slowly as the fatter bell of his cock head penetrated my hot, tight nether region. I arched to allow him a better target and to open for him, and he fed more of this wonderful feeling firm, soft, cock inside me. This was a first for me, I have had several really hard, manly cocks back there before, but this semi-hard(???) softness was a real pleasure for me. He continued to press his long(?) cock into me until he was fully inside.

He laid down on my body for a few moments and stuck a wet brown finger inside my open mouth. At first I thought it was going to taste really bad, but when I licked it, the flavor was chocolate! I had forgotten the cherry from earlier. I closed my lips around the delicious finger and sucked it like my life depended on it. This was new, good, I liked it. I sucked it till there was no more flavor. Then let it go. He told me there would be more in a little while. I purred and smiled…

He raised up and slowly started fucking into me, my pliant, tight ass sucking his sweet feeling cock back inside me every time he tried to pull out. I have great ass muscle control. I don’t exercise much, but what I do, is for better sex. So, he was in heaven fucking my tight, sucking asshole, and I was doing my best to make it the best he would ever have. This felt really good, but too soon I felt him tense up and stop moving. I clamped down on his perfect cock and felt each and every pulse as he dumped his loving load of cum deep inside my most private opening. He rested there for several moments, both of us relishing the really special ass fuck we had just shared.

Then he pulled from me and crawled around to my face. I knew what he wanted and from the finger before, I really wanted to do this for him. I opened and allowed his entry, the closed my lips around his semi-hardness and sucked my pleasure from his tasty cock. I know there was other “stuff” on his sweet, slimy, brown cock too, but for this really caring man, and what he had done for me (so far) I could deny him nothing. So I sucked and licked all the brownness from his lovely shaft. Then I licked his hairy ball sack free of the sweet brown residue too.

When we were both content güvenilir bahis siteleri that his tool was clean, he patted me on the head and told me i was his good girl. Now he would do the same for me. With that he went back behind me again and I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks. I felt hot breath as he blew on my still opened asshole and then felt his tongue start to slither up inside me. Ohhh, Yesssss, I wanted this! I felt his oral invader worm its way deeper and deeper, the little nubs, driving me nuts. This was so much better than any cock. He worked his tongue up as far as he could, then locked his lips to my anus and started a long deep tongue ass fuck. I was in total feeling mode, I could feel every lick, every push, every swirl of that long ass pleaser inside me. This would be a memory for a lifetime! I laid there, and just enjoyed what he was doing to me, and got turned on again. My ass started hunching back at him, my clit got big and sensitive again, and I rubbed her on the blanket below me, as my lover ass fucked my willing, no wanton ass. I was getting close to an ass cum, when all of a sudden the little bullet vibe buried in my cunt went off again! Oh SHIT! My cunt clamped shut, my clit exploded, my asshole closed down on his tongue so hard I thought I might cut it off! But everything was going off at the same time, my cunt, clit, ass, damn my whole body went into a fit of orgasm! I shook, jerked, jumped, wiggled, cried, screamed out…

After I came down again, he told me that I had shoved his tongue from inside me, washed his chin with cum, and forcefully ejected the two buried cherries and the bullet vibe from my convulsing holes. He licked the remaining cum, and chocolate(?) from my lower openings and untied me. As we lay there together, he offered me one of the cherries. I took the browner one, and let him have the slick one. We relished the cherries and the accumulated flavors they had picked up. He explained the tying to me, as he had to try to explain a black eye he got once from a flying foot during a girl friends hard anal cum. His wife was not really dumb enough to believe the lie he told to explain it. So now he takes precautions. I told him I didn’t mind, and he could tie me up for “that” anytime he were together!

He got dressed and asked me not to, for the drive back to town. I told him Ok, but i had to lay down in the seat. He drove me back to Taco Bell petting my pussy as I played with my nipples, and I dressed there in the parking lot in the back seat of his car. Minus my panties of course, his trophy for giving me such a memorable time. I bent over and sucked the fat head of his soft cock for a few minutes, kissed him, and thanked him for the wonderful experience, then left him in his car.

Went back to work and had to go potty often to wipe off residual chocolate, and my continuing cum trickle from thinking of the afternoon we had just spent together…

Never actually “saw” his tongue, but I believe his claims now. It was really n-i-c-e…

Huggs, -tanya

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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