Change of Life Ch. 01

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This story is dedicated to Lisa. You know who you are and why I’m writing it. E-mail me and let me know you’re OK!

I sat in the café drinking my third cup of hot tea and still wondering what the fuck happened to my life. When did my life first start to go down the toilet? What did I do if anything to make this happen and why did my wife decide to change? Lastly I wondered what the hell was I going to do about it.

My wife, Shirl was my high school sweetheart and we had been seeing each other since she was 14. For Christ sake, we knew each other better than anyone else and our lives had been almost a storybook.

I had a good job and made a good income; we had two grown kids now, a boy and girl who had given us little to no trouble growing up; we had nice things, cars, house took good vacations and I loved her dearly buying whatever she wanted in life. I tried to give her everything! We had been together as a couple for more than 40 fucking years now. But the thing that really hurt me was we had been sole mates.

But, now I didn’t know her. She wasn’t the same woman. She continued to tell me nothing was wrong but I could tell there was. Anyone could, things weren’t near as good as they use to be. We seemed to fight all the time. We never spent any time together even at home she went to her room to sew or sat in the other room to watch her shows, since she didn’t like the ones I was watching. She would go out with the daughter and the grand kids and spend hours away with them. When she went out with the daughter or by herself she hardly ever asked me to go. And when she did it was to shop. Most men don’t like to shop and my wife spent hours doing it even if she didn’t purchase anything. If she had time off say around the holidays, she never asked me if we could do something together. She would go out with the daughter and her kids.

Now sex, well the sex was just almost non-existent. It hadn’t been that great when we were younger. But now it was almost as if she didn’t seem to care at all. Well we weren’t kids I grant you that! But, I still wanted it. Hell if she made any effort at all, I could still make love to her every night. But now it was mostly jerking off while she slept.

As sat there I began to look back over the years we had been together. There was no intercourse before marriage! That was the standard rule back in the 50s. Very few girls did it back then. Those that did were considered whores, sluts, etc.

But since we had been together for a few years now and we were hot teens, we did do some extremely heavy “petting” on the weekends. It was the type of petting that got my pants wet and full of my own cum as we humped against each other dry fucking. It was like that almost every weekend in the dark. Using my hand between her legs, rubbing what I could feel was her fat, very puffy and swollen pussy and getting my fingers smelly. Then as she began to orgasm she would grind her cunt against my hardon in my pants until she came and I did too. It was good but it wasn’t intercourse. We would do it at drive-ins or in my basement or parked in my car on some lonely road or woods always in the dark. But we did it all the time and she seemed happy we were doing it. But she never let me fuck her. Never!

Then I went into the Navy and we saw each other only on the weekends. And while I spent almost all of my money trying to get home for 48 hours we never had intercourse. We still rocked against each other and while we both came, it wasn’t what I would call completely satisfying. Then, there was the time when I went away for a few months and we didn’t see each other.

I remembered I almost lost her then. She was young and I was away. She had been having orgasm with me for quiet a long time and was use to them as I was. So, when I came home after 4+ months I was hoping we would still be a couple. She told me in her letters she loved me and was my girl. But, the letters were not coming as fast as they did when I first left.

And then there was the day I got home and went to her house. I remembered sitting in her living room and waiting and waiting and waiting for her to come home. I wondered where she had been but I didn’t ask. I was just so happy to see her. I sat there drinking my tea now, and wondered where she was. Why wasn’t she there to greet me? MY sister told me she didn’t call her about coming to the airport to pick me up. She seemed distant!

When Shirl did finally come home she ran up the steps and was out of breath. She kissed me and acted like noting was wrong. During the week my friends told me she was seen dating around and that she had cheated on me. But now that she was back with me, I rolled with it and accepted it. I guess it was from being young and lonely. I wasn’t there and I guess she didn’t want to be lonely and 4 months was a long time so she dated. But, in all these years, she never confessed to doing it. She did tell me that first night that she wasn’t sure we could just pick up where we left off. That she wasn’t sure she wanted to be with only me now and poker oyna that we should take it slowly. I only had 2 weeks! I couldn’t take it “slowly”!

As I sat in her car I almost broke down completely I was so sad and frighten I had lost her. I almost started to cry. God I loved that girl! It was killing me to hear her tell me she wasn’t just my girl or she wasn’t sure any more. When we left each other that night we decided to start dating and since I was home for just 2 weeks, she stayed with me the entire time. At least I was pretty sure she was just with me, I never really knew for sure but we did spent the entire two weeks together. And around the end of thew time it seemed like old times. She was with me and only me. We spent every day and night together but still no intercourse. We did start the mutual dry humping and cumming together. She even took my cock out of my slacks once and jerked me off. And by the end of the two weeks, I had made every effort to make us a couple again. At least I felt that way, and she told me she did too!

The day I left to go back, Shirl told me she would wait for me, and be true. I only had a 3 months left and while I did get home most of those weekends, I also went out to sea again, but it was only for 3 weeks. As far as I know she never went out with anyone again.

When I came home it was like old times. She never seemed to be cheating or gave any signs that I wasn’t the only man in her life. Then I was out of the Navy and home and we were together forever! But while we didn’t marry right away, we still didn’t have intercourse. We did even more heavy “petting” and I was busting a nut almost every night now. It was worst now since we saw each other about 5 or 6 times a week. And, except for the times she had her period, we would go at it hot and heavy every damn night in the dark humping like two animals. But still she wouldn’t let me fuck her!

No, we didn’t fuck! But we did almost everything else. Well that is, “we” let me please her. She got off two sometimes three times a night dry fucking me and humping my leg like an animal and always in the dark. But we never fucked! Hell we even dry humped each other cumming in her father’s easy chair in her mom’s basement while he was upstairs taking a nap. But, I never caught her cheating and didn’t feel she was actually doing it

I never got her panties or slacks completely off all the years I knew her. We were now spending every night together. Unbelievable now that I looked back on it. My balls must have been huge and so full of cum. I jerked off every fucking night after leaving her with a big wet spot in the front of my slacks! Sad isn’t it! I agree!

Hell even the night before the wedding she hardly let me touch her. I sat there in the café drinking my tea and looked back at that night remembering. I did manage to get both of her tits out of her blouse and sucked on them as I rubbed her pussy on the outside of her skirt and then under it on the outside of her panty hose. She made me cum as I felt that fat swollen pussy hiding under those tight thin panties. And as I stroked her and squeezed her snatch. She would spread her thighs wide and tell me how good it felt as she came closer to cumming. Then she would moan in my mouth, squeezed her thighs tight around my hand and cum and cum as we sat in the dark. That was the first night she ever let me eat her pussy in the dark in the back seat of my car. But went I took out my swollen hard cock and moved in between her legs, she sat up and told me, “No! We have to wait until tomorrow night!”

She told me when only when we’re married I could have her all the time but not until then. I guess she felt sorry for my need, which was so great! She jerked me of that night and I shot my load up on to the roof of my old car. She laughed, and told me “I guess you sure did need that! It went so high!!”

When I asked her to come to the apartment we had rented and finished furnishing that week and to let me make love to her, she refused. Seemed that was about as far as we had gone during our entire relationship. It was frustrating as hell then and now as I looked back. In fact it seems even more frustrating now. All those times I would go home and jerk off made me pissed. Hell the month before we got married, I bet I had to do it a few times each night before I could go to sleep. My cock was at a constant hard on.

As I sat in the café looking out the window, I smiled as I remembered the commercial for some sex drug that said “If an erection should last for more than 4 hours consult a doctor immediately”. Hell I would have been at the doctor’s office every damn day I was with her back then. But you have to understand; I love her deeply and dearly and wanted her as my wife! I would have died for her.

Then that Saturday we were married and had a great wedding. Many people said we made the perfect couple. That Shirl looked just like a bride should look. And that I was so handsome in my tux. We seemed to be so happy! I planned the honeymoon and we were to spend a week in canlı poker oyna the Caribbean.

The first night we spent in a hotel and were to fly out that next morning for our trip. As we arrived at the hotel at almost midnight, we looked like fucking honeymooners. Just married was written all over both of us. Me in my blue suit with that dumb fucking flower in the lapel and her in her white skirt and blouse outfit. We checked in and the room was good, it had a big bed and lots of lights and a huge window. I couldn’t wait to see my beautiful bride as I removed her clothes and made love to her.

We had been partying a lot that day and both of us were extremely tired. As we started to make love I got her nude finally and was between her legs. She had demanded that I turn off all the lights close the drapes and make sure there was NO lights! Then when we finally got my cock head between those fat swollen pussy lips and pushed a little, I found that her pussy was dry as a bone. She was prettified with fear.

My cock was raging hard and we worked for a few hours making love and trying to fuck before I shot a huge load against her cunt opening and maybe an inch inside her. I wasn’t actually in her pussy very far at all and she told me it hurt! It was near 4AM when we cleaned her up and tried again only to fail again. Finally we both fell asleep without doing it entirely. I know! I know!! I’m fucking crazy!

But in the dark, I mean drapes pulled tight, no lights at all in the room!! It was as dark as a fucking cave in that room. Also it was cold, not cool, but fucking cold. Our friends, my best man and two of the bridesmaids told me later on when we returned home, they had arranged to make our room 50 degrees or less all night. They actually paid $200 to the owner of the hotel to fix the thermostat in our room. Back then that was a bunch of money! No matter what we did the room was fucking freezing. She had socks on! The longer we stayed in that room the colder it got. We were told there were no other rooms available. As she lay there frozen in fear and from the cold, her body was as stiff as my cock! Hell I was cold so I knew she was freezing. Plus she was scared as hell and wasn’t helping me at all. It wasn’t the greatest sexual adventure of my young life or hers. But it was the start!

As we flew to the islands she asked me what I would do if the plane started to go down. I told her I would rip her panties off and do it right on the sat. she giggled and held me close. I felt her breast on my hand and I cupped it. She stopped me when the flight attendant came down the aisle. I continued to touch her all during the flight and I knew she was getting worked up. I was betting that pussy wasn’t dry now.

When we landed and found out we had no luggage. And it wouldn’t come until tomorrow afternoon sometime. It was on its way to Africa! So we had no clothes except what we had on and what we had in our overnight bags. A good reason to carry your luggage on board rather than checking it.

We got to our room and checked it out. We went out on the balcony to see the sun going down and I held her from behind sliding my arms under hers and using my hands to cup her lovely young breasts. Slowly I undid the buttons on her blouse as she stood in front of me facing the harbor. I slid my hand over the bra and down inside to felt the soft full mounds of her B size breasts. I moved my hands to hr back and undid the snap of her bra. As it fell away her beautiful shapely breasts fell out and free. I cupped each of them and felt her nipples hard and tick. I rolled them around between my fingers. Our balcony was very private and she let her bra and blouse fall to the ground. I slid my hands up over her breasts now and watched my hands as I stood behind her as I cupped and squeezed the flesh! “Jesus”, I whispered, “I love you so much Shirl! I want you so bad. Let’s go to bed. I have to have you! We have to secure our marriage now, this minute!”

She turned her head and told me, “I love you too! But I’m dirty and need a shower. Let’s go eat first and then come back and have the entire night together.”

“No!” I said rather strongly, “We are going to make love now!”

She said, “OK!” and she rushed into the bathroom and shower quickly as I got undressed. I tired the door to the bathroom and it was locked, just like I figured! I said, “I want to come in and wash your back.”

She said, “I’m sorry, I am almost done and can’t reach to unlock the door.”

So I waited and stood out on the balcony looking at the beautiful view we had of the harbor. I had taken all my clothes off except my shorts. I was watching a seaplane taking off as she came out in a white kind of plain and simple nightgown. It was the same one she had in the overnight bag from the night before, our first night together.

Shirl was beautiful, no make up, hair hanging down over her shoulders, her young and sweet body showing against the soft thin material of the gown. Her hard nipples pointing against that thin garment and her lovely legs internet casino showing about 4 inches above her knees where the gown ended. She looked so desirable so, “fuckable!”.

I kissed her as the plane flew over the hotel. She held me tight and felt her nipples pressing against my nude chest. I ran my hand down her back and over her lovely young ass. I pulled her to me and she moaned feeling the hardness of my cock straining against my shorts. She slid her hand into the opening of my shorts and squeezed my hardon. I moaned and she moaned too! Then she whispered, “Your turn now! Go shower and hurry darling, I want you so badly too.”

I almost laughed because she wanted me so bad. Jesus I would had been able to punch holes in steel with the head of my cock. I ran, left the door opened hoping she would come in, she didn’t! I showered in record time and came out still dripping. She had the drapes closed and the light off as I came out in just a towel. She asked me to turn off the bathroom light as she lay down on the bed. This was it! I closed the door almost all the way but left some light coming out. She asked again and I told her I needed some light. She didn’t fight it but lay on the side of the bed so I was between her and the light.

As I kissed her, I slid the straps to the gown off her shoulders and she held my head as I began to suck those lovely breasts. The nipples were dark and reddish in color. They were so hard and stuck out at least an inch on the top of those beautiful mounds of young soft tits. She was young, 20 years old and very lovely. God her skin was so soft and smooth it felt like silk and, she smelled fresh and sweet as I sucked on those wonderful nipples!

Nipples! God I loved her nipples! As I sucked I was thinking as far as I knew they were never sucked by anyone but me. So I made love to them for a long time before moving on. But finally, as she took my cock in her hand I heard her sigh again and I moved between her legs. I was working my way down her body so I could eat this lovely virgin and please her with my tongue first. But she stopped me and said, “NO! Oh God come on I want this cock so fucking bad! Fuck me baby! And then eat me!”

The words caught me by surprised since she had never used the word fuck before in my presence. She was hot with her own passion now. As I raised her nigtie she lifted her ass up and I pushed the gown up around her waist. She had on panties!! I asked her to remove them and she told me she wanted me to do it. So I knelt next to her legs and slowly pulled them off of her beautiful lower body! God I remembered how her pussy looked that night she had trimmed it short and I could see her swollen cunt lips shinning up from her wetness. She moaned, “Quickly baby, quickly!!”

She raised her ass up again and that made her pussy thrust up towards my face. I kissed her directly o her wet slit! Now her aroma floated up into my face and I could have shot my load right there. She said, “Take me my love! Make love to me now! Oh God put it in me now!”

As she opened her legs wide I moved between them and then moved up and positioned my cock just above the folds of her swollen fat pussy. She was very wet now and I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy and rising up to meet my cock head. She was horny and almost panting with desire for my cock. I hadn’t even touched her pussy yet and she arched up so the tip of my cock was pushing into her now. I began to push back down against her opening and I was entering her. She moaned loudly and arched higher. The head of my cock went into her hole as it pushed the fat lips around her cunt out of the way. It was happening! And I began to feel the inner heat of her body as I move further and further into her virgin vagina’s hole. It was like silk so smooth and soft and so very wet.

I felt I had died and gone to heaven when my hard cock moved further into her body now! I pushed and with each push I sank into her more and more. “Oh yes!”, she moaned as I was inside her pussy about 5 inches now! I shoved again and slid almost all the way in. As I pushed one last time I had 6 inches in her and I felt her open her legs wider and wrapped them around me. She began to hump my cock now moaning and grunting with lust!

“I’ll never let you go!” she whispered as I began to push the last of my cock shaft as deep as I could get it, all 7 1/2 inches were now inside her and our bodies were pressing against each other. “Oh fuck yes!” she cried out and began to hump me like an insane woman. She screamed and began to fuck me hard and fast! I moved with her! It was unbelievably good this time!

I sat there drinking my tea thinking about that first night and our first fuck! Then I recalled that there was no blood, no big spot of virgin fluid on the bed that I was expecting there to be. I hit no cherry, no skin that needed to be broken. There was no virgin pain only some pain from the tightness of her tunnel walls as I pushed into her, which subsided very quickly. Shirl wasn’t a virgin! All this time I was sure she was! What I was afraid of didn’t happen. I didn’t hurt her at all. It was very tight, yes, like she hadn’t been fucked before or for a very long time, yes! But she had already lost her cherry. HOW, I wondered back then and now.

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