Homecoming Slumber Party

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Back when I was still in High School, I was still experimenting with my sexuality. I had tried girls and I had tried boys and I had tried them together. I had pretty much decided on girls as my senior year wound down; I had a fairly steady relationship going with my best friend (although it was a secret; no one came “out” in High School).

At any rate, we did all the standard High School things…attended football games (a big deal here in the South, with large stadiums, night time games covered by the news, the works), went to dances, parties, end even still had the traditional slumber parties. It was at these slumber parties where things sometime got out of hand.

For example, on one fall evening we had attended the Homecoming football game against our rival High School (we’d won) and then decided we would all sleep over at Jasmine’s house. She had this really big place (her father owned the town newspaper) and it was always a lot of fun there. Her folks tended to mind their own business and left us to our own devices down in the “recreation room”. We all showed up with sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals, makeup, CDs, etc – all the essentials of teenage life. After making nice with Jasmine’s parents, we all went downstairs, fired up the CD player, and started gabbing.

I’m not sure who started it, but soon we were all changing into our sleepwear. Some (like me) wore only an oversized T-shirt and panties, others wore full PJs, and Jasmine had on a baby doll set. With the lights low, we all sprawled in a circle, sipping sodas, eating chips, and talking about school and stuff. Those with boyfriends bored us with the virtues of the hunk of the week, while us closet types just nodded our heads like it was important to us. At a lull in the conversation, Jasmine suggested we play Truth or Dare.

I am sure everyone has played this at one time or another, so I will skip the rules except to say you either do the dare or tell the truth, whichever you choose. We’d gone a few tame rounds of Dares (Who was the first boy you kissed? What is the farthest you’ve gone? The usual.) güvenilir bahis when Jasmine asked if anyone wanted to do some grass. Well, I’ve never been a big doper but that night we started passing around this joint, each taking hits and thinking everything was funny. The game started getting a bit wilder, too. Jasmine dared Laura to take off her top and show everyone her big boobs. We all laughed (some nervously) but off came her top. Laura dared Jasmine to do the same and before long we were all topless.

The questions (when someone said truth) started getting more personal. How often do you masturbate? Do you swallow? Have you ever kissed another girl? My ears perked up when Laura asked Jasmine that one; I wasn’t out of the closet but I was always open to a new experience. Jasmine said she hadn’t but she had thought about it. Heather pounced on that when it was her turn. She asked Jasmine what she did when she thought about it, and Jasmine admitted to playing with herself while thinking about kissing another girl. Heather then turned to me and, when I said Dare, challenged me to kiss Jasmine “like a boy does”. Everyone expected me to back down, I guess, but I didn’t. I slid over next to Jasmine, pulled her close to me and kissed her, with my mouth open and my tongue pushing its way into her mouth. I made it deep and sensual, too, but I kept my hands still on her bare back (feeling her hard nipples against my own bare breasts.) There were lots of catcalls and giggles when we broke the kiss.

Well, Jasmine chose Truth again next round and she was asked how she liked it. She told everyone I was the best kisser she’d ever met. When everyone laughed at that reply, she insisted. It was her turn to question everyone next, so she challenged the first girl (Heather) to kiss me. Heather chickened out and was forced to answer a Truth. She then admitted she was a virgin and had never allowed anyone to touch her below the waist. Becky jumped at the chance to kiss me (she even made noise in her throat as we kissed). Laura also kissed me, but not as eagerly nor as well. Ashley kissed Becky türkçe bahis and Rachel kissed Laura.

Now I would be the first to admit this was getting me rather turned on. Between the grass, the kissing, and the half naked bodies, I was getting pretty wet. Becky had the baton (that’s how we remembered who was caller) and asked Heather why she had chickened out on the kiss. Well after much bashfulness, she admitted she was afraid she might like it. I was once again dared to kiss Heather, only this time she wasn’t given any choice in the matter. I cupped her face in my hands and slowly, deeply kissed her, just as thoroughly as I could. Her eyes were smoldering and she was seriously breathing hard when I finished. I knew I had turned her on.

Jasmine took a dare next round and Becky told her to kiss Laura’s nipples for 45 seconds. Doesn’t sound like a long time until you are doing it. I watched Laura’s eyes get big when she first started and then melt as Jasmine kissed and sucked on Laura’s rock hard nipples. I could see the damp patch in Laura’s crotch, too. The entire next round was spent kissing and sucking each other’s nipples. At one point, we did a “suck the nipple on the girl to your left” and all simultaneously had fun. Sine we had to also keep our balance at that point, hands came into play.

I was so hot by this point. They passed me the baton, so I turned to Laura. She had no problem with my Dare to take off her panties. I was surprised to see she was shaved smooth. Her lips were swollen and open, her clit clearly visible in her wet slit. I worked my way around, having all the girls take off their remaining clothes. Not to be left out, I stood and took mine off as well, making a point to give each girl a nice view of my trimmed snatch.

Laura took the baton and dared Jasmine to play with herself. Heather reluctantly stroked her own crotch when dared, but it was obvious she had no idea what to do. Eventually we were all doing ourselves and the pheromones in that room were awesome! Jasmine took the baton and moved us another step, daring me to make out with Laura güvenilir bahis siteleri for 45 seconds. In no time flat our lips were together and my hands were at her big tits. Her hand moved into my crotch and she began to finger me. I could see the others out of the corner of my eye and they were each stroking themselves. At the end of the time limit, she dared Laura to make out with Ashley, then Ashley to make out with Becky and Becky to make out with Rachel.

Another joint was passed around as we watched each other kiss and fondle each other. Heather started to get a little more into herself as the spell of the grass and sex took effect. Lisa decided to see what would happen if she issued a real challenge. She dared me to make Heather cum. Well, I was wound up enough from the grass and everything to really get with it. I moved over to Heather, pushed her onto her back, and buried my face in her pussy, my tongue working out on her rigid clit. She started moaning loudly, so Laura began to kiss her. Rachel started to suck on Heather’s nipples. Heather went nuts, her hips bucking all over the place, making all these strange noises. Her hands tangled in my hair and pulled my face hard against her pussy. I started sucking her clit while I eased a finger into her tight virgin vagina. I felt it give as I moved in a second finger, plunging them in and filling her. Her entire body went rigid as she climaxed, her juices flowing heavily.

As I sat up, Laura leaned over and kissed my soaked face, licking off the juices. Jasmine moved between my legs and started to tongue me while Becky fingered Jasmine. Before long we were all in one fantastic pile of bodies, not even knowing whose pussy or breasts one was kissing, whose ass you were fondling, or who had just made you cum once again.

We had to open up the patio doors to air out the room afterwards as it reeked of sex and grass. Most of the girls that night stayed friends and continued to explore that side of our sexuality. Except Heather. She just could not handle losing her virginity to another girl and having such overwhelming sensations. She was a strict Baptist in many ways and she had many issues with what happened that night. She finally just placed it all into denial and let it go. (She’s married and had a two-year-old now….and she never speaks to any of us.)

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