Couldn’t Wait

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We had met just prior to Christmas which meant family commitments would stop us from spending time together following our first date. It was to be three long weeks and over 3000 text massages and a handful of phone calls before we would finally make physical eye contact. Over this time the sexual tension was escalating at incredible rate, fueled by explicit messages and conversations of one’s sexual desires and expectations of the other.

I couldn’t wait till the arranged Thursday to see you so on Monday night while you were sleeping, I decided to knock on your window. You looked surprised when you saw me but said “come in but be quiet.” You were wearing your loose nightie but had not worn panties to bed. You got up and greeted me with affection and kissed my neck, smelling my aftershave. We then kissed for the very first time with deep interlocking tongues. We were both immediately aroused and you could feel my hard cock throbbing through my pants. Your nipples were hard and I felt them poker oyna through your nightie before gently squeezing your left tit then your right. You moaned a little before taking your nightie completely off exposing your beautiful tanned naked body.

Before I could take you in my arms I had just enough time to feel your magnificent bare tits while you quickly undid my pants to expose my manhood. You knelt down immediately and rubbed my hard cock all around your face before licking the shaft and knob. You then took it in your mouth while firmly gripping the shaft and pulling it slowly, your pretty eyes glancing up at me to check my pleasure meter. You sucked me like you hadn’t had cock for a long time and wanted to really make every second count. I undressed fully and you soon stood up. You lay back on the bed, we kissed again briefly as I made my way down your body. Kissing your neck, your chest and gently flicking my tongue over your hard nipples… I went further down and kissed canlı poker oyna your stomach while stroking the rest of your body gently with my hands going over your arms, legs and thighs. You open your legs widely and I kiss and stroke your inner thighs and gently caress only the outer lips of your pussy at this moment. Your pussy is beautifully smooth and divine, with your pink labia and clitoris exposed.

It’s almost killing me trying to resist running my fingers through it, not to mention my tongue… Finally I move down between your legs and put my tongue inside your wet pussy. I move my fast tongue around your clit and wet hole. I slide one then two fingers inside you sliding in and out. You go fucking crazy with pleasure and try not to make noise, after a few minutes I come up and slide my hard cock inside you. It’s what you’ve been waiting for and you ask me to fuck you hard and deep. I do that while kissing you passionately and feeling you pull me into you… We internet casino are both moaning, pelvises rocking back and forward while trying but finding it difficult to be quiet. After some time I pull out and turn you over. You point your arse up at me and the shape of your pussy stares at me wanting to be entered. I slide my cock in and grab a chunk of your hair. You throw your head back and push your arse back so your pussy feels the full penetration of my hard cock. I pound you hard and fast telling you how good your pussy feels on my cock. You whisper fuck me more than once in between heavy breathing and moaning.

After a while I tell you I am going to cum soon and you say that you are too. We continue fucking and soon enough you’re going to cum and just as you do you let out a loud moan and at the same time I explode my spunk into your deep hole. You feel my warm cum dripping down the inner walls of your throbbing pussy. You fall down flat on your stomach and you push out my cum. I lie next to you and we hold each other, so happy to be together and so relieved. I don’t want to leave but I have to. I kiss you goodbye about thirty times before actually having to leave. The time is 6am and you have your first PT client in 30 min.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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