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I was on the beach yesterday looking at hairy men with bellies when it occurred to me I never told you about this guy I met in Paramaribo. It was through a bear site, which I had never had any joy with but it has some very sexy guys, so I check in occasionally.

So this guy Juan says he is in the city and looking for some fun. He was staying with friends but couldn’t meet there because the wife didn’t know about his gay side.

I picked him up next morning and we drove to my place, my wife being at work. On the way we discussed this and that. He was a university lecturer and I asked if he was bi too. He said “I consider myself homosexual”. and, being in the confines of a small car with him, it was the most exciting thing I’d ever heard. I put my hand on his leg and he patted it but that’s all.

At the house I showed him into the bedroom and went to the bathroom myself. When I returned he was naked, just standing there waiting for me. He was about 60, tall and stocky and with mid brown skin. And a nice big cock, erect and calling to me.

I was naked from the waist up. I immediately took of my jeans and bashfully showed him my erect cock. Then I got on my knees in front of him and took his penis in my mouth. It was quite big and hard and I sucked him and licked his shaft and my fingers automatically roamed around to his buttocks.

He poker oyna pulled me up and pushed me onto the bed.

No kissing, no chit chat, he just took the sachet of lube I had bought the day before, guilty as hell in the supermarket where I was sure they could read my mind and knew I wanted it so I could be fucked by a man.

He smeared it into my crack and on the end of his cock and he pushed my legs into the air. To be honest, as soon as I knew what he wanted I hoisted my own legs so I was exposing my arse to him and to all intents and purposes inviting him to fuck me.

He moved up so his face was over mine and his cock was at my entrance and then he grabbed me by the shoulders and rammed his cock into me.

Fuck, that hurt. It wasn’t so much the pain as the fear of damage. But he was doing what I wanted, What I had wanted for years. His big fat brown cock which stuck out from his big fat brown body was inside my tremulous white arse and the feeling was incredible. It wasn’t his race or color that thrilled me, it was his bulk and the sheer unstoppable force of a strong man with only one thought: getting his cock up my arse.

I knew what I was in for because he had sent me videos of him fucking various guys and i knew he really slammed them.

He really slammed me too, grunting and panting while the head of his penis plowed my depths canlı poker oyna and his macho body lorded it over my equally masculine but for now submissive frame.

That combination of terror and thrill produced the most abject reaction in me – a reaction I would never have expected. I was pathetically grateful to him for not wrecking me, and in return I would have allowed him to do anything he wanted. In fact I wanted him to do anything he wanted. I was his to fuck as he saw fit.

What he saw fit to do next was pull his big, strong penis out of me and order me onto my knees. He was going to fuck me doggy style and I was going to experience what I had fantasized about all those years. To me it was as submissive as you could get. It was the traditional, animal way, the dominant-submissive way of being fucked, being dominated, and by that point that was all I wanted. I wanted to be at Juan’s beck and call, to be fucked and to suck him and lick his ass and let him lick mine as and when he chose to.

I got on my knees and waited for my macho master to mount me.

He rammed himself into my quivering asshole with no hesitation and rode me like a horse. He galloped me and his balls slapped against me as he drove himself towards orgasm. I wanted him to shoot his spunk inside me, but he didn’t. I could feel him squeezing something in himself to stop internet casino it.

And then he withdrew again and spoke.

“You love being fucked, don’t you? You love being buggered.”

“I love having your cock up my ass,” I said.

“Get up,” he ordered, and I clambered off the bed. I stood face to face, belly to belly, cock to cock with my wonderful dom top and put my hands on his waist. He turned me around so I was facing away from him and towards the bed. Then he bent me over and fucked me again and this time he let himself go and with violent, heaving spasms he pumped his semen into me.

Then he collapsed onto the bed, breathing with difficulty and I feared that he might have fucked himself, not me, to death. He gestured at me not to worry and in a few moments he was composed and smiling for the first time.

“You’re a sexy man,” he said. “Pity I’m leaving tomorrow because I would have liked to do it all over again. is there anything else you want while I’m here?”

“I want to lick your ass,” I said, suppressing a tremble in my voice as I articulated this basest, crudest of desires.

“Doggy?” he asked.

“Of course.” It was the only way. The abject way. The “I’m licking this man’s ass” way.

He got on his knees and I, newly submissive recruit into his household, knelt behind him and put my face between his buttocks. And I licked that man’s asshole. And I loved it.

He got a cab home and I masturbated and came so far up my chest I could have caught it in my mouth.

But it wasn’t my spunk I wanted in my mouth. It was Juan’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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