Connie’s Education in Exhibitionism Ch. 03

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Part 3 -‘Family’

My name is Connie and I am 21 years old. I’m 5 ft. 8 in. tall, about 120 lbs., dark brown hair about shoulder length, with green eyes. But I have been told that I have a killer body, whatever that means, my stats are 34C-22-34. These are the tales of my Aunt Val’s continued influence on me. This is part 3 of a 4 part series. Please read them all.

Aunt Val asked me if I would be willing to take it a step farther and tease Ted more than I did earlier for her. I asked what she wanted me to do. She said, “After the twins go to bed, I would like for you go to your room and then come out a few minutes later naked and sit between us. I will them show him what I did with you hairy pussy. I will probably rub it a bit if you don’t mind and maybe even play with you tits a bit; just to watch Ted’s reaction. And once he is good and hard, I will lead him off to the bed room. I know you will be a bit worked up but I think you know how to take care of yourself.”

I said, “Sure, I could do that. It sound like it could be fun. I’ve never seen a man’s dick hard before, I would like to see it if you and Uncle Ted wouldn’t mind.” She said she didn’t mind and was sure Ted would be fine with it too.

So that is almost what happened that night. I came out of my room naked and started to sit between them. Aunt Val stopped me and had me stand directly in front of Uncle Ted. He had a look of surprise on his face as Val had me stand with my hands on my hips and my legs apart as she rubbed my pussy. I couldn’t help it, but my new highly sensitive pussy started getting wet right in front of him. Then as Val stood behind me, she reached up and cupped my breast. This was the first time anyone, male or female played with my tits. I was quickly getting worked up. Then Val told him to feel how wet and smooth my pussy was. I actually had an orgasm as soon as he touched my pussy. I have never gotten myself off that fast. Aunt Val had to hold me up a bit when I came. She asked Uncle Ted to help me to my bed.

After I lay back, I heard Aunt Val say there was still one more thing she need to do. I looked over as she pulled down Uncle Ted’s shorts, he wore no underwear on so his hard-on immediately popped out. He turned and asked what the heck was going on. Val said, “Well, you seen hers’, so it is only fair she sees yours.” I watched as Aunt Val reached around and wrapped her fingers around his dick and began to stroke. I know I seen Uncle Ted dick a few days earlier and I seen the twins about a week earlier, this is the first time I had ever seen a full fledged erection and it was only a few feet from me. My excitement was growing faster than his dick was it had to be at least 9 inches long and about 2 inches thick! At least it looked that big to me.

After it was fully grown, Val said to me, “Since I let him touched your pussy I think it will only be fair if I allow you to feel what a nice hard cock feels like.” She pushed him up to the edge of the bed where I slowly and nervously lifted my hand and wrapped it around his dick. I thought I was going to cum again by just touching my first, hard, cock! I have never felt anything like it before, smooth, hard, and warm at the same time. “All right that enough for tonight,” she said as she led him way by his dick. “I’ll see you in the morning; I’ve got big plans for this big thing,”

A couple minutes later I had to go pee so I walked naked to the bathroom. I had to walk past their room to get to the bathroom and on the way back I noticed the door was partially open. I heard Val moaning and couldn’t help but look in. They were on the bed sideways to the door and she was up on knees bent at the waist holding onto the headboard, as Uncle Ted was behind her ramming in and out of her pussy. I could see everything from my angle because they had left the bedroom lights on. My hand instinctively made its way to my pussy as I watched them fuck. I knew I shouldn’t be watching but I was fascinated by what I was seeing plus deep inside I felt that they wouldn’t care if I watched. I came the same time they did. As they collapsed onto the bed, Aunt Val looked at me and said, “Goodnight Connie dear, have nice dreams tonight.” I now think she may have left the door open on purpose.

Oh! I had nice dreams that night I did. I dream I was the one getting fucked by Ted instead of her. Oh I knew that would never happen but I liked the idea and wouldn’t mind if it actually happen. I know incest in wrong, but try and explain that to my excited hungry pussy. I ended up using my fingers on myself to get me off again before I got out of bed. This is getting to be a habit I thought. I never masturbated before I came to Aunt Val and Uncle Ted’s house and now I seem to be doing frequently. I thought I had better ask Val if she had a solution for me. I slid a long t-shirt and my favorite pair of cut-off jean short-shorts and left the bedroom.

I met Aunt Val coming out of her room and she asked if I slept well. I told her not really and I would talk to her later on when we were alone about it. She smiled and held my hand and then asked, “Did you enjoy my little performance you watched last night?”

“I had a feeling you wanted me to watch because you didn’t close you door all the way. And Yes!” I said. “I found it nişantaşı escort very exciting. I’ll be glad when I get a chance to do that someday. It defiantly looks very enjoyable. I’m getting wet now just thinking about it.”

“You will!” she said. “You will!”

After everyone had eaten breakfast and the guys had left the house to start another work week, I felt like going down to the creek again. I told Val where I was going. She told to go ahead, that she would come down and join me after doing this dishes and getting the laundry started. I took off my shirt and grabbed a towel and left the house in just my cutoffs. I felt so free walking in the sun topless; I wish I could walk in public like this I thought. But later on I made a habit of usually walked to the creek totally naked.

When Aunt Val joined me later, she asked what it was I wanted to talk about. I told her about how I seemed to be masturbating a lot lately and if it was normal and what could be done about it. She told me that under the conditions I was under recently she would have been more concerned if I wasn’t masturbating and that as far as she knew and that everything I had told her, I seem completely normal but she did have a suggestion and that she would tell me about it later.

We walked back to the house a couple hours later and she took my hand and told me to follow her. We went to her room again and she went straight to a night stand and opened a drawer. She pulled out a pink dick about 6 inches long. She twisted the end and is started to buzz. She told me this was her first vibrator and that she didn’t use it anymore because she had a bigger one. She then pulled out one about the size of Uncle Ted. I mentioned that it was about Ted’s size and she said she knew that, and that is way she didn’t use the little one anymore, because it just didn’t hit the right spots anymore. She said that she would be honored if I made good use of it. I said I would try but I was still a virgin and heard it hurt a lot the first time.

Aunt Val was quite and in thought for a few seconds and said, “It will hurt a little but if you are excited and wet enough it will be easier. And if you are willing I am willing to help you.” She paused again, “You remember me telling you your pussy wasn’t my first to mess with, well Ted and I have been in a few threesomes. There have been a few ‘boy, boy, girl’, my favorite by the way, and a couple ‘boy, girl, girl’. I tried sex with girls a couple time, it’s all right but I prefer having a cock inside me. Two at once is a lot of fun by the way.”

“But back to your problem,” she continued. “I am willing to help get you excited enough to use the vibrator. I will stop when you ask me to. I heard you moan when I rubbed you pussy last night in front of Ted so I know you enjoyed that part. Are you willing to trust me and give it a try and learn something else new?”

I looked and smiled at her and said, “Is right now too soon” as I walked up to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss. I admit it felt strange hugging a naked female but I like the feel of the softness of her body. She kissed back and we fell upon the bed feeling up each others body. She sucked on my tits awhile and I then sucked on hers. She then broke away and said lets try it this way for awhile. She turned 180 degrees and put her face between my legs. She was right no hair down there made her tongue feel real good. I didn’t think twice and dove between her legs. She stopped soon after I started licking her pussy but I kept at it, I was enjoying the sweet nectar of her sex. I soon felt her legs tighten around my head as she came. She flooded my mouth with her juices, after calming down she told me I was a natural and was better than her husband was.
She then grabbed the vibrator and told me to get on my back. She placed a pillow under my ass and started to use her fingers on me. First one then two fingers, she expertly used her fingers on me until I came then she slid that vibrator up and down my slit a few times before gently pushing it in. Me being so wet, it slid in easily until it hit an obstruction. Val said, “Here you take it. I don’t want to hurt you.” I took the plastic dick in my hand and pushed in; it went in without much pain at all. Val asked did it hurt and I told her not much. She smiled and said, “Good, now try it this way.” She reached down and turned the end. It started buzzing inside me. All I said was, “Oooh!” And started moving it end and out of me as Aunt Val rubbed my tits and kissed me.

After one mind blowing orgasm, I now knew I had a new best friend. I used my friend at least once a day, sometimes more if needed. That is until it broke, then I went and bought me a bigger one like Aunt Val’s. I saw some bigger ones there when I bought mine and if this one breaks; I just might have to get me one of those monsters.

The rest of the week was spent relaxing nude around the creek and reading ‘Applevalyan” stories and playing with my new friend a few times. That Friday afternoon when Ted came home, he asked if we wanted to go out dancing. The twins were going to a movie with some friends and had already left the house. Aunt Val asked me if I wanted to wear one of her little dresses again. I said, “Yea, the white gauze halter dress if you don’t mind.”

She kağıthane escort said, “You know your ass and pussy will be hanging out all night in that dress, don’t you?”

I said, “Yea, won’t it be great!”

We both started laughing. Ted asked what was so funny. We both said, “Nothing!”

I asked what she was going to wear. She said, “Since I was planning to show off big time, she was just going to have to bring out the big guns. She would have to wear a dress I hadn’t seen yet and she hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet.” She pulled out and put on a totally sheer stretch black mesh dress with large holes up and down both sides and it also just covered her ass by a couple inches. It hid nothing. I was jealous of her. She them surprised me and put on a tiny black mesh g-sting panty. Saying it was just temporary; she would make a show out of removing it and give then give it to Ted to carry.

I said, “Damn, that dress is hot! You will be having every guy in that place drooling all over you. You’re hardly leaving anything to imagination. I hope you will give me a chance to wear it someday.”

The night was a blast! I dance with as many guys as I could and almost every one of them got their hands on my ass. My pussy was dripping juice down my leg I was so horny. A few brave souls even got a finger in my pussy while I squeezed their hard-ons through their pants. It was a blast playing with all those hard dicks. I never thought I would ever be doing that.

The last guy I danced with caught my attention for some reason. I dance half-dozen dances with him. We hit it off great. I loved the way his hands caressed my bare ass as he cupped it in his hands. I could feel his erection against me and I wanted him. I felt many hard dicks pressing against me that night but his was the only one that I wanted. He was the only guy that I actually unzipped his pants and got my hand around his dick until he came in my hand. I surprised myself by actually licking my hand clean of his cum. I don’t know why but I felt a strong attraction towards him. His name was Gary. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together.

I told Val and Ted about this guy and what I did to him. Val said, “I know she saw you lick your hand, I wasn’t sure why you were doing that until I seen him zip up his pants.”

I said, “I don’t know what got into me with him. All the other guys that felt me up or that I felt them up, it never crossed my mine to jerk them off. There was just some kind of bond between us that spurred me on. I needed to make him happy. And it didn’t even cross my mind not to lick my fingers clean of him. I wanted to and he tasted good.”

“Well are you going to fuck him when you two get together,” she asked.

“I really hadn’t thought about it until you asked, but Yes, I probably will.” I said.

Then she said, “Well we had better hurry and get you to a doctor and get you on birth control pills immediately.”

When we got home everyone went straight to their rooms. I had just started using my friend when Aunt Val called and asked me to come to their room. They were both naked on the bed and Aunt Val was sucking on his cock. She stopped and told me to get on the other side of Ted and she would teach me how to give a blow-job. She didn’t have to tell me twice, I quickly got on the bed. She showed me a couple things and the told me to try them. I said, “Are you sure.” She said she was and if she wasn’t she would not have called me in there.

I slowly placed my mouth on his dick. The sensation was awesome. Val and I kept taking turns; she would show me a trick then let me try, until Uncle Ted said he was about to cum. Val said, “Be my guess dear. Taste it right from the source instead of off your hand.” I wrapped my mouth around the head and gave a couple good sucks and he went off in my mouth. I wanted that cum and swallowed as fast as I could and I don’t think I missed a drop. Val said, “Well, you don’t have to worry whether or not you will be a good little cock-sucker or not. We now know you will be fine at it. And you’ll never have to worry about getting pregnant this way either. I don’t think I’ve told you this but I don’t have to worry about Ted ever getting me pregnant any more. He had a Vasectomy a few years back.”

“Now help me get him hard again so he can fuck me again.” She said. We did and she said I could stay and watch again if I wanted. I did and a couple times I got only inches away. I left before they finished. I needed to pee and then go back to my room to my friend I almost ran to the bathroom and there was one of twins sitting on the toilet looking at a ‘Playboy’, jerking off as I busted in. I told him I was sorry I didn’t know they were back home but that I needed to pee real bad and that he could have the stool back as soon as I finished. He stood up and stepped to the side so I could get to the toilet, as I sat down, the flood gates opened.

He stood there holding his hard-on while watching me piss. I wiped myself and then the horny-lust inside me took over. I looked him in the eye and asked, “By the way, do you need any help with that thing.” As I reached out and touched his dick. All he did was go, “uh, uh”. I then said, “Come here and I will be glad to help you.” I took his hand osmanbey escort and pulled him to me and then wrapped my hand around his dick and proceeded to jerk him off. He only lasted about 30 seconds and shot all over my face and tits. I then really surprised him as I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him dry. Then as he watched with big eyes I scooped up what cum I could off my tits with my fingers and put them in my mouth and told him how good he tasted. I then noticed a birthmark just above his pubic hair line and asked him which one he was. He told me he was Jeff. Now I think I have a way to tell them apart!

I asked where his brother was (I still wanted more cum); he said he thought he was still in the bed room. I said let’s go find him. We walked into their room and guess what Jim was doing. I shocked him when I said, “Is that all you boys do? Why do it yourself when I am here to help you.”

As I walked to the bed, Jeff said to his brother, “Dude, you’ll never believe it. She jerked my dick off then sucked it clean. She likes it dude! Let her do you too!”

I said, “That’s right I like it. Now lay back and spread those legs so I can get to your cock.” I kneeled between his legs and started to jerk him off. (I looked and no birthmark, good!) I told him to let me know when he was going to cum. I wanted to catch it instead of cleaning it up. Not to much later he hollered he was cumming so I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked on it a couple times and he filled my mouth with sweet hot cum. I let each boy finger my pussy while I sucked the other off again. I finally got the much needed relief I wanted, went to bed and slept like a baby.

I woke the next morning, I made my morning trip to the bathroom and on the way back to my room I noticed Uncle Ted and Aunt Val’s bedroom door was ajar. I decide to peek in and noticed Uncle Ted was along and naked in bed watching TV and Aunt Val wasn’t there. I asked where she was and he said that she had to make a quick trip to the store and she told him to take care of me. I thought take care of me? Then he said, “Close the door and come here and lay down.”

Oh my! Now I know what he meant about taking care of me. First he got me off with his fingers and then he ate my pussy. Aunt Val was finally wrong! He was good at eating pussy. After I came from him eating me I told him to get on his back. I got between his legs and sucked on his cock a bit. I then knew I wanted him inside me. I climbed on top of him and slowly lowered myself down onto his big cock. At first I thought it wasn’t going to go in then Uncle Ted took hold of his cock and slid it back and forth in my slit until it started to enter me. Ted said I was very tight. I then told him he was the first man to ever get into my pussy. He asked, “You’re a virgin?” I said technically ‘Yes’ but physically ‘No’. I had a vibrator I used once in a while.

I finally lowered myself as far as I could go. I felt so full in side. I liked being stuffed like this. I started to raise and lower myself on that beautiful cock until I could take no more and exploded. I don’t remember much after that until Aunt Val was tapping me on my cheek asking if I was alright. I had to think where I was then I remembered riding Uncle Ted’s cock until I had a massive orgasm. I told her I thought I was all right but the last think I remember was riding Uncle Ted. She smiled and said, “Yes, I thought so, he did that to me a couple times we first started screwing around.” “Now go clean up and meet us down at the creek.” When I got to the creek, Aunt Val was on top of Uncle Ted finishing off what I left undone, she said.

That afternoon I had just got off the phone with Gary, we had made a date for that Friday night. I was all horny as we had talked about what I did the night before and had been playing with myself as we talked. The boys were gone, darn it! So I walked in the living room and Aunt Val and Uncle Ted were nude and Val was sitting next to him as she played with him and had him nice and hard. I stopped and acted if I was looking for a place to sit and asked Uncle Ted, “Well it seems all the seats are taken. Mind if I sit on your lap.”

He smiled and said, “Not at all miss, please make yourself comfortable.” He sat up back a bit and I saw Aunt Val grab his dick and hold it straight up. I faced him as I lined it up lowered myself until I was all the way in on the first try, I was that wet. We sat there and listened to TV, kissed each other and chatted for almost an hour with him hard inside me. Val controlled the show, having me move up and down once in a while to keep him hard. I was finding it harder and harder to remain still with him pulsating inside me. Finally I said I couldn’t take it anymore and started to fuck him with my very wet pussy. Aunt Val kissed me as Uncle Ted had both hands full of my tits. I told him I was getting tired and couldn’t ride him much longer. He told me to stop and he picked me up and turned around while he was still in me and placed me on the couch. My knees on the cushions and my head and shoulders on back of the couch, then Uncle Ted started fucking me hard. It was great; I came twice before he shot his load deep inside me. It felt wonderful having a man’s cum inside me. When he pulled out, Aunt Val quickly started cleaning up my pussy with her tongue. She said it was the sloppiest pussy she had ever eaten, and it had plenty of cum and pussy juice poring out of it and she didn’t want to get any on the furniture. Yea, I’m sure that was the reason.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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