Creamed Corn

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It was a beautiful July Summer day when I asked if you would like to take a drive in the country. You changed into your bikini top and a pair of red satin short shorts. I was dressed in a dark blue tank top and a pair of cargo short pants.

With the top down on our convertible we drove out into the country side. We found an old dirt road just past a farm house and headed down it. Rows of corn flanked the sides of the road as we traveled enjoying the picture perfect day. “Let’s sneak into the field and get some corn for dinner,” you suggested. “Okay, but let’s make sure we find a secluded spot to go into the field, I don’t want that farmer to see us,” I replied.

I found a side road next to the end of the corn field and turned into it. We parked the car and smiling at me you told me to bring a blanket that I might get lucky.

We made the short walk to the corner of the field where we were sure that no one would bother us. I laid out the blanket as you walked towards the corn. You were already picking some ears when I started on the corn row on the opposite side of you. I pulled a couple of ears off the stalks and shucked them to make sure they were edible. I was isveçbahis holding an ear that was about 10 inches long and over 2 inches thick at girth when I remember you saying that I might get lucky. I wrapped my hand around the ear and slowly moved it as if I was stroking my own cock. I felt myself becoming aroused at an idea that popped into my head. I turned and looked at you as you continued to look for some ripe corn. I walked up behind you and moved my left arm around your waist. You leaned back against me and felt my hard cock pressed to the small of your back.

“Mmmmm..somebody’s excited,” you slyly say. Slightly you sway your body from side to side rubbing my cock against you. I move my left hand up to your right breast and start to massage your tit. I then took the ear of corn I was holding and put it between your legs. I press it against you pussy and slowly rub it up and down. “Oh..what’s this,” you teasingly ask.

“Let’s have some cream corn,” I say to you. You turn to me and we kiss passionately. Our tongues intertwine in our mouths as our hands move up and down our bodies touching and feeling. I take your hand and we walk to the blanket. I knelt before you and isveçbahis giriş hooked my fingers in the waistband of your shorts and I pulled them down your body.

The small dark patch of pubic hair appeared before me. I moved my lips to you pussy and kiss it as I now have your shorts to your ankles. You step out of the shorts and reach behind your back to untie your bikini top exposing your breasts to the Summer sun. You then spread your legs a little so my tongue can separate your pussy lips with it.

Slowly I lick your sweet pink flesh with my tongue as you cup your breasts in your hands and squeeze them firmly. I hear your breathing becoming heavier and heavier as I lick your pussy and you play with your boobs.

“Lay down baby,” I say to you. You step back then lay down on your back and spread your legs. Your pussy is nice and wet. I take the ear of corn and slowly rub the tip, in a circular motion, just inside the lips of your pussy.

“Mmmmm,” you hum softly from the feeling. The slowly I start to insert the ear into you. You open your mouth and moan, “Aaahhhh,” as you feel each kernel of the ear of corn rub against the inside of your pussy. Just as I get isveçbahis yeni giriş 7 inches of the corn into you you gasp loudly.

Slowly and rhythmically I fuck you with the corn. You grab your tits in your hands and squeeze them even harder than before. “Oh..Oh..Oh..,” you moan as the ear goes in and out of you.

I look at the ear as I move it in and out of your cunt covered in your pussy juice. God, you look so hot. “Take over honey,” I say to you as I let the ear of corn go and you take it in your hand. I stand and strip out of my clothes as you continue to fuck yourself. Now naked I stand to the left of you and jackoff. Your moaning louder and louder and the site of your naked squirming on the blanket while you pleasure yourself is more than I can stand.

I groan loudly and white streams of cum shoot out of my cock head and splash down on you. First on you face then on your tits. You feel the cum land on you and you open your mouth hoping to catch some in it. Your tongue comes out of your mouth and finds some of my cock juice and you lick it up. The taste only excites you more, so you use your fingers to rub your clitty as faster and faster you fuck yourself till. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh,” you scream out as wave after wave of orgasm jolts your body.

With our orgasms subsided I lay down next to you. I hold you and you face me. I lick my cum off your face then we kiss passionately again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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