Fashion Shoot Ch. 01

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Sara was a 20 year old bottle blond, she was my son’s ex girlfriend but as they had been together for so long they were still friends and Sara and my wife used to go on shopping trips together or out clubbing which meant she spent quite a lot of time in my house.

Although she was a bit dim I had always liked Sara, maybe because she had the most wonderful 40dd tits, when she came back from shopping trips she would often try on her new clothes and on one occasion having bought a boob tube and a new pair of shoes walked into the living room to show us, the tube was so tight it could barely hold those huge tits in, then she committed the cardinal sin and bent down to do up the shoes, when she stood up one of her nipples was just peeking over the top of the tube, she tucked it back in not even thinking anyone had seen it, wrong!

Sometimes she would come round late in the evening a little drunk and a bit chatty, I got the impression she just didn’t want to go home so now and again if my younger son was away we would let her sleep in his bedroom.

One night about 11pm there was a knock on the door and it was Sara slightly drunk as usual, even though my wife had gone away for a week with the kids I let her in, it seemed natural, she was a member of the family by now.

She was wearing a very short skirt and that boob tube it entered my head that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to let her in but it was too late now, I showed her in to the living room where she sat on the settee, I sat opposite her in a chair, she lounged on the settee with her feet on the floor and started saying about her evening and how some guy had tried to grope her boobs while in the nightclub.

“I wouldn’t have minded but I didn’t even know him.” she said.

I couldn’t help it “So if you knew him you would have let him fondle you.” I stated with a smile.

She looked up at me and realised what she had said “No I didn’t mean that.” she said, and laughed “Oh you, you know what I meant.”

“Yes.” I said, “But lets be honest it can’t be the first time a guy has tried to grope your… well.” and I pointed at her ample bosom.

Her hands came up to cover them but she only managed to push them up and over the top of the boob tube “Why do they always have to be like that though?” she asked.

“Look Sara,” I said, “If you ask me a question you know you will get an honest and maybe blunt answer, so don’t ask unless your ready for the truth ok.” I said

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“If you really want to know why guy’s are like that I will tell you but you have to know I can be overly honest at times, you know me well enough by now to know I will tell you the truth.” I said.

“Go on then,” she said, “tell me.”

“Me and my big mouth.” I said, “Look Sara you have a lovely set of boobs and guy’s just cant control the urge to find out if they are real or not, the younger the guy the more of an animal.”

She went red and looking down to her chest saying, “Well boys are always saying how nice they are but that’s just boy’s, it’s always been like that.”

“Well I am not a boy and I have to agree with them.” I said.

She folded her arms under her tits, again lifting them up and said, “Michael always said I should send a picture off to page 3 but I thought he was joking.”

I laughed and said, “I think you would definitely get published.”

Although she was embarrassed my comment seemed to grab her interest “Really, do you think so?” she asked, as she raised her legs onto the settee giving me a clear view of white panties

“Yes I do, do you have any photo’s.” I asked “Or know anyone who could take some for you, someone you trust.”

“No! The only pictures I have are holiday snaps some in bikini would they do.” she said a little shyly.

“Well let’s be honest Sara page 3 is a topless page, so the first question they will ask is have you ever posed topless, I don’t think jeans and t shirt or even bikini would do it, do you?” I asked

“No!” she replied a little deflated, “I suppose not.”

“Would you pose for a photographer if you knew the photo’s could make you famous?” I asked

She thought for a moment and said, “Probably, I don’t know though I don’t even know a photographer.”

“Well it really just needs to be someone you know who has a good camera and some idea of posing.” I suggested, “Don’t you know anyone?”

“Well, maybe.” she said and went quiet

I got up and grabbed a couple more beer’s, I handed one to her and could see that she was thinking things through.

“What would the photographer need then?” she asked “Would it have to be a studio?”

I laughed and said, “No not these days anyone with a room, some idea of photography and a digital camera could it.”

“Like you.” she said.

“What!” I cried, as I jumped up out of my seat “Meeee.”

She looked up at me and said, “Well you do photography you have a digital camera and you have a whole house, and anyway I trust you so why not?”

“Cos maltepe escort maybe I don’t trust myself.” I shouted. I sat back down a little shocked at myself for turning down the chance of getting those tits out in the open at last.

“Oh please,” she pleaded, “I have thought about it and I don’t know anyone else I could trust enough to do it.”

I sat silent for a while thinking it through and decided it was probably the drink talking, finally I said, “Finish your drink and then go home and think about it, I have the house till the end of next week so it would have to be before then.”

She grinned and said, “Ohh great!” she squealed, “Now what would I need to bring?”

As I believed she would forget everything by the time she got home I felt safe in telling her what I would like to see her in. It was about an hour later when I called her a cab and sent her home, there was no way I could let her stay after visualising her in those clothes or out of them come to that.

While I cant say that I had forgotten the conversation I had put it to the back of my mind. About 8pm a couple of day’s later there was a knock on the door, I had just showered and didn’t even dream that it would be Sara, I stood frozen as she stepped in and went into the living room carrying a small overnight bag, I closed the door and followed her in

“I thought about what you said and went out to buy some of the things you suggested.” she said eagerly, “I cant wait to show you, I had to have a drink on the way here though, Dutch courage.” she added.

“Are you sure about this Sara?” I asked

“Yes!” she said, “Positive, have you anything to drink.”

I went and got a couple of beers, we opened them up and it was like a race to see who could finish it first, I got several more and put them on the coffee table, she opened a fresh can and sat down “So where do you want me?” she asked, a little nervous.

“Hey calm down.” I said, “You need to be relaxed or it will show in the pics just take it slowly.” She was dressed in a dark suit with a short loose skirt, almost schoolgirl with bolero jacket that was undone and a white blouse underneath. I could see the bra straining to hold those tits in, long blond hair flowing. “Give me a second, I will have to check the camera is charged.” I said, “Help yourself to the beer it will help you relax.”

I went to the study and found the camera, it was fully charged so I went back to the living room where she had started her third can.

“Ok.” I said, “As your dressed the part lets do some office work, this way.” I had decided to start downstairs doing some shot’s in the study, a few cheeky poses and then onto the rest.

Once in the study I said, “We’ll start off with some sexy poses, if I ask you to do something you don’t want just say so and we will move on, the best poses are natural ones so feel free to move as and how you feel ok, shall we start on the chair.”

She sat on the chair and didn’t move, I clicked away regardless “Cross your legs.” I said. I gave her different instructions, moving her around just getting her used to the camera, “Come on give me a smile, imagine you’re a page three model already.” I added.

That made her laugh she started to relax, I gave out more instructions saying, “Pout for me, that’s it, sexy look, smoulder a little, jacket off, that’s it sit on the desk, good, smile, uncross your legs, that’s it, now undo a couple of those buttons, good!”

She undone 2 buttons which showed cleavage but no tit, I took a few more pics and said, “Another button,” she undone another one, “that’s better.” I moved toward her and folded the collar down so that it showed her full cleavage, at last I had a good view of those beauties, not yet all but soon.

Snapping again I moved back, “Lean on the desk,” I said, “That’s it step back a bit and smile, great, you’re a natural at this.”

I moved round the desk and her eyes followed me, all the time I was chatting to her saying, “That’s it always look into the camera get used to it and it wont bother you, lean over the desk.”

This gave me another great view of those tits again and they were straining to get free, I moved behind her and said, “Raise your hip, no silly this one” and tapped the one I wanted lifted, I continued chatting, “Hand on hip, sexy look, great”

I took hold of the hem of the loose skirt and lifted it to her hand, revealing black panties “Hold it there that’s it.” I said. She seemed hesitant but I ignored it and just kept clicking, “Open your legs a little.”

“Not just yet ok!” she said, hesitantly

“No problem.” I said, expecting she may object, still clicking away I added “Shame you don’t have stockings on.”

“I have some in my bag.” she replied eagerly, not wanting to disappoint me again it seemed “Wait there.” and off she went

I went into the kitchen and as we had drunk all the beer I opened 2 bottles of wine, putting them on the desk in the study I sat behind the desk mecidiyeköy escort and waited for her to come back.

She almost ran back in, done a twirl which raised her skirt showing black stockings supported by black suspenders, she stopped with her back to me and bent over lifting her skirt right up showing me a nicely rounded arse and panty covered pussy.

“I had to get that over with.” she said,

Standing up she noticed the open wine”Oh is this for me?” she asked, and without waiting for a reply she picked up a bottle and took a long swig “I’ll be ok now.” she added, and leaning forward lifted the hem of her skirt to her hip.

“Great!” I said, and picking up the camera moved round her clicking, once behind her “Spread your legs a bit.”

This time she did it without hesitation, she looked straight at me and said, “Is that enough or do want more?”

“No that’s fine, you’re getting into it now eh!” I said.

“Well I decided that before the nights out you will probably see everything anyway so why hold back and be boring for the camera.” she said bluntly.

“Well that’s good, if your happy with it you will look great for the camera,” I said.

“Not to mention you.” she laughed.

I smiled and said “Yes ok, now, sexy look, great, hook your finger into your pants for me.” I wanted to see just how much she will show, “Now pull one side down a little.” to my surprise she did, I looked at her and she had a great big grin on her face I laughed and moving over to her I tucked the hem of her skirt into the waistband to hold it up.

Taking the view cam off the shelf, I moved back and started filming “A little more, that’s it.” I said, and started pushing to see just how far she would go “Ok the other side now.” A little hesitant but the thumb went in and the pants came down, through the lens her arse was a delight and then her pussy not shaven but trimmed, her lips open and clear, just a hint of moisture.

So now I knew she was willing to show all, I could feel an erection coming but kept it under control, which as I had no pants on wasn’t easy “Great can you undo the other buttons now?” I asked

I was expecting her to pull the panties up but instead she took them off, I noticed a wet patch which said she was really enjoying this, she undid the rest of the buttons and opened the blouse wide, I clicked away, she was doing her own thing now, relaxed, after all I had seen her naked pussy what did she have left to hide “Good!” I said, “Off the shoulder, pout that’s it now off the other shoulder, pull it together under your boobs, great, bend down, great shot.”

After a few more poses I said, “Ok let’s have a change of scenery, ok for some bedroom shots?” I asked

“Yeah great!” she said, “I am enjoying this more than I thought, are you?” with that she picked up the wine took a swig and walked upstairs.

I took a drink long too and followed, I grabbed her bag and followed her up, “Which room?” she asked, as I squeezed passed her, which wasn’t easy considering the small space and the big tits.

“Well if you get changed in here and come in the other room when your ready.” I said.

“What shall I wear?” she asked.

“Whatever you want to show me, I expect there is something you have been dying to try on.” I replied with a smile.

She went to change and I waited for her in my bedroom, after a couple of minute’s she walked slowly into the room, I swallowed hard, she had put on a really tight crop top with a single button holding it together, it was obvious she didn’t have a bra on by the outline of her nipples, a really short skirt, stockings and suspenders and when she sat on the bed with one leg up, no pants, this time I couldn’t control the erection, she smiled broadly “You like it then!” she said, looking at my crotch

“You knew I would.” I said laughing.

Still using the view cam I started to film and she rolled here and there, legs up, legs spread, hands and knees arse in the air. Moving in front of her I said, “Undo the button.” She undone it but held it closed, she looked me straight in the face and slowly opened it up.

I couldn’t help but let out a gasp they were lovely, firmer than I thought they would be and definitely the real McCoy, large aureole and nipples slightly raised. She knew I liked them even before she looked at my erection. She went on all 4s letting them hang, slipped the top off one shoulder following the pattern from downstairs then off the other and then away, there they were in all there glory, I moved in closer as she lay down, her head only inches from my erection.

I moved round and filmed from above, moving to the side, for an all round view. She got up and started posing again, unzipping the skirt bending over letting it fall, opening her legs so I could see her tits between them, I moved in close only inches from her wet pussy, I lay down on my back and slid under her, I was so close I could smell her pussy, when I came to her face nişantaşı escort she was panting, I stood up my erection only an inch from her face now, she stayed down for a second looking at my hardness and then I moved back.

She stood up and said, “All change.” and a little wobbly on her legs went in the other room.

While she was changing I put a new cartridge in the view cam, connected it to the TV and put it down.

When she returned it was slowly, first a leg, and then half her body, that was almost enough to make me cum but when she done a spin and stood with arms spread across the doorway, wine bottle in hand, I couldn’t keep quiet.

“For fuck sake Sara!” I said, “Your doing this deliberately aren’t you?” She was dressed, if that’s what you can call it, in an all white negligee covering a white, translucent baby doll nightdress, white stockings and suspenders, her tits were clearly visible, but her pussy was covered by the smallest white thong imaginable.

She moved over towards me and getting very close said, “Of course I am, don’t you love it!” and with that she turned around putting the nearly empty bottle of wine on the bedside cabinet, then she slowly ran her hands the entire length of her body, starting at her tit’s and going all the way down to her feet, bending over in front of me her bum brushing my erection, I picked up my digital camera and started clicking, I didn’t need to tell her anything at this point, she got on the bed and went on all fours and pointed her bum at me, then facing me on her knee’s she slipped the negligee off a shoulder at a time and then completely, moving over to me and resting it on my erection, now with only the nightdress on she went on all fours again coming towards me, the cut was so low and her boobs so heavy that they almost swung out, the view was ball breaking, she turned round slowly and showed me her arse, swaying it from side to side, getting to her knees with her back to me she slipped the nightdress over her head, then turned round with it over her tit’s, running it over them, she squeezed her tit’s together and took her hands away, the nightdress stayed in place just covering her nipples.

“If you want to see them take it away.” she said, and held her arms wide, I moved forward and slowly pulled the nightdress away revealing those magnificent tit’s, young and firm but most of all huge, I would have needed 4 hands just to cover one of them, she ran her hands over them and down to her belly, back up and taking a tit in her hand licked the nipple and played her tongue around the aureole followed by the other one taking it in turns, watching me all the time, looking at my now throbbing erection and smiling.

All the time I am clicking away with my camera, her hand moves downward and runs over her pussy then the other one follows but goes inside the thong, she turns round and raises he arse in the air, resting on her head so that her tits hang there like huge pendulums her hand goes back into the thong, from behind I can see her hand move across her pussy, I move along the bed my head under her taking close ups of those tits, brushing them as I move out, moving behind I get pictures of her running her hands over he wet pussy, she stands up and facing me with her cunt level with my face she slowly slips the thong down revealing that trimmed bush, her swollen lips fully visible, I can smell her, heady and strong, she kicks the thong off and with a hand on my head thrusts forward, her wet juicy cunt almost rubbing my face, moving back she lay down on the bed propped up by the pillows and starts running her hands over her tits and down to her wet hole again, she brought her knees up and opened them wide, I move round to her side my erection throbbing like mad in the joggers, she looked at it and moaned softly, I moved between her legs getting a close up, her juices now running freely, her hand came down again and her finger slowly slipped in.

“Oh yes.” I said, “Go on make yourself come.” the site of her laying down, stocking covered legs raised fingering her cunt was too much for me I couldn’t help but say something, I still didn’t know if this was just play or leading to something more, I know what I hoped for but who could tell for sure.

“You want me to?” she asked.

“Yes go on, at this rate I might come too,” I said

“Would you really, that would be nice.” she said, as she slipped another finger in, she reached out for the wine and finished it off teasing the bottle in and out of her mouth, sucking it as she went running her tongue over the end, moving the bottle between her tits she started tit fucking it.

“You’re a right bitch you are,” I said

Giggling she said, “Hmm I am now.” and moved the bottle downwards towards her cunt rubbing it against herself

“Not shy anymore either.” I said, and reaching into a draw I handed her a large vibrator “Here fuck yourself with this.”

“Ohh, now you’re being rude, nice but rude.” she gasped, breathing heavily she switched the vibe on and slowly pushed it in, as it went in deep she let out a moan of pleasure.

“Turn over.” I said, “On your knees I want to get all of this in shot.”

“I love a dominant man.” she laughed, and turned over with the vibe still in her pussy, she reached under and started to fuck herself with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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