Hilton Head Golf Partner Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the well-received story “Hilton Head Golf Partner”. You may want to read that first before embarking on this sequel. Enjoy!

Of course, I accepted her invitation. You know I would.


I was at Kathy’s house at noon. It was an easy choice, really. Sex with a red-hot MILF or golf? Even though golf has more than a dozen more holes in which to put your balls, it’s quality, not quantity, baby!

I followed directions and walked tentatively around the side of the house, more like a mansion, actually. I was a bit leery about leaving my rental car parked in the driveway, in plain sight, but it’s not like this was a main thoroughfare in this secluded community. Besides, little did I know that Kathy had already arranged for an alternate mode of transportation for the long drive back to Atlanta later in the day to catch my flight back to the Northeast.

Motive and opportunity, like in crime, are great reasons to partake in illicit sexual activities with a married woman on her own property. A horny cougar had tendered me an intriguing invitation, and I couldn’t resist the lure of another present.

I was not to be disappointed.

I turned the corner of the house and saw a huge pool, slightly concealed behind a large white picket fence that served to shield the pool from view. Not that it seemed to matter, at first blush, the nearest neighbor’s house was not in sight through the dense pine and oak trees. But then I turned and saw the fairway of the golf course that we had played yesterday. I recognized it as the eighth hole, and the understood the reason for the fence, lest golfers would have the same birds-eye view of what I next saw in the pool as I peered through the entrance gate of the fence.

Kathy was lying on her back in the pool on an oversized inflatable mattress, one of those floating pool loungers. She was wearing a bright kelly green bikini, that displayed her spectacular body, the one that I had enjoyed and pleasured so completely only twelve or so hours ago. My eyes scanned her tanned, tight body as I reached to open the gate, but I hesitated for just a moment when I saw her fingers rise up to her big, mature yet firm breasts, and she peeled the material back from her left tit and began to pinch and squeeze her taut, pink nipple, beginning to writhe slowly on the float, causing small waves to ripple within the confines of the pool.

As if I wasn’t aroused enough already, my cock immediately rose in appreciative salute to the incredibly erotic sight in front of me, knowing that I had about two hours to ravage this stunning forty-something married woman I hadn’t even known twenty-four hours ago, but with whom I had already shared an evening of exotic intimacy.

I walked through the gate, and she didn’t appear the least bit startled or even jump up or stop her current activity of diddling her tit. In fact, she brought her other hand to the bikini top and lowered it to her tummy, exposing her other breast, the milky white globes in direct contrast to her otherwise sun-kissed, bronzed frame.

She smiled, pleased at my arrival, obviously, as if the erect nipples that she was manipulating wasn’t enough of a hint.

“Hi,” Kathy said simply, in that impossibly sexy low-country drawl, giving me the once-over behind a pair of designer sunglasses, licking her pink lips seductively, letting her gaze linger at the twitching bulge in my Bermuda shorts.

“Hi,” I replied. “Um, I didn’t pack a bathing suit,” I said, stating the obvious, since the original intent of my quick sojourn to the Island was just to get in a few days of golf. Boy, was I glad fate had intervened and plans had changed.

She lowered the frames of her shades to the bridge of her turned-up freckled nose to reveal those amazing lemon-lime pupils. “Yew won’t need any.” Her eyes blazed into my crotch. “Take your clothes off, John. Ah need to see that big cock ah’ve been daydreamin’ about all morning.”

Faster than you could say ‘adultery’, I stripped out of my clothes and stood at the foot of the pool in all my glory. Kathy’s fingers poker oyna began working her nipples more urgently, the nips were now puffy and swollen with need, her stomach began to gently but discernibly heave, she was literally panting softly now.

I dove into the cool, refreshing water and came up next to the floating mattress, and we kissed…deeply…softly at first, but quickly with escalating and increasing hunger, already like familiar lovers, and my hands found hers and we jointly massaged her responsive breasts until my head lowered to suck on her large buoys, one by one, pressing her impressive mounds together with my palms roughly as my tongue lapped at her nipples, evoking groans and muffled squeals from Kathy’s open mouth, suspended in a tight ‘O’ shape.

As she gyrated in glee on the inflatable raft, my head descended down her flat tummy, and I saw her hand reach down and untie the small string on her hip that held the tiny triangular piece of fabric that barely covered her pussy, and she pulled it to the side, lifted her ass off the raft, eased the bikini bottom off of her frame, and tossed it into the pool. I saw the moisture emanating from the small, neatly trimmed tuft of light blonde pubic hair just above her slit, glimmering in the noon-day sunshine, and my new mature, sexy lover issued the order that went without saying, yet rang oh, so sweetly in my ears.

“Eat me.”

My fingers spread Kathy’s pink, puffy, glistening cunt lips wide, exposing her glorious, dripping slit and hard clit. I captured her clit between my lips, sucking lightly, as I teased the opening of her cunt. She moaned, pushing her hips up towards my face and I obliged, sliding 2 fingers deep into her as I sucked harder on her little clit. I started to press my digits against her upper vaginal walls to search for her spongy g-spot, which I found very easily as I nibbled and licked her clit. Kathy had her legs spread open as wide as possible and was moaning my name as I furiously ate her pussy, while I let my one hand wander beneath the water and began to stroke my engorged cock underwater.

I raised my head above Kathy’s spread legs and admired the scene while my submerged fist masturbated my dick. It was the first time I’d seen her pussy this close in the bright sunlight and so I spent a moment just looking at her, as she looked back up at me with pleading eyes, wanting so badly to be licked.

Her silky golden pubes were wet and shining, and her pink pussy lips were so inviting. I spread her lips open with 2 fingers and saw her hard red clit and her dark pink inner lips. Her cunt was shining with her wetness and I needed to taste it again, so fresh, so clean, so dripping.

I slowly stuck my tongue out and licked her, from the very bottom of her cunt to the top of her slit, savoring every drop of her juices. Mmm, she was just as sweet as she was last night, maybe the most delicious pussy I’d yet enjoyed. My tongue spread her inner lips and teased around her hole, then slid up once more to circle her clit with my lips, sucking on it, pressing down on the nub with my tongue. As soon as I made direct tongue contact with her clit, Kathy moaned, put her palm over her mouth, and started mumbling in muffled, obscene exhortations, which sounded especially naughty coming from this otherwise innocent-looking-in-a-preppy-athletic-way, trophy wife. I couldn’t understand her, but her hands pressing my head into her cunt here a pretty clear signal. She was loving it and I was loving my second time licking her wonderful pussy.

Her wondrous aroma filled my nose as I sucked on her clit. Encouraged by her moans, I decided to use some more fingers in her, too. I let one finger tease around the entrance to her cunt and heard her sharp intake of breath. I pressed my middle finger inside her and felt the hot, moist walls of her pussy surround my finger. It felt amazing. I next twisted my ring finger around, making circles and exploring all of her while my mouth worked on her clit. I flicked my tongue over the head of her clit, then circled it with my tongue, then sucked it, nibbling gently with canlı poker oyna my lips, as my finger worked in and out of her. She was dripping wet, but still so tight. I decided to try my pinky inside of her, and when I pushed it upward……Eureka..the promised land..the elusive g-spot!

I worked my four fingers up into her hot cunt, all the while sucking and teasing her clit. I twisted my fingers around in leisurely circles inside her, saving two for that special spot. I felt it — the small, spongy patch, a little rougher than the rest of her, and I rubbed my fingers together and lightly pinched the fleshy nub of her g-spot. I wanted to make this sex-starved lonely woman come harder than she’d ever had before.

I continue to stroke the two fingers against her elusive spot, pressing a bit harder than before as I finger-fucked her with the other two fingers that were buried within, and exploring the nether regions, of her sopping cunt.

Kathy wailed as she flopped on the floating mattress, a massive orgasm capturing and enveloping her entire body, quickly becoming accustomed to pleasure after having been denied sexual release for so long until last night. “OHhhhh please don’t stop, John!! OHhhhh FUCK!!” Kathy pushed her hips up off the raft and ground against my face.

I was nowhere near stopping. My lips pulled hard on Kathy’s clit, stretching it and pulling it away from her, then releasing it and flicking it with my tongue. My fingers kept fucking her hard and fast, pressing deep against that g-spot with every thrust. Suddenly, I felt it. Her pussy started to contract hard around my fingers. Her body went rigid and her hips froze; her hands pulled my face hard against her cunt as she started to cum.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she cried out, then moaned and cried out as her body shook with orgasm. I kept my lips pressed against her clit and my fingers pressed on her g-spot and soon I felt her cum start to gush out of her. I quickly slipped my fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with my mouth, lapping up her sweet juices while my thumb rubbed her clit. I kept licking and sucking on her cunt, getting every last drop of her cum as she finally relaxed and let go of my head. I continued to clean her up, licking her pussy and thighs clean. Then I sucked her cream off my fingers and licked my lips. Kathy sat slumped on the float and looked at me, her eyes unfocused.

And that’s when I heard the splash, obviously a body entering into the pool, and whirled around, shocked, scared. Was this Paul, her husband? Was this all a set-up? What the fu……?

The body snaked against my legs below the surface, and I felt the unmistakable sensation of a pair of lips engulfing my cock. I looked down and saw a mane of long raven hair wafting in the pool water, and through the glare bouncing off the surface of the pool, I could finally ascertain that a brunette, a beautiful one at that, was on her knees underwater and sucking my cock, her hands gliding up over the surface and now caressing my chest.

The mystery intruder gave my cock one long, last lingering suck, and then she popped out of the water like a fantasy mermaid, straight black hair matting against a pair of big tits with huge, deep dark brown areolas peeking out beneath the locks of wet hair. “That was the hottest cunnilingus I’ve ever seen,” said the visiting fantasy mermaid, stroking my dick, still underwater, and she leaned over to kiss me. “I’ve always wanted to know how Kathy tastes.” Her tongue swirled into my mouth, and despite myself, I retracted, still startled.

Even as a new tongue was jamming into my mouth, my eyes were wide open and I looked towards Kathy, who was still basking in the after-glow of orgasm on the mattress.

Kathy smiled at me, flicking a finger over her still-oozing gash. “This is your present, John. This is mah neighbor, and good friend, Mary.” I leaned back to take it all in, my mind trying to keep up with the tactile assault on my senses, while Mary pulled more urgently on my dick beneath the water. It was all happening quickly, but not so much that I didn’t absorb that internet casino Mary was one fucking hot piece of ass herself, perhaps late thirties, taller than me, standing maybe six-feet tall, and wet jet-black hair cascading down almost to her very shapely ass. Oh, and perhaps I didn’t mention, she was naked, too.

Mary smiled at me, bright white teeth gleaming in the sun. “You’ll like your present, John.” She huffed up her cheeks in a dramatic gesture of holding her breath, and her head disappeared below the water and again I felt her lips surround my cock, the friction of the pool water causing increased suction and as I glance down I could see a pair of manicured nails caressing my testicles.

Kathy propped her elbows up on the float, reached to grab my head, and kissed me, tasting the residue of her own juice that Mary hadn’t already exhumed from my mouth. I was being sucked below the surface by one hot stranger and kissed above it by a woman whose husband was playing golf on the course right outside of her back yard.

Kathy released her lips from my mouth just as Mary emerged for air. Kathy hopped down from the float into the pool, and she and Mary tugged on my cock as a team, as Mary lifted one of my hands to lift to her own large breast. Kathy observed from close-range and smiled.

“Ah’m a giver, John, what can ah say?” Mary ducked her head to resume her aquatic blow job.

Kathy continued, pressing her own firm tits against my chest. “Ah’ve arranged for a limo to take you and Mary and me to Atlanta. We can have one of mah groundskeepers return your rental car to the local airport here so yew won’t have to worry about that.”

I was beginning to overcome my surprise and get into the swing of things now. When Mary bobbed up from the water this time, I grabbed her head and engaged her in a deep kiss, and then switched back to Mary, before, finally, the three of us shared a teasing, sexy, prolonged three-way kiss, and I grabbed Mary’s hands and pushed them into Kathy’s chest. This was turning out to be a very good trip.

Kathy purred as she felt Mary’s hands begin to rub her globes, and I joined in, as Mary asked in her own sexy southern twang, “Do yew think yew can handle a pair of neglected married women for about four hours in the back of a limo, John?”

That was a challenge that I was determined to accept.

“Well…” I gave the women a steady but confident look. “There are lots of things that I can do as a younger guy that the older ones can’t. I can cum six times in a day and still get rock hard.” This definitely peaked their attention. Mary sighed audibly and Kathy blushed in anticipation. I continued, setting the expectations, implicitly agreeing to their proposal.

“And, I love the taste of pussy and I will stay buried between your legs the whole ride if you let me. And since you’ve displayed such touching Southern hospitality, anything you’d want to do, to me, or have me do to you, would never be off limits with me.”

The women nuzzled against my body. “Let’s first take a shower and clean up for the ride, John,” Kathy said, hopping out of the pool in an angle that let me peek right up her gaping pink asshole and pussy. Mary followed, and I saw for the first time a pair of long, tanned legs that looked like they were the approximate length of the Inter-Coastal Waterway.

Mary winked at me as I watched the contrast of the pair of tight asses sashaying in front of me, Kathy’s heart-shaped, petite and firm, Mary’s lean and muscular.

“Since yew’ve set the bar at six orgasms for yourself, let’s get yew started on your first.”

There was an outdoor shower just off a shed near the patio, and I grabbed each of the older women by the back of their heads and they descended down onto my cock, Mary swallowing about four to five inches in her first gulp, while Kathy licked my balls and looked up at me, grinning happily.

“Ah’m gonna have a lot of time today to practice mah deep throatin’ techniques!”

A few minutes later, I sprayed my first of a half-dozen cums that afternoon onto the gorgeous faces and talented lips and big tits of the two married southern cougars, who eagerly shared and sucked my sticky, thick seed into each other’s mouths.

So….Do ya’ll wanna hear about our afternoon ride to Atlanta?

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