Breeder Choice Ch. 01

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I met Kevin on line. I was viewing people who where on line and opened his profile. The first thing I noticed was his age 59. I am 54, and like older hot men. He is single and so am I, and lives alone too. We seemed to like the same things, men, porno, and good smoke. His picture showed a man with a semi-hard uncut cock (my favorite).

I e-mailed him, and we struck up a conversation. Over several days we got to know one another and what we liked to do. We soon found ourselves wanting to get together. I agreed to get together at his place on Friday evening around 8pm.

When I got to his place he opened the door; warring only a wrap around towel and a tank top. As I entered he had on a porno movie of two men 69’ing each other. I was nervous as I hadn’t been with a man in a long time. He sensed this and asked if I wanted a beer. We sat down and sipped away, while he lit up a pipe. I could tell as soon I took the first puff that this was some good smoke. We passed it back and forth a few times, and as we did he gradually undid his wrap around towel and took off his top. For and older man he was in good shape, and was well muscled and tanned. I was getting hard and wanted to be naked too and then got naked too.

We sat back enjoyed the smoke, and sipped away on the beer, and smoked a cigarette while we continued to watch the movie. It was hot.

We both lay back on his couch, and I soon found a hand stroking my inner thigh easing up to my now hard 7″ cock. His was hard too, with his cock head just poking through his forskin, and dripping pre-cum. I so wanted to suck him, but before I knew it Kevin was stroking my tight ringed balls. I like to ware ball rings and his stroking just made them more sensitive. He kept stroking them and soon he had his mouth around my hard cock, and I moaned out, “Oh yeah suck me.” He took all of my 7″ cock in his mouth. It felt so good güvenilir bahis to have a man’s warm mouth around my hard cock with his tongue twirling around the shaft and cockhead. He really knew how to suck a cock and keep it hard. He would alternate between cock and balls. He took my balls in his mouth, and while pulling down on them teased them with his tongue.

We soon went off to his bedroom where we preceded to 69 each other while a movie of two men sucking each other off played on the TV. It was very exciting as I was finally sucking on his thick 8″ uncut cock. I was on top and taking as much as I could in my mouth while licking his tasty pre-cum. Sucking on his forskin and twirling my tongue around on it, and underneath it. I could tell he was really excited as his cock twitched several times in my mouth.

He sucked me deeply into his mouth while occasionally licking my balls and tonguing my super clean rosebud opening. That really drove me crazy when he did that and I soon found myself deep throating his cock. As he kept tonguing my balls and rosebud while spreading my ass cheeks I kept thinking I so wanted him to fuck me in the ass with his cock. I went down on him more forcefully moaning out, “Oh yes lick and tongue fuck my ass, and I am yours.”

With that I licked and sucked his cock tasting all of him and savoring his pre-cum in my mouth. Kevin slowly eased himself out from underneath me so that now I was spread eagle face down on the bed. He was on top of me and I could feel his hard cock pressed between my ass cheeks rubbing back and forth. He was kissing my neck and he whispered, “I want to fuck you. Fuck you bareback and breed you.

I lustfully said, “Yes! Fuck me. I want your hard cock deep in me bare. Breed my motherfucker (I get really nasty when horny and like it when a man is the same) ass.” I eased my ass up a little for easier entry.

He güvenilir bahis siteleri reached over for a jar of Abolene cream and took some out and spread it across my ass opening easing some of it in me with his thick fingers. Oh fuck I thought that feels as good as he finger fucked me from behind and he kissed my neck. I could tell by his breathing he was just as horny as I was.

Kevin knew just how to tease my rosebud with his fingers easing one in, then two touching my prostrate, which made me want him to enter me even more. I wanted him to fuck me and moaned out, “Fuck me with your cock. Breed me motherfucker!”

Kevin eased back, and placed his cock at my opening, teasing me with it thrusting forward just opening me up then pulling back again. I was going crazy as I wanted him in me. Penetrating me deeply. The more I wanted it the more he teased me. He would put his finger tip just at my opening and rotate it around a little then thrust it back in. I should mention at this point that I hadn’t been fucked in the ass in 8 years. I had used fake cocks, dildos, and butt plugs, but nothing beats a real man fucking you in the ass.

He eased back a little and suddenly I felt him thrust his cock in me, crying out, “Oh fuck you’re tight.” His cock head spreading my opening, and passed my sphincter muscles. It hurt at first, and I screamed, but it felt good at the same time with my opening tightening down even more onto his invasive cock. Feeling the pain/pleasure of Kevin fucking me drove me over the lustful edge. I was lost in heat. I moaned out, “Oh yes Kevin fuck me. Let me feel your cock in my cunt ass. Stretch my ass motherfucker and fuck me!”

I could tell Kevin liked my hornness by the deep thrusting he was making in my ass. I could feel his tight balls against my opening. He plunged deeper into me, and I could feel his thick cock open me up. I tightened iddaa siteleri my ass muscles around his shaft, feeling the texture of his veiney smooth cock with each thrust, and this made Kevin plunge into me deeper making his cockhead and shaft pump up in size. I was lost in abandoned pleasure.

I eased up so he could get more of his cock in me, and he moaned out, “I am going to breed your ass motherfucker.”

I could feel him all the way in me now, just plunging away with enormous cock, feeling him getting even harder in me. He would occasionally pull all the way out and propel himself back into me deeper grunting, and moaning. Felling his veiney cock plunge into as my ass, my muscles tightened again around his thick shaft. He moaned out, “You have such a tight ass. Oh yeah that’s it motherfucker squeeze my cock. Squeeze it hard, fuck my hard cock.”

I turned my head had screamed out in lustful heat, “Then fuck me, motherfucker. Fuck my tight cunt man pussy ass hard.”

With that he hoisted me up so I was on my knees, and plunged his cock forcefully into me as deep as he could, and fucked my like a mad man in heat. He would sporadically pull all the way oath and tease my opening with his cock head, rubbing it around the opening, and then plunge deep into me again, and fuck me even harder. We where both lost in the moment and both of us are screaming out obscenities when I heard him scream in a throaty growl, “I am going to cum in your bitch fucking ass motherfucker.”

I screamed out, “Yes! Let me feel all your cum flow in me. Fuck me harder motherfucker, and deep.”

He filled me up, and I thought he wasn’t ever going to stop cumin, as he kept spurting and shouting cum deep into me. I could feel each spurt as his cock swelled in size with each load he dumped in me. Finally we both fell forward panting. I could feel his cock still in me twitch a couple of times, and I squeezed it some more. I wanted all of his man juice. He finally slipped out of my creamy cum filled ass and he lay down beside me. We each where catching our breath.

I looked over at him and knew we where far from done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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