Finally We Meet

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I have driven to meet you at your house. After chatting online for awhile we were anxious to meet each other. It’s a hot summer’s day, so I told you to be in shorts, no boxers. It is a long drive but finally I arrive and knock on the door. You open it only to be pushed back inside by me. Seeing as you want an aggressive girl, there is no time for small talk.

The door slams shut and I drop to my knees right there at the door. You are not expecting to get moving so quickly. I look up to see a mixture of amazement and curiosity on your face as I start to unzip your shorts.

You open your mouth but I don’t give you time to say anything. I shove your soft cock into my mouth. I suck and lick it, making it grow and come to life in my mouth. Finally it is fully erect, gagging me as it touches the back of my throat.

I kneel in front of you, working your cock as your hands tangle in my hair. Pre cum starts to leak out of taksim rus escort my mouth to my neck, dripping into my cleavage. I try my best to lick it all up but, the warmth of your pre cum dripping on my skin makes my pussy throb and sends shivers down my spine. I finish sucking you off and look up at you. A smile has formed across your face, once again you open your mouth to say something, but I don’t let you.

I bring my hand up to your mouth, covering your lips. I trail or down your chest, lightly scratching you with my fingertips. Your cock is still erect, and I shove it back into my mouth. With your cock still in my mouth I grab onto your ass and pull you towards a couch. At this point you are just about ready to cum, but I don’t want you to yet. I sit you down and release your cock. I tell you to stroke yourself as I do a strip act for you. Running my hands all over my body, occasionally taksim türbanlı escort stopping to jack your cock or give it a quick lick.

Now I’m naked and standing in front of you. You want to touch but you are shy and don’t want to ask. Sensing this, I grab your hands and place them on my big squishy tits, guiding your hands as you fondle them. After a few minutes, I’ve decided you have had enough and pull away from you. I tell you to stand up and to get your cock even harder for me.

You listen and start to stroke yourself, harder than before. I take the opportunity to masturbate in front of you. Licking my fingers and shoving them in my pussy.

I can see you want to cum you are moaning and grunting. So decide to change the rules. I don’t want you cumming before me so I make you lie on the floor with your hands above your head. I squat just over your face and finger taksim ucuz escort myself inches from you, letting my pussy drip onto your face. Making it clear that You are not allowed to touch, not yet anyway.

I move down from your face, to your stomach, turning around to face you, so you can see my tits bounce as I press your cock into my ass. I take some of your pre cum and rub it on my tits, sucking the cum off in front of you.

Seeing as you are at your breaking point I go back to sucking your cock deep, I tell you to cum in my mouth. It does not take much for you to cum, with me playing with your balls and caressing the head with my tongue. I see your balls tighten and your hot juice shoots into my throat.

You cum so much a can’t swallow it all, it dribbles down my chin and onto my neck. Now that I’ve made you cum all over its my turn. I grab your hands and place them on my pussy showing you just how I like to be touched.

Your rubbing my clit and playing with the entrance to my wet fuck hole. I make you push a finger into me, right next to my own. with both our fingers inside. we start fucking my tight cunt. My pussy clenches and I start cumming. I pull my hand away and push it in your mouth. Making you suck my fingers clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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