Butch Ch. 04

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The fog let up around 1pm, and the Castro was buzzing with local gay boys and tourists. A slim, androgynous delivery worker was wending her way through the crowd on the sidewalk, pushing a dolly piled with sacks of flour and boxes of canned goods. She zigzagged her way toward a pizza-by-the-slice place. Men and women alike moved out of her way, some gawking at her puzzling appearance, some interested in the puzzle she presented. She was immune to it all, her eyes shielded from gazes unkind and lascivious by the Ray Bans she wore, the Iron Maiden in her ear buds providing her own soundtrack to the afternoon. It wasn’t such a bad gig.

She ducked down an alley and pulled the dolly up the short flight of steps into the back of a pizza place. She could hear the usual salsa or mariachi on the radio, as she pulled an ear bud out. A chubby El Salvadoran man came out of the walk-in, behind him a thin cloud of smoke. His eyes were brown beans suspended in red spider webs.

“Whassup, Ese?” he said, nodding his head and narrowing his eyes.

She looked at him, and a smirk cracked her face. She shook her head. “Abelino, you spend more time in that walk-in than you do on the pizza boards.” They bumped knuckles.

He smiled guiltily. “Es pizza. Take time to cook, you know? What else I’m gonna do?” He tilted his head to the side, spreading his arms out as if really questioning this. He was handed the order sheet, and smoothly traded a slim baggie to her beneath the paper. Her smile widened and she pocketed the bag. She chuckled and started unloading the flour sacks in the dry storage.

Abelino ducked around the corner, drumming his fingertips along the wall. “Delivery es here,” he said with a smirk and taunting falsetto. The pig-tailed brunette ringing up an order looked at him. She rushed through the transaction, and glanced into the back. “Cover the front for me, yeah?” she asked him. Abelino pointed to the clock on the wall. “Two minute, Sara.” He looking blankly at a midwestern couple asking about the special. As Sara walked into the back she could hear him say “We have pizza.”

Sara leaned against the wall, watching Alex: the rolled up shirt sleeves with tribal tattoos covering her arms. The lean, muscled biceps as she transferred the sacks. The slight feminine outline of legs beneath the Dickies workpants when she’d stand up from bending. The perfectly faded hairline, and finger-combed strands of chestnut hair as she dusted off flour from her pants. Sara approached from behind. “Hey, Alex.”

Alex felt Sara’s hand on her back, then slinking around her waist. She instinctually recoiled a little, then turned to face Sara. “Oh, hey,” she said, smiling, pulling out the other ear bud.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Sara whispered, attempting to unbuckle Alex’s belt. “I can’t stop thinking about the other night, and I’d like to continue where we left off.” Alex laughed, placing her hands on Sara’s to stop her. “Yeah, we had a great time, but I’ve got a lot of stops to…” Sara’s hand fell to Alex’s crotch outside her pants, squeezing and kneading what she felt. “Oh God, you’re packing. I’m so wet for you,” she whispered hotly. Alex felt her own arousal increasing, and the scent of Sara’s perfume (the memories it bore) was only heightening this excitement. Sara kept kneading Alex’s crotch, as Alex wriggled free from her grasp. Just then Abelino came around the corner. “You go back,” he said to Sara, pointing his thumb at the front. “I don’t know what the fuck they want.” He looked between Sara, who was scowling, and Alex, who was clearing her throat and hanging her clipboard on the dolly. He walked by them to the boards, winking at Alex on his way.

“I’m off at 6, and could use a ride…home. You know, if you’re in the area,” Sara said in a matter-of-fact tone. She looked at Alex then walked back up front. Alex’s eyes slid along Sara’s red pigtails, her tight shirt, short goth skirt, black and white thigh highs and green boots. Abelino appeared in Alex’s peripheral vision, holding two fists on either side of his pelvis and thrusting his hips into the air. “You gonna give it to her, Ese? Ohhhh, yeah” Abelino teased, panting and grunting. Alex guffawed, rubbing her chin with her thumb and forefinger. She wasn’t sure if Abelino knew she was biologically female, or if he was just cool with all colors of the rainbow. She found it funny in either case. “See ya next week,” Alex called, rolling the dolly down the back steps to the sounds of Abelino’s increasing pseudo-orgasms.

Alex loaded the dolly kocaeli escort into the back of the truck and got into the driver’s seat. She could have fucked Sara right there if Abelino hadn’t come back. As she drove to her next stop, Alex remembered the other night perfectly–they had a couple drinks at Rocky’s, a bar known for its male clientele, though some nights a few members of the opposite and inter sex could be seen. After the drinks, Alex went to the restroom. As she opened the door to walk back out to the bar, Sara pushed her back into the restroom and locked the door behind them. She could still feel Sara’s legs wrapped around her neck, shoulders and waist as they fucked against the small vanity table, the sink, the wall….

Alex parked in the green zone, flashers on, and loaded up the items for her stop onto the dolly. She rolled it to the back door of the restaurant and tried the knob. Locked. She checked the address on her clipboard with the faded paint on the door to The Nines. It matched. She gave three solid pounds with her fist, as she could hear the music blaring from the back within.

Ryan sat in the office of the executive chef, going over some discrepancies in the food costing and revenues from the previous night. She technically had the night off, but came in when she heard Mike had a medical issue and would be coming in late. As she crunched numbers into the battered solar calculator on the desk, she became aware of a vague, repeated pounding on the back door. She called out into the kitchen for someone to open the door. The fucking music was probably too loud. Ryan tossed her pencil onto the table and headed to the back door. She passed the kitchen and pounded three times on a stainless steel table, jostling the prep cooks.

“Hear that?!,” she said, pounding her fists and pointing toward the back door. The guys looked confused, but resumed working, finishing the prep for the night ahead. Ryan opened the door in the midst of another three loud knocks. Alex stood back, an arm leaning against the dolly. Ryan apologized briefly, saying something about the door usually being unlocked for smoke breaks. “No worries,” replied Alex, pulling the dolly up the steps and rolling it along the concrete floor. Ryan used a key to unlock the door and followed Alex to dry storage. “Need help?” Ryan asked, half wanting to get back to work. “Nah, I got it,” responded Alex, unloading the dolly and not looking up at Ryan. “There’s more in the truck; I’ll get it into the walk-in.” Ryan nodded her thanks and headed back to the office.

Alex came into the office about 5 minutes later with the carbon of the order. She glanced at it before handing it to Ryan. “So, you must be ‘Mike’?” Alex asked, looking at the order and then to Ryan with a smirk. Ryan finished writing down a few figures, glancing confused up at Alex, then at the order. “No, Ryan,” she replied with a distracted took. They exchanged a brief glance of familiarity or knowingness. The phone rang and Ryan reached to get it. “See you next…” Ryan turned and started to say, but Alex had left.

The day’s deliveries were complete. Alex sat atop Twin Peaks at 5:15, smoking a joint and watching the sun dip below the horizon. She squinted at the fading light, took a hit, and became aware of a vague calmness taking over. It was one of those rare moments of peace, when you feel free as a child and the world isn’t such a scary place. The chill in the air, the colors in the sky, and the freedom that this city afforded were suddenly taken to heart. A car alarm in the distance brought her back to reality. She stubbed out the roach, got into the delivery truck and headed back to the plant in South Frisco to get her pickup.

“Giant Steps” by Coltrane was crackling from the old pickup truck radio when Sara rapped on the window, startling a thought-absorbed Alex. She smiled as Sara jumped into the passenger side. Alex worked the clutch into gear. “I’ve got a roommate, but she’s never there,” Sara said, putting her boots up on the dash and lighting a cigarette. Alex smiled, “Best kind of roommate to have,” and took a right on Market.

Sara’s building was a dilapidated 3-story walkup in the Tenderloin. Inside the rusty iron front door, the landlady stood smoking in the hallway. She saw Sara and uttered something about her rent being late. She also eyed Alex with a smile, saying something about a handsome young man. Sara said she’d have the rent money by Monday, took Alex’s hand, and they walked up to the second floor.

The one bedroom apartment kocaeli escort bayan was dark and cluttered. Sara tossed her bag onto the table by the futon, which also served as her bed. She walked over to the bedroom door and knocked. No response. “Nobody’s home,” she said with a smile, walking toward the bathroom. “Fuck, I smell like pizza. I’ll be right out.” Alex sat on the futon, the sheets disheveled, though they smelled of Sara’s vanilla-based perfume. She heard Sara call from the bathroom that beer was in the fridge. Alex sat looking at the lone desk by the window, papers scattered about. A smattering of drawings lay in a sketchbook by the bed alongside an ashtray, an iPod, and a vibrator. Alex smiled, picking up her messenger bag from the floor and unbuckling her belt.

Sara emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel, her pigtails transformed into a damp shag. She grabbed a beer from the fridge and came back into the living room to find Alex sitting up in her bed, her lower half under the sheets. Sara walked toward her, allowing the towel to fall from her body as she took a long sip from the bottle. The little window over the kitchen sink was open, and it allowed a cool, bluish light to streak areas of the apartment.

Sara sat beside Alex on the bed. Alex took the bottle from her, took a sip and set it on the floor. She took Sara’s chin and cheek gently in her hand and they began kissing. Sara’s hands fell along Alex’s hairline, along her t-shirt, where she gently tried tugging it upward. Alex stopped her by holding her hands, and kissing her more forcefully. Alex guided Sara’s hands lower, over the sheets, but over the hard cock she had strapped on. Sara moaned into Alex’s mouth and slipped to the floor beside the futon, tugging on the sheets to reveal the 8″ dildo between Alex’s bare legs. In the dim light Alex could hear Sara smile as she licked, kissed and sucked the cock from base to tip. Sara’s warm hands caressed Alex’s thighs as the girl took the cock into her mouth and bobbed her head gently on it. Alex felt her entire being flood with energy as she caressed Sara’s hair, hearing the soft sucking sound of her lips on her cock. Sara’s muffled moans and deepening pressure of her hands along Alex’s thighs and hips made Alex’s clit harden and pulse with excitement. In one fluid motion, Alex pulled Sara up onto the bed, whispering, “I need to taste you.”

Alex lie back on the bed as Sara straddled her face. Alex cupped Sara’s ass firmly with her hands, kissing her inner thighs and bare vulva. Sara was caressing her own breasts as she felt the length of Alex’s tongue on her wet slit, gliding slowly back and forth. Alex pulled her forward slightly, slipping her tongue between Sara’s pussy lips and thrusting it smoothly inside her. Sara arched her back as Alex went deeper, pressing her nose to Sara’s clit, which had hardened. Alex fucked her harder using her tongue, then sucked on her pussy lips. Sara cried out, grinding her cunt on Alex’s face. Alex opened her mouth, stiffening her tongue, allowing Sara to use her tongue to ride herself to orgasm. Alex’s right hand had gone under the sheets to stroke her cock, grinding it hard against her clit so they could climax together. Sara’s writhing and moaning intensified as she took Alex’s left hand to her mouth and sucked her finger.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Sara moaned, as Alex sucked her clit, edging herself closer to orgasm, but not allowing it, to sustain this level of energy. Alex pressed her mouth and tongue hard against Sara’s clit, feeling it throb as wave after wave of pleasure went through Sara’s body.

Sara relaxed her body, slipping under the covers to lie beside Alex. She was breathing heavily, her body cool against Alex’s warmer body that was warmed by the sheets and comforter. Alex held Sara to her, kissing her softly along her face, neck, her breasts. Alex moved her body to lie beside Sara, allowing her right hand to roam along Sara’s navel, her thighs. She touched gently between her legs and Sara moaned, parting her thighs. Alex continued to kiss Sara, her middle finger along Sara’s slit, feeling it wet with saliva, cum and new arousal. Sara’s hand teased along Alex’s t-shirt, down to her cock. Sara pulled it, begging Alex to fuck her.

Alex settled her body weight between Sara’s legs, kissing between her breasts. Sara draped her hands along Alex’s shoulder blades, whispering “fuck me.” Alex moved upward, her lips inches from Sara’s. With her right hand, Alex guided the head of her cock to Sara’s izmit sınırsız escort wet pussy. She held it there a moment, their lips separated by a centimeter, each others breaths becoming more urgent. Sara grabbed Alex’s ass, briefly gripping the leather harness, to pull the cock inside herself. Alex thrusted smoothly forward as Sara groaned, pressing her breasts into Alex’s chest as the cock entered her. The movement became a steady give and take of slow thrusts. Alex’s lips grazed Sara’s neck, her lips whispering into Sara’s left hear. Sara’s eyes were closed, her moans varying in intensity with the movement and Alex’s whispering. At one moment the movement stopped, Sara’s moans softened. Alex slowly pulled out from Sara, turning her body gently face down. Alex’s hands caresses Sara’s lower back, guiding her hips upward. She guided her cock to Sara’s pussy again, entering her from behind. Sara’s head was halfway on a pillow. She turned her head to make brief eye contact between strands of her damp bangs “Fuck me,” she said, resolutely. Alex thrusted slower, but harder into Sara’s cunt, gauging her pleasure with each moan. The thrusts quickened and the forcefulness increased. Sara was emitting a cry filled with pleasure, but hinted with pain. Alex slowed her efforts, but Sara cried out for more. Alex hammered into her, holding Sara’s hips steady as she pumped her own.

Alex could almost feel the cock as part of her. In a well-practiced maneuvering, she could feel the base of the cock rub her own clit at the perfect angle. Her thrusts into Sara became an equally selfish effort of getting off. Sara seemed to be approaching climax, her breath quickening when she uttered something to Alex, then repeated it in a louder, more eager tone.

She pushed Alex onto the bed, in a sitting position. Sara, smiling devilishly, kneeled on the bed, sucking Alex’s cock in long, fast bobbing motions of her head. Alex moaned in pleasure, her fingers gently gripping Sara’s hair as she watched the redhead suck her own juices off the cock. Sara moved her hand to Alex’s inner thigh, her fingers moving beneath the harness. Alex stiffened, grabbing Sara and pulling her onto her cock. Sara was surprised to feel it enter her, but she pussy squeezed on it as she rode it up and down.

Voices, keys could be heard in the entry. Alex, looking over Sara’s shoulder, saw who must be the roommate and another woman looking mortified. Sara kept riding, looking back over her shoulder briefly. A brief “Sorry!” was barely audible. Alex held Sara to her, spreading her legs slightly to get the pressure on her clit. She held Sara’s hips down, thrusting up into her, grinding hard as she allowed herself to climax. Footsteps were heard, the front door opened again. Alex could hear,”I thought your roommate was gay.” A slightly higher female voice replied,”So did I.”

Alex moved upward, holding Sara’s back and flipping her down on the futon. Alex pushed and thrust with all her being as Sara’s legs wrapped around her. The loud moaning of one, harsh groaning of the other became more urgent until both erupted in gutteral groans of orgasm. Alex held the cock inside Sara, almost feeling the simultaneous contractions of their pleasure through this temporary extension.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Sara, unwrapping her legs from Alex. “That was soooo good.” She lie back as Alex pulled her cock slowly from Sara. Alex lie back and Sara cuddled up to her side. She got up briefly to open the drawer in the table beside the futon. She extracted a joint and lit it, taking a slow drag, the cherry a dim point of light in the room, which had darkened. Alex sat up, kissing Sara’s shoulder lightly. She could feel Sara bring the joint to her lips, and she took a drag. Alex released it slowly, then swung her legs over the side of the bed. She began to unfasten the harness and get dressed in the dark. Sara lie back against the pillow, holding the joint between thumb and forefinger. “You don’t waste any time, do you?” she said, half laughing.

Alex stood, zipping up her pants. “I’m not much of a cuddler, sorry.”

“Fuck you,” Sara replied in a breathy chuckle. “When will I see you again?”

“Maybe I’ll come by your other work sometime,” Alex whispered as she kissed Sara’s head. Sara could hear the gritty start of the pickup a couple minutes later.

Alex tossed her messenger bag on the floor near the passenger seat. The envelope caught her eye. She picked it up, pondering the “You Are Cordially Invited” red cursive script. The envelope had been sitting in her truck for the past week, but she couldn’t remember how she got it. She extracted the invitation, noting today’s date. An orange 8:45pm displayed on the truck’s cracked digital clock. Alex drove toward home. A hot shower was in order before the night’s second excursion.

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