Happy Hippy Chicks

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I called them the hippie chicks. One was the daughter of my next door neighbor, the other her BFF, who hung around the place all summer long. They were a year or so out of high school and I ignored them. Not only because I was twenty five years older than them but also because they looked about as bright as a small appliance bulb, their combined intellects, that is.

A slew of hippie boys and girls paraded through their house and hung out in their backyard and, as it happens, I love the smell of cannabis. Sweet, spicy, kind of alluring and mysterious. But I don’t partake. Never liked it much. Just the smell.

The daughter of my neighbor was named Nan, but she called herself Raindrop. Her friend I only knew as Stardust. They were both pretty easy on the eye, but hard on the brain. Loose clothes, no bras, bare feet, bulbous butts, cute faces, bright smiles, and eternally stoned eyes. But they had the attention spans of gnats, talked in monosyllables and had a hard time completing full sentences.

Which meant nothing to me. We were on completely different life paths, maybe even universes. So when Bob told me he and Muriel were going away for the weekend I wished them good travels. He wouldn’t have asked because I wouldn’t have agreed to check up on those girls.

And when, early Saturday afternoon, I heard voices coming from their front yard it hardly registered and I kept working on my motorcycle. It was Raindrop and Stardust. And, when I happened to glance over there, they were dancing on their front lawn in their panties. And nothing else.

Well, of course, I wasn’t going to complain. Firm, shapely, young breasts waving free in the afternoon breeze, okay, I’ll watch. But it quickly became obvious the hippy chicks were high and very. And, by the standards of our society and letter of the law, currently indecent.

I sighed, and wondered what to do. They were doing the hippy swirling dance thing.

“Hey, Nan!” I called, “Can you take it inside?”

They didn’t hear me, or it didn’t register.

“Sweetie!” I yelled louder, “Hey! Why don’t you dance your way inside?” I might as well have been on another planet. They were definitely not on the same plane of consciousness. They were tripping.

I walked around the hedge and up their driveway.

“Raindrop!” I called out, not three feet away.

She turned and looked at me. Her eyes, a dazzling azure blue when not high, were like two swimming pools, sort of liquid and glazed and floating around in her head.

“Mr. Dobro!” she squealed. Well, I have such a guitar but that’s not my name. “Star, look who it is!”

Star is about as cute as nineteen year olds get, and especially so when dressed in only panties. They were flowered panties, of course. She came over and threw herself at me, completely hugging me and mashing those wonder titties against my chest.

“We’re going to drive downtown to see the sun set on the ocean,” she said, pronouncing the words very carefully as if she had to concentrate a lot to say them. “Do you want to come with us?”

We live on the east coast. The sun rises from the ocean.

“Hey, do you guys want to go swimming?” I asked, knowing I could never look Bob in the face if I let these young trippers get in a car.

They squealed. And we all skipped on colored clouds of fairy dust into my backyard, bouncing around like big happy balloons in a purple sky. Well they did, anyway.

I resigned myself to being a babysitter for the afternoon. Maybe evening. Perhaps much of the night. I got a beer from my fridge and stepped outside to watch Raindust and Stardrop splash around in the shallows, all a-twitter over the patterns of light the water made in the sun. Every once in awhile they would call out to me, but I don’t think they could actually focus on me. I just raised my beer, smiled and they quickly lost whatever train of thought they were on.

It actually looked fun, frolicking naked in the pool, seeing the world through LSD soaked brains. I kinda wished they were about twenty years older.

After a bit they climbed out of the pool and sat with me at the patio table, in the shade. They had absolutely no modesty. Their soaked panties were see through, their breasts proud and upright, and I even considered shedding my own clothes just for the hell of it.

Instead I got them both beers, hoping the alcohol might counteract the acid somehow. When I returned they were both completely naked. Stardust was sitting with her feet up on the chair, legs spread poker oyna wide open and she was toying with her labial lips.

“I think my clit is growing larger,” she said, as if she was talking about toenails or something. “See?” She lifted the hood covering her little nubbin and shifted her vision to me.

“What?” I stammered, “Oh, honey, I don’t think so.”

“Look closer, Mr. D. See, it’s definitely much bigger.”

I just shrugged, “Well, I guess I never saw it before.”

“Mine’s getting bigger too!” Raindrop gasped, “It’s, it’s huge!”

“Please, Mr. D., look closer,” Star pleaded, “You’ve seen’em before. It’s bigger, isn’t it?”

So, I leaned forward and I looked closer. She had a nicely trimmed tuft of pubes that matched her brunette hair, and the lips of her pussy were so delicate, so soft and delicious, I felt my mouth water. But I swear her clitoris looked bigger than normal.

“Damn!” I said, “It does look…swollen.”

“Oh, my god,” Star wailed, “It’s broken. It’s all swollen and now it doesn’t work.” She looked at Rain. “I can’t feel my clit, Rain!”

“I can’t feel mine either,” Rain wailed back. “I can’t feel my clit, Mr. D.! Ooooh shiiiit!”

“Can you fix it? Mr. D.? Can you fix my clit?” Star asked, her eyes burning with intensity. She was freaked.

Not something I get asked to do every day.

“Come inside,” I said, trying very hard to sound serious, “I think I might know something that will help.”

“Oh, thank you, Mr. D. You’re so wonderful,” Rain gushed.

Well, yes I am. We all traipsed inside where I sat them down on my couch. I instructed Star to lean back, spread her legs wide open and pull the hood of skin back from her clitoris.

I nuzzled up next to it, inspecting it closely. It smelled wonderful. I touched the hard little bean with the tip of my tongue. Then I licked her entire snatch from bottom to top and ending at her clit, which I gently sucked into my mouth.

“Feel anything?” I asked from down there.

“What?” Star said, “Oh, yeah, maybe.”

I placed the flat of my tongue against her clit and massaged it for awhile. Just to be sure, I probed a finger up inside her vagina. She began to squirm a little.

“I felt that!” she exclaimed, “I felt that! Keep doing that, Mr. D. I think it’s working!”

So I dived back in, nuzzling her pussy lips open and sticking my tongue as far up inside as it would go, then I laid into her clit with renewed enthusiasm. It was working. So were the two fingers I had plumbing her depths. She grabbed onto my ears then wrapped her legs around my head.

“Oooh, yes, Mr. D., whatever you’re doing, I think it’s making it better.” Star was really starting to wiggle. I grabbed onto her full, round, butt cheeks and pulled her into my face. I tickled the little star of her anus with a finger.

“Do me, do me!” Rain hopped up and down on the sofa next to us, “do me next, Mr. D.”

“Mmmm, I can feel waves of water washing up from my pussy,” Stardust said, and I lapped at it to keep those waves moving through her. Now I had two fingers fucking her cute wet pussy and another finger probing the inside of her ass.

“I’m glad I’m alive, I’m a piece of pure light,” she said, and with that she flooded my mouth with cum, slowly, sensuously, lewdly, humping her cunt into my face as she did. “I’m turning into water, Raindrop,” she purred.

“I’m so happy,” Rain said, and she was crying. I lifted my wet face from Star’s crotch and I moved directly over to Rain, pulling her legs forward on the couch so her pussy was hunched up towards me.

“You are magic, Mr. D.,” she said, and I delved into the sweetest, wettest, most responsive pussy I’ve ever met. Rain was a fountain of cum, soaking the couch cushions and my face with a continuous flow of gushing liquid. Whatever I did set her off. I licked her clit, she came. I jammed three fingers into her cunt, she came. I stuck my tongue tip into her ass, she started convulsing. All the while she whispered, “Om mane padme hum. Om mane padme hum.”

Finally I just held my face against her cunt and licked as fast as I could. Rain threw her head back, held my head against her steamy hot, sodden crotch and sort of thrust that wonderful pussy against my tongue, her only verbalizations being these deep throat grunts she issued in time with her thrusts.

Sometime during this explosion of sexual energy I felt a tongue probing my own ass. When Rain finally released her death grip on my face I looked canlı poker oyna back to see Star had pulled down my shorts and was face deep into my ass cheeks. She looked up and smiled.

“Can I suck your dick, Daddy?” she said, as cute and innocent as if she’s asked me for a quarter.

I was between Rain’s legs, knees on the carpet in front of the couch. Star rolled over and laid down on her back, then wiggled herself beneath me and propped her head against the bottom of the sofa.

“Fuck my nasty mouth, Daddy,” she whimpered to me, “Fuck my bad face. Please, Daddy?”

I only had to scooch back a bit to allow myself to insert my very hard cock into her inviting lips. She arched her head up to accommodate my angle of attack. She actually grabbed my ass and started pulling me into her, encouraging me to actually fuck her mouth and throat, which I did, slowly and carefully so as not to injure her. But she was able to take most of it. She tried to speak around my cock, something like fuck my face, daddy, or so I thought she was saying, so I did. I began pushing the full length of my erection as far down her throat as I could. When she gagged, I’d pull out, but she always pulled me back in. She’d apparently mastered the gag reflex, because she was very much into having me fuck her mouth.

The sight was as obscene, as lewd and nasty as any I’ve ever seen. This young, cute, sweet lipped doll of a girl with her mouth being plowed by my large, red phallus. I looked down and noticed she was stroking her clit. Rain came around and settled onto the rug between Star’s legs and began eating her.

“Fuck her face, Mr. D. She likes that.”

Now I was plunging my cock inside the girl’s oral cavity as if it were a cunt, a cunt with a tongue inside it. The noises her mouth made were obscene in the extreme, slobbery, sucking, gagging, sloshing, smushing, gurgling and grunting sounds that only added to the nasty pleasure of it. When I came she came too, and began thrashing around beneath me, but she pulled me inside her mouth as far as I could go. I shot hard jets of semen down her throat and the excess of it surged out her lips around my cock, a white frothy liquid that stuck to my pubes and dripped down my balls.

Finally I pulled out and she began gasping for breath like a deep sea diver come up for air. I guess the oxygen deprivation was all part of the turn on for her because Rain was jamming a full fist inside Star’s cunt and Star continued to go through a paroxysm of multiple cums, her mouth still oozing my sperm and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“You’re going to have to fuck me, too, Mr. D.” Rain said, matter of factly, as she continued to pull the last orgasmic tremors out of her BFF. “I’m horny as a teenager right now.”

She finished with Star, who sort of fainted away, and sitting back on the carpet, Rain opened her legs and said, “You are one big penis, a cock with legs and arms. Spit some sperm at me, Penis man.” She stuck a finger inside herself then brought it up to her mouth and licked it clean. “Make me come in colors.”

She lay back and held her arms out at me. “I’m one big cunt.” she said, “I’m a cum sponge. Where’s your face? Did you leave it inside Stardust? I can’t feel my cervix. Can you fuck my brain?”

As I crawled between her legs and inserted myself inside her, she leaned up and whispered in my ear, “Really, really hard. Fuck me like I’m the last woman you will ever fuck. Don’t hold back.”

I obliged. I went into beast mode, drilling her relentlessly, in several positions, my favorite being her prone, face down, me holding her neck while pistoning my cock into her cunt with a pneumatic type of intensity. A human fuck machine. Rain almost immediately sort of left reality behind and began hallucinating. Or something. She started drooling. Her cunt erupted every few minutes. I’d feel her vaginal walls get very warm, then sort of puff up to where there was almost no friction or pressure and finally a torrent of watery cum would flood out of her and our soggy wet genitals slapping together would make a squishy sound. She seemed to be gone, her eyes seeing colors and focused on things that weren’t there.

I didn’t cum, it was too soon after face fucking Star. Finally I just wore out and had to stop humping Rain’s limp, well fucked body. She sort of melted in a puddle of flesh on the rug. When I looked up Star was fucking herself with my TV remote.

“Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl again,” she said in a little girl’s voice, and internet casino she started to fellate the remote. I gently took it from her.

“I can’t help myself,” she pouted, “I play with my little cunny at night when I’m in bed. It gets very wet and hot and sticky. And I think about you, Daddy. I think about you fucking my tight oh so pretty little twat until I cum all over you.”

I sidled over and positioned myself between her legs, but she pushed me down and knee walked over my torso to straddle me, crotch to crotch. She reached back and stuck my dick head against her pussy lips.

“I dream about this dick in my cunny,” she whispered. “I diddle my little pea thinking about fucking you, Daddy.” Then she slowly sat down until my cock was lodged inside her. “Mmmmm, now fuck me, Daddy, fuck my bad little girl slit until your creamy cum leaks out of my cunt.”

It was a slooow, nasty, very verbal fuck, and she did most of the work, grinding her cunt into me, humping up with that cute round nineteen year old ass wagging in the air, then slowly letting her pussy swallow my cock until she planted her ass cheeks on my thighs. Then she’d sit there awhile with my cock pulsing inside her and I could feel her vaginal muscles massaging me in what was a truly masterful feat of muscle control. All the while, she kept up a running monologue that came from deep inside her very disturbed and perverted psyche.

“Oooh, daddy, ooh, you make my cunny so wet and tingly. Will you cum inside me now, Daddy? Will you make my juice run out of my pussy?”

In the end, she got me by lowering those perfect round hard tits onto my chest kissing my neck and then whispering right into my ear.

“At night, Daddy, I can hear you stroking your cock, all by yourself. Do you think of me, Daddy? Do you think of sliding your big red stiff thing inside my tight pink little purse? Do you imagine me cumming so hard I almost faint? Cuz I do, Daddy. I cum on my fingers thinking of you. I want your semen inside me. I want your hot cum oozing out my slit. Cum for your baby girl. Cum inside me. Cum deep in my perfect young purse pussy. Shoot your sperm way up into my cunt. Cunt. Ass. Cock. Fuck. Cum. Suck. Cunt. Fuck. Suck. Fuck. Cock. I’m so bad. Fuck me for being so bad, Daddy.”

And I did, shooting what felt like apple-sized gobs of hot jiz way up inside her convulsively clenching cunt, clutching her close to me as I did, holding that sweet young cunt against me as tight as I could. And she continued to whisper in my ear even as she came too.

“That’s it, Daddy, shoot your little girl with your big dick, pump your cum into my snatch, into my hot teeny body, and oh, oh, I’m going to give you a gift now, Daddy. I’m going to give you my cunt honey, cum on you, Daddy, I’m cumming on your cock just like a good girl. Oooh, yes, Daddy, lets mix our cums inside my vagina. Mmmmm.”

Well, that was it for me, I collapsed and sucked oxygen for awhile. The girls sort of lolled about on the floor for another hour or so, staring at the ceiling, not moving much, lulled into a post sex kind of languor, every once in awhile rolling over to see if I was still there. I was. I’d only gotten up once to put on some soft music. It was like I had a sort of contact high. I felt light headed, euphoric, stoned. I must have fallen asleep. So did they.

When I awoke the next morning, I was on the floor and they were draped over me. We were all naked and covered in secretions of sex. I got up, put some blankets over them, gave them some pillows to rest on and then went in to make some coffee.

I was showered and cooking breakfast when they wandered in, looking beautiful in their messed hair, puffy eyes, swollen lips and cum white complexions.

“What happened last night?” Raindrop managed to say, her voice hoarse and whispery.

“Did you take advantage of us poor girls?” Stardust rasped.

“I had to keep you from getting in your car and driving, so I invited you over for a swim,” I summarized.

“Well, somebody fucked me,” Star sort of groaned. “I’m still dripping.”

“Me too,” Rain volunteered, “Mr. Johns, did you fuck me?”

“No, Rain, no Star, I didn’t,” I replied. “You fucked me.”

“Oh,” Rain shrugged. “Was I good? Was Star good?”

“Well,” I said as I dished out the scrambled eggs, “it’s not my way to kiss and tell.”

They sort of gave me pouty looks.

“But,” I continued, “today I’m going out to have a tattoo put right here.” I pointed to a spot next to my cock. “Of a shiny raindrop and an exploding star.”

We became good friends after that and I came to enjoy their happy, hippy, free spirited way, their soft and sexy style and their friendly, casual and open hearted personalities.

They loved my tattoo.

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