First Taste Ch. 01

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My past and love for sucking cock started when I was a senior in high school. I would always find myself looking for blowjobs and cumshots when I would watch porn! That obsession for those scenes was starting to make me wonder what it was like to give a blowjob and swallow cum. I started fantasizing about it when I would jerk off and eventually started licking cum off my hand when I was done. The fantasy became a reality one autumn night when I was over my buddy’s house catching up on an assignment that we had put off and now only had a few days to crunch and get it done.

We had both recently turned 18 and had been friends since middle school and hung out quite a bit, but never fooled around until that one night. We were in his basement which was our regular hang out when I was over. It was partially finished with the inner walls just being framed. There was a beige carpet remnant on the floor just big enough to cover the common area floor. There was an old couch, the one that everyone had in the 80’s, a few end tables, a TV, a Nintendo and a small chair close to the TV. The room was about 10X15 and was surprisingly pretty cozy. His step dad had a small work station just off the left of the common area that you could clearly see through the unfinished wall. Opposite the couch was the laundry area and to the right was the stairs heading up. It had a few lights on the ceiling and was pretty well lit for a basement. Beyond the work station was storage with cardboard boxes and totes all labeled with the contents.

My friends name was Jeff and he came from a pretty solid household. His parents divorced when he was young and his step dad was a really nice guy. He didn’t see his real dad to much cause he lived a few hours away. Jeff was the same height as me, around 5’10” but a little more stocky. We both played football together our whole lives and were both in great shape. We had been naked in front of each other quite a bit over the years but never really looked over fear of being called a fag or getting ridiculed to know end!

The night that we took the first step was like any other night hanging out, with the exception we had a project to finish. When I got to his house, his mom told me he was downstairs. I made my way through the kitchen to the basement door. When I got down, he was sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt watching TV. I went and sat on the opposite side of the couch and joined in watching the movie that was on. We talked about school and how hot the women were in the movie. I grabbed my book bag and started to take out the materials for our project. I put them on the couch and went back to the movie as a lesbian scene starting. It was on regular TV so didn’t show much but enough to steal our attention. We made comments about how hot the scene was and how we wished they would have showed more. He then got up off the couch, adjusting himself a little as he was getting hard from the scene and went into poker oyna his step dads work area. He came back with a handful of magazines that his step dad kept and threw them on the couch. We each grabbed one and flippped through the pages, stopping at a few pages that grabbed our attention. One that had my interest was of a girl making out with a guy with his huge cock in her hand. I laughed and showed Jeff saying,

“You think they photoshop these, hard to believe his cock is that big.”

Jeff looked at the page and smiled saying, “Mines about that big.”

I laughed and said, “I’ve been in the shower with you man, you’re not THIS big,” pointing to the picture.

He laughed and said, “You were checking me out in the shower fag?”

I quickly turned red and said, “No man, just saying that if it was this big, I think I would have I noticed!”

Jeff replied, “Kinda hard to get aroused in the shower at school with a bunch of guys around but trust me, it’s gets a lot bigger when it’s hard.”

I laughed and said sarcastically, “Ok bud, whatever you say,” and went back to flipping through the magazine.

Sensing he was still looking at me, I focused on the magazine and tried my hardest not to make eye contact. Then, without warning. I saw him shift on the couch a little. When I looked up, he was pulling his shorts leg up and pulling his cock out. Like a deer In headlights, my Gaze was froze on what he was doing. After a slight struggle, his cock popped out of his shorts and stood straight up! It was well over 9 inches and pretty thick. The head was shiny and lightly twitched with his heart beat. It was cut and looked like a lot like the one in the magazine. He looked over at me and said,

“Told you.” with a smirk on his face.

Still locked on it, I said, “Damn man, you weren’t lying.”

Feeling my own shorts start to tighten, I adjusted myself as cool as I could without giving away that I was also hard. Realizing that i was still stareing at his cock, I quickly went back to the magazine page I was stuck on for the last few minutes. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed he also went back to his magazine but was now slowly stroking his cock. Noticing he wasnt looking at me, I gazed to watch his hand sliding up and down his cock. After watching for a few seconds, I broke the silence and said,

“Whatcha doin there bud?”

He looked up from the magazine and said smiling, “I’m horny as fuck man, sorry.”

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to looking at my magazine, but found it hard not to stare at his huge cock down the couch from me. I guess after awhile, it was clear that I was focused on him and what he was doing. He glanced over and asked,

“You can jerk off to if you want!”

I reached down and grabbed my cock in my shorts and gave it a few tugs before pulling them down. We both went back to the magazines and started jerking off only a few feet apart. Trying canlı poker oyna my hardest not to get caught watching him stroke his cock but I couldn’t look away. I started wondering what it would feel like in my hand or even better, in my mouth. He looked over and caught me looking again and said,

“You want to touch it, to make sure it’s real.”

Smiling I said, “I don’t know man, that seems kinda weird.”

He said moving his hand off his cock, “No it’s not, it’s just us down here man, if you want to touch it, it’s cool.”

He then started to move the magazines and books between us and shuffled over so we were sitting next to each other. He then grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I didn’t resist and soon had my hand wrapped around his shaft. I remember thinking how soft it felt and hard at the same time. It was hot to the touch and felt different from touching my own cock. Stroking it a few times, I removed my hand and said,

“Yup, it’s real!”

Jeff said, “You don’t have to stop, it’s been awhile since anyone else has stroked my cock.”

With a flushed face, I said “Really, you want me to keep going?”

He then grabbed my wrist again and put my hand on his throbbing cock. I started stroking it as his head fell back on the back of the couch and he let out a pleased sigh. I couldn’t believe I was stroking my first cock and to be honest, I loved it!! He then picked his head up and said how good it felt having someone else’s hand on his cock again. This excited me more and my pace quickened. Looking at it in my hand, I couldn’t help but feel the urge to want it in my mouth. In my head I thought, shit, I’ve gone this far, maybe he’d let me use my mouth a little. I looked up at him and said,

“Want me to use my mouth.”

He looked at me again and said with excitement, “If you want to, I would love it.”

I resituated myself on the couch and started lowering my head to his lap. As I was going down, I told him to give me a warning when he was going to cum and he said, “No problem, won’t be long anyway, I’m horny as fuck!”

With his hard cock in my hand, I lowered my head into his lap. First thing I noticed was the heat coming off his groin. With butterflies in my stomach, I slowly opened my mouth and felt the head of his cock on my lips. I slide the head in and heard a moan coming out of Jeff’s mouth. This got me more excited as I continued my way down on his hard shaft. I got about half way down before having to come back up as it was all I could get in my mouth. Feeling the head reach my lips, I pulled off and asked if he wanted me to keep doing it. He said yes and put a hand on the back of my head and pushed it back down on his cock. Once again I felt it pass my lips and slide into my mouth. Working the shaft with my hand, I got into a rhythm and starting getting into having it my mouth. He kept saying how good it felt and I would let out a muffled moan letting him know I was internet casino enjoying it too. After a few minutes, his breathing became sharper and could feel him getting harder. I started to taste pre cum on the tip and knew he was close to cumming. The pre cum was a somewhat familiar taste as I’d eaten mine quite a few times so it turned me on knowing that I was getting him off. My own cock was hard and on the edge on exploding, but I stayed focused on his cock and making him cum. I felt his thigh tighten and he said he was close so I pulled off and continued jerking him. I told him I want to taste his cum but didn’t know if i was ready to take the whole thing. He said, “You want to taste it, that’s hot,” as I kept stroking him to climax. He threw his head back and said, “Here it comes!” as my gaze was locked on the tip of his cock waiting to see it explode. I felt a pulse in my hand as cum started oozing from the tip and then the flood gates opened as a huge ribbon of cum shot out from his cock and landed on his shirt. He was grunting and moaning as the second shot erupted from the tip and landed next to his first shot. I watched and stroked as his third and fourth load left his tip. He then looked down and said,

“Go ahead and get a taste!”

Without hesitation, I lowered my head and licked the salty cum now oozing from his cock. As I lapped up the tip of his cock, he let out a moan. His moan of satisfaction and my love for the taste of cum, made me engulf his cock in my mouth and jerk the rest on my tongue!! At this point, it was just pouring out with little force but still managed to pool quite a bit on my tongue. I kept stroking until he was completely drained. I pulled off his still hard cock and swallowed his cum. I pulled his cock tight to the tip forcing a bead of cum to form on the tip. I leaned in a licked it off, savoring the flavor one last time. I let go of his now cock and sat back on the couch as he sat there with cum on his shirt and catching his breath. He looked over at me and said, “That was fucking awesome!” as he pulled his shorts leg down concealing his now softening cock! I said I enjoyed doing it and would be more than happy to drain him again when he needs it. He said deal as he got up and walked to the laundry area to change his shirt. As I sat there with the taste of cum still in my mouth, I was already looking forward to the next time when I would take his entire load. He came back and sat down and we started going over materials for our project. After a few hours, I got up to leave and told him I’d see him tomorrow. He said with a smile, “And maybe back here tomorrow night again?”

I said I’ll be there and this time I would be taking his entire load. He moaned and said he’ll have to take care of me one of these times too!! I smiled and walked up stairs with the images of his cock still fresh in my mind. When I got to my car, I noticed I was still rock hard so I pulled my shorts down and stroked my cock on the drive home. After only a few minutes, I was cumming, and as it ran down my thumb, I quickly put it in my mouth and sucked the cum off. This was the start of my journey for being a cock sucker for the rest of my life and it’s only just begun.

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