Helping the Elderly Ch. 04

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This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read “Helping the Elderly” Chapters I-III to get the full story from the beginning.


“… I just got your message. I understand Wallace wants to see me?” Tracy did her best to sound uninterested, as she didn’t want to appear too eager to meet with the aggressive black man and, honestly, she wasn’t very eager despite her attraction to him.

“Hello there, sweetheart. Yeah, he called me earlier and asked if it would be all right. I told him that it would be okay with me, but I wasn’t sure about you, or your schedule.”

“Well, Harry. It’s really up to you…”

Tracy didn’t say it, but she was hoping Harry would understand that she wanted him to make the decision for her. She longed to be dominated, told what to do, given specific directions, followed by feedback detailing how she performed. She had fantasized about being totally submissive to Harry, but it did not appear that he had the desire to dominate her the way she was craving to be dominated.

“Okay, darlin’, why don’t you see Wallace tomorrow and give me a call at some point during the day to check up on me. I will give him your number and tell him he can call you tomorrow.” Harry was tired and needed to get off the phone.

“Okay, Harry.” Tracy put her phone down and sat up in bed. She was attracted to Wallace, but not in the same way that she was attracted to Harry. She was discovering that she found it more difficult to trust younger men like Wallace, and there was something about Harry’s age that made her want to be dominated by him. She felt she could trust him, that he would be there for her and cherished her attention. She felt like a queen with Harry. With Wallace, she felt like a piece of meat, not that there was anything wrong with that every now and then…it was just different.

Jim was late getting into bed for some reason. He kissed her on the cheek as she lay there pretending to be asleep.

The next morning, after Jim left for work, Tracy was enjoying some coffee on the patio when Wallace called.

“Tracy? This is Wallace.” Tracy didn’t recognize his voice; it was deeper than she remembered.

“Hi Wallace, Harry said you might call,” she responded.

“He told me it would be okay to call you…Is it okay?” His voice quivered.

“Yes, I guess so. What’s on your mind?”

Tracy knew what he wanted, but was not on-board with this idea that just because Wallace was attracted to her, it meant that she had to have sex with him, and there really wasn’t any other reason for him to see her.

“I thought you would like to spend some alone time with me…without any other guys around…to see what it felt like to have a real man.” His voice was not playful, but aggressive. Tracy felt intimidated by him. She didn’t like how she felt.

“Well, Wallace, I have had a real man. Harry is a real man, and he knows how to treat me like a lady.” She defended Harry, who in her mind was more man than any woman could handle.

“A real man wouldn’t whore you out like he did. I would never do you like that.” Wallace was telling the truth. He felt Harry disrespected Tracy by having all those men basically have sex with her at one time.

“I could have said ‘no,’ Wallace, and I didn’t have intercourse with them, but you should know that I am submissive to Harry. He and I have something special.”

She felt it necessary to tell Wallace exactly how she felt about Harry so he wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

“I realize that, and I respect that. Look, I was just wanting to see if you would want to hook up sometime this week, maybe get to know each other a little better.”

Wallace finally said what he had intended to say, but after this conversation, he wasn’t nearly as confident about his chances of fucking her as he was when he called.

Tracy responded, “I think that would be a great idea, Wallace. What would you like to do?”

She didn’t sound enthusiastic, although she tried.

“Why don’t I pick you up around three this afternoon and we can talk about it?” He asked.

“I think that would be fine, three o’clock then.” Tracy gave Wallace her address and ended the call.

She called Harry and told him what they would be doing.

“Harry? Well, he called me. We are going out at three o’clock today. Are you sure this is okay?”

Tracy was hoping he would say “no.” She didn’t understand why it would be okay for her to spend time with Wallace if Harry liked her and wanted to keep her to himself.

This was also pretty far away from the original reason for her spending time with Harry to begin with. With Wallace, there was no need for massages or taking care of his needs as an elderly man, no medical treatment or feeling that she was doing good for someone.

It seemed to be all about sex.

“Darlin’, let me call you back.”

Tracy put the phone down. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to back out, and Harry had said nothing to convince her to go.

She continued weighing the consequences of her dilemma through her shower, her lunch, and even as she was selecting her clothes for her “date” with Wallace.

Tracy laid out some slim-fit jeans with a white patterned short-sleeved blouse with four-inch black heels. Nothing special, certainly nothing Harry would approve of.

She was dressing in her more conservative outfit when Harry called back.

“Sorry, darlin’, I was sleeping pretty hard when you called. So he’s picking you up in about twenty minutes? Are you excited?” Harry sounded enthusiastic.

“No. Not at all, Harry! I’m wearing jeans and I’m not going to fool around with him.”

Tracy had talked herself out of this entire outing with Wallace. She had already taken this relationship with him too far in her opinion and the more she spoke with Wallace, the more she disliked him.

“Now listen here, Tracy. You will dress in something sexy. I want to see a picture of you with him to prove you were wearing something that would turn me on. That is what I like. That is what will help me with my circulation. You know that!”

“Yes, Harry.” Tracy felt a rush from Harry telling her what to do. She grew wet.

“Now, I’m not going to tell you what to do with Wallace. That’s up to you. Whether you fuck him or whatever, or not, doesn’t matter to me. That’s between you and him. All I care about is you showing that body off. That will turn me on. Even if I’m not with you, just thinking about you dressed like that is a turn on and it gets my blood pumping.” Harry was pretty specific about his request.

“Okay, Harry. I’ll call you when I get home.” Tracy ended the call.

She exchanged her jeans for a mid-thigh length black skirt, and her white blouse for a thin, low-cut, pink top. She wore a smaller bra and had a lot of cleavage showing. She put some sexy underwear on, despite having decided she was not going to fool around with Wallace after all.

Wallace texted her at five after three.


Tracy walked out to meet Wallace, who was driving a new, white pick-up.

He stayed in the car as she let herself into the passenger’s side.

“Wow! Tracy! You look hot!”

Wallace spent a few moments looking her over, his spirits lifted after seeing how she dressed for him.

Tracy mustered a smile and thanked him.

“So, where are we going, Wallace?” she asked, trying not to sound indifferent about the whole “date.”

“I thought I would show you my place and then take you out for a bite to eat. Is that alright?” Wallace looked over at Tracy, their eyes met, then his stare went straight to her breasts.

“I guess,” as Tracy shrugged her shoulders and looked outside the window as they pulled out of her neighborhood.

She was already reviewing possible excuses to get out of having sex with him. Tracy could always rely on telling him she was having her period, but that seemed so lame. If she didn’t want to have sex, she shouldn’t have to. This isn’t the way it is with Harry. Tracy seems to always want Harry.

“I live down by the West Fork Mall. You know where that is?”

“Yes. I don’t go out that way much,” she replied.

Wallace played what Tracy thought was Tina Marie, that singer from the eighties. She liked it and the music seemed to help her mood.

After listening to a few more songs from the same era, they pulled up to a gated townhome community. Tracy thought it was nice.

Wallace waited for the security gate to rise and parked under the carport area in front of what Tracy guessed was his townhouse.

Wallace opened the door to his home and let Tracy in. It was a spacious and well-furnished house. It looked like a man lived there, but it wasn’t sloppy. Wallace kept a neat home.

Tracy sat down on the plush sofa and crossed her legs.

“I’m going to have a Jack and Coke. Would you like one as well?” Wallace stood rubbing his hands together.

“Yes, that sounds good!” Tracy needed a drink, even if it was only three-thirty in the afternoon.

Wallace came back with their drinks and sat to Tracy’s right. He drank about half of his drink in one gulp, set his glass down on the coffee table, and turned his body to face Tracy.

“Oh, I like that shirt. It shows off your hot body. Did you wear that for me?” Wallace ran the back of his hand along her exposed arm. In an effort to flirt with her.

For all his strengths, he was definitely no charmer.

“Wallace, look. I’m here because I just wanted to be nice. I know we had some sexual contact yesterday, and it was hot, and you probably think we connected, but…”

Tracy tried her best to begin the conversation that would end in Wallace taking her home. Sooner, rather than later.

Wallace’s expression changed. He frowned and shook his head slowly.

“No, no…I get it. You’re a racist just like I thought.” Wallace’s eyes became wider and he moved away from her slightly.

Tracy’s shoulders fell in resignation.

“Wallace.” She slowly shook her head.

“See, that’s why you acted like you did. You are a racist. That’s cool, okay…I get it.” He took another drink.

“That’s ridiculous. How can you even sit there and say something so stupid like that, Wallace?”

“Oh? You’re not racist? Prove it! Kiss me.” Wallace moved his face closer to hers.

Tracy was having none of it. She was pissed. Pissed she was there. Pissed she didn’t say “no” to him on the phone. Pissed that she had to participate in this ludicrous conversation.

She began to rant. “I see. You accuse me of being racist, then you think I will have to be sexual with you to prove that I’m not. Brilliant idea, Wallace. How old are you?” Tracy felt like going on, but was afraid to anger him.

She sat, folding her arms across her chest and staring straight ahead. Her tits were squeezed together and as a result were thrust out from her body. She looked sexy even when she was mad.

“You must think I’m a c***d.” She added.

Wallace was growing more frustrated with every passing second. She was right. He had seen that done in a movie a few days ago and tried it on her yesterday. It didn’t work then, and it wasn’t working now. He felt embarrassed.

“Okay, so maybe you’re not racist, I’ll give you that, but you forget, Tracy, I happen to know you like black dick. And I also know that I have one of the biggest black dicks around.”

Tracy sat, her face was now flush. She hated that her pussy became moist at her hearing him say ‘black dick.’ She glanced quickly over his way, then back at the wall in front of her.

She protested, “So what? It’s not always about size, you know.”

“Yeah, you may be right, but I also know that you’re a size queen, Tracy. I saw your eyes on my dick yesterday.”

Wallace sensed he was onto something, and he discovered a way out of his ridiculous effort to dare her into having sex with him.

Wallace stood up and slid the coffee table back, away from the couch.

He stood about two feet in front of Tracy and unzipped his pants, pulling his thick, black cock out and gripping it at its base near his pelvis. He lifted it gently and allowed it to bounce and sway before her face. He purposely moved it slowly to entice her. He figured she wouldn’t be able to resist having his cock in her face.

Tracy shifted her eyes to gaze at the beautiful cock before her. She loved looking at it, but her desire to be free of this pushy man, overrode her want for the big, black, monster.

Wallace started stroking it.

“I know what you like to do with big, black dick, Tracy. You worship this. You love sucking on the big head and feeling it in your mouth.”

Wallace kept up with his teasing. He was speaking to her in a deep voice as he massaged his dick.

“You want some of this, baby? Would you like some of this?”

Tracy was successfully ignoring him. She was no longer looking at him, and did not acknowledge his questions. But after a couple minutes of this, Wallace’s penis grew more rigid and his approach became bolder.

He started touching her with his engorged cock.

Wallace gently, but firmly caressed Tracy’s cheek with the head and upper shaft of his cock. He rubbed her jaw line, her cheek bone, her hair and ear, then ran his cock up across her forehead, along her brow line, and down the other side of her cheek, then repeated the entire process. He was softly rubbing her entire blushing, white face with his now hard-as-a-rock, jet-black dick.

Tracy couldn’t believe he was being so forward and so vulgar. No one had ever done this to her before. Even during her blow job session with Harry and his friends yesterday, no one did this to her. She wanted to get up, slap his face and run out of the room, and she would have, if she wasn’t so afraid of him.

Wallace was no longer concerned with convincing Tracy to have sex with him, he was getting off on what he was doing with his cock.

He continued holding his cock at its base and rubbing it over her cheeks. He now wiped it across her full, pouty lips. Separating them slightly, keeping the motions light and avoiding any forceful effort to penetrate her mouth. He could feel his heart pulse through veins of his penis onto his hand. He lifted it away from her beautiful face and tapped it against her nose playfully.

The entire scene was completely impromptu and unexpected, so much so that Wallace became unusually and unexpectedly aroused. He realized, whatever it was that he was doing to Tracy’s face, was something that turned him on more than he could have imagined.

Tracy remained vigilant. She was determined not to give in. She pursed her lips together tightly and held out, despite wanting to slobber all over his cock and choke on it. She had the urge to inhale it until she held it firmly in the depths of her throat, but she would not give in. The entire event was making Tracy wet. She no longer felt disrespected and offended, but it appeared that Wallace had his own ideas about what he was doing to Tracy and seemed to be masturbating rather than taunting or persuading her to have sex with him.

Wallace was now, in his own twisted way, having sex with Tracy. He was stroking his gigantic cock in front of her, tapping, her, slapping her, rubbing it in her face, all while stroking it for his own, selfish pleasure. He moved his giant cock down to her tits and slapped her ample cleavage with it. Her breasts shook in response. He then inserted it between her tits from his position above her.

You could start to see a shiny trail of pre-cum streaking Tracy’s face and chest.

He tightened his grip and Tracy noticed a change in his breathing. He then returned to her face and tapped her lips gently with the head of his dick. He maintained a consistent rhythm as he jacked his foot-long dick in front of Tracy. He rubbed the swollen head near her eye socket and the bridge of her nose…still slowly stroking it.

He reached over and grabbed an ice cube from his glass and used it to lubricate his hand. He started stroking his cock faster. His breathing became panting. His body was planted in front of its target. He spread his legs wider and stuck his hips out…he was coming already.


Wallace blasted Tracy’s eye lid, eyebrow, forehead, and left cheek with the first volley of semen. The hot stream hit her with such force that some splashed back onto his hand.

Tracy recoiled in shock. She couldn’t believe he had cum so quickly by rubbing his penis all over her face the way he did. She was both repulsed and turned on at the same time.

The next rope of cum hit her lips and trickled down to her cleavage that was exposed above her crossed arms. He grunted and shook, then he leaned forward and wiped the rest of the hot, oozing cum into her long, blonde hair. As a final gesture of nastiness, he took a handful of her blonde hair and wrapped it around his cock and jacked the last few drops of cum into her hair. He pulled on her hair and wiped his cock clean with it, then stepped back.

Tracy’s face looked like two or even three men had cum all over it. She had cum dripping down her cheek and onto the front of her shirt. She dared not open her left eye, lest it become filled with Wallace’s semen. Her hair was all messed up at the side where he had wiped himself off onto her like some used rag. She sat dumbfounded. The entire scene would have been insanely sexy if it had been under different circumstances. Tracy was wet, but Wallace’s behavior did not cause her to give in. It was like she was watching from the outside, as an observer.

Wallace pulled his pants up, put his now deflated cock away, and went into the other room. He returned with a towel and threw it at Tracy.

“I’m not going to beg you. I thought we connected, but I guess not. If you ever want to hook up, you let me know, but I’m not going to call you again,” he said coldly.

Wallace didn’t appear to be mad, just indifferent. Tracy was relieved.

She wiped herself off as best she could and the two had a quiet, and awkward ride home. Tracy felt like she dodged a bullet with Wallace. She realized that the reason he wanted to see her was to have sex. Having him masturbate on her was probably the easiest, fastest way to satisfy him.

The most important discovery she had made was that she gained some valuable insight into her own sexuality. She had developed a preference for older black men, not just black men in general. It wasn’t just about the sex. She realized that, although she enjoyed Wallace’s physical features, she needed the reassurance of an older man’s attention. It was more genuine, more nurturing with Harry.

As she said farewell to Wallace when he dropped her back at home, she was more infatuated with Harry than she was when she had left earlier that afternoon. She couldn’t wait to call him.

Tracy went inside to shower. She noticed Jim was home in the den on his laptop. She made a mental note to check his history at some point that night.

Her shower felt wonderful! Rinsing off Wallace was like moving on from making a bad decision and getting a clean “start-over.” She felt as though she had betrayed Harry and wanted to make sure he was okay. She quickly finished her shower, put some yoga pants on with her zebra pumps, a tight, white t-shirt and called Harry. There was no answer.

Fearing Harry had a medical emergency, she got in her car and hastily drove to his house. She sped through two yellow lights and nearly hit a pedestrian trying to get to Harry’s as quickly as possible.

Tracy let herself in.

“Harry?” She walked quickly from room-to-room, finally finding him in his guest room on the floor.

Harry was breathing, but seemed unresponsive.

Tracy went to the bathroom to fetch a cold wash cloth and placed it on Harry’s forehead as he lay down.

“Harry, what happened!?” She wiped his forehead and realized he was in a deep sleep.

She shook him firmly and was able to get him to wake. His eyes opened slowly.

“Harry! My God! Are you okay?”

Tracy was panicked. She made sure he wasn’t injured by checking his body for cuts or anything out of the ordinary. She couldn’t tell that anything was wrong other than she found him sleeping very soundly on the floor of the guest room. Just then, Harry sat up on his elbows.

“I must have rolled off the bed and onto the floor.” He shook his head getting himself to wake up.

“Let’s get you into bed and I will make you some chicken soup.” Tracy helped Harry into the bed he rolled off of, tucked him in and went to the kitchen.

She returned with a mug of chicken soup and some crackers.

Harry sat up and listened to Tracy lecture him.

“I’m concerned about you, Harry. You seem to be getting more and more tired and I haven’t been giving you enough treatments lately.”

Harry sat staring at Tracy as she continued.

“I want you to stay at my house with us for a while. Jim won’t care. In fact, I think he might be gay, or something, so I don’t think he will mind.”

Tracy was speaking fast, still upset.

“Well, my darlin’, I am feeling weaker than usual. It’s not easy for me to say this, but all the sex we’ve had these past two weeks, in fact, the excitement you caused in general, is more than I have had in the last 20 years. I guess it just caught up with me.”

Tracy was gently running her hands over his arm, looking at the old man’s tired face.

“I know this is my fault, Harry. I have been selfish. Thinking about pleasing myself instead of helping you with your circulation. I promise I will focus more on your circulation from now on.”

Harry had made up his mind right at the beginning, on that first day she showed up at his house, like some gift from heaven, that he would not be telling Tracy about his made-up ailment. Ever. He concluded just then that he can still receive the “circulation massages,” but he will need to lay off the Viagra for health reasons.

“That sounds fine, darlin’. And you know what? Maybe staying at your place for a little while, until I get back on my feet, would be a good idea too.”

Tracy was delighted Harry would be joining her. She felt she could control his health and overall well-being more successfully at her home. She didn’t want another “group-thing” like what happened yesterday at Harry’s to happen again. She felt turned on by the memory, but was still a little ashamed over how she let herself get involved with the four men.

Tracy packed a large equipment bag for Harry and loaded her car. Harry went back to sleep for about an hour. She used that time to call Jim and make sure he was okay with Harry staying for a few days.

“Hi Honey, I have an important request. I will need Harry to stay with us for a while. His condition has gotten worse. Will that be okay?” Tracy’s tone confirmed to her husband that she was serious about Harry.

“I’m sorry to hear that, sweetie. Bring him over and let’s see what we can do.” Jim was concerned, and a little turned on, by the prospect of having Harry so close to Tracy.

“I’m going to stay the night here while he sleeps, and bring him over in the morning.”

“I think that’s wise, honey. I will expect you in the morning.” Tracy was a little surprised that Jim supported her decision.

Jim was thinking about Harry coming over from the moment he opened his eyes. He was hopeful that Tracy’s care for Harry would produce countless opportunities for him to masturbate to. He hurried into the guest room to set up his remote camera.

Taking it out of the pool area and moving it to the spare bedroom would ensure a more consistent result: If Harry was going to be in bed more often, the camera should be in the guest room.

He looked over the room: king-size bed, a large picture on three of the four walls, a dresser opposite the bed, flat screen on the wall, light fixtures.

He decided he would put the camera in one of the sconces on either side of the flat screen hanging on the wall. They looked like miniature street gaslights and had some area below the lights that would fit the camera perfectly. These lights were almost never used, so there wouldn’t be any interference from the brightness of the bulb to worry about.

Jim went back to the den and checked the picture. “Perfect,” he said. The camera showed the entire bed and was at such an angle as to see anything and everything perfectly.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized that having two cameras would be much better. The kit he bought last week came with two, so he used the second to capture the side profile of the bed. He installed that camera in a painting on the side wall adjacent to the bed, requiring a small hole in the painting and taping the camera to the back of the art work.

“A small price to pay for such an incredible angle,” he thought.

Right about ten o’clock, Tracy and Harry pulled into the driveway just as Jim finished rehanging the painting with the camera in it. He had returned to the den and was setting up his computer for the two cameras.

“Let’s get you inside and in the pool. How does that sound?” Tracy was, once again, in full caretaker mode. “You’re going to need a massage soon!”

Harry replied, “No pool just yet, but a massage sounds good!”

Jim saw and heard the two enter the spare room through his newly placed cameras. He came out from the den and helped Tracy situate Harry.

“Hi Harry. I hear you’re not feeling too well. Sorry to hear that. You let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.” Jim tapped the now prostrate Harry on the knee.

“Thank you, Jim. That is kind of you.” Harry smiled sincerely.

Jim motioned to talk to Tracy outside the room. He asked, “What is the plan?”

“He’s been very tired. I guess there has been a lot going on in his life lately and he’s feeling drained of energy.”

Jim thought, “I can imagine!” keeping it to himself.

“I think keeping him here for a little while should allow me to get him back to his old self.” Tracy sounded concerned.

“Okay. Maybe you should keep the door closed to keep it as quiet as possible in there.”

Jim wanted to encourage his wife and Harry to get as much contact time as possible and wanted them to know he wasn’t going to disturb their privacy.

He also made it a point to leave the house for a while, to further increase the likelihood that they would have sex. The cameras were rolling.

It didn’t take long.

“Jim is gone. Why don’t you take your clothes off and I will work on that circulation problem of yours, okay?”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

Tracy left the room and checked Jim’s laptop. She opened it to find the camera positions had not only changed, but now there were two sub-screens displaying Harry who was just now squirming his way out of his pants as he lay on the bed in the guest room.

“My, my, Jim! Looks like you have it all set up.” Tracy said to herself aloud, smiling.

Intrigued, she sat down at his desk and opened up his browser, then examined his browser history.

Two things were painfully obvious: one, Jim’s interest in cuckolding, especially interracial cuckolding, was escalating at an alarming rate, and second, Jim did not think Tracy was ever going to look on his laptop. Nothing was hidden or deleted.

She was determined to keep his trust intact by playing along with his game and not letting on that she has seen any of what was on his laptop.

Tracy felt sorry for her husband. She never realized what an issue having a small penis must be for him. It was strange that in their first twenty years it never bothered her. She knew what sexual positions were more pleasurable to her and she stuck to those. She knew now that, sexually, he wasn’t going to be able to satisfy her the same way that Harry did. Tracy could still have orgasms from Jim, she was sure of it, they would just be…different.

Regardless of her relationship with Harry, she was determined to stay in her marriage. She felt that by participating in his cuckold fantasies (which actually were a reality) she would be fulfilling her role as his wife in pleasuring him. To show her love for him, she could allow some of his fantasies to play out in their sex life.

Tracy also realized that her having sex with Harry was benefitting all three of them. The rationale helped her feel much better about her having sex with Harry.

She quickly closed the laptop and changed into a tight, V-neck t-shirt without a bra and a pair of booty shorts Jim had purchased for her.

Harry was on his back, waiting for Tracy to return. He was naked, except for a towel covering his hips and groin.

Tracy came in and grabbed a bottle of massage oil from under the sink in the adjoining bathroom.

“Okay, Harry. Time for your treatment.” Harry’s eyes were closed so Tracy was a little louder than she needed to be.

“Alright, Tracy, I’m ready. Now, let me warn you, I have not taken any Viagra. In fact, I’m going to reduce my intake by at least half and see if that helps my overall energy level. When the Viagra wears off, I crash.” Harry propped his head up on a pillow as he watched Tracy start to work her magic.

“Ok, Harry. I’ll keep that in mind.”

What this actually meant for Tracy was that it was most likely going to take Harry a lot longer to get an erection. She was going to need to try extra hard to get him up today.

Tracy started with his toes, then his feet. She needed a lot of oil since it had been several days at least since she last rubbed him. She looked at the towel concealing his mammoth dick. No sign of life yet. She always wanted to start on his penis first, but felt that his legs would never get massaged if she started on his penis first (which they wouldn’t).

She rubbed and squeezed his calves, lifting each leg off the bed and spreading them wider as she worked each one. Still nothing.

“We don’t need to be modest anymore, Harry. We are past that, wouldn’t you say?” Before Harry could answer, she whipped the towel off him and cast it on the floor.

Harry’s cock and balls were on display about two feet away. Tracy felt her mouth water as she stared at the mass of flesh lumped between Harry’s legs. She worked the baby oil into his thighs, but had a difficult time keeping her mind on her work.

After spending about two minutes on his legs, Tracy took her shorts off and climbed onto the bed. She sat astride his left leg and began to pull on his soft cock. Taking his lifeless slumbering snake in her right hand and kneading his over-sized balls with her left, she moved her face over his crotch and rubbed it all over his manhood.

She teasingly bit his flesh while yanking on his dick. Pouring more oil onto her hand, she stroked the now semi-flaccid dick. Slowly she worked blood into his penis, but it took much longer than usual.

She became increasingly wet the more time she spent working on him. Her pussy was aching for contact, some kind of touch.

Moving her hips onto his shin and upper foot, she began to slide her bare pussy up and down his leg.

She grabbed his dick by its base and worked the soft head into her mouth. Her hand around the shaft, his head in her mouth, her left hand on his balls and her pussy rubbing on his leg, Tracy was busy.

It was just then that she remembered Jim’s camera set-up.

She became excited with the new thought that she could be pleasing both Harry and her husband at the same time.

Tracy recalled two camera angles: one that was above and behind her current position, and the other about two feet above the level of the mattress.

She moved her hips up and hiked her ass in the air, knowing the Jim would eventually be watching the tape.

Back down on Harry’s leg, she slid up and down, moaning her sexy little moan. Harry noticed the change in her behavior and his dick was responding.

Tracy began slapping his now semi-erect cock against her open and outstretched tongue, making a loud sound. She smacked the gargantuan black b**st across her face, ‘smack,’ again. She got the idea from Wallace yesterday. Tracy thought it was nasty. She knew Jim would be hearing these sounds from behind his computer, but also had the sad thought that it was physically impossible for Jim to make those sounds using his own dick.

She realized that she was, at least in a small way, replicating what happened the day before at Wallace’s. Tracy had finally worked Harry’s cock up to full erection. Harry loved how Tracy played with his dick. He had no idea where she came up with some of the shit she did to him. He honestly had never seen a woman play with a dick like she did. It was an instant turn-on.

He had been terrified that he would not be able to get an erection, but now, here he was rock hard and ready to fuck. Tracy had that sexy-as-anything look in her eyes and was forcefully stroking his cock with both hands.

“Do you like that, Daddy?” She panted.

Her blue eyes looked up at Harry longingly. Her hair was straight down and brushing her shoulders. His gaze rested on her large, bulging breasts as they pushed together in the “V” of her shirt.

“I like that very much, sweet baby,” he reassured her.

Tracy moved her mouth over his cock and slowly worked it down near the entrance of her throat. She was drooling all over it, which helped it slide in.

Her hands stroked the shaft of his giant dick as her mouth fucked the top third. She loved doing this. Having his cock in her mouth was heaven.

She had a difficult time not giving in to the temptation of looking directly at the camera pointed at the side of the bed. Tracy imagined the view he would have and became more excited knowing her husband would clearly see everything she did to Harry.

She had positioned her pussy over Harry’s knee and was rubbing it in a circular motion. It felt so good, she had to stop sucking his cock for a moment to concentrate on her impending orgasm.

“Oh, baby!” She moaned. She slid her wet pussy hard against his knee as she came in a soft release of sexual sounds. Her head bowed down momentarily as she enjoyed the moment. She quickly resumed her sucking.

“You are so beautiful, Tracy.” Harry was running his hands through her hair, thinking how lucky he was to have a steady girlfriend in Tracy.

She’d had enough stimulation. She needed to be filled with Harry’s manhood.

“I want you inside me, Daddy,” she announced as she lifted her leg over his pelvis and positioned the heavy member in line with her hungry pussy.

Harry felt the hot, tight wetness surround his cock as she lowered herself slowly on him. She had to wait to allow her pussy to adjust to his thickness. Once he was as deep as she could handle, she began to rock back-and-forth on him. Harry took her tits out of the neck of her shirt so that they pressed together and out, right in front of his face.

Tracy needed an orgasm badly. She had been putting it off for what seemed like days. She continued to slide slowly up and down the hard, black pole as she approached climax.

Harry fondled her breasts and sucked her nipples. He loved Tracy’s tits more than any other feature. He thought she had amazing breasts.

Tracy loved to have her nipples sucked, and once Harry had hers securely between his lips, she lost it.

“Cumming, Daddy. Cumming now!” is all she said before she began to slam her pussy down on the old man’s dick. Two, then three, orgasms as she convulsed and twisted upon his body. Panting and sweating, she calmed herself down and caught her breath.

Harry moved beneath her pushing his groin up into her spread pussy as far as it would allow. It took only a few strokes into her after she had cum for him to fill her pussy with hot semen. He grunted and grabbed her hips and watched as his sperm began to be forced out of her tight pussy.

“That was so sexy, baby,” Harry affirmed.

Tracy was ecstatic that she was able to raise his cock and give him an orgasm. She loved the feeling of his hot jism oozing out of her after being thoroughly fucked.

She kept his cock buried within her as she leaned forward, laying on his chest. She kissed him and nestled her head into his neck where she briefly fell asleep.

Jim heard Tracy in the shower when he returned home. He quickly checked his recorded file for his new cameras and was not disappointed.

Sitting in his chair in the den, he unzipped his pants, lowering them to his knees and ran the tape of Harry and Tracy.

“Good God. This is good!” he said aloud.

Watching his wife’s perfect body move against the elderly black man was overwhelming. His first reaction was that of pure lust. He had definitely found his sexual “niche” by being a voyeur to his wife’s extramarital affairs. He had another, more emotional reaction as well: Deep down there was jealousy and envy and he was only marginally aware that these two feelings fed his sexual passion for watching the act playing out before his eyes.

Jim came twice watching Tracy and Harry in about a ten-minute period of time. After cleaning himself up, he checked on Harry, who was in a deep sleep, then upstairs to talk to Tracy.

“Hey honey,” said Jim as he came in and sat on the edge of the bath tub as Tracy was putting on her make up.

“Hi baby! What have you been up to?” Tracy spoke to Jim through the reflection in the mirror.

“I bought a few more clothes for you while I was out. I left them downstairs. I’ll go get them.”

Tracy smiled at her husband. Well over twenty years together and she still loved him. She probably would not have been able to continue with Harry, whether he needed treatment or not, if Jim hadn’t also enjoyed the experience or at least approved of it. The turn of events these past three weeks were unexpected, to say the least.

Jim returned with the clothes.

“Do you have time to try them on?” he asked hopefully.

“Yes! I’d love to! Thank you, Jimmy!” She gave her husband a hug and a big kiss.

Unlike the other outfits Jim had purchased for Tracy, these were more expensive clothes that accentuated Tracy’s figure in a sexy yet refined way. There were three tops, two skirts and a dress.

Tracy tried on the tops first. The first one was sky blue and translucent enough that she would need to wear a nice bra, due to how revealing the fabric was. It was basically a see-through, long-sleeved button-down.

The next was a thin, cashmere sweater tan in color with some brown weave-around neckline and cuffs. It was tight-fitting and luxurious.

The last shirt was a white, short-sleeved blouse with a plunging neckline. He had bought one skirt for each shirt. The skirts were all from the same maker and were cut about four inches above the knee.

The dress was a black cocktail dress that she would need to get altered. Most dresses didn’t fit Tracy off the rack. Her DD breasts usually required the chest to be let-out by a tailor.

Tracy tried the clothes on for Jim, who became instantly erect at the thought of Tracy being seen in public with these outfits. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he recently discovered that he loved showing her off.

“Why don’t we go out for dinner tonight and you can wear one of your new outfits?” Jim was in a good mood.

“What about Harry?”

“He can come too! We will go to Tom Duffy’s Steak House, that new restaurant uptown.”

“That sounds like fun! Let me see if Harry has something he can wear.”

Tracy went through the bag she packed for Harry, finding a white turtleneck and some black slacks. She ironed the clothes and found a sports coat that was a little too big on Jim that completed the perfect outfit for a nice restaurant.

She laid down in her own bed and took a nap while Jim did some work and Harry slept downstairs.

“Harry, Jim and I would like to go out to dinner. We would like it if you came with us.” Tracy was excited, Harry could see it in her eyes.

“That sounds like a fine idea. Are you sure Jim is okay with it?”

“He’s the one that suggested it! I have some clothes ready for you, Harry. I hope you don’t mind.”

She showed Harry his clothes hanging neatly in the closet.

Tracy had been thinking about Jim a lot recently. She wanted to talk about Jim with Harry, but felt that would not be fair to Jim. She was dying to discuss Jim’s recent preoccupation with this whole cuckolding business and didn’t know who to talk to about it.

She was hesitant to discuss the matter with Harry partly because it involved her husband and, oddly enough, she wanted to maintain some privacy between herself and Jim. Another reason had to do with the fact that she didn’t want to poison the water between the two. Harry might find Jim’s activity unappealing and ultimately lose all interest in spending time at her home, and Jim may have a change of heart once his fetish was out in the open.

She decided, at least for the time being, that she would not tell Harry about Jim’s cuckold fetish, and she would not let Jim know she knew about it either.

“We will be going in about thirty minutes.” Tracy walked out of the guest room and back upstairs to dress.

“Is Harry going, honey?” Jim had showered and was tying his necktie.

“Yes, he’s getting changed now.” Tracy was looking over her wardrobe choices.

“I would love it if you would wear that cashmere sweater and the red skirt I bought for you today.” Jim was looking at his wife through the mirror.

“It would be exciting if you spiced up the outfit in some way too!”

Tracy didn’t know what Jim was getting at. The sweater was tight already, just wearing it would show off the curves of her breasts leaving little to the imagination. She had her shoes selected: red, four-inch heels, no stockings.

She modeled the outfit for Jim.

“Want to try something crazy?” He smiled a devilish smile. “Wear it without the bra.”

“Jimmy! I’m surprised at you!” Tracy was excited at Jim’s suggestion. It was like permission to dress the way Harry liked her to, granted by her husband. She felt a wave of arousal take her over. Her pussy was wet.

Jim and Tracy went downstairs to find Harry in the living room reading a magazine.

He smiled when he saw Tracy in the thin cashmere sweater with no bra. Her sublime breasts moved as she walked toward him. He felt his penis stir.

Jim insisted that Harry and Tracy sat in the back of his Audi as they drove to their destination. He did this for his own, selfish reasons. He became instantly hard at seeing his wife in the back seat with the old black man. Something that he wished he had a picture of for future use. With two of them in back of his luxury sports sedan, he felt as though he was the chauffeur, a mere driver. He envisioned he was taking them out on a date and contemplated how they would act on a date without him there.

He had the thought that he would walk behind them to pretend like he was observing as an outsider.

Jim wished that at some point he could discuss his desire to see his wife with other men with Harry and Tracy, but was afraid it might upset the unusual and intensely satisfying life he was now enjoying.

The three had a pleasant talk as they drove to the restaurant which was about a thirty- minute drive into the city. Harry was secretly caressing Tracy’s smooth leg, causing her to maintain a perpetual state of wetness.

As they parked at the valet, Tracy was led out of the car by a black attendant. Jim took notice of his difficulty in keeping his eyes from wandering to Tracy’s revealing top.

As they presented their party to the hostess, they were led to their table. The restaurant was packed and all eyes were on Tracy as she entered the crowded room.

Her breasts were on display for all as she donned her fine sweater, braless. They ordered two bottles of wine and made their course selections. Jim began to discuss their situation at home.

“Harry, I want to officially welcome you to our home and I want to express my personal relief that you will be receiving care from Tracy, rather than going it alone in your townhouse. We care about you and we want to help.”

Jim was being sincere, but Tracy knew he had an ulterior motive.

“Yes, Harry, I know I am very relieved you are here with us. Please stay until you begin to feel back to yourself again,” Tracy urged.

Harry was listening intently to the two offer their home and resources to him. He wasn’t too keen on the conversation at first. Harry had always been his own man, never took a hand out or borrowed anything in his life. He was a hard worker. It took him several moments to realize that his being at Tracy’s meant a better quality of life in nearly every way. Plus, he would have Tracy twenty-four, seven.

What man wouldn’t want that?

Harry also realized that this meant his sexual relationship with Tracy could be more relaxed and he wouldn’t need to use as much Viagra and feel the need to perform because she was just visiting his home.

He wanted to put into action some fantasies he had about Tracy and her role as his personal slut. Jim being part of the picture didn’t really factor into things since he was gone every day and he didn’t seem to understand that Harry was fucking his wife.

Harry started his response.

“Thank you, Jim, Tracy, for your warm hospitality and care. I honestly wasn’t expecting this at my age. You have really turned me around and gave me a renewed interest in my life, and I thank you. I would love to stay at your home for a while. I have been feeling weak lately, but this is just me feeling run down. I’m sure it’s not anything more than this.”

“Well, thank goodness for that!” Jim chimed in.

“Without taking advantage of the situation, I do need to let you know that I meet with a friend of mine once per week who has the same circulation problem that I have. Maybe you would want to help him when he visits me, Tracy?”

Jim became visibly excited at the prospect of Harry having a friend that Tracy needed to massage for the****utic reasons. He thought about making sure he gets the details as soon as possible, so he can adjust his cameras if need be. The thought of her with two black men made him want to use the restroom and jack off right then and there.

“Oh my gosh, yes, Harry! I didn’t know you knew someone else with your condition! Bring him over and I can put him on the massage table.”

Tracy was excited that she could help another elderly gentleman, like Harry, it didn’t immediately register with her that Harry’s “condition” required daily ejaculations until a few minutes later.

“Oh, that’s excellent. I’ll let him know right away so he can get some help, too.” Harry smiled.

After their delicious dinner, the three drove back with Tracy and Harry in the back.

Jim could hear Tracy’s breathing becoming strained as the pace quickened. He adjusted the rearview mirror lower to see that her legs were spread wide for Harry’s hand, which was moving between them.

Jim grew hard as he noticed the subtle movement from the back. He was a little surprised at how bold they were becoming, but reminded himself that had he not been looking for it, he probably would not have noticed.

Harry couldn’t stop thinking about Tracy out in public with that sexy sweater she had on. Her nipples poking through the material and the movement it allowed drove him crazy all night. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her, but was afraid he wouldn’t have any time with her alone at home, now that he was staying with them.

Tracy was enjoying the fact that she was the only one in the car that knew her spreading her lags and letting Harry play with her pussy was okay with all three of them. She was dying to be touched after being so horny all night in her new sweater.

Finally, they made it home.

“Tracy, could you work on my legs for a minute? They’re falling asleep.”

Harry was horny and was hoping to have some time with Tracy.

She turned to face Jim who was walking in from parking the car in the garage.

“Is that okay, honey?”

“Of course! I have some work to do before bed anyway.” Jim was eager to watch the two via his cameras.

Harry took his clothes off and hung them in the closet while Tracy was doing the same in her room.

She dressed in some yoga pants and a loose-fitting top, with the intention of taking these off when she got to Harry’s room.

Harry laid on the massage table, waiting.

Jim had his cameras on and was watching in real time.

“Oh, Harry. Are you okay?” There was sympathy in Tracy’s voice as she approached the table with the massage oil in hand.

“My legs are achy and my balls feel swollen.” He didn’t bother putting a towel on. He was just laying naked on the table.

Tracy closed the door behind her and stripped naked.

She poured the oil on his legs and began rubbing his toes and feet as she normally did. As she moved her hands up his leg, her big tits dangled freely slapping against his feet and ankles.

She spent a long time on his leg muscles before touching his balls and penis.

Without warning, Tracy grabbed his now erect cock and angled it toward her. She opened wide and sucked the bulbous head into her watering mouth.

Harry watched streams of saliva run down his dick.

Harry had the thought, “Her mouth waters for my dick. That’s the sign of a true cock-slut right there. Drooling over my dick like that.”

Tracy surprised him by keeping the head in her mouth and wrapping her massive breasts around his shaft. She then began slowly moving her soft, white breasts up and down while licking, sucking, and kissing his cock head.

She thought, “I could only do this with a very, very big penis.”

“That’s it, pretty Girl. That’s it, worship that dick.” He said.

In the den, Jim was jacking off. He had a perfect view of his wife servicing Harry. Jim had recently been binge-watching interracial porn and he had never seen a woman go after a black cock like Tracy was doing. Jim agreed with Harry, she was worshipping the black phallus.

Tracy pulled the massive organ into her soft cleavage and cradled it as she worked on his head. Her saliva had made the head so slippery that she was able to get about the top third into her mouth effortlessly as her tits held the rest.

“I’m getting’ close, baby.” Harry warned.

Tracy changed her approach. Now she was using both hands to stroke and her mouth to engulf the head. She was humming as she sucked his cock to orgasm.

Harry emptied his balls into her mouth. Tracy loved the feel of hot semen filling her. She savored the seed, then swallowed. She finished with a kiss to his head and another to his lips.

“Thank you, darlin’. You’re the best! You bring me so much relief. I don’t know what kind of shape I would be without you.”

“Aw, thank you, Harry. I get a lot out of giving you treatment. It makes me feel like I have helped another human being and reduced suffering in at least one person. It feels nice.”

Tracy sat on the edge of the bed. She was still playing with his, now withered, cock.

“It gives me pleasure too, Harry. I can’t help it. I know I haven’t been very professional, but I will improve.”

“Nonsense! What kind of foolishness is that? You do what you do to help me with my circulation. I’m the one that wanted you to dress sexy so it will help me stay on top of my condition.”

Harry didn’t want Tracy to revert back to a less sexual approach. He had led her to this place, where she felt comfortable being openly sexual with him, and he didn’t want her to get too sexually conservative again.

Jim had already cum and was listening to the conversation. It was quite extraordinary to be in the situation he now found himself. Any cuckold would give his left arm to be where he is today, and it just fell into his lap.

As he was listening to Harry, he also felt how unlikely it was that anyone had a “circulation condition” that required regular ejaculations and penis massages. Jim began to think of the situation and how he could use it to his advantage.

If his wife was truly this gullible, perhaps he could manipulate her into even more sexual situations. Jim’s ultimate goal would be to take part in Harry and Tracy’s “treatment” session one time. Jim wanted to be physically present.

He spent a few moments devising a plan before meeting Tracy in their bedroom to go to bed for the night…

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